Momusu’s channels their weirdness for new PV

Recently the PV for Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai, which is the 2nd A-side from Morning Musume’s upcoming single, was released. I was going to review this PV sooner, but I couldn’t find the PV on youtube. Then I finally realized that the 10 minute video hey uploaded was both A-sides together. Not one of my finer moments. XD

This PV, I can’t even put into words how amazing it is. This is one of the cheapest PVs Morning Musume has ever made, but at the same time it’s one of the best PVs Morning Musume has ever made! And it’s not everyday you can make a statement like that. Since this PV is set in Sayumi’s dream, they could really play up the weirdness. And play it up they did! And as a result we are left with a PV that is so weird, and so random you are left asking yourself “what did I watch,” and, “how much acid were they on when they came up with this.” Which is the kind of PV I have waiting for Morning Musume to do since I became a fan. It really brings out the youthful, almost child like spirit, and is wacky, zany, and all kinds of awesome. I mean this PV has outfits that are just one pola dot away from being absolutely hideous. But somehow manage to stay on the eccentric, and playful side of the spectrum. I don’t even mind that the CG is horrible. It’s not like H!P is known for having great CG. When you look at PVs like Mini Moni’s Mini Moni Bus Guide, and Pucchi Moni’s Pittari Shitai Xmas, the CG is 100 times better.
This PV is just absolutely incredible. And it has everything! Weird faces, Risa attacking godzilla with a suki beam, dancing in the clouds, Morning Musume sprouting wings, and minature Momusus flying out of Sayumi’s head. I am just so in love with how weird it is!

I wish the connection was better.

Random jumping chapstick. I’m sold already!

I find out hard to believe that chapstick made her lips that sheer and glossy. As if the rest of the PV makes sense either. XD

They way that they sing in their close-ups reminds me of what Arashi did in their Troublemaker PV.

I love that it’s the comis dream bubble. And it’s nice to see Reina with a different hairstyle. Even if it reminds me of Flying Get. XD

The floating heads are awesome.

But it of course reminds me of the Pon Pon PV.

And Aicle’s Que Sera Sera PV. (Random Jrock reference no one cares about. XD)

Reina does look pretty cute in this PV.

So does Sayumi. I think everyone’s outfits in this PV are awesome.

Kiss Kiss.

Riho’s outfot is one of my favorites.

I love that Erina’s head randomly appears.

I love they have Erina and Mizuki in the clouds too, so Aika’s not alone.

KY keeps standing out to me more and more. She looks adorable in this PV.

They keep shoving Erina and Sayumi together. I wonder if it’s because they want Eripon to have a similar personality as Sayumi’s?

I think it’s adorable that Aika’s glasses are in her hair.

Mizuki looks really adorable in this PV. I hate that they hardly ever show her.

At first I though Risa was trying to do the Glico Man pose, but then I realized it’s not the same. XD

Ai-chan’s outfit is fabulous, but it doesn’t fit in with the other outfits. And lolz at Zukki’s priceless face.

Riho looks adorable.

I don’t get what’s with the random marker.

Suki suki biimu dashimakuri na no ni! And I love that the dinosaur is dressed like a businessman. Lol.

Of course eating apples makes you sprout wings!



This PV was really in need of Zukki’s bright smile.

It’s raining Momusu.


9th gen up front!





Best face ever!

Fish face.

I hate that Reina just did A~in.


Oh, Zukki. XD

Quick everyone fly out of Sayumi’s hair.