S/mileage is now a 7 member group

At yesterday’s release event for S/mileage’s recent single, Tachiagaaru, the fate of the sub-members was announced. In less than shocking turn of events, it was announced that all 4 sub-members are now officially full-fledged members.

I can’t say that I am exactly surprised. When the sub-members were first announced I didn’t doubt for a minute that all of the members would be added. I am actually really excited that S/mileage is a 7 person group now. I don’t think S/mileage would have been as fun as a trio.
This whole sub-members campaign has really made me change my mind about the sub-members. Well, actually just one member in particular. Because I was always pro sub-members. My interest wained when I couldn’t help with their smile campaign. But I’m back to being 100% for them when they were announced. This whole time I was swayed into liking a member I disliked right off the bat. I went from not understanding why Kana was picked, to rooting for her to make it into S/mileage. And I have to say the foundations have been laid for me to be a fan of hers. Right now all I know about her is she seems energetic and S/mileage love her Osaka dialect. But that’s enough to make me interested.

What I’m actually most excited about is the members all wearing the same outfits now. All these different outfits have annoyed for a while.

Will the real S/mileage please stand up

The full PV for Smileage’s first single to single to feature the sub-members, Tachiagaaru, has finally been released. I also wanted to say that this is the onyl single to feature the recently left member, Kosuga Fukuya, but I’m pretty sure Fukuya is also in the Mobekimasu single.

I am actually really disappointed by the PV. There’s pretty much nothing else going on besides dancing. There are 2 different close-up shots, and yet for some reason a good chunk of the close-ups are filmed during the dance scenes. Which makes for a really stale PV. Which is sad because S/mileage PVs are usually always interesting. S/mileage hardly has a large budget for their PVs, but they somehow manage to take cheap PVs and make them exciting to watch. Mostly because of Smileage’s weird, youthful, and playful charm. And it just seems like S/mileage wasn’t going at it full force in this one. And it’s not really their fault either. There weren’t many scenes in the PV where S/mileage’s personalities had a chance to shine. And there was even less opportunities for the sub-members to shine.
When I heard the radio rip I could have sworn I heard Meimi and Rina sing, but obviously it was wishful thinking because not one sub-member got a solo line. And for all of the PV, even the group close-up shots, the sub-members are shoved into the back. I understand that they aren’t full fledge members yet, but is it really necessary for the divide between old and new members to be so great? Wasn’t it enough that they are wearing completely different outfits with skirts that are twice as long to symbolize that they are different? How are the sub-members really supposed to gain fans if they are completely useless in their “debut” PV? See, I can’t even say debut without quotes because it’s not techincally their debut PV until they are officially members. I wish the line distrubution was exactly like their recent concert, where the original lineup got most of the lines and the sub-members got at least one.  If I was a casual fan of S/mileage, and was judging the sub-members from this PV alone, I wouldn’t have a favorite and I wouldn’t even know they were a part of S/mileage. I would most likely wonder why the backup dancers are in the close-up shots. Which is sad. I want it to be October 16th already, so we can get passed this whole sub-members thing.  I was completely excited about the sub-members when I furst heard about them. As recently as their youtube concert stream I was still excited. I became slightly less excited about them when I watched this PV, and when I found out international fans can’t take part in the sub-member smile campaign. Which, for fans like me that took part in the first campaign, makes me pretty angry that I can’t help my girls again. The sub-members thing is, and always has been, really exciting. But they are just not handling it correctly. Well at least not the single anyway, because the concert was perfect.

Awesome an UFO, too bad they hardly ever use it.

The costume group divide. Honestly, both are cute but obviously the original member’s are better.

It’s not exactly one of the best dances I’ve ever seen.

Adorable Dawa.

Yuuka always looks amazing.

A rare occasion when the sub-members are up front.

Sub-members? What sub-members?

Extreme leg close-up.

The dance keeps getting worse. XD

Seeing Fukuya makes me sad. She’s actually pretty cute too.


I love that Kanon is the only one doing that bowing move.

Yuuka’s a cutie.

Absolutely adorable.



Sub-members FTW.

I never understood this dance move.

This is why I love Kanon.

I really hope Rina becomes a full member.

Even though Kana isn’t the best singer, she does seem pretty cute and energetic.

MeiMei! I love this girl!

And all of a sudden it’s night.




That’s seriosuly all they are doing with the UFOs?

Best part of the PV.

I wish the PV started with them getting abducted. It would have taken a completely different direction.

S/mileage down one yet again

It was announced over a week ago that S/mileage sub-member, Kosuga Fukuya, will be stopping all her activities as a S/mileage sub-member. While practicing for her first S/mileage concert she was diagnosed with acute anemia.  Fukuya will be focusing on her treatment, and afterwards will officially join the Eggs.

II can’t really say that Fukuya is my favorite Smileage sub-member, since I don’t know much about her. But I do feel incredibly sorry for Fukuya. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have just fulfilled your dream to be an idol, only for it to be snatched away before you really even got a chance. She must be incredibly heartbroken. I also wonder if she’ll be able to be an Egg at all. Anemia isn’t a disease you get over. She’ll have it for the rest of her life, and will be weaker than other people because of it.

But whatever happens to Fukuya I wish her the best. Even if she does stay and Egg forever. Which would be a tragedy, since she did win the audition.