Arashi-Meikyuu Love Song PV preview

A PV preview for Arashi’s upcoming new single, Meikyuu Love Song, has just been released.

After being completely disappointed by this song’s generic qualities and a repeat of Arashi’s past songs, I am actually really impressed with the PV. It has a really fun and playful aspect that we haven’t seen since their Troublemaker PV. It shows Arashi palying some life size board game, which is an awesome and unique theme. The PV also has a lot of random elements such as ridinf sationary bikes and fighting someone dressed up as a skeleton.
The only real downside of this PV is the hideous hairstyles Nino and Sho are sporting. Seriously, what’s up with them? If Jun is extremely close to looking better then Nino in this PV, you know there’s a problem.

Arashi-Meikyuu Love Song radio rip

The full radio rip for Arashi’s upcoming single, Meikyuu Love Song, was released a few days ago. The rip is only about half the song, but it’s much more than we’ve heard before.

The more I listen to this song the more it reminds me of Love Rainbow. A lot of the music is nearly identical. I mean, play the 2 choruses back to back, you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference. The song itself is the same generic Arashi fare they’ve been releasing lately. Which is really sad, because they are better then is. The lyrics are pretty much the same as always. That no matter how far apart we are, or lost yout are, we’ll always be connected. Which is completely boring and stale. The only thing I do like about this song is that everyone gets a solo line. But if that’s the best part of a song, there’s a problem there.

Arashi to release new single

After a rumor about this a few days ago, it was just announced that Arashi will be releasing a new single. The single is entitled Meikyuu Love Song and as of right now doesn’t have a release date. The song will be used as the theme to Sakurai Sho’s upcoming drama Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de. A small preview of the song has also been released.

Arashi’s singles are always hit or miss for me. Anymore, they all sound the same. This song isn’t super amazing, but it’s not horrible either. It honestly sounds like a mixture of Dear Snow and Lotus. Which is a tad disappointing. I want another upbeat, interesting sounding song again. Give me another single like Crazy Moon, Believe, or Troublemaker, then I’ll be happy. I’m sick of the same recycled slow paced songs. Recently their singles have been lack luster and their album songs have been amazing. Which is the opposite of what I want. Since singles are made into PVs. But we did get super lucky with a PV for Mada Minu Sekai e. Which I will never understand why it wasn’t a single.
But I guess I shouldn’t judge this song just yet since it is only a 20 second preview. However, I doubt the verse is going to be better than the chorus.