Uchi’s possible comeback

Former NEWS and Kanjani8 member Hiroki Uchi, has just finished his first solo concerts in Yokohama on December 20-21. He will also being doing more solo concerts in Osaka on January 3-4.
Hiroki Uchi was involved in an underage drinking scandal on July, 16 2005 and suspended from Johnny’s. And also was demoted to trainee in December of 2006. Uchi also made his official come back as an actor during the press conference of Isshun no Kaze ni Nare.
It has also yet to be decided whether he will remain solo or rejoin NEWS. It’s obvious that these concerts would decide his fate in Johnny’s Entertainment.

As for my take on the whole situation I have a very distinct opinion, which is I don’t care either way. But if you have to do anything with him give him a solo career. And here’s why.

Reason number 1: Probably the least legit reason of all. NEWS is better as a 6 person unit. It’s been about two years since NEWS came back, so why change now? If they really wanted Uchi or Kusano back wouldn’t they have already? They could have easily let them be on hiatus for a year, like all of NEWS, and had them rejoin in 2006 with a slap on the wrist.

Reason number 2: Uchi isn’t that good of a singer. In my opinion Uchi’s voice is very boring. And I have a lot of trouble even telling when he’s actually singing. His voice fades more into the background. Even his solo lines come off as sounding weird and almost awkward.

Reason number 3: You can’t have one without the other. What’s the point of brining Uchi back without Kusano. They came into NEWS together. They both got suspended for similar reasons. They should both come back at the same time. If you only bring one person back it almost makes it seem like what Uchi did was ok or wasn’t on the same level as what Kusano did. But it was the same crime. So that aspect doesn’t make sense to me.

Reason number 4: Johnny’s is playing favorites. This really seems like a big slap in the face to Kusano. It almost makes it seem like Uchi has been given special treatment. Kusano’s future in Johnny’s has always been very murky but Uchi has had definite plans. He has come back as an actor, while there has been no official word as to what Kusano’s doing. If he wasn’t in Shoentai Playzone with Uchi he wouldn’t have done anything since being suspended.

Reason number 5: If they keep any member it should be Kusano. I can honestly say that Kusano is a better singer than Uchi. If you compare their voices in Teppen or even Fiesta Kusano’s voice outshines Uchi’s. Kusano is a very talented singer and was even given more lines in NEWS than Uchi got.

Reason number 6: Pairing madness. Most fans of NEWS know that the current members of NEWS are paired up for singing and fangirl reasons. The current pairings are RyoPi, KoyaShige, and TegoMass. Uchi being back in NEWS would throw off the whole balance. It really can’t be RyUchiPi. Could it? This reason isn’t really legit either, but it’s just a thought I had.

There is still one aspect I am not clear of. Just how popular is Uchi? Uchi was in both NEWS and Kanjani8. But was that based on vocal ability or just the fact that he was from the Kansai region of Japan. I wasn’t a NEWS fan when Uchi was a member, so I have no idea how popular he was or still is.
There is only one completely stupid and fangir-ish reason why Uchi should return to NEWS. And that reason is Uchi and Ryo were really good friends. And I think Uchi returning to NEWS would make Ryo very happy. I’M LAME!

If Uchi does come back as a member of NEWS, I guess I will just have to grin and bare it. And get used to seeing his bird face again. Sorry Uchi fans, he’s weird looking. But if it was up to me I’d give him the boot. Or excuse me, I mean I’d give him a “solo career.”