UFZS to debut in Korea

It was recently announced that UFZS will be making their debut in South Korea. Their producer DJtaba, said that UFZS has reached their first milestone in the front line as a K-pop dance cover team. And that UFZS’s next step will be to have Korean songs made by Korean artists. And he approached a Korean duo, who debuted in Japan, Tensi Love to provide them with two original songs.

Excuse me while I have a mini heart attack. I am am beyond  thrilled and excited for thi news. Finally my beloved Akari will finally get to make music again, instead of just covering dances. I honestly didn’t think she’d get the chance again to release a single. I am so happy for her. I don’t even mind that she’s releasing songs in Korea and not Japan. I’m just happy she gets to release a song. So could be releasing something in Brazil and I’d be just as excited.

A lot of people are completely dooming this before it even happens. However, I am not at all. I know that UFZS has an uphill battle, and it’s going to be extremely difficult. But I think they could actually do it. Korean idols have been extremely successful in Japan. Why can’t it be the other way around as well? People will probably say that Korea is more into sexy instead of cute. Which is completely true. A lot of artsits like SNSD and Super Junior are trying to mature their sound because of it. However, it’s also only true to an extent. Listen to Orange Caramel. Their whole theme is cute. Or any recent Secret or Girl’s Day songs. Secrets’s Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight are completely adroable. As are Girl’s Day’s Twinkle Twinkle and Hug Me Once. Both have the same cutesy sounds that Jpop has. Even T-ara’s Roly Poly was cute sounding. And I don’t see those groups failing because of it. Just last year SNSD released the very cutesy Oh. And if being cutesy was going to hurt them, then why do male Kpop fans go crazy over aegyo?

So, I wouldn’t bet on their failure so easily. And even if they do fail. At least they tried and at least they did something. Would it be better if they were simply a Kpop dance cover group forever?

Korean H!P audition

Now I remember a while ago hearing about a Korean Morning Musume audition. And when nothing happened with it I just assumed it was a rumor. But this seems to actually be happening. The Korea Times and a handful of other websites confirm a Korean H!P audition. So the member or members are being added to just H!P, so it looks like there’s going to be another Ice Creamusume.
The audition process will be by both H!P and M-Net Entertainment. They will also start recruiting members in March and will broadcast the auditions sometime in April. Yajima Maimi and Shimizu Saki are going to March 9th to announce the auditions officially to Korean fans.

I’m happy for them expanding into Asia more. Korea is really a good place to pick next, since girl groups like Wonder Girls and SNSD are popular right now. I’m also really excited to see what the group turns out to be like. Ice Creamusume turned out surprisingly well. I’d also like to see them change up the group a lot, so it’s not so similar to Ice Creamusume. I’d honestly be happy if it was similar to SNSD.

This news is good and all, but I’d rather see a 9th generation Morning Musume audition instead. I love the current line up of Momusu, but they’ve been that way too long. This is the longest Momusu has stayed the same in the history of the group. I’m ready for a change to spice things up a bit. They need to get new members in soon, to keep the current line up around a little longer. Then once the 9th gen is established have a graduation in a year or so. But I guess we have to wait a littler longer for that.