Who told Hizumi this looks good?



 So I just watched D’espairsRay’s video for their new song Horizon, even though it came out over a month ago. I’m not really a big D’espairsRay fan but I do listen to them from time to time. After I got over thinking aww Hizumi’s singing in English, they zoomed in for a close up of him. And I was a little bit surprised by what I saw. Apparently Hizumi’s sporting a new hair style and it’s disgusting. At first glance it’s not really much of a change. But he has pretty much had the same hairstyle for years. Straight, so it’s a little suprising to see something different on him. It also looks like it might be pulled back. Similar to the hairstyle Aoi from Gazette had a few months back, which was equally gross. But he keeps swinging his head around in the video which makes it hard to tell about the whole Aoi-esque aspect of it.

It’s not a perfect mirror image but it’s pretty similar. But I’d have to say Hizumi wears it better though. I basically cried inside when I saw Aoi with that hair. I hate it on Aoi.

I’m not even really sure why I care about his hair at all. I’ve never really thought Hizumi was attractive nor hideous. But recently I’ve been noticing him more. Mainly because of D’espairsRay’s Spiral Staicase DVD. Hizumi without a shirt, I don’t really need to say anymore. But it’s not really a full on obsession like all of my other celebrity crushes. No, it’s really more of he’s hot in an odd way. Like Jun Matsumoto and Mao from Sadie.


Anyway here’s D’espairsRay’s PV for Horizon. Enjoy the epic scream at the end.

2009 predictions

So now that it’s officially 2009, I thought I’d start off the new year with predictions of what I think might happen in the upcoming months.

Hello Project:

Morning Musume-
1. They will release their 9th (technically 10th but I’m not counting Cover You) studio album, which isn’t much of a prediction. XD
2. They will add new members either from auditions in Japan or from those Korean auditions that happened a few months back.
3. They will get a number 1 single.

1. Kanna will continue to get noticed and will have another solo magazine shoot.
2. They will branch out more into Asia like Berryz did.

Berryz Koubou-
1. Yurina will continue to get lead solo lines. (ok that’s more of what I want to see)

Elder Club:
The official announcement in March will be nothing special.

Johnny’s Entertainment:

1. They will have a cool or rock sounding single, like KAT-TUNs’
2. They will expand more into the global market/have more overseas tours

1. Uchi will rejoin the group


1. Nami Tamaki will finally release a new single with Sony.
2. Puffy AmiYumi will tour America again.
3. BoA will just stick to dominating over Asia
4. Ai Otsuka will release a love song. Shocking! But I think it will happen. 😛
5. Koda Kumi will release another fully English single.


1. Miyavi will completely change his music style, yet again.
2. SuG’s single will continue to dramatically change and continue not to really impress me much.
3. Gazette will release a single like their old material (Unlikely, but they really should)
4. Dir en grey will have another headlining tour in America. I like that’s planned already, possibly.
5. An Cafe will finally have a major debut. (Very unlikely, but would still be cool)
6. Aicle will release a full length album.
7. The Candy Spooky Theater will get another new guitarist. Seriously, they are already on their 3rd.

Let’s see how many of these actually come true. :]