Nono’s back! Pinch me!


Former 4th gen member of Morning Musume, and the other U in W, Tsuji Nozomi is back in action with a snazzy new blog. It was only a matter of time before Tsunku let her out of the dark. She can finally show her face publicly again. So, maybe she can finally be seen on her husband’s blog. And not just her hand randomly seen in a picture. But whatever Nono is finally back! And I thrilled for it! I would have liked to hear news about her a little sooner. Tsunku waited until the last minute. With the Elder Club concert coming up she’d be in the news eventually.

I am waiting to hear more news of her career, that seems to be back in full swing. But just how well will Nono sell without Aibon? That’s what I’ve been asking myself since Aibon left. I mean she’s been practically attached at the hip to Aibon her whole career. And after Aibon got suspended and fired she hasn’t done anything. She voiced an anime character but didn’t release any singles. Aside from singing the theme for it. She was also in Gyaruru for about 5 minutes before she got married and announced her pregnancy.

But this blog points in the direction of her starting a solo career or being part of a new group. Which is really exciting. The blog it’s self is very cute and pink, just like you’d expect from Tsuji-chan. She has 2 posts and I’m not 100% sure what the blog says since I can speak really little Japanese and can’t read any. Horrible translation sites say she has been busy taking care of Nao who turned 1 in November. She talks about cooking things and interest in fashion. She also mentions being nervous about returning to the stage for Elder Club concerts.

It’s about time to have official Tsuji news. Tsuji fans, like myself, have been waiting a long time for this. And hopefully Nono has something big planned for the future.