Tommy’s Strawberry Cream Soda Pop fizzles

If the return of Tommy Heavenly6 wasn’t big enough, we now get the return of Tommy February6! As many Tommy fans know, she completely stopped releasing singles as February6 to focus on her Heavenly6 persona more. Her last release as Tommy February6 was Lonely in Gorgeous. Which was released in November of 2005.

Well Tommy February is back with a new song Strawberry Cream Soda Pop. This song is being released on her best of album Strawberry Cream Soda Pop Daydream. So I’m not sure if this is being released as just a single as well.

The song is exactly what you’d expect from Tommy February6. The music is very simialr to all her other February6. It honestly reminds me of a mix between Love is Forever and Blooming. Which isn’t really a good thing. The song is slow and simple like most of her songs. But this time it’s really not doing anything for me. It’s so similar to her other songs that is seems almost unoriginal. And just when you think it’s going to pick up it doesn’t. The music gets higher and her voice sounds the same. And this time it’s not even catchy. The song sounds good for about 3 lines when she sings Tommy Heavenly6 like. But in a flash it’s back to the cutseyness. Which is usually fine for me.

The video is the same as every other video. Except this time with a lower budget. She shoves her normal video clutter into a plain white room. Which makes it look a little tacky. But this video has a theme, and that’s displaying her two personas. Bot Tommy Heavenly6 and Tommy Feburary6 get their own separate rooms. Which is kind of cool. But I personally liked when she concreted her two persona videos together. Like she did with Love is Forever and Wait Till I Can Dream.

I think what really annoys me about this song and video is she’s too old to have the cutesy child like image of Tommy February6. I mean she’s in her 30’s. I personally think it’s too old to have that cutesy fun feeling. Tommy Heavenly6 and The Brilliant Green have a more mature and rockish theme. Which is what really works with her and what she should be doing full time. And if she is going to keep this persona going again, at least make a good song. Where’s her Blooming type of song and video? I miss that. Tommy Feburary6 was buried away a few years ago. Try to keep it that way.

The two Tommys!

Feburary room

Heavenly room

Tommy’s back!

Wow this song flew right under my radar. I haven’t kept up with Tommy Heavenly6 lately, because I assumed since she was back with The Brilliant Green she wasn’t going to release solo stuff for a while. She didn’t even make it clear whether she would continue here solo projects or not. But what they say about assuming is true. Tommy is finally back! And I couldn’t be happier. It’s almost been two years since her last solo release, Heavy Starry Chain. But the wait is worth it. I am a HUGE Tomoko fan. I fell in love with her after I heard Rainy Days Never Stays. Anyway, Paper Moon was released on December 10, and is the second opening theme for the anime Soul Eater.The song is pretty good. My only complaint is that it sounds like every other song she’s done. The music itself sounds like a mix of three other songs by her. And the lyrics are very Tommy like. A bunch of random English lines thrown in. Her lyrics are always cute and on the border line of almost not making sense.

As for the video, it has a Wizard of Oz theme. Which I don’t like. I think I’m the only one on the planet who hates The Wizard of Oz. Tommy always has the weirdest videos. And most of the time are connected or a continuation of sorts.

Move over Tommy this is my video!


*head bop head bop head bop*

Tommy video is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Is that a tornado? Eh who cares.


I make Dorothy look sexy~
Oh hi, I just flew in from the I Love XMAS video


Enjoy the video Tommy fans!