Pedicure days and manicure nights

A few weeks ago the full PV for no3b’s new single Pedicure Day was released. I know that’s an eternity in blog years.

I am absolutely blown away by this PV. It is the best idol PV I’ve seen in a while. Just everything about it is incredible. This is how all idol PVs should be, it’s just really a perfect PV that embodies everything idols are.
The theme of this PV is the members of no3b are throwing a party. Most likely a pedicure party to fit the theme of the song. The PV them follows no3b every step of the way for preparing for the party. Getting up in the morning, making food, decorating the living room, and even taking a bath for a little fanservice. You’d think with a theme so mundane sounding that the PV would be boring, but it’s not. Not even a little bit. Everything about this PV just jumps out at you and grabs your attention.
First off the sets are incredible. The PV takes place in a house, but this PV actually takes advantage of that setting and uses 3 different rooms. A lot of times groups will rent out some big elaborate houses or buildings, but then only use 1 or 2 rooms. Or sometimes just the outside and a room. I never really got that. If you’re renting the place why not go all out? Each set is decorated incredibly. Each is overly decorated like most idol PV rooms are. Which I actually do like because it gives them a much cuter and idol-like vibe. Just like every set in this PV has. I mean, one of the sets is a kitchen but they still manage to make it look absolutely adorable.
And since there a 3 sets in 3 different rooms, we also have 3 different outfits. Pajamas, everyday clothes, and party outfits. Each one more adorable then the next. They are styled incredibly well. And it’s just the small little accents that make the outfits adorable, like Haruna’s red rollers, or Minami’s leopard collar.
It’s also the small details about the PV that makes really fun to watch. Scenes like Haruna stealling what TakaMina is making and the girls having a pillow fight are really cute. But my favorite scenes are when they sing into inanimate objects like a blower dryer or broom in place of a mic.
The whole video is just very eye catching. It’s brightly light, extremely colorful, and incredibly vibrant. And the girls are featured in pretty much every single frame so you are always drawn to something. There are very few shots that just span the room and make you uninterested. All in all, it’s an extremely well made PV. And it tells a clear story without it having to be 6 minutes long.

That’s a cute house.

Receiving your pedicure day invite.

The set for the room is really nice.

How cute.

I love Haruna’s outfit, and she looks super pretty here.

The stylists dropped the ball on TakaMina a bit. It looks like she’s wearing a shower wrap.


Gorgeous. Haruna just looks so fresh and pretty here.


Absolutely adorable.

My eyes just keep getting drawn to Haruna. She’s putting the most energy and effort into her scenes.

TakaMina looks pretty here. And lolz at Miichan being the only one not looking at the camera.

If it’s a pedicure party why do they already have their toenails painted?

Look at all that food. XD

Stealing food. I love TakaMina’s expression.

They drew faces on the peppers. XD

Such a cute smile.

They really love to put the 48 groups girls in bathtubs.

SKE48 girls.

SDN48 girls.


Also cute. But also the short end of the styling stick again. She’s wearing an ugly, baggy jumper.

Cutest pillow throw I’ve ever seen.

I love the purple wallpaper.

What is she doing? Proving she’s taller than the penguin? XD

Feather explosion.

I’ll never get why guys are so into girls pillow fighting. But that’s just me.

Group hug.

What does that say? Dreams?


And que fake friends.

I absolutely love these outfits.



Spoon drumsticks.

They look like they are genuinely having fun.

WTF is TakaMina doing?

Cute goodbye wave.

no3b to release 8th single

AKB48 subgroup, no3b, announced recently that they will be releasing an 8th single. The single is currently untitled and will be released on November 2nd.

No3b is one of my favorite AKB48 sub-groups. They always release consistanly good songs. And their last single, Kuchibiru Furezu, was amazing both song and PV wise. Hopefully their new song is just as good. But I would still prefer a song along the lines of their earlier singles. But for some reason I have a feeling this song will be a lot calmer.