My thoughts on the Koharu situation

If you’ve been paying attention to the Hello!Project fandom the past few days you’re probably well aware of the Koharu situation. And to anyone who’s not I’ll briefly go over what happened.

Recently Koharu was on the radio show Youngtown. On it she expressed how she really felt while she was a member of Morning Musume. She said she only joined as a stepping stone to become a model. That she didn’t like catering to her mostly male fanbase. And that being a CamCam model is a step up from being a member of Morning Musume. All while being incredibly rude and interrupting people while they spoke, questioning how Sayumi really feels about Morning Musume, and overshadowing the real guest of the show.

I don’t really mind about Koharu joining to become a model. It’s silly to think idols join groups just to become idols. Probably, half if not more, join for other reasons such as wanting to act or dance. Over half of Morning Musume’s 9th and 10th gen didn’t join because of their love of the group. Most of the girl’s families suggested they audition. Which isn’t really that big of a deal. This is also obviously not limited to female idols. Inoo Kei literally entered Johnny’s because he saw a Johnny on TV eating delicious food and he thought if he joined he’d be able to eat delicious food too. Yabu Kota’s sister sent in his application without him knowing because she was a fan of Arashi. Kyomoto Taiga was scouted by Johnny himself after he saw a photo of him and his father. So, there are lots of idols who join for what would be considered not the “right” reasons. Koharu herself said she only joined Morning Musume because she was 12 at the time and the auditions were open to 12 year olds.

So, Koharu joining the group for another reason other than loving the group and sincerely wanting to be an idol has never been a secret. And to be honest it has never hindered my love for her one bit. Anyone out there who has been reading my blog since it’s inception knows that I am, and always have been, a gigantic Koharu fan. And if you’re a really active reader you know that Koharu was the first idol I’ve ever listened to by sheer accident. And that if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t know, or care, that idols even existed. I would have been none the wiser and most likely would have dived deeper into Jrock and became a bigger fan of it than I was at the time. So, honestly I owe a lot to Koharu. And as silly as it seems, I’ve always held a special place in my heart because of that.

I love Koharu and I guess that love clouded things a bit for me because I never thought or considered that she left the group because she didn’t want to me a member. I never really understood why she left when she was still so young and so popular. But I guess my mind would not let me think even for a minute that she really wanted to leave. I just always thought there was some other inside reason that us fans will never know about.

But when I read this I actually felt kind of sad, and it actually kind of hurt. I felt a very slight twinge of pain in my heart. Because the personal image of Koharu I made was shattering. Idols themselves are basically delusions. There’s no disputing that. They have this pure (whatever your definition of pure is) image. And they cater exclusively to whatever fantasy you create for them. Whether it’s them being this ideal, untouchable, unattainable significant other. Or just them having this “nice person” persona.

I always saw Koharu as just this energetic and goodhearted person. Who was always happy and smiling. Someone who just seemed genuinely sweet, carefree, and a lot of fun. But reading that she is pretty much ungrateful for being a member of Morning Musume, and that she pretty much regrets her time in the group, just left a bad taste in my mouth. Not only is this disrespectful to the group itself it’s disrespectful to all the past and present members, to H!P, to Tsunku, to any girl who ever auditioned for the group and didn’t make it, and especially to the fans.

But what really hurt was when she said bad things about her fans. That she didn’t like having to cater to her mostly male fanbase and that most of the modeling jobs were for men’s magazines. It shows that she didn’t care a whole lot about her fans, and probably even found them to be gross. Even though I’m not a male fan that hurts me. It shows her fans meant almost nothing to her. As someone who supported, and continues to support her, wholeheartedly it’s quite a shock and pretty upsetting.

I mean, we’re talking about not only an idol I love pretty much the idol I love. My first idol. An idol I held higher than any other idol. An idol I literally shed tears over on numerous occasions. When her graduation was announced, during her graduation concert, reading the graduation letters, watching the graduation ceremony, and some odd performances.

I know I shouldn’t be getting this upset, but I honestly can’t help it. I know that deep down most idols feel this way. But most idols aren’t brazen enough to say it. And honestly I guess I prefered my personal Koharu delusion. Pretty much the only time H!P idols ever speak out about this sort of thing is when they make a clean break from H!P/UFP. We saw this when Goto Maki bad mouthed Tsunku after switching to Avex. Or when Kago Ai expressed how she felt like a puppet who was unable to love while she was a member of Morning Musume and H!P in her first photobook after being fired. So, this makes me think either Koharu ended her contract with them or desperately wants to. And it also shows just how good idols are at putting on their idol act or persona.

I’m sure a lot of fans would probably be happy with that. Since most people didn’t think she fit Dream Morning Musume. And honestly I always felt she was out of place in the group too. But I loved Koharu and was happy she was a part of it.

So, how do I feel about all of this and Koharu? Well, I’m writing this post days after first hearing about it, so I’ve had time to really collect my thoughts about it. But I’m just torn. I have so much love for Koharu, but at the same time I feel hurt. To me she’s not the same Koharu. I see her in a different light now. She’s the girl who doesn’t appreciate what she was given. Who doesn’t realize and appreciate that without Morning Musume she’d never have the opportunity to become a model. And that at least some of her post-Momusu modeling career fanbase only cares about her because she was in Morning Musume.

I’m sure some people maybe have some new found respect for her telling it like it is, or think that she’s gutsy, but she just came off as spoiled to me. And that’s just sad.

The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 1

So, lately I’ve been reading Serenyty’s, from Happy Disco, and Mina’s, from Wota (in training), posts about the 30 day idol challenge. And I’ve enjoyed their posts so much that I wanted to join in the fun and do my own 30 day idol challenge. But it wasn’t until I read Chiima’s, from Okay! Musume Time!, posts that she suggested I do my own challenge. So, I’m going to finally break down and do it. Which shouldn’t be too hard for me since I usually blog everyday anyway. But I do tend to get lazy at times, so I can’t 100% guarantee that I will do this challenge everyday. But I am going to try to.

The original 30 day idol challlenge was nothing but questions about Hello!Project. I am a gigantic H!P fan don’t get me wrong, but I also like a bunch of other idol groups and wanted to blog about them too. So, in every question I changed the word H!P to idol. And when that didn’t work I used most of what Serenyty changed the questions too. Since we seem to follow mostly the same idol groups.

So, let’s move on to today’s question.

Day 1: Who’s your favorite Idol?

This question was so incredibly easy for me. Since becoming an idol fan there have been 2 idols that have stood out as my favorites.

Kusumi Koharu:

Oh, my beloved Koha. I don’t really know what to say about her, I just love absolutely everything about her! She’s breath takingly gorgeous and absolutely adorable! And she’s just one of those idols that are a joy to watch. She was constantly making me laugh, and my eyes were always drawn to her. Koharu just has an outgoing, hyperactive, and explosive personality. She was just  an overall fun person. She could inject fun and entertainment into just about anything she did. Whether it was losing at a game, or simply waiting for a bus. I even love Koharu’s singing voice. That’s right, I LOVE it. I love overly cute idols and overly cute idol voices. So, honestly the cuter Koha’s voice the better. My favorite Koha solo songs are Kon Nichi Pa and Love da yo Darling, so enough said there. Which is an extremely unpopular opinion among H!P fans. But I don’t even care. No one is going to bring down my Koharu love, and no one ever has! See, before every H!P fan directed their hate to Aika a lot, maybe even the majority, of hate was thrown out at my poor Koha. Just because she couldn’t sing. Which is ridiculous if you ask me. And maybe I’m a bit biased, but I honestly cannot find one fault about Koharu. She is just the perfect idol in my eyes. And we definitely lost a great Momusu member when she left. To this day I still think there’s something fishy going on behind her graduation. And all the insults wrapped in comments from other member’s during their graduation messages to her made me sick. XD

Nishikido Ryo:

Ryo-chan is probably my favorite member in all of JE. And not just because he’s one of the best looking members in JE, which he completely is. Ryo just has a personality I find completely appealing. A lot of people tend to hate Ryo-chan because of how mean he is. But when you’re known as being a poison tounge, what do you really expect? When I first started to like NEWS people told me I shouldn’t be a fan of Ryo because of how much of a jerk his is and how he treated Ueda. But I didn’t really care. And after I watched NEWS’s fashion check where Ryo said how he hated Ueda at the end, at that moment I was sold and knew he would be my favorite member. I think Ryo is absolutely hilarious. I love that he’s blunt, honest, snarky, and not afraid to say whatever is on his mind. And I think his overall evil and “I’m too cool for JE” personality is also hilarious. Making Shige shove like 10 takoyaki (I can’t remember exactly what food it was.) in his mouth, or refusing to do some lame dance with Kanjnai8 on some TV show becase he was to cool to. And if people hate him for this, so be it. But these are all the reasons I love him. He is always entertaining. And beyond the character he puts on for TV, he is a really sweet guy. He just doesn’t show it too often. But get him in a room with Leah Dizon, It’ll come out.

Kirarin Revolution coming to an end

Popular anime Kirarin Revolution is finally ending. After roughly 145 episodes and 3 seasons, Kirarin Revolution will play it’s final episode on March 27th. Which is the 51st episode of the 3rd season. Not only is the anime ending but on May 4th they’re performing the last Kirarin concert called, Kirarin Revolution Final Stage.

Milky Way is graduating in the anime so it’s an obvious end to Milky Way, but what about Koharu? With the anime ending it’s most likely her solo singles will stop. Since she got to release these songs because of Kirarin Revolution. Now all of this makes me overwhelmingly sad. I love Koharu’s solo songs and she’s a big reason I love Morning Musume. It really makes me sad to think that she won’t have another single.

Even thought the Kirarin anime is ending, the manga is still continuing. So maybe they might make an entire spin off series some time in the future. Kind of like what Naruto did with Naruto Shippuden. They could do the whole time jump and make Kirarin more mature, to kind of age with Koharu. Well that’s mostly what I wish would happen.

Even though her solo music is most likely ending I’d love to see Koha continue voice acting. I mean they need to get her a new anime role like ASAP. She really has the voice and personality for that.

Also here’s the scan from Ciao magazine that confirms the ending


Shiawase Nichiyobi

Koharu Kusumi’s 6th single, Hapi☆Hapi Sunday, is set to be released on February 4th. So of course the PV is out. And all I can say is, Amy=uber excited!

The song did start out a little awkward to me. With the slow, semi rapping robot speak. But after that it jumps right into the cuteness! I am pretty happy that in this song she is singing normally and not over doing it like she did in Papancake, trying to phone in the cuteness. This song seems more natural and effortless. The chorus is very catchy and I love how she says Happy Sunday. And like most of Koharu’s songs this one is very addicting. I just love everything Koharu does.

The video itself reminds me a lot of the Chance video. As soon as I got a look at the room it reminded me of Chance. She’s also dancing and moving in a lot of animated backgrounds and has and outfit change just like in the Chance video. Her outfits are a little strange though. Her first out reminds me of a hotel bellboy’s outfit with magic wings. And her second outfits looks like something an old woman would wear, and yet she pulls them both off. She looks so adorable in this PV. And she really does look her cutest when her hair is in curly pigtails.

And Koharu videos make the best screen caps. But mine are actually more of print screens. XD


Koharu is not amused
Koha is inside my heart. XD

Koharu and the Amazing Pinkucolored Dreamcape


It’s like I’m wearing glasses but I’m not 

Ba ba ba ba BAN

Koharu Kusumi 3rd album

Sorry this is late. ._.
Koharu Kusumi’s 3rd album, Kirari to Fuyu, was released on December 17th. And I finally got a chance to listen to it recently. So here’s my full review of the album. On my last review I didn’t really provide any one the songs to listen to. So, I’ll post the songs from now on in my reviews.

Track 1: Koi Sign


The music for the most part is soft, with a lot of piano. But it does also pick up very quickly. And it’s got the standard Kirarin music, chimes and bells are in the song periodically. Koharu sounds really sweet in this song. And I love when she says “sono I love you.” This song kind of reminds me of Mizuiro Melody a little. In the sense that it’s not an overly cutesy song, and it’s not a ballad either.
Final rating: 8/10

Track 2: Anataboshi

This is MilkyWay’s first single. I always really loved the music to this song. You’d never expect Irish music to sound good in a Jpop song, but somehow it just works. I really like they way the group parts are sung. Though the song focuses around Koharu, every does sound really good in it. Though out of the eggs I was most impressed with Kitahara Sayaka’s voice. I think this song is really fun, and I’ve listened to this song over and over.
Final rating: 7/10

Track 3: Papancake

I absolutely love this song! It’s is so infectious and cute. Koharu sounds so adorable singing this, especially when she says “hai.” They lyrics are very cute. A song about Pancakes is something you would expect form Kirarin Revolution. I must admit though, in some parts of the song is does sound like she’s pushing her voice. But I love how overly cute it sounds. I just really love it all around. The music is great and I feel happy every time I listen to it.
Final rating: 10/10

Track 4: Love Chick

This song starts out very cute, with Koharu saying hai about 10 times. This song is very adorable I love how she sings it. The “cute cute cute no boy hora ai ai ai” part especially. I also love the “junjou and honou” parts. Her voice sounds great in the bridge of the song. Overall this song is very happy. And I really like it, it’s one of my favorite songs on the album. Chiku chiku love you, chiku chiku happy, chiku chiku for you my boy!
Final rating: 9/10

Track 5: Oh! Tomodachi

This song is the b-side on the Papancake single. I love music for this song, it’s cute and powerful. Koharu seems to be singing louder in this song then usual. Or am I just hearing things. The song is really happy, like all of her songs. But I don’t care for this song much. Her voice is a little too much for me in this one. It’s overly happy and sweet, that I find it almost annoying. I think a slower song would have balanced Papancake better.
Final rating: 5/10

Track 6: Mass Colorful

The Spainish music makes me think of Iroppoi Jirettai. The music of the two songs aren’t similar at all, it’s just the first thing that comes to mind. I’m not a big fan of this song either. Nothing really stands out about it. It’s kind of boring and slower paced then the other songs. This song just seems kind of forgettable. I prefer Koharu’s loud in your face, cutesy songs. Like Love Dayo Darling.
Final ratimg: 7/10

Track 7: Puppy Love

All I can say that Koharu’s puppy noises make me laugh. And I can’t tell if she’s saying you’re my puppy love or don mai puppy love. It’s probably the first one. But this song is cute and the lyrics are sweet. But I’d never be able to sing this song with a straight face. ._.
Final rating: 6/10

Track 8: Soramimi Doremi

I love this song! It’s so adorable. I love the way she sings it. But it’s so fast at some points that it’s hard to keep up with the lyrics. And I looked up soramimi and got results that it’s when a Japanese phrase sounds like an English phrase. But that makes me even more confused to what this song is actually abou.
Final rating: 7/10

Track 9: Gamusharara

This song is the b-side to the Tan Tan Taan single. The music for this song sounds like a bad 80’s song. And Kikkawa Yuu’s voice sounds different in this song. All of a sudden it’s sounds very cute but sounded nothing like this in Anataboshi. This song as a whole sounds kind of weird. And I’m not sure what to make of it. The only part of this song I like are the harmonies.

Final rating: 6/10

Track 10: Tan Tan Taan!

This is MilkyWay’s 2nd single. The music for this song is very light. Just tambourines and other sound effects. The music is also very child like. This is the first time we get to really hear the other member’s voices. And everyone sounds amazing in this song. Their are a few times Kitahara Sayaka sounds a little weird, but for the most part she’s really good. I think this song is kind of cute. I like the “Ichi Ni Tan Tan Taan” parts.

Final rating: 6/10

Track 11: Sansan GOGO

This is the b-side to the Anataboshi single. I think the guitars in the beginning of the song sound really cool. I think this is the best MilkyWay song. I think this song should have replaced Anataboshi as the single. Everyone’s voice blends together perfectly in this song. And everyone’s singing sounds almost effortless. It’s sung wonderfully. I really love this song!

Final rating: 10/10

Track 12: Yume no Balloon

This is the last song on the album. :/ This song is a lot lighter then some of the other songs. And it’s pretty simple music wise. Koharu’s voice sounds really sweet in this one.

This review was actually really fun to do. I love listening to Koharu songs. And I think the album is pretty good. But I wish there were more new songs. I mean half of the songs were already released. They should have kept the singles on the album but left the b-sides on the singles. If I had to choose a favorite Koharu album it would probably be Mitsuboshi. Even though I like this album, I think it could have been a lot better.

1 2 Tan Tan Taan

I didn’t expect the video to be out so soon perhaps I should stop making entire posts for just previews.

I never realized how good the Eggs actually are. I usually just focus on Koharu, mostly because she dominated Anataboshi. But they sound really amazing in this song. Especially Yuu, she sounds incredible. After listening to the song like 6 times I actually really like it. Even though it’s slow paced it’s still a really cute song. And I find myself singing the “ichi ni tan tan taan san shi tan tan taan” parts.

The video is very cute and colorful. It matches their new outfits perfectly. The video itself is pretty simple but it’s so adorable. I love it. And it’s nice to see focus on all the members. The dance is lacking a bit for my taste. The Anataboshi dance was amazing and fit with the song so well. This dance just kind of lacks imagination.

I really love Milky Way, but I wonder just how much longer are they going to last. I’m sure Kirarin Revolution is going to last for a while and Koharu will have more singles. But as for Milky Way won’t it be time to hang up the tambourines soon? Kira☆Pika only lasted one single, so it’s surprising to see Milky Way have two. Eventually new characters will come on the show and new Kirarin Revolution groups will form. Hopefully this single will sell well and we’ll be able to have another single or two by Milky Way.

But anyway enjoy the video.

Tan Tan Taan preview

There was a preview for Milky Way’s 2nd single Tan Tan Taan in Kirarin this week’s Revolution episode.

The song is a little slower than Anataboshi. But everyone’s voices sound amazing. And it still sounds adorable. I will probably like the song more when the PV comes out and I hear it a few more times. Like I usually do.

Milky Way single number 2!

So this is old news due to my delayed reaction about it. I completely forgot to post this. But c’est la vie.

Anyway, Milky Way’s 2nd single Tan Tan Taan, will be released on October 29. So pictures of their new outfits have been released. Which I’m sure most of you have seen already. >_>

I actually like the outfits, from the waist down anyway. I think the skirts and shoes are absolutely adorable. But the tops don’t really even match the skirts at all. And the sleeves/armbands are too bulky. They really weight the top part town. And the bows like out of place. Like they just stuck them there cause they needed to put them somewhere.

I feel slightly bad about voicing my opinion on the outfits because they were designed by kids. But they are defiantly kid friendly and semi cute. I still like the Anataboshi costumes better but that’s ok.

I really LOVE Koharu’s hair. It looks about 50 times cuter just by adding the waves! But couldn’t they done something to Yuu and Sayaka’s hair. I understand Koha’s the star and has always had her hair like that in Kirarin Revolution videos. But come one, at least Sayka’s has a little bit of a style to it Yuu has nothing.

Is it strange I keep talking about hair in my blogs? I guess it’s because the hair is almost as important as the outfit itself.