Gatas a dud

Ongaku Gatas’s third single is being released September 10th. So of course the video for come together was released. Listening to the song I must admit I am less then impressed. The song is very boring and forgetful. I had to re listen to the song just to write my review cause I forgot what it sounded like. Nothing stands out. It sounds like every other Jpop song. There is one plus for the song, Kon Kon got three solo lines. Which isn’t really a lot but it’s certainly more than she got in Yattarouze. Perhaps if I knew what they were saying I’d like it more, but I kinda doubt that. I think Come Together should have been the B side because I like Aisaretai Aisaretai 100 times more. Even though it has a werid disco esque beat. I think it’s catchy. But that’s not really enough to make me a Gatas fan, maybe if they had more songs like Yattarouze. But H!P song doesn’t always have to be happy, loud, and in your face to be a good song. But songs like that are the ones I like best. This is completely my opinion though. The quality of their songs and the videos makes me think they might have the lowest budget out of all the H!P groups. Which is kind of sad.
The video is following the song in the same plain sense. There is nothing spectacular about it. Their outfits are nice and Rika does look very pretty. But it looks more like it would be backstage footage from a concert than a video. The dance is pretty boring also. I feel weird not having anything positive to say about the video, but the song is kind of a disappointment to me. In the same respect there are probably more people out there that love the song then hate it.

But I never really liked the Gatas, so maybe I’m biased. But I do like Yattarouze, Narihajimeta Koi no Bell, and Kiss Shiyou by them. But I really only listen to Gatas once in a blue moon. The only reason I listen to their songs is for Konno Asami. When Gatas first single came out I didn’t listen to their first single because I heard it was Yoshizawa Hitomi’s new group. And I never really was a big fan of her. I kind of dislike her. I don’t feel bad for saying that with all the hate there is against “other” H!P members.