KAT-TUN Rescue PV preview

And with a flash KAT-TUN’s next single, Rescue, is being released. It’s coming out on March 11th, which is exactly one month after their last single’s release. And to hold us over until the PV comes out we have a 15 second Dwango commercial.

They don’t really show you that much. Since it’s such a short amount of time you mostly see close ups of the members. Which isn’t really a bad thing. But what really stood out to me was the dance. It looks pretty cool, and has some awesome kicking part.

Another thing that stands out are the female dancers. That you could blink on miss them, but they’re there. It’s a little weird to see female dancers. I mean they hardly every show woman in Johnny’s videos at all. But girls show up a few times in videos. Like in Cherish by NEWS, Don’t You Ever Stop by KAT-TUN, and Love So Sweet by Arashi. But for the most part there are none, especially not dancing. I think this might be the first Johnny’s video that features female dancers.

So here’s the short commercial preview.

But if you want to listen to the whole song KAT-TUN preformed it recently on Music Station. I can honestly say I’m not really impressed with the song. One Drop was a lot better, and definitely my favorite of the two new singles. Though I do really love Koki’s rap part in Rescue.

KAT-TUN’s 10th single

KAT-TUN has announced their 10th single, Rescue, will be released March 11th. The song is being used as the opening theme for the TBS drama Rescue. The drama stars KAT-TUN member Nakamaru Yuichi and NEWS member Masuda Takahisa.

I honestly think this is a little fast since their 9th single, One Drop, hasn’t been released yet. And doesn’t even have a PV yet. Coincidently, their 9th single is also a drama opening theme. It’s the opening from the upcoming drama Kami no Shizuku, which stars KAT-TUN member Kazuya Kamenashi.

Anyway, you can hear a small clip of their new song in the commercial for Rescue. But the song is very low and I can only make out Kame’s voice and the lyrics I don’t wanna cry.