Bring on the M-Line

 Graduated members from H!P will have their own separate fanclub called M-Line. Melon Kinenbi and Aya Matsuura will also have their own. But Yuko Nakazawa, Iida Kaori, Natsumi Abe, Mari Yaguchi, Kei Yasuda, Hitomi Yoshizawa, Rika Ishikawa, Nozomi Tsuji, Asami Konno, Makoto Ogawa, Miki Fujimoto, Mai Satoda, and Ongaku Gatas will all fall under M-Line.

Now we’ve know about M-Line for a few months, but it’s not until recently their own website launched. And it seems instead of being called Elder!Club it’s going to be M-Line. It would have been cool for it to be H!P and E!C. But also kind of stupid.

It’s nice to see that the girls didn’t disappear forever and have some sort of plans for the future. But it seems like Aya Mastuura and Melon Kinenbi have a brighter future since their fanclubs are separate from M-Line all together. But I’m still pretty excited for this.

I want to see KonKon and NoNo being very busy and working like there’s no tomorrow. I’d also like to see Makoto do something too. Since she came back to H!P suddenly and was graduated shortly after. Besides KonKon, NoNo, Makoto, and Ongaku Gatas are really too young to be in this. They were even too young for Elder Club. But just because once you graduate from Momusu you are now lumped into Elder Club. I always found something silly with that.

Anyway, go M-Line! Try and be a little more popular than you were in H!P. And here’s the link to their site.