Buono-Deep Mind radio rip

The full radio rip for Buono’s upcoming 13th single, Deep Mind, has just been released.

I’m gald that aftering releasing the extremely soft Natsu Dakara Buono is releasing another rock song. However, I am just not into this song. Despite it having a rock beat the music isn’t intense or powerful enough. It is still rather slow paced, and doesn’t really pick up the entire song. The singing also adds to the bland washed up feel of the song. The singing itself feels very lazy, and there are several parts where it doesn’t feel as polished as it could be. Like Miyabi’s solo right before the bridge. Which is really disappointing as Miyabi has one of my favorite voices in all of H!P, and she’s better than that. This song as doesn’t really know what style it wants to be, as towards the end of the song they switch to autotuned electronic voices briefly. Which I guess is supposed to be a nod to their mini album Partenza. Which honestly had better songs than this single. Partenza ~Let’s Go~ was a pretty weird song, but I absolutely loved it because Buono just went for it. I hate to say it but Buono’s past 2 singles (This single and Natsu Dakara.) have hardly been their best. And at this point I kinda wish they split Zassou no Uta and Juicy He@rt into 2 singles, just because both songs were great.

Buono to release 13th single

It was announced recently that Buono will be releasing their 13th single. The single is entitled Deep Mind, and the release date is currently unknown. The song is going to be used as the theme for Buono’s upcoming moving Gomen Nasai.

After only releasing one single last year, I’m glad to see that Buono is being extremely active this year. This year Buono has released 3, soon to be 4, singles, a mini album, are staring in an upcoming movie, and are doing concerts. All while Berryz Koubou and C-ute remain as active as ever. I don’t understand how the members of Buono haven’t died of exhaustion yet.

As to what this single is going to be like is anyone’s guess. The title seems to have a dark feel to it. So, maybe will get a song along the lines of My Boy again, because I seriously doubt Buono will ever release anything heavier than that.