Instant fangirl just add water

I was reading the blog Wotaku Now recently, and he has a post about how he started idoling. And that made me think of how I became a fangirl. So I am going to shamelessly copy his idea. But it’s not stealing if I credit it. XD


Age 7: Yeah I started young. There was a show called Big Wolf on Campus. It was about werewolves and such. There was a pseudo goth character named Merton J. Dingle and I was pretty much in love with him. I thought he was the hottest guy ever. As for today, not so much. But I still listen to his band The City Drive.

Age 9, 10, or 11?: I’m not exactly sure when this fangirling started but it was around then. I became obsessed with Frankie Muniz. I wrote I heart Frankie on everything, put a poster on my wall, and even wrote a song about him. Which I have the lyrics for but it’s too embarrassing. As for today, he’s still ok looking in my book. Just not as much as I used to think he was. He also has this weird beard thing going on currently.

Age 13: Miyavi! As soon as I heard Jibun Kakumei on random person’s myspace I was sold. I started following his career closely and learning everything I could about him. You know you’re obsessed with someone when you know things he claims to be. As for today, I still love him. I consider him to be one of the hottest people alive.

Age 14: Once I got into 8th grade I started to listen to more Jrock bands and follow the ones I already listned to more closely. Which made a few people look at me weird. My history teacher also used to call me Ms. Japanese cause I knew a lot about Japan. And could write Japanese words on the board. XD Anyway, I started obsessing over Jrockers, anyone I found attractive. Which is too many to name. As for today, I still love them all.

Age 15: There was a little show on NBC called Heroes. Which I became obsessed with on it’s own. I fell in love with Peter Petrelli. It’s because of the emo bangs! I didn’t really do too much fangirly stuff over him. Just set him as the wallpaper on my phone and would kyaaa when ever I saw him. As for today, Milo is still hot!

Age 16: Or currently. I’d have to say my current obsession is Nishikido Ryo. I love everything about him. His voice, his body, and the way he can make Shige do whatever he says. I don’t know I guess I really just love the cool image that he portrays.

Hiya blog, did ya miss me?

So I haven’t updated my blog in like a week, which isn’t really that long. But it feels longer than it has been. I guess I’ve become semi-addicted to blogging.

Anyway, the main reason I’m making this pointless post is pretty much to say that my next posts are going to be post spams. Which is obviously me making a lot of posts in either one day or a short ammount to time. I’ve realized there are things I either forgot to post or need to post. I have like 5 things I want to post but I’ll save the other two for tomorrow. But like I said in another post, I sometimes get too lazy to post news as soon as I find out about it. Which doesn’t really make me a good news blog. Which is ok, since by blog is leaning more towards a review blog anyway.

In exciting news about my blog I have 135 views! Which is amazing, because I didn’t think anyone was going to read my blog, or actually come back to it! So thanks to everyone who reads or has read my blog. Also don’t forget to comment my entries since I currenly have zero on any of my actual posts. I’m kinda sad about that. Haha.