Ice Creamusume’s suprising new PV


Ice Creamusume released their 3rd PV for off their first mini album. The song is zài méiyǒu yǔshuǐ zīrùnde xīngqiú shàng shì wúfǎ fùchū ài de ba, which is the Chinese version of Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou. I’m actually really surprised they have another PV. This will be their 4th video off of their 7 track mini album. And it’s really soon. Their last video was released only a month ago. But I guess we can expect this to be their last PV until a new single comes out.

I really love this song no matter what language it’s in. And we can assume the Chinese lyrics are very similar to the Japanese. Maybe not a mirror image but as close as you can get to a foreign language cover. I think the song is very pretty on it’s own. And this is the softest we’ve heard Ice Creamusume sing. I think they handled it really well. It’s defiantly at par with the original. This song is also my favorite song by them. In this song we also see Reirei and Guu-chan taking lead vocals. But it’s hard to tell if from now on how often they’ll be singing because for the most part line distribution has been really fair. I would like to see them up front more. To me they really shine the most in videos. The more I listen to Ice Creamusume the more I’m warming up to them. Some of the girls are really cute and infectious.

As for the PV, I guess it’s trying to have a nostalgic feel, since it takes place in a school. But to me it just reminds me of Buono videos. Even the part where they draw on the black board, Buono has done that in half of their videos. But other than that, the video is really cute. It shows them doing school activities like jumping rope and running track. And for some reason dancing with umbrellas. I’m not sure what that part has to do with anything. The video also has some really pretty close up shots of the girls.

And of course, once again the ugly boots make a triumphant return. I think being tired of seeing those boots is an understatement. Even though this time they are pink instead of brown. But other than the obvious ugly aspect of the outfit, I think their clothes are really cute. They are wearing almost school girl dresses, but designed differently to look more modern and cute. I think they look adorable. Especially Anchii with the bow in her hair.

The video is cute and all but I liked the liànài gémìng 21 video better. I just liked the fun feel their last video had. But I do prefer this more mature song though.

Ice Cream Revolution PV 2

Ice Creamusume’s second video has come out some time around the 25th. I’ve been holding off my review until someone posted a better quality of the video. But it seems like the one they have on youtube is the best it’s going to get. It really bugs me though, there’s weather reports on the side and news scrolling on the bottom. But anyway on to my review.

After listening to the song a few more times I’m actually starting to like it. Though I would love to have heard the music sound a little different then the original. I’m not really a fan of how it’s just a carbon copy of the original, music wise of course. But I’m happy that all the girls have solo lines in this song. I am finally able to start putting voices to faces. I was a bit surprised with some of the girls voices though.

ShenShen: Her voice is very adorable and cutesy. She is also the best singer within the group, in my opinion. She has a more mature look about her, so her cute voice is very unexpected.

PeiPei: I was really surprised by PeiPei’s voice since she was one of the girls who really stood out to me. I was a little disappointed with her vocals. Her voice is awkward and a bit on the strange side. Her voice is forgettable to me, I can see myself paying attention to her singing less now.

Anchii: I didn’t really expect her voice to be as deep as it is. I think her voice is nice, but it’s also totally different than anyone else’s in the group. In a way she’s like the Niigaki Risa of Ice Creamusume.

As for the video it seems like they are going to ride this ice cream theme as long as they can. It’s filled with lots of panda cuteness though. It seems the panda runs a popular ice cream stand. So it’s filled with scenes of the girls ordering various flavors of ice cream. And just because that’s not enough ice cream in the video, with a push of a button the stand magically turns into a ice cream factory. All the dance scenes are shot in the factory and randomly throughout the video there’s scenes of ice cream being made. This over use of ice cream is really getting annoying and cliche. We get it your Ice Creamusume, now do something else.

The video isn’t all bad though. There’s some really cute close ups of the girls and the dance is really cute. It might even the same dance from the original Renai Revolution. But it’s not like I can tell. The outfits they wear are really cute too, the turquoise ones especially. They kind of look like an ice cream shops uniform, which is probably what they were going for. But of course those ugly winter boots had to make a comeback. I think they should hang them up after this video, I mean how many times can you wear the same pair of boots?

It also looks like this video took a lot more time and a lot more money. This video had a clear theme and story. Their were even two outfits for it. And it wasn’t a plain white background. My best guess as to why this is, they are probably expecting this single to be more popular than the first.