To you in glass

Diru’s new single Glass Skin is being released September 10th (tomorrow) I though An Cafe was bad with their 6 month gap in between singles, but Dir en grey was worse. With an 8 month gap since their last single Dozing Green. Eight months, why did it take so long. You’s think with all that time they would have something more impressive. I’m a big Diru fan and have nothing but love for them, but lately their music just hasn’t been as good. I’ve been listening to Dir en grey for over four years and can honestly say I like their old stuff better.

Not indie stuff old, but like 5 years or so. I like the Vulgar era. I think Withering to Death was their last album that sounded like old Diru. Withering to Death is amazing. I can sit and listen to that over and over. But after that was released it was just different. I got Marrow of a Bone around the time it came out and have yet to listen to it all the way through. I just wasn’t that into it. They sounded to much like an American band, and maybe that’s what they were trying to do. But their US fan base isn’t really that large. They said their new album is going back to their roots more. Hopefully they stuck to that.

Glass Skin is good I like it, but it’s not my favorite song by them. You can really hear Kyo’s voice and it sounds good. But I want to hear a scream or him singing above what seems to be a whisper. Something to remind me I’m actually listening to Dir en grey and not some random other band. Kodou is a slower song, but even that picks up and Kyo screams. The music is heavier too. I think if Glass Skin had that kind of feel I would like it more. I guess they thought this song worked more as a ballad or maybe they want this to be their new direction.

The video is plain. It’s a smokey/foggy white. And I don’t understand what’s up with them not being seen in their videos. I don’t count seeing half of Kyo in Glass Skin and dark lighting in Dozing Green as them being in the video. Do they think they are getting to old or something? Cause Kyo still looks hot for 32.