Puffy Princess

Puffy AmiYumi’s new single, Hiyori Hime, is being released on February 25th. It will be used as the opening theme for the anime Genji Sennenki. The song is also written and produced by Shiina Ringo.

This song sounds noticeably different then the songs they’ve been doing lately. Maybe it’s because it’s written by someone who usually doesn’t write for them. I personally don’t like how the music sounds. There’s this weird almost bell sound in the background, that I can’t help but focus on and can’t really get passed. This song is also missing the more rockish element that their songs usually have. I don’t even hear guitar in this song just bass. It’s a little more mellow music wise then their past singles. But I do like how the song is sung. The beginning of the song has a slow pace singing wise, but it picks up very quickly. But to me the song doesn’t sound really good until the end of the song when their practically screaming. I’m really on the fence about this song. Perhaps I’ll like it more after I listen to it a couple more times.

The video is a huge step above their last video. They look really pretty in the video, especially Ami. I’m in love with the kimono they wear. And it looks like it might have taken longer than a day to shoot it unlike their last single my story. In the video they appear to be rival yakuza bosses or something similar. So the whole video they are indirectly fighting each other until the end of the PV when they come face to face. But I have to give it to Ami, hands down she makes a cooler boss.

New story, new single

I’ve been a fan of Puffy AmiYumi a lot longer than any other Jpop/Jrock that I listen to now. They were my first slice of Japanese music and the reason I was drawn in so much. There was a time when I knew everything about them and listened to them for hours. As I started to listen to more Japanese music I kinda drifted away from Puffy and focused on the new bands. So I’m glad lately I’ve been following them a lot again. Maybe not as closely as I do with Hello!Project but close enough. Anyway, that’s just a side note.
Puffy’s latest single My Story, will be released on August 6th. It’s their 27 single, which is almost too hard to believe. The song is sung completely in Japanese, taking a break from their last two single that were in English. Since Honeycrepper was released Puffy has had a more laid back feel to them. And this song is sticking to that. It draws you in from the very first note. It could almost be a ballad if it wasn’t for the unique Puffy music thrown in. The beginning has a sweet melody and then almost without warning it throws you in the rock edge of the song. Puffy really has stepped up to the plate lately. Since Splurge was released they got this new kinda modern, laid back, upbeat, sound. And they’ve released some of their best songs to date. Also, in the last past years they have looked better than they ever had. So whatever they’re doing they need to keep it up!
So of course a few days ago the video popped up on the internet. The video had a low budget I’m guessing. Since there really isn’t anything there, just them. And most of the video is a sepia/black and white mixture, with a bit of color thrown in. It’s not one of their most impressive PVs. But if you look at it from another perspective. The PV seems kinda raw. No distractions. Nothing to keep your eyes off them. Nothing to keep you from really listening to the song. If you look at it that way it almost seems fitting. But I don’t really mind much. As long as the song is good I won’t care if they were dancing in potato sacks. Well maybe just a little.