The end of an era?

Haromoni@ will be ending after a September episode. There are split reactions to this news. Some fans are sad and will miss the show dearly but other are happy, feeling hello morning was a better show and maybe now Momusu will get a better show. But what if they don’t? It’s not always good to assume that they will be given a new show simply because of who they are. It’s a big possibility that they just won’t get a new one. Poor ratings point in that direction.

Which leads me to believe that the kids are doing better than Morning Musume. Berikyuu seems to be doing better than Haramoni@. Granted berikyuu is much shorter and Haraomoni@ was on TV Tokyo. Even so, the kids continue to get more popular. And the Berryz Kamen vs Cutie Rangers concert was really good. They also seem to be given better songs lately. I think Namida no Iro is the best C-ute single yet.

Which leads me to another conclusion. Is this the end of Morning Musume? There has been speculation for a while if Momusu would be coming to an end. Could declining single sales and the end of their weekly show finally put them over the edge? I like to believe that won’t happen.

As for my take on all of this. I’m not really that upset about it ending. I never really watched Haromoni@ or Hello Morning because I can’t speak Japanese. I’d watch random clips or episodes that had subs. Perhaps if I could speak Japanese it would be a different story. And I highly doubt the ending of their show will determine their fate. If no one watched the show anyway it was only bringing them down and they need to make way for a newer and better show.

So as for now we have to put the animal ears back on the shelf, unroll the sushi, and put the curtain down on Gaki-Kame theater. And hope for a better show with higher ratings for them.