SKE48-Kataomoi Finally PV preview

SKE48’s official youtube channel has just released a PV preview for their upcoming new single, Katatomoi Finally.

Well, I can honestly say both the song PV are so far off from what I had in mind. I am actually a little disappointed with the song itself. Coming after about such fast paced singles this song doesn’t really compare. I’ve grown so accustomed to SKE48 releasing really energetic and upbeat songs.  While the music is still very heavy and danceable it lacks the overall ebthusiasim and energy of their past singles. This song is sung semi upbeat, but at the same times has this very somber feel to it.
The PV is what really surprised me the most. For the most part it is a very well made PV with a lot of exciting elements. Like car crashes, blasting off a flare, and I even love that the dance shots are filmed on a roof. I could have honestly done with out the scenes of Jurina (I think it’s her. They don’t show her face, but it kinda sounds like her.) laying on and running through the voice. It doesn’t really fit with the intense and dramatic scenes the rest of the PV is filled with.
But then the rest of the PV focuses on the relationships between girls. So, it shows the members having some sort of slumber party, focusing on each other so much that they don’t even notice a car crash, slapping each other, and of course kissing. Which I wasn’t really expecting. This is pretty much the first idol PV that I have ever seen that focuses on an actual lesbian relationship. Most other idol PV usually just have kissing thrown in for fanservice. I do commend them for that. In the aspect that it could make teenage girls who are lesbians feel better about themselves and feel more accepted and normal. However, it’s done less about that and more about catering to the main fanbase as just another act of fanservice. Which, is whatever. It doesn’t really bother me. I love fanservice, just obviously not this type. But overlooking the fanservice aspect I do actually respect the PV a bit more for the deeper meaning it can have. And I actually like to see the PV that way. As yes, fanservice but still something more.

SKE48 announce 8th single

It was just announced that SKE48 will be releasing their 8th single. The single is entiled Kataomoi Finally and will be released on January 25th.

I’m always excited for a new SKE48 single, especially since their recent singles have been 100 times better than AKB48’s and NMB48’s. I’m a little confused by the titled though. Unrequited love isn’t really something you want to finally happen, or really at all. I’ve heard people mention that this may be a follow up to Aozora Kataomoi, which doesn’t really make sense. Just because they both use the same word doesn’t mean they are connected to each other. And I wouldn’t really be too happy if it was a follow up song, it’s one of my least favorite SKE48 songs. It’s too slow paced for my liking.