Johnny’s Countdown 2013-2014


I’m bringing you another yearly tradition to this blog, and that’s my overview/review, whatever you want to call it, of Johnny’s Countdown Concert. I always figure since I’m watching it anyway why not give my thoughts about it? I would do the same thing for Kohaku if 1. It wasn’t 4 hours long and 2. I didn’t live stream it. I only do this review 50% because I can never find a decent live stream of this and have to end up downloading it anyway.

This year I am a day late making my post about it and I apologize. But my computer was being super slow yesterday and there was no way I was going to take over 2 hours to download this. Today my computer is feeling much better I guess because it only took me 45 minutes.

Even though we all know the big news of the night, JOHNNNY’S WEST4’s formation and debut announcement, I’m sure I’ll still be able to enjoy it despite it not being a surprise anymore.


Kinki Kids hosting again. Isn’t it official by now? I doubt they even think about asking another group to host at this point.


Look at that lone Hikaru uchiwa, and that lone male fan.


Look at all those hideous costumes at once. It wouldn’t feel like Johnny’s without them.


It’s a good thing that Glass no Shounen is one of the few Kinki Kids songs I actually like, because we have to hear it every single year during the debut medley. Also, I can’t even with how serious Tackey looks while backdancing.


I have to laugh that the Juniors have the better outfits. Also, I better enjoy these 2 seconds of YasuKen because this is probably all I get to see him. Do you see him behind Massu?


Look at my beloved Yuto being front and center of Hey! Say! JUMP.


2/3 of Sexy Zone can perform this year. Only 5 more until all of Sexy Zone can perform.


Oh god I have nightmares about roller skates. Though how fitting of them to be performing a Hikaru Genji song.


Well, Yuma looks super out of place here.


3 of my favorite Johnny’s members in a row, it’s a JCD miracle.


Ryosuke is blocking the view of Yasui Kentaro and Fukasawa Tatsuya. 


I know that no one cares, but that’s a great jacket Uchi is wearing.


Massu being his adorable self.


Oh look Sanada Yuma.


Tackey’s voice doesn’t really fit for Daite Senorita to be honest.


Juri’s creepy smile through everything that’s going on.


Look at that Taiga is there too!


This is the best part of the entire countdown, no one can tell me any different.


This would be my exact reaction.




What song are they even singing here? I’ve never heard it in my life.


Are you serious Daiki?


Well, I certainly appreciate Noon Boyz singing with Sexy Zone.


Jesse being super annoying.


Oh man my favorite Juniors Taiga and YasuKen. They are actually in it a lot more than I expected.


Massu pushing Kei-chan is the greatest thing ever.


It’s so cool to see so many Johnny’s at once.


Happy New Year again.


Oh look, another dude.


Way to start singing too early Tegoshi. You’ve ruined everything.


Look how close the cameraman and sound guy have to stand to them.


So, does the amount of Arashi and Kanjani8 songs they’re performing mean that they aren’t haven’t prerecorded footage of those groups? Or Tokio either for that matter.


I think I maybe have just gotten my answer with them performing Monster next.


Oh man I almost didn’t even notice Tsuka falling in the background.


Oh look YasuKen changed his outfit. Speaking of Juniors, where’s Matsumura Hokuto? He’s old enough to perform and an extremely popular Junior, but I haven’t seen him once. I mean, I even saw Shintaro before it hit midnight.


My beloved Fumito. Also, it’s the year of the horse. If they don’t say or do something about how they always say he looks like a horse I’ll be so disappointed.


I haven’t mentioned this yet, but boy does Yamapi look so good here.


Are you serious that Tackey gets the horse hat?


Ok, it’s actually a little sad now that Fumikyun is saying he looks like a horse so he doesn’t need a hat. Way to turn it from funny to making me feel slightly bad.


Oh man the stacked heads. Also, this song is my jam.


I’m sorry, I feel the need to point out how perfect Yuto looks here.


Ok, I wondered why I didn’t see KAT-TUN. Apparently they took over Kanjani8’s concert in Kyocera Dome.


WTF is that weird chunk in Yamapi’s eye?


So, we can get recorded footage of Sexy Zone though.


Oh look the new group announcement.


You know this was the first time I heard this guys sing, and they are better than I thought they would be.


Wait why is Matsumura Hokuto in the under 18 section when he’s 18? I don’t get it. He turned 18 in June. I mean Juri is 3 days older than Hokuto and he performed after midnight. So, what’s going on?


How awkward is it that Yamapi had to walk right past NEWS as they came in?




Look how good the guys born in year of the horse look. Also, they were all born in 1990, which means only 2 more years until it’s my year, year of the monkey!


I’m not sure why Shingo is randomly there, but ok.

Johnny’s Countdown 2012-2013

Well, I want to start off by saying Happy New Year my dear readers! And nothing brings in the New Year quite like the Johnny’s Countdown. As I’ve said before the Johnny’s Countdown is one of, if not the, most exciting part of being a Johnny’s fan. It’s seriously a highlight of my year. Most idol agencies usually have their idols come together frequently. They have jointed concerts, have TV shows together, or at least perform together on TV. But Johnny’s only ever comes together once a year. (Obviously excluding charity events.) And the Countdown holds a special place because if it wasn’t for the Countdown I’d probably still only be a NEWS fan right now.

I actually always wanted to makes these overview posts of the Countdown to be a yearly tradition on my blog, but last year I was unable to find a decent quality of the concert. I had some trouble this year as well. I almost had to 86 this entire post. But I luckily I found one, and here we are.

It seems like KinKi Kids are hosting again. Which doesn’t really bother me. I just wish Arashi wasn’t stretched too thin with Kohaku and could host it again.

I should really go back and listen to some of Matchy’s songs. He has a really good voice.

It’s weird to see Tackey & Tsubasa together. How come Tackey isn’t in the theater again this year?

Adorable Koki.

I hate that Hey! Say! JUMP are wearing their Boku wa Vampire outfits. I’ve never really care for them.

Why are they having Uchi stand next to Yamapi as if he’s a soloist too? I only point this out because, remember how everyone knew that Kis-My-Ft2 was going tomake their major debut because of how much they were being treated like a legit group instead of just Juniors? I wonder if this means a solo debut is in the cards? He has been doing his thing with Question for a while. And said he would love to debut again with them.

It just wouldn’t feel like a Johnny’s if the outfits weren’t so hideous so, over designed, and so brimming with blinding sequins that you wanted to punch the costume designer on the face.

I’m happy. Venus is probably my favorite Tackey & Tsubasa single.

That awkward moment when Tackey & Tusbasa are making your song more entertaining just by dancing then by you singing. Sorry Yamapi.

Can this even count as a debut? Since A.B.C-Z released this and nothing else since.


It’s cool that they had JUMP Band, but because of that you literally didn’t see any of the band members besides Keito.

Sexy Zone’s performance was hilarious. It was like, “Enjoy Sexy Zone, but please overlook the fact that only 1/5 of them is old enough to actually perform tonight.”

I really like KAT-TUN’s jackets. They have the least embarrassing outfits in the entire concert.

Wow, Taguchi looks really good here.

Happy New Year!

Keito looking good.

I love how they brought out all the rappers for this song. But Koki easily blows them away. I always thought Hikaru and Taisuke were kinda bad at rapping.

I haven’t seen Yuto tap in a while.

People said Arashi’s segment is prerecorded this year. Doesn’t really bother me. On a side not, I’m officially used to Nino’s hair.

Lolz at Nino’s face.

Yabu is such a cutie.

Really wish I could see the Juniors better. I can clearly see that Kochi Yugo, Sanada Yuma, and Yasui Kentaro are there but that’s it. I just want to know if my beloved Taiga is there.

Wow, this is really awesome.

Fumikyun managing to stand out.

Wow, I have no idea who any of the Kansai Juniors are.

Yes! They’re performing Aoppana. I was actually upset they didn’t perform it at Kohaku.

I’m so Ryo-chan deprived lately. I really need to get into Kanjani8 more.

Ryo literally almost fell here.

Rysouke looking as gorgeous as ever.

Tegoshi looks girly enough already, does he really need to keep doing his hair this way?

I’ve never heard V6’s Rock Your Soul before, but it’s seriously a great song.

Here’s the first part of the concert. This person does have the entire concert. But I didn’t want to put 10 videos on the bottom of this post. I suggest you watch it quickly before it gets take down.