S/mileage-Please Mini Skirt Post Woman PV preview

A commercial for S/mileage’s up coming new single, Please Mini Skirt Post Woman, has begun airing. Giving us fans the first peek at the PV.

This single has so much going for it. The song is incredible and the oufits are extremely cute and well made. The only draw back is the PV itself. Because I love the song so much I was expecting a lot from this PV, and sadly it doesn’t deliver at all. From what we can see of the PV so far it looks incredibly simple. The dance shots and close-ups are filming on the exact same set, which is always a no-no. Especially if your PV is nothing much dance scenes and close-ups. And if that’s not bad enough the set itself is incredible simple and cheap. S/mileage is dancing on a green floor with a blue wall, I guess to make it look like they are outside. Which is ridiculous, why not just film outside? And behind them are presents, balloons, and one of those old fashion mail boxes.
I am just so disappointed by this PV so far. But you know what? I’m not even that upset that the PV is terrible. The song is so great that I could care less what the PV looks like. I don’t think anything could ruin this single for me.

S/mileage announce 8th single

At the same event where S/mileage announced the fate of the sub-member they also announced their 8th single. S/mileage’s 8th single will be entitled Please Mini Skirt Post Woman and will be released on December 28th. This single will obviously also be the first single to feature the new S/mileage members.

I wasn’t expecting a new single to be announced so soon. S/mileage seem to really be rushing singles out recently. But I’m ok with that. Rushed release or not Tachiagaaru managed to be a pretty decent single.
I am really looking forward to seeing the first single with the new members. To see how their voices really flow in S/mileage. You couldn’t hear them at all in Tachiagaaru. They were obviously in the chorus, but you couldn’t even tell. As a small group, S/mileage’s singles have been extremely fair lines wise. So, I’m hoping that doesn’t change. Pretty much every member is at a high enough singing level that they are able to handle a lot of lines. Even Kana, who is the worst signer out of the bunch. After hearing her sing at S/mileage’s fall concert, she actually not a terrible singer.