Puffy Princess

Puffy AmiYumi’s new single, Hiyori Hime, is being released on February 25th. It will be used as the opening theme for the anime Genji Sennenki. The song is also written and produced by Shiina Ringo.

This song sounds noticeably different then the songs they’ve been doing lately. Maybe it’s because it’s written by someone who usually doesn’t write for them. I personally don’t like how the music sounds. There’s this weird almost bell sound in the background, that I can’t help but focus on and can’t really get passed. This song is also missing the more rockish element that their songs usually have. I don’t even hear guitar in this song just bass. It’s a little more mellow music wise then their past singles. But I do like how the song is sung. The beginning of the song has a slow pace singing wise, but it picks up very quickly. But to me the song doesn’t sound really good until the end of the song when their practically screaming. I’m really on the fence about this song. Perhaps I’ll like it more after I listen to it a couple more times.

The video is a huge step above their last video. They look really pretty in the video, especially Ami. I’m in love with the kimono they wear. And it looks like it might have taken longer than a day to shoot it unlike their last single my story. In the video they appear to be rival yakuza bosses or something similar. So the whole video they are indirectly fighting each other until the end of the PV when they come face to face. But I have to give it to Ami, hands down she makes a cooler boss.