Full remix

Just as speculated that wasn’t the full version of the Dschinghis Khan remix. The full PV is less weird and more watch able. It’s a completely different version entirely. So I guess the other one is the crazy sheep version. Even though the full PV has sheep they are cuter cartoon sheep. I think it’s awesome that Maasa is the one with cape. It’s a good way for her to subtly stand out more. At one point in the video it where they are dancing with the German group it just looks weird to me. And for literally 5 seconds they dance in different outfits, which is hardly enough time to even notice them.

So check out the PV you sheep loving weirdos.


So Berryz Koubou released a remix of their song Dschinghis Khan. And the video is very interesting to say the least. If it wasn’t crazy enough mixing the original German song, the drug induced dancing sheep bring it to a whole new level of madness. I don’t think anything is more random then a 70’s German disco group singing with a group of Japanese teenage girls. I understand they wanted to do an homage to the ordinal but this is very weird. And yet at the same time strangely addicting. It’s insane and random but I love every minute of it. And I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything like this before. I do really love the techno music, I kinda wish they had just a Berryz version of the it. Maybe this will make Berryz poular in Germany, who knows.