The Berryz are coming! The Berryz are coming!

I have just heard the single most exciting piece of news I’ve heard in my entire life. Yes, my entire life. You’d probably think I was exaggerating, but I honestly don’t think I am. Berryz Koubou have just announced during their Berikyuu concert that they will be performing at the AnimeNEXT anime convention in New Jersey. The convention will take place from June 6th-10th 2012 at the Garden State Exhibit Center. You can visit their official site by clicking here.

Now, I haven’t been on the computer for more than about a half hour the last couple of days, as you’ll notice from my lack of updates on this blog. So, when I went on today and casually checked my twitter I was in for a huge surprise. I noticed on my feed that people where talking about Berryz coming to the US, which I didn’t really give much though to. But then someone mentioned Jersey. And my heart started to race. I started basically yelling in my head, “Jersey! What are they talking about?!” After 5 seconds of looking it up, I completely had a mini heart attack. Berryz Kobou are coming to New Jersey. Not an obvious place like New York City or LA. But to New Jersey to a fairly small convention. And also to the state I am currently live in. There is no other way to explain them coming to AnimeNEXT except it being fate. This is unmei! Well, obviously it’s not fate, but it certainly feels like it.

This is exactly what I have been waiting for, for pretty much forever. As a Japanese music fan the groups and bands I like hardly ever come to the United States. And when they do it is hardly ever the East Coast, let alone my state.  So, being the poor teenager I was, and still am, I had to pretty much miss everything. I missed Miyavi’s first US show in Las Vegas (which I wasn’t even old enough to get into anyway) S.K.I.N’s pretty much only performance ever at Anime Expo, Morning Musume at Anime Expo, Berryz Koubou in Seattle, and many many more concerts and events that were devastating at the time, but I cannot remember anymore. There are even events in New York I didn’t go to because I didn’t know anyone who would go with me. Like AKB48 at New York Anime Festival and the recent SMTown concert in NYC. But you know, screw that. This is Berryz Koubou! This is serious! They will literally be a couple of hours away from me. Not thousands of miles, mere hours! That’s enough to make my head explode. This is seriously the first time I can say I am thrilled and proud to be from New Jersey. All the years of jokes about it being a giant swamp, and the recent Jersey Shore jokes, none of those matter anymore. Berryz are here!

And I gotta say the level of excitement I am feeling is indescribable. It feels like pure adrenaline is pumping through my veins. I don’t have to worry about coming up with money to fly halfway around the world or the country. I don’t even have to worry about hopping on a train. I can basically just hop in a car and go. Which is pretty much all I can afford. I’m a modest fan and that hasn’t, and doesn’t, bother me. Which is why I have always measured a fan in  the level of support and love for the artist and not the biggest collection. And because of that I never imagined that  I would be able to actually see them in concert for years. But the fact that I don’t have to wait to see them until I can afford to go to Japan is such a happy and overwhelming feeling that I almost feel like crying.

I remember being extremely sad when Morning Musume was performing at Anime Expo. At the time I was talking to another fan from New Jersey about it on Hello-Online. And I jokingly said that I wanted Morning Musume to come to AnimeNEXT instead. And we both pretty much came to the realization that Morning Musume would never come to a convention as small as AnimeNEXT. And I find it both exciting and hilarious that a mere 2 years later a Hello!Project act is actually coming to AnimeNEXT.

Even though AnimeNEXT is 7 months away, I am still completely pumped, amped, and absolutely thrilled. What’s a 7 month wait when I pretty much accepted that I would be waiting years? I remember when I first became a H!P fan my dream was to go to an H!P concert wearing red to support by beloved reds, Kusumi Koharu and Arihara Kanna. Which is will obviously never happen now. But back then I held onto that dream, even though I knew it was years a way and would never happen. And today it kinda feels like my dream is going to come true. Even though it’s a different group, a different dream, and a different country, it still feels like I’m getting exactly what I want. Because it’s Hello!Project. There isn’t any idol agency or group that can even halfway compare to my love of H!P. I love all the groups nearly evenly. If this was C-ute, or Smileage, or even a revival of Melon Kinenbi (which is my least favorite H!P group of all time) I would be just as excited. And being able to see any H!P group in my home state seems so surreal. If you told me this back in 2007 I would have never believed you.

So, I hope people that are reading my blog right not that are going come up to me and say hi. I would absolutely love to meet people who read my blog. I’m actually looking forward to meeting anyone who likes H!P or idols period. To just be around like minded people, so I don’t have to feel so weird and slightly embarrassed anymore, even if that moment is fleeting. I will totally update people days before what to look out for to find me. I’ll most likely post a picture of my outfit for that day or what meetup I’m going to. Since someone always starts a meet up for these conventions. I was also thinking of setting up a booth or something. But then I realized my booth would have no point, as I’m not selling anything and can’t afford to run a game to give something away.
And anyone reading this completely bummed from Texas, Africa, Turkey, Australia, or anywhere at all, you guys should just be patient. I’ve waited years for this moment. You’ll eventually get your’s too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have 7 months to memorize all the chants and dances for Berryz Koubou songs. And I have to work on getting a poster or shirt for them to sign. Can you believe I don’t even own a CD yet for them to sign? XD Also, I’m going to meet and most likely shake hands with Momoko, Chinami, and Yurina. Someone pinch me!

JM is now a HelloStoreUSA affiliate!

I am happy to announce that Janakya Mottainai is now offically a HelloStoreUSA affiliate! I am sure that everyone who reads this blog is aware of what HelloStoreUSA is. If you’re not, it’s basically an online store that allows you to purchase Hello!Project merchandise directly from Japan that ships to USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central & South America, Asia, and Australia. And you can purchase products from HelloStoreUSA by clicking on the HelloStoreUSA banner on my side bar. (And also on the bottom of this post.)

This post is made basically to let anyone who reads my blog, and shops from HSUSA, to know that if you click on the banner from my site, and make a purchase, I get a commission in the form of a gift card to make purchases on HelloStoreUSA. I would greatly appreciate if any of my readers who happen to shop there do click on my banner and help me earn some H!P merch. Right now I am a fairly poor fan and the only H!P merch I own are gifts and things I have won online. So, I’d love to expand my collection.

So, yeah if anyone who feels like clicking on my banner can do so if they want. However, I don’t want any of my readers to feel like they have to make purchases through my blog. And I apologize if it seems like I am begging people to do so. m(__)m

Test your H!P knowledge

On January 12, H!P fans were given a 100 question quiz to prove their obsession with all things H!P. The event was held in both Osaka and Tokyo. The Tokyo event was hosted by Shimizu Saki, Momoko Tsugunaga, Chinami Tokunaga, and Natsuyaki Miyabi. Risako was too ill to appear. And the Osaka event was hosted by Ishikawa Rika and Konno Asami.

So I thought it would be fun to test my H!P knowledge. So you are warned this is going to be a long post. I’m not sure how well I’m going to do because I know nothing about Maeda Yuki’s, Iida Kaori’s, or Nakazawa Yuko’s solo careers. And very little about Aya Matsuura. So, feel free to laugh at my noobness because I am by no means getting a perfect score. You can take the quiz yourself, Hello-Online has the complete translated quiz.

-The Haroten Certification Exam-
First Stage: Discography Questions
1: Morning Musume’s big hit “Love Machine” was which number single after their major debut?B. 7th
2: Maeda Yuki’s third single was “Tokyo _____.” What word goes in the blank?
A. Yoimachigusa
I have no idea. XD
3: Morning Musume’s celebrated major debut single “Morning Coffee” went on sale on what date?
A. 1998-1-28
A guess. >_>
4: Iida Kaori’s first single was “_____kai ni Dakarete” What word goes in the blank?
C. Kasupi
5: What was the coupling song with Buono!’s single “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”?
B. Minna Daisuki
Yay the first one I knew! Besides the first one. XD
6: Nakazawa’s single “Odaiba Moonlight Serenade” was a duet, but who did she sing it with?
C. Takayama Gen
7: What was the title of the single released by Morning Musume on 1998-9-9?
A. Daite Hold on Me!
8: What was the title of the Christmas song sung by Yaguchi Mari, Matsuura Aya and others as the first track on the 2001 album “The Doyou Pops (1) Christmas and Winter Song Collection”?B. Jingle Bells
9: Mano Erina’s indie debut CD was called “Mano ____” What word goes in the blank?
A. Piano
10: What was the title of Fujimoto Miki’s solo debut song?
C. Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi
11: How many members were wearing school uniforms on the cover photo of Morning Musume’s single “Egao Yes Nude”?
A. 2
12: What is Okai Chisato eating in the “Okai Chisato in Fukuoka” part of “C-ute Cutie Circuit 2007 – Magical Cutie Tour – Photobook “Full Country Tour! 2007 Summer C-ute Travel Diary””?
B. Udon
Even if I cared about Chisato, I have no idea what soba is to even know if she was eating it o_O
13: On the cover of Ongaku Gatas’ “Narihajimeta Koi no Bell”, who is fifth from the left?
A. Yoshizawa Hitomi
Are you serious? Who knows that?
14: What does Matsuura Aya’s album title “T.W.O.” stand for?
A. This Wonderful One

15: On Berryz Koubou’s second album “Dai 2 Seichouki”, there is a song called “Joshi _____bu ~Asaren Atta Hi no Kamigata~”. What sport goes in the blank?

A. Rikujou (Track and field)
16: In the choreography to Biyuuden’s “Kacchoiize! Japan”, each member forms a letter. Which is the correct combination?
A. J=Miyoshi, P=Ishikawa, N=Okada
I love that song and video, but I didn’t even notice they formed a J!
17: On the cover of Satoda Mai’s photobook “my life”, what colour swimsuit is she wearing?
A. Red
18: What animal appeared in Ogawa Makoto’s first solo photobook, “Ogawa Makoto Photobook”?B. Elephant
19: On the cover photo of Melon Kinenbi’s single “Natsu no Yoru wa Danger!”, who is wearing sunglasses on her head?
B. Murata Megumi
I don’t follow Melon Kinebi at all.
20: What was the title of Morning Musume Tanjou 10-nen Kinentai’s first single?
B. Bokura ga Ikiru My Asia
Second Stage: Concert / Event Questions21:
What was the title of Melon Kinenbi’s 2007 winter tour?
C. 100% Melon Juice
22: Who played the part of Cutie Pink in “Berryz Koubou & C-ute Nakayoshi Battle Concert Tour 2008 Spring – Berryz Kamen vs Cutie Ranger -“?
B. Hagiwara Mai
23: What was the title of the opening song in “Biyuuden First Concert Tour 2005 Spring – Biyuudensetsu -“?
A. Bi – Hit Parade
24: Where was “Yuko Nakazawa Birthday Live 2008 Celebrate 35 Years Y-Powerful Stage – Minasan no Request ni Okotae Shimasu!” held?
B. Shibuya-AX
25: In April 2007, Berryz Koubou had a solo performance ot Saitama Super Arena, setting a record for the youngest performance. What was the average age of its members at the time?
B. 12.8
26: In 2004, Abe Natsumi starred in her first musical, “Okaeri”. What was written on the apron she wore?
A. Do Re Mi
27: What was the name of the school in Morning Musume’s 2004 musical “HELP! Acchii Chikyuu o Samasunda”?
A. Shiritsu Morning Gakuen (Private Morning Academy)
28: What was the national project that Hello! Project members took part in to stop global warming?
A. Team -6%
29: What was the title of the Gekidan Geki Hello Dai 2 Kai Koen, running from 2007-6-15 to 2007-6-24?
B. Edo kara Chakushin!? Taimusurippu to Kengai! (Arriving from Edo!? Time Slip to Beyond Range!)
30: What was the title of Matsuura Aya’s February 2003 first musical?
B. Sougen no Hito
31: Who was the MVP of the 2006 Sports Festival?
B. Konno Asami
32: The subtitle of the 2003 Sports Festival was “Nippon no Onna no Ko wa Ongaku to _____ desu (Music and _____ for the Girls of Japan)” What word goes in the blank?
B. Supootsu (Sports)
33: Who won the vaulting competition in the 2006 Sports Festival?
A. Yoshizawa Hitomi
34: Iida Kaori designed the official mascot for the 2002 World Figure Skating Competition in Nagano, but what was the name of the character?
B. Yuki-chan
35: In addition to Matsuura Aya’s “Boss T-shirts” sold at “Matsuura Aya Concert Tour 2008 Spring – Aya the Witch -“, there were also “____ T-shirts” What were they?
C. Jikishachou T-shirts (Next-in-line Boss T-shirts)
36: There were a lot of Gatas goods sold with “_____” for the “Ongaku Gatas First Concert Tour 2008 Spring – Mizaru Iwazaru Goodsal!” What word goes in the blank?
C. Whistles
37: What colour clothes did the Wonderful Hearts members wear in the “Hello! Project 2007 Winter – Wonderful Hearts Otome Gocoro-” goods?
A. Red
38: Where was the “Morning Musume Spring Concert Tour 2000 “Dancing Love Site”” held?
C. Yokohama Arena
39: What number was on the back of the tour t-shirts sold for the “Fujimoto Miki First Live Tour 2003 Spring – MIKI1 -” tour?
B. 26
40: What colours were the logos on the tour regular edition t-shirts sold for the “Abe Natsumi First Concert Tour 2004 – Anata Iro -” tour?
A. Pink and red
Third Stage: Fanclub Questions
41: In which year did the annual “Valentine Gifts” first appear for sale in the fanclub store?
B. 2001
42: Who was missing from the cover of the 1st issue of the official bulletin?
A. Heike Michiyo
43: In the 26th issue, what did Shimizu Saki write as her special skill in the “Hello! We are Berryz Koubou” segment?
B. Dance
44: Who was on the cover of the 37th issue?
A. Morning Musume
45: In the 28th issue, what did Iida Kaori write as her wish to do in 2005 during the “Hello! Project New Year’s Wishes” segment?
A. Cooking
46: During the “Dokkidoki Ayaya News” commercial report in the 21th issue, what coulour was Matsuura Aya wearing?
C. Blue
47: What song was debuted at the 2006 fanclub event “C-ute Ouen Kikaku Dai 4 Sen!”?
B. Soku Dakishimete
48: In the 14th issue, what was everybody eating during a break in filming the PV for “The Peace”?
C. Okonomiyaki
49: In which issue were the Hello Project Kids first introduced?
A. 18
50: Which member was in charge of the first even “Hello! Diary” segment, which began in issue 33?
C. Yaguchi Mari
51: Who sang “Furusato” in the fanclub DVD “Morning Musume – Best Shot – vol.4”?
A. Niigaki Risa
52: What song did Nakazawa Yuko sing on the February 2001 fanclub release “Morning Musume Member Solo CD”?
C. Anata no Kami no Kaori
53: The fanclub release “Hello! Days vol.1” featured four events. They were for Country Musume, Melon Kinenbi, Biyuuden, and who else?
C. Maeda Yuki
54: Which unit was featured in the fanclub DVD “Hello! Days vol.5”?
B. Berryz Koubou
55: Ishikawa Rika sang a song in the May 2008 “Biyuuden Final Fanclub Bus Tour in Enshuu” that she said she’d wanted to sing for a long time. What song was it?
A. 22-sai no Watashi
56: Which song was sung in the 2003 “Morning Musume 6th Generation Member Fanclub Members Only! Handshake Event part 2”?
C. Koko ni Iruzee!
57: During the special Morning Musume interview from issue 1, what did Abe Natsumi say she did regularly to make her major debut?
C. Jump rope
58: The July 2006 fanclub one-day bus tour was called “Iida Kaori Maeda Yuki no “_____ no Nouryou Matsuri” (Iida Kaori and Maeda Yuki’s ‘____ Cool Evening Festival’)” What word goes in the blank
A. Manatsu (Midsummer)
59: Which animal outfit has Okai Chisato not worn at a fanclub event?A. Kappa60: What colour was Otani Masae’s hair during the September 2005 “Melon Kinenbi Fanclub Bus Tour in Nagano”?
A. Blue
Fourth Stage: Profile Questions61:
Which was the correct composition of Tanpopo at the time 2002’s “Be Happy Koi no Yajirobee” came out?
B. Ishikawa, Shibata, Konno, Niigaki
62: There were two members of Berryz Koubou in Yaguchi Mari’s group ZYX. Who were they?A. Shimizu Saki, Tsugunaga Momoko

63: 2003’s group Aa! was made up of Tanaka Reina, Suzuki Airi, and who else?

B. Natsuyaki Miyabi
64: What was the name of the 2003 shuffle group made up of Ishikawa Rika, Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Inaba Atsuko, Mika, Satoda Mai, and Otani Masai?
65: In May 2007, Satoda Mai released a CD collaboration with another singer. Who was that singer?
C. Makoto (Sharam-Q)
66: Who is the June-born Hello! Project member who is not a Gemini?
A. Matsuura Aya
67: What was the name of the group made up of Abe Natsumi, Goto Maki, Ishikawa Rika, and Matsuura Aya?
68: Which direction is the girl on the Gatas Brilhantes H.P. emblem facing?
B. Forwards
69: Apart from Abe Natsumi, who is the only member who was in Kiiro5, 10-nin Matsuri, and Odoru11?
C. Yasuda Kei
70: Each member of Melon Kinenbi has a specialty. Saito Hitomi is the sexy leader, Murata Megumi is the fantastic leader, Otani Masae is the boyish leader. What is Shibata Ayumi the leader of?
C. Beauty leader
71: What was the name of the Sapporo futsal team that Satoda Mai acted as captain of?
A. Sapporo Cerbies
72: In 2000, Taiyo & Ciscomoon were given a new name. Which is the correct name for them after the change?
A. T&C Bomber
73: There are five Berryz Koubou members with blood type O. Shimizu Saki, Tsugunaga Momoko, Tokunaga Chinami, Natsuyaki Miyabi, and who else?
A. Kumai Yurina
74: Which of these Hello! Project members is from Hokkaidou?
C. Miyoshi Erika
75: What prize did Maeda Yuki win in grade five when she took part in the Amateur Kayou{folk ballad – not quite enka} National Competition?
B. Runner up
76: What Morning Musume generation was Konno Asami part of?
A. 5th
77: What was the name of the group that took on the spirit of MiniMoni and was made up of three pugs and a French bulldog?
A. WanMoni
78: There are two current members of Morning Musume who were in Morning Musume Otome Gumi, Tanaka Reina and who else?
A. Michishige Sayumi
79: Which is the correct hometown of Lin Lin?
B. Guǎngdōng, China
80: Which is the correct order for Abe Natsumi, Hagiwara Mai, and Lin Lin’s birthdays (starting from January)?
A. Hagiwara Mai, Lin Lin, Abe Natsumi
Fifth Stage: Media Questions81:
On the December 2002 “Music Station” end of year concert “Super Live 2002” on TV Asahi, what did Matsuura Aya appear riding?
B. White horse
82: Who was the other part of the “Sachi Usuko, Usue” combo on “Hello Morning Theatre, Third District by the Park” on TV Tokyo’s “Hello Morning”?
B. Kamei Eri
83: On Fuji TV’s “Nekketsu! Heisei Kyouiku Gakuin”, what answer did Satoda Mai give when shown a picture of the National Diet Building?
B. Waseda University84
On the December 2006 TV Asahi show “Sing the Greatest Mega Hits Karaoke Best 100 Perfectly to Win 10 Million Yen!”, who sang “Cutie Honey” without looking at the lyrics and won 2 million yen?
B. Ishikawa Rika
85: Who played the main role of Hanamura Benio in the January 2002 TBS drama “Haikara-san ga Tooru”?
B. Nakazawa Yuko
86: Who appeared in the 2004 TBS Love Theatre drama “Homemaker”?
C. Abe Natsumi
87: In the TV Tokyo anime “Kirarin Revolution” starring Kusumi Koharu, Yoshizawa Hitomi had an appearance playing herself. In which episode did this happen?
A. 15
88: In the “Hello Morning Theatre, Story of the Station Police Box” on TV Tokyo’s “Hello Morning”, who played the part of “Panda”, owner of the Third District Chinese Restaurant?
A. Tanaka Reina
89: Who played the part of the mother of Yuri, Kumai Yurina’s character on the minidrama “Little Hospital” on TV Tokyo’s “Bishoujo Nikki III”?
B. Inaba Atsuko
90: On the 18th episode of the internet TV GyaO “Hello Project Hour”, who sang “Koi no Telephone Goal”?
B. Tokunaga Chinami
91: Who came up with the design the enemy cat (a new character) of “Na-san” on “Kirarin Revolution”, during an October 2007 episode of TV Tokyo’s “Haromoni@”?
B. Michishige Sayumi
92: What nickname did Ishibashi Takaaki give to Iida Kaori on the TBS program “Utaban”?
A. Kaorin
93: Who provides the voice of Hanasaki Cobeni on “Kirarin Revolution”?
A. Kitahara Sayaka (Hello! Project Egg)
94: What was the name of the character played by Sugaya Risako in the minidrama “Shounan Kawarayane Monogatari”?
B. Sugaya Taeko
95: What was the anime whose theme song Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga and Natsuyaki Miyabi and C-ute’s Suzuki Airi formed Buono! to sing?
C. Shugo Chara!
96: What was the title of Yaguchi Mari’s drama that aired on NTV from 2006-4-15 to 2006-6-24?
A. Sentou no Musume!?
97: What song did Morning Musume sing on the 49th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen?
B. Daite Hold On Me!
98: What was the name of the variety program from which ROMANS, consisting of Yaguchi Mari, Ishikawa Rika, Ayaka, Satoda Mai, and Saito Hitomi, was created?
C. Sexy Onna Juku
99: On the 2001 NTV program “24 Hour TV – Ai wa Chikyuu o Sukuu -“, Yaguchi acted as the “Commander of ______” What was she the commander of?
B. Handshakes
100: In the animated movie “Tottoko Hamtarou”, what was the name of the fictional idol group created for the movie?
B. MiniHams
Wow, that was alot harder than I expected. XD H!O is going to post the answers tomorrow, then I’ll post how I did.