New H!P unit announced

KenshuuseiGroupA couple of days ago at the Hello!Project winter concert  a new unit made up of trainees was announced. This unit is going to be the first of several units announced. The unit will be indie at first and will work towards a possible major debut.  The name and final line-up will be announced if or when they make  their major debut. This first announced unit is made up of Hello!Project Kenshuusei members: Members are Miyamoto Karin, Kanazawa Tomoko, Miyazaki Yuka, Takagi Sayuki, Otsuka Aina, and Uemura Akari.

Now, that the news aspect of this post is over with the exciting part of this post can begin: my opinions. First off, let me start by saying how absolutely excited I am for this on so many levels! The first reason I’m excited is because oh my god new group! I have been waiting for a new group, especially a new group made up of Kenshuusei, since S/mileage made their major debut. To be honest nothing is more exciting then having a new group formed in one of your favorite agencies. Well, it’s not always an exciting thing, sometimes it’s Sexy Zone. While I’m a casual fan of the group, and don’t get me wrong, they are ok but they will never be my favorite Johnny’s group. And I honestly would be more excited if a group like Bakaleya6 debuted. But I’m getting a bit off topic now.

Group debuts are incredibly fun. Finding out the line-up and wondering what they’ll sound like and how they’ll work as a group. It’s just an incredibly fun and exciting experience. And those are exactly the emotions I’m feeling now. The first group that formed while I was a dedicated fan of H!P was S/mileage. (Obviously first group because I’m not counting short lived, or one shot groups, like High King, Shugo Chara Egg, etc.) And now S/mileage has become probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite H!P group overall. So, it’s fun to imagine and wonder if this group, or whatever group actually debuts, if they’ll be a group I love. And there’s far too much talent in the Kenshuusei to not debut another group.

Another reason why I’m excited about this unit is because of it’s members. Anyone out there that reads my blog will know that I’m obviously the most excited about Miyamoto Karin. I’ve been a big fan and wanted her to join a group or go solo since I first became a fan of hers during the S/mileage audition. I just absolutely love her voice. It’s easily one of the best, if not the best, voice in the Kenshuusei right now. Aside from Karin I think this group is very strong vocally. Aina, Sayuki, and Yuka all have very strong voices. And personally I’m excited that Aina and Yuka are in the group. I’ve been rooting for those girls since Aina auditioned for Momusu’s 9th gen and Yuka auditioned for S/mileage’s 2nd gen. I actually have no idea what the other girls sound like. But 4 strong vocals alone make this group worth checking out and keeping up with.

The other reason I’m excited for this is that it’s the first of many groups. There are 14 remaining Kenshuusei who’s units have yet to be announced. Which means we have at least 2 more units to look forward to. And that’s only if these new units are Kenshuusei only, which was never actually said. I’m just assuming from here. So, I also think there’s a slim chance that Tasaki Asahi could be included in one of the upcoming groups. And she debuted as part of the Satoyama Movement, so does that mean if the show ever ends that’s it for her solo career? I honestly don’t know. But I’m just throwing it out there as a possibility. And I also want to point out that among the remaining Kenshuusei are the other members who were part of the Kenshuusei’s first single Kanojo ni Naritai, which are Tanabe Nanami, Hamaura Ayano, and Taguchi Natsumi. I don’t know about the other girls but I know that Nanami is extremely popular, so whatever group she’s put in can really go up against Karin’s group.

I say go up against Karin’s group because it’s pretty obvious that not all of these new units will make their major debut. They said it with Karin’s group if or when they make their major debut the line-up will be announced. So, to me that means that either only one of these groups will actually debut, or they’ll just take the most popular members from each group and have them debut as a group. And I think they’re going to judge this by whichever group sells well. And since they are going to be  indie groups pretty much only wota will be able to purchase the singles.

And to be honest, the thought that only one group, or not every girl, will make their major debut makes this all the more interesting. It adds almost a battle element to this news. Which is really exciting because you’ll never know who, or if any, will debut until the last possible second. Which is setting up absolute and utter joy if it’s your favorite member or crushing pain if it’s not. My favorites are all in one group, so I’m rooting for them. But still mostly Karin. My heart cannot take another Saho Akari and S/mileage moment!