AKB48’s below average new PV

Recently the PV for AKB48’s new single, Ue Kara Mariko, was released.

Right off the bat, when Mariko won the janken tournament I was not excited for this single or PV. And I have nothing against Mariko. I honestly don’t know enough about her to have anything against here. The reason I wasn’t excited was, because the whole appeal of the janken tournament for me is the idea that an underdog would finally be in the spotlight. And when someone who is always in the spotlight won, well this single lost it’s appeal for me.
But I’m not going to let something as silly as the person I wanted to win the janken lose, effect my opinion of the song or PV. No, I’m not that type of fan. Instead I like to have the song and PV speak for itself. So, I did just that, and my opinion is still negative. Not so much about the song. I actually really like the song. It’s sort of a generic idol song that doesn’t really try anything to bold music or singing wise. But just the same, I like it. I think it’s incredibly catchy. My dissapointment lies with the PV itself.
And not even the entire PV, just the smallest part of it. Collectively I think it’s a well made PV, with a lot os pretty scenes. Even though it is the same idol close-up and dance shot idol formula, I still think it’s entertaining. Not really because there’s a lot going on in the PV, it’s mostly because the visuals don’t bore me. Let’s take the dance shot set for instance. This is hands down my favorite set, and, in turn, favorite scenes in the PV. First off, I absolutely adore their outfits. I don’t know how AKB48 does it, but they keep constantly reinventing the school girl uniform so that’s it’s different and cute everytime. I like that these uniforms are authentic looking but at the same time stylish. Of course the top 3 girls were given the best outfits, with Mariko’s being the best of them all. I just love the hat that Mariko is wearing! It really makes the outfit. But it’s not only the outfits that make these scenes for me. The room is so oddly shaped/built that your eyes are automatically drawn to it. For some reason I just find the shape interesting, and the color scheme is beautiful. I also think the lighting here is perfect. Not only is it dim giving it a very elegant and ethereal look, it also has pink lighting. I don’t know if the lights themselves are pink or because the room has a pink roof the like is just reflecting it giving it a pink look. But whatever it is it work, and it’s absolutely beautiful.
Another scene of the PV I like are the scenes were they show each girl individually in their janken outfits. Which actually aren’t the outfits they wore in the actual janken tournament. A few of them are close though. I’m not really sure why I think these scenes so much. They aren’t particularly interesting. I guess I like that these scenes makes it look like the girls are in fashion school, with the random fabrics and the random mannequin in the background. I actually wouldn’t mind if the entire PV was just the girls wearing a bunch of randomly outifts in those shots.
I also, don’t have a problem with the close-up scenes. Even though they are just standing in front of hanging pieces of glitter, or whatever that material is, much like they used for S/mileage’s Yume Miru 15sai PV. I think they actually worked with the PV because they were pink.
So, with all this love I’m giving to this PV I bet it’s hard to believe there’s anything I don’t like about it. But since there’s one large aspect of the PV I haven’t mentioned yet, I think it’s pretty obvious what I don’t like. Yes, you guessed it, the janken scenes. I just don’t understand why they feel the need to include them in the PV. Chance no Junban was the first janken, so the jaken scenes in that PV were pretty much excused. But this time they are completely unnecessary. I think everyone is well aware it’s the janken single. And even if they weren’t do they really need to point it out? I don’t see them having mini senbatsu elections for the senbatsu singles. So, why have it for the janken? They seriously bring down and otherwise amazing PV.

I absolutely love Mariko’s outfit.

I’ve been in love with those hats since I first saw them in Morning Musume’s Ai Araba It’s All Right PV.

The black school uniforms are gorgeous too.

I actually really like the dance, I think it’s simple and cute.

My god, Reina looks amazing in this PV.

I’m so glad Sayaka is in this PV. She looks great.

Am I supposed to know who this chick with big ears is? I guess she’s a random research student. XD

Why is Ami dressed as a nun?

Don’t care.




Tomomi is always adorable.

I can’t take this move seriously.

This pose is just adorable.

So cute!

Research student or not, this girl is adorable. Weird ears and all. XD

Ami is so weird that she’s cute.

Lol that Mii-chan doesn’t even look happy.

Randomly shaking. Ok, maybe this dance is a little weird.

I absolutely love idol dances that involve jumping.

So, why is Reina so sad?

I hate this dress.

They keep having Mariko watch over the girls. This seriously scream impending graduation. She is getting pretty old.

They even have Reina win the janken in Mariko’s outfit.

As Mariko looks on like a proud mother. If this doesn’t symbolize passing the torch, I don’t know what does.

Way too big of a smile. But I think it’s charming. It actually doesn’t look fake.