S/mileage’s new PV really delivers

A few day ago the full PV for S/mileage’s upcoming single, Please Miniskirt Postwoman was released.

The full PV is a lot different than the first PV preview showed. And perhaps I jumped the gun a bit when I wrote the PV off as being awful. Surprisingly the PV actually turned out to be pretty amazing, and it actually does have a storyline. The PV follows the members of S/mileage around as they gather packages to deliver on their mail route. The whole PV is shot beautifully in extremely bright lighting. It was done in such a way that it almost looks like it really is shot using natural lighting but it’s not. I’m actually really impressed with the PV. I think they could have pushed it just a little farther, but overall I love the PV. The girls look amazing in the close-up shots, and the screen time is pretty even for the most part. The PV does revolve around Ayaka, which makes it seem like she will become the new face of S/mileage now that Yuuka is graduating. Her and Meimi so sing most of the song. So, most likelyAyaka and Meimi will be the new faces of Smileage. Which I’m not too thrilled about as neither are my favorite members.
Even though the PV is great there are still two elements I could do without. The first one obviously being the dance scenes. I still do not like them. It’s a completely cop out to have them film indoors with the illusion of it being outdoors. Would it really cost that much more to film outside? Their Suki-chan PV was filmed outside and that was once of their indies singles.
The other aspect I don’t like is that the beginning reminds me a lot of Fujimoto Miki’s Boogie Train 2003 PV though. Which is slightly unoriginal. The first few scenes are nearly identical. Which isn’t really a huge deal since the rest of the PV is nothing like it. It just irks me a bit.

Randomly sleeping.

Just like Miki.

I absolutely love these outfits.

Future top 2.

Ayaka looks pretty here.


Too similar though.

This is an adorable dance move.

This set is cute.


It’s magic!

This has to be the lyrics to the song, because I can read that it says kini naru.

I’m gonna miss Yuuka.

Meimi’s jacked up teeth.

Kanon is adorable.

Love her.


Kana is slowing becoming my favorite new member.

Kanon looks so angry here. Lol.

Yuuka is so adorable.


Kana is just so cute, and this hair is perfect on her.

Fragile, it must be Italian. Sorry, I’ve got Christmas on the brain.

Kana stealing the spotlight. Lolz at Meimi’s random shocked face.

Lol. Kanon of course making a stupid face.

Of course they have to focus on their legs.

Ring around the mailbox.


Adorable Rinapu.

I love how over the top Mei Mei is. Lol.

What? Lol.

Extreme close-up of Take-chan, and also th first cap of her on this post cause I don’t really like her that much. XD

See, this is why I love Kanon.

Kanyon. *O*