Ai-chan’s solo Jishin Motte, Yume Motte, Tobidatsu Kara radio rip

The radio rip for Takahashi Ai’s solo song Jishin Motte, Yume Motte, Tobidatsu Kara featured on Morning Musume’s 47th single has been revealed. This song is only a B-side, however the full PV for this song will be included in the Limited Edition version of Morning Musume’s 12th album.

When I first listened to the song I was completely surprised. Since Ai-chan is the best singer, arguably, in Morning Musume’s history I was expecting a ballad. Something along the lines of Yume Kara Samete or Kioku no Meiro. But I actually really do like the sound of this song. It’s a nice soft rock song that sounds more like a B-side or album filler for Buono, than a song Ai would do. But Ai sounds amazing and her voice fits the song perfectly. Which just shows how Ai-chan can sing any genre of music perfectly. Which also reminds me how much it hurts to lose and amazing voice like hers.
The only real complaint I have about this song is it didn’t really use Ai’s voice to her full potential. Everyone knows the that Ai-chan has an incredible range. While listening to the song I kept waiting for some high notes to come out of nowhere. I am pretty sad that they never came.
Well, that and I can’t really stand that radnomly throughout the song she sings in a slightly annoying pitch. Everytime she does it, it’s like she’s trying to make her voice sound cuter than it actually is. I’ve already expressed before how much I can’t stand when she does that. It just knocks her incredible voice down a peg. Leave stuff like that to Sayumi. Not like Sayumi is ever doing it on purpose.

Having this song as a B-side just makes this upcoming single even better than it already is. I stand by my statement that this single is the best single Morning Musume has released in a while. This makes me hopeful that the 12th album will be just as good.