Kirarin Revolution coming to an end

Popular anime Kirarin Revolution is finally ending. After roughly 145 episodes and 3 seasons, Kirarin Revolution will play it’s final episode on March 27th. Which is the 51st episode of the 3rd season. Not only is the anime ending but on May 4th they’re performing the last Kirarin concert called, Kirarin Revolution Final Stage.

Milky Way is graduating in the anime so it’s an obvious end to Milky Way, but what about Koharu? With the anime ending it’s most likely her solo singles will stop. Since she got to release these songs because of Kirarin Revolution. Now all of this makes me overwhelmingly sad. I love Koharu’s solo songs and she’s a big reason I love Morning Musume. It really makes me sad to think that she won’t have another single.

Even thought the Kirarin anime is ending, the manga is still continuing. So maybe they might make an entire spin off series some time in the future. Kind of like what Naruto did with Naruto Shippuden. They could do the whole time jump and make Kirarin more mature, to kind of age with Koharu. Well that’s mostly what I wish would happen.

Even though her solo music is most likely ending I’d love to see Koha continue voice acting. I mean they need to get her a new anime role like ASAP. She really has the voice and personality for that.

Also here’s the scan from Ciao magazine that confirms the ending


1 2 Tan Tan Taan

I didn’t expect the video to be out so soon perhaps I should stop making entire posts for just previews.

I never realized how good the Eggs actually are. I usually just focus on Koharu, mostly because she dominated Anataboshi. But they sound really amazing in this song. Especially Yuu, she sounds incredible. After listening to the song like 6 times I actually really like it. Even though it’s slow paced it’s still a really cute song. And I find myself singing the “ichi ni tan tan taan san shi tan tan taan” parts.

The video is very cute and colorful. It matches their new outfits perfectly. The video itself is pretty simple but it’s so adorable. I love it. And it’s nice to see focus on all the members. The dance is lacking a bit for my taste. The Anataboshi dance was amazing and fit with the song so well. This dance just kind of lacks imagination.

I really love Milky Way, but I wonder just how much longer are they going to last. I’m sure Kirarin Revolution is going to last for a while and Koharu will have more singles. But as for Milky Way won’t it be time to hang up the tambourines soon? Kira☆Pika only lasted one single, so it’s surprising to see Milky Way have two. Eventually new characters will come on the show and new Kirarin Revolution groups will form. Hopefully this single will sell well and we’ll be able to have another single or two by Milky Way.

But anyway enjoy the video.

Tan Tan Taan preview

There was a preview for Milky Way’s 2nd single Tan Tan Taan in Kirarin this week’s Revolution episode.

The song is a little slower than Anataboshi. But everyone’s voices sound amazing. And it still sounds adorable. I will probably like the song more when the PV comes out and I hear it a few more times. Like I usually do.

Milky Way single number 2!

So this is old news due to my delayed reaction about it. I completely forgot to post this. But c’est la vie.

Anyway, Milky Way’s 2nd single Tan Tan Taan, will be released on October 29. So pictures of their new outfits have been released. Which I’m sure most of you have seen already. >_>

I actually like the outfits, from the waist down anyway. I think the skirts and shoes are absolutely adorable. But the tops don’t really even match the skirts at all. And the sleeves/armbands are too bulky. They really weight the top part town. And the bows like out of place. Like they just stuck them there cause they needed to put them somewhere.

I feel slightly bad about voicing my opinion on the outfits because they were designed by kids. But they are defiantly kid friendly and semi cute. I still like the Anataboshi costumes better but that’s ok.

I really LOVE Koharu’s hair. It looks about 50 times cuter just by adding the waves! But couldn’t they done something to Yuu and Sayaka’s hair. I understand Koha’s the star and has always had her hair like that in Kirarin Revolution videos. But come one, at least Sayka’s has a little bit of a style to it Yuu has nothing.

Is it strange I keep talking about hair in my blogs? I guess it’s because the hair is almost as important as the outfit itself.