New Shugo Chara group

The new Shugo Chara group was finally revealed! It consists of 4 Egg’s Saho Akari, Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, and Fukuda Kanon. All I can say is I am so excited for this! Buono!’s songs were good so this new group should be just as good. And Maeda Yuuka is in it! She has one of the cutest most adorable voices in all of H!P. The member’s all look so cute. Especially Kanon who is a mystery to me as I don’t know of the Egg’s, unless they are put into a group. But it looks like Fukuda Kanon might become my favorite member of this group. I can’t resist her cuteness all ready!

Their first single is going to be Minna no Tamago, which translates as eveyone’s egg. Is Shugo Chara about eggs or something? I mean Minna no Tamago and Kokoro no Tamago. And the outfits are amazing! They are a perfect 10! They are just so fun and adorable. Especially Kanon’s!This group seems more fitting for Shugo Chara then Buono! does. Just by listening to the preview for the song and seeing the outfits, you can tell it’s for the anime. Buono! songs you could never really tell it was for an anime. But at least Buono! gets to move away from Shugo Chara and become an offical group, which is exciting. I hope the quality of their next single doesn’t change because it’s no longer for anime anymore.


Sorry about the mass ammount of pics. 😛 Anyway, here’s the preview for anyone who wants to hear.

New Stars found

 The winners of H!P’s Taiwan Egg audition “New Star” winners were announced. I guess I should be excited about this but I’m not really. Mostly because I didn’t watch the auditions. I gave up on them after the second episode. The videos took way too long to load. And I can’t understand what’s being said which is why I never watch the Japanese auditions either.

I am also not impressed with the members picked. From a first glance view. Only half of the members are pretty. But I don’t really care either way. I don’t pay much attention to the eggs, which I really should.

I’m still happy for them though. I personally would sell my own leg to be a H!P member. But I don’t see an America audition happening ever.