Nami gives up her old image

We have new Nami goodness in the form of her new PV. Nami’s new single, Give Me Up, will be released on March 25th. Give Me Up is also a cover of an 80’s euro beat song by Michael Fortunati.

My first reaction to the song was: What is Nami doing? Where did the old Nami go? Hardcore Nami fans will be able to tell at first listen what’s different. The music is obviously a HUGE change. Nami mostly does anime type songs with more intense music. But this music is much more simple and dancey. But aside for the music her whole voice sounds different. The way she’s singing in this song makes her almost sound like a completely different person. In a way that’s good, and in a way that’s bad.

At first I hated this song until about half way through, where I realized it’s really not that bad. It seems like Nami is trying to move away from the whole anime thing and become a more serious singer. And I’m really happy about that. It seems like Nami is moving on to bigger and better things.

My first reaction to the video was, Nami was trying to be more hip hop. Based on her outfit and her initial dance moves. Her video looks pretty much like every other video out there. There aren’t too many original or distinguishing elements to it. For the most part she dances in a cluttered garage and sits on a couch. But Nami looks super cute in the video. Especially her close up scenes on the couch. Her cuteness blew me away.

Her outfits are a win for me. I think they’re adorable. Her dance outfit is kinda sexy and kinda cute, with a hip hop vibe. The boots are fabulous and the racer gloves add a nice touch. She’s also in a pink cheetah printed hoodie and sunglasses for about 5 seconds. The outfits nothing special but she looks really cute in it. Mostly because her hair is in a cute bun. But my favorite outfit from the PV by far is the giant bow outfits. She wearing a normal sweater and shorts but the ridiculous, oversized bow makes it to adorable for words.


Nami’s got sex appeal

Nami only eats wonder bread

Gahh Nami’s adorable


Nami sends her love!

My final thoughts on the song? Well first of all, I’m she happy she finally made a comeback. And I think the song is pretty good. It’s defiantly a 5/10. But I honestly don’t think it will break the top 5.