Tasaki Asahi’s debut makes me want to write her off already

It was recently announced that the winner of Up Front’s recent audition, Tasaki Asahi, was going to be making her solo debut under the Satoyama Movement. The PV for Tegami off her double A-side single, Tegami/Rolling Days, has been released. 

I actually had no intention of covering this idol on my blog, but
Chii suggested I review the PV and here we are.

Let me start off by saying I do not like the song at all. I think Asahi has an amazing voice, but the song is so soft and slow paced that’s it’s completely bland. And it’s sad because Asahi has an amazing voice that’s somewhat being wasted on this song. This song literally sounds like something ManoEri would have released in the beginning of her career. And we all know how I’ve always felt about ManoEri’s early stuff. It took me years to slowly start to like it. And it doesn’t really help that this girl plays the piano too. I know that Erina is leaving pretty soon, but do they really need a replacement this quickly?

As for the PV, I’m afraid I don’t really have nice things to say about it either. This PV even screams old Mano PVs. Tell me this PV doesn’t look like a mix between Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo and Otome no Inori? The PV also reads like any other ManoEri PV with a heavy focus on the piano and several close-ups of her playing. The only real difference seems to be that ManoEri seemed to used a white piano or keyboard most of the time and Asahi is using a black one. Wow, so different. It doesn’t feel like I’m watching the same artist at all!

The rest of the PV is extremely somber. It’s even shot with a grungy camera filter to give an extra burst of gloom. But then sometimes in the PV she’ll be filmed in natural light and suddenly the PV is happy again. I guess she’s only sad when she’s playing the piano.

I really wish I had something more interesting to say about this PV, but literally nothing happens in it. The entire PV consists of her either playing the piano or just sitting there looking off longingly into the distance. Oh I’m sorry, I’m being mean. I can’t forget about the heartbreaking scenes where she’s drinking coffee or flipping through a book. UFP really knows how to pull at your heart strings.

Also, what I think is really funny for a song called letter she’s hardly ever seen actually writing the letter. Maybe for about all of 30-45 seconds in the PV. Since it’s most likely a love letter there’s a lot they could have done with that theme. Show her struggling to find the right words. Have her crumble up letters that aren’t good enough. Have her write in a more convincing place like her bedroom, because no one goes to an abandoned warehouse to play the piano and write a letter. I don’t know just something! Give me something more than her just sitting there.

I also don’t really get why there are 3-4 of her. It’s probably representing her inner anguish or she’s stepping back from herself to look and asses all of her emotions. I don’t really know. To be honest I never really try to look for deeper meanings behind videos. But the personas did seem to disappear whenever she was sad. Or appear when she was writing the letter. So, I suppose all those times she was looking off into the distance she was actually thinking about her emotions or memories. That’s about as philosophical about it as I’m gonna get about it. 

I don’t think the “deep meaning” behind the PV is clear enough. The way they tell the story is extremely weak. If you can’t immediately tell that there’s a story going on there, then honestly that’s a definite minus for me. The PV is so cheaply made that I feel absolutely no attachment to the underlined “message” it’s trying to convey.

Oh, piano playing. I’m bored already.

Nice shoes.

What a sad setting.

Or not. You blink and suddenly the camera filter changes.

Wait, is she a ghost? Or is this an outer body experience? Is that supposed to show her inner self examining herself? Just why are there 2 of them now?

I do have to admit Asahi is really pretty.

Cute smile.

Yeah, you write that letter.

She’s stares of into space a lot. I guess maybe she’s supposed to be thinking or something. I don’t know.

Ok, now there’s 3 of them.

Doesn’t she know she’s too late to be in Kikka’s PV?

What are you reading there?

Maybe ManoEri will know?

It looks like she just tried to turn to someone and say something. But she’s alone. Maybe she was hoping to get one of her other personas.

Now they’re just messing with me.

Of course you’re cold, you’re sitting in an abandoned warehouse.

Hey, the song is called tegami not shashin.

Not sure why it’s necessary to have a close-up of her neck, but I’ll just go with it. 

Why so sad? Is it because your clones blinked out of existence?

Oh, I spoke too soon.

At least they’re really focusing on the letter now.

But this is literally all I thought of.

“That was hilarious, I should tell someone.”

“Lol nope. I’m alone.”

Infectious smile.

Literally the most interesting pare of the entire PV.

Why is she playing so intensely, this isn’t Phantom of the Opera.

Yet another AKB48 soloist: Sasshi to make solo debut

It was announced at a handshake event that AKB48 Team A member Sashihara Rino will be making her solo debut. No further details about the single have been announced, but it is said to be released sometime in March. This makes Sasshi the 5th AKB48 member to make their solo debut. And the 3rd member this year. Aki-P also hinted at giving another member a solo single as well, so the solo AKB48 single bombardment continues.

I don’t really know a whole lot about Sasshi beyond the fact that she likes idol music. But a lot of fans seems to be confused/upset by this announcement already. I’m not really so sure as to why. I think Sasshi is pretty cute and she’s the Not Yet member that I am drawn to the most. And I think Sasshi is a good enough singer. She’s not really spectacular but she’s not completely awful. And if Itano Tomomi can release solo singles with her lack luster voice why can’t Sasshi? I’ll wait until I actually hear the song before I decide if she works as a solo singer.

Mayuyu to release solo single

It was announced that AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 member Watanabe Mayu will be making her solo debut. The single is entitled Synchro Tokimeki and will be released on February 29th. The song will be used as the theme for Mayu’s upcoming drama Sabadoru.

A Mayu solo single might seem like overkill to some as she already leads Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, but I’m honestly excited about it. The more Mayu the better. I absolutely adore Mayu’s voice. Since it’s Mayu we’ll most likely be getting a very cute and upbeat single. I’m really looking forward to this.

Dream Morning Musume-Shining Butterfly PV preview

A few days ago a PV preview for Dream Morning Musume’s first single, Shining Butterfly, was released. Giving us fans the first peek at both the song and PV.

I have to say I am really impressed with Shining Butterfly all around. The song is a lot better than I expected it to be. The song is very pretty and mature while still being catchy. And the distribution seems to be pretty fair so far. In the short 50 second clip we heard solos from Miki, Mari, Nacchi, Kaori, and Yuko. Granted they are the most popular members. But there’s still a good chance that the rest of the song will be fair.
The PV looks absolutely amazing, it seems like they really spend a lot of money on it. The story seems to follow around Rika. What we’ve seen so far shows Rika being upset that Kei-chan and Koharu are with some random guy. I’m guessing he’s either or boyfriend or someone she likes. But honestly it kinda seems like he’s probably her client. Am I the only one who thinks that Dream Morning Musume are supposed to be hostesses in this PV? It explains thr bar/restaurant setting, the fact that the guy is nonchalant walking in with two girls, and obviously because of the way they are dressed. They look gorgeous don’t get me wrong, but they are dressed like hostesses. There’s not really anything wrong with that theme, it would actually probably make for a really fun PV. I’m just kina pointing it out.
The only thing I don’t really like about this PV are the outfits for the dance shot. They are completely hideous and poorly made. And they also look like a forgettable concert outfit.
Of course I also have to mention one of the most exciting parts of the PV, and that is that Ai-chan is featured in the PV. It’s pretty exciting to see Ai-chan so soon after her graduation. However, I don’t really think this has anything to do with her joining Dream Morning Musume, since her goal is to be on Broadway. I don’t honestly think anyone else will join Dream Morning Musume. Actually Tsuji Nozomi might when she feels she’s ready for it, but I don’t think Goto Maki will. I never really got why fans think she will. Going on stage to support your old groupmates doesn’t mean anything. I suppose it’s still in the realm of posibility, but I still think it’s highly unlikely.

Sexy Zone aren’t sexy and I know it

Recently the debut PV for Sexy Zone’s debut single, Sexy Zone, was released. And let me just say I had to do some searching to find this PV. The things I do for you dear readers. XD

After I saw the PV preview for this single I was expecting this PV to be extremely simple. However, this PV surprised me as there are more elements going on in this PV then I expected. The PV is still fairly simply, mostly because Johnny’s never spends the big bucks on debut PVs. He hardly ever spends big bucks on PVs in general. What I find most surprising is despite the fact that most of the members of Sexy Zone are extremely young, the PV has an overall mature and serious feel to it. Well, about as serious as you can be while dancing in front of a magical floating castle. But this PV could be a lot more immature then it is. They could have gone the NYC way an popped out a PV like Yume no Tamago. But I guess they are trying to get fans to get past their ages and focus on their music. Which I myself am having a hard time with, despite the fact that I do like nearly all of the songs on their debut single. I just can’t really get into Sexy Zone as a group. It’s a mixture of age and looks. I just can’t see myself becoming a legit fan of them. Perhaps a guilty pleasure.
Anyway, the PV is a pretty standard close-up and dance shots video. But I think it’s really nice to look at. Both sets are nice and the outfits aren’t bad. But what really wins me over with this PV is the lighting. It’s so incredibly bright that it makes the PV super clear and vibrant. It really makes the small touches of color really pop. But there is one thing about the PV that bothers me, the roses. I still don’t get why they are holding them throughout the PV. It kinds of annoys me.

Super intense close-up of Shori. Are they trying to tell us he’s going to be the face of Sexy Zone? Which honestly wouldn’t make sense. Kento and Fuma are 100 times more popular from B.I. Shadow.

I love how serious these face montage scenes are supposed to be.

Kento looks a lot better than the last time I saw him. But it seems like once he ages a couple more years he’ll be hot.

No, they are definitely pushing So to the front. I just can’t imagine why.

It’s castle in the sky. Seriously?

Shori almost looks like he could be cute. Let’s see in 4 years. XD

Kento is only cute sometimes. He’s about a 5 or so.

Fuma is kinda cute, until he opens his mouth. He just looks stupid.

Tell me he doesn’t look at least 15% better.

Marius is about as goodlooking as an 11 can be. I feel like the government should be busting through my doors just for watching him. Lol. But without sounding creepy, it seems like he will realy grow into his look. By 16 or so he’ll probably be extremely fine. But that’s probably because of my weird thing I have for half Japanese guys. XD

Sadly, So could be 13 or 113, but that kid is just not attractive at all.

 Shori keeps trying to make these alluring faces, and it’s just not working for him.

That one Junior all the way in the back looks like he might be Anderson Casey. But that’s probably wishful thinking.

Marius always looks like he’s in pain during his close-ups. It’s hilarious.

Kento is on the cusp od being gorgeous. But he kinda looks like a rabbit.

Ok, he seriously looks like he’s out to cry.

This dance just completely sucks.


Yeah, just throw that rose.

But it reminds me far too much of Tuxedo Kamen.

I love the scenes where they are in that glass box.

Ok, Kento looks cute here. XD

Everyone use your roses as mics now, for some reason.

Kento looks the best here. Probably because he’s making super intense face.

Yeah, makes the Juniors do all the flips.


Saw that coming a mile away.

Sexy Zone-Sexy Zone PV preview

Over the past weeks PV previews for Sexy Zone’s sefl titled debut single have been released. The full audio for this song was also released two days ago. However, it has since disappeared from the internet. No, it seriously has. I cannot find one place to either stream or download the song. You have no idea how angry/annoyed that makes me. This is why JE fans annoy me sometimes. They love to keep things like mp3 files and scans in private locked LJ posts. While H!P fans, or any other female idol group fans, don’t make you do backflips for anything. But that’s not what this post is about.

So, obviously I can only comment on the PV preview. The PV seems to be pretty simple, which is to be expected for a Johnny’s debut PV. I can’t really think of one debut PV that was over the top spectacular. Kisumai’s came close, but even that could have been better. The PV is pretty much the standard close-up and dance shot format. But I think the set is really pretty. Or I did think the set was pretty. It’s a very crisp white set. With the members on top of a castle and for some reason there’s a disco ball smack dab in the center. But this is Johnny’s they are always gaudy. The whole reason I stopped liking the set is because it’s a castle. As if I didn’t forget that Marius is 11 years old, they had to parade him on top of a castle. Pretty much the symbol of childhood. So, that ended up making me feel a little bit creepy.
Beyond that there’s nothing else really going on the PV. They stand by a wall and sing, put a colorful jacket over their outfit to make it appear as if they are wearing 2 different outfits, and stand in this random glass box. Also for most of the PV they hold roses for no apparent reason. But they’ve been doing that since their group was announced. I’m still not sure what that’s all about.

ChocoLe-Milk to Chocolate preview

Avex’s new idol group ChocoLe released a preview of their upcoming debut single, Milk to Chocolate. Their debut single will be released on December 28th, and will be used as the ending theme to the anime SKET DANCE.

I really love the sound of the song so far. It’s typical idol fare, but it is catchy and cute.  The girls aren’t exactly the best singers though. Their first solos in the beginning of the song are really rough. However, one of the girls sing that sings at the end of the preview, her voice is absolutely adorable.
I also really love ChocoLe’s look and theme. They could do a lot with sweets and desserts. Which is completely adorable. Their outfits emind me of the outfits S/mileage wore in the Asu wa Date na no ni Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai PV. And the girls themselves are really cute. Especially Kurumi. She has these adorable chubby cheeks. And looking at their website Ramu has this really cool vibe.
I gotta say I’m really liking what I see and hear. Avex has been really good lately. I don’t get why people don’t pay more attention to idol groups signed to Avex. They are really great. AAA, SUPER GiRLS, Fairies, and now ChocoLe, all have completely different sounds and looks. They have potential, the new groups of course, to really be a force in the idol world. Technically Tackey & Tsubasa and Kisumai should count too since they are signed to Avex, but obviously they belong to Johnny’s. Avex actually only made AAA and SUPER GiRLS. But that’s not really important.

Sexy Zone’s debut gets a release date

Johnny’s new Volleyball unit, and possible official unit, Sexy Zone have finally announced the release date for their debut single. Self titled debut single is going to be released on November 16th.
Now, Sexy Zone’s debut single’s release date isn’t exactly Earth shattering news, or even really blog worthy. But I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about Sexy Zone. I didn’t blog about Sexy Zone when they were first announced because of  general lack of interest and the fact that it simply slipped my mind.

As many, if not all, of you know Sexy Zone has been created to sing the support song for the FIVB World Cup Volleyball 2011, like so many Johnny’s groups have done in the past. I actually don’t think they were all for the FIVB World Cup, but you get my point. And Sexy Zone is made up by 17 year old Nakajima Kento, 16 year old Kikuchi Fuma, 14 year old Sato Shori, 13 year old Matsushima So, and 11 year old Marius Yo.

So, let’s talk about them members themselves first. As I have mentioned before I do not follow Johnny’s Juniors at all. I don’t follow any angencies trainees. I don’t see the point in becoming attached to idols who may or may not have a career. I’ve gotten attached to exactly 2 trainees, and I’ve been disappointed each time. First it was with H!P Egg member Saho Akari. She was shafted from S/mileage and is now in shoved in Up Up Girls, a group that is destined to stay in obscurity. And my second disappointment was with H!P Egg member Miyamoto Karin who also was shafted from S/mileage, and wasn’t a surprise addition to Morning Musume. So, you can see why I have no interest in seriously following trainees.
And because of that I’m not really all that familiar with the members of Sexy Zone. The only members I do know are Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma. You don’t even have to be a Junior fan to know who they are. As members of B.I. Shadow they are 2 of the most popular Juniors as of right now, and are constantly being shoved in your face on Shounen Club, and have even had small drama roles. But the main reason I know them is because this will be their second volleyball support song, as I’m sure most of you know. And it didn’t exactly turn out so well for them or B.I. Shadow as a whole. They were treated as merely backup singers and dancers in both NYC Boys and Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow. Only to be tossed to the side completely for the now permanent group NYC. I can’t help but think it’s a little funny that they are releasing yet another volleyball support song. In yet another group that looks like it will fall by the wayside. And as for the other 3 members I haven’t a clue about them. Other than they are too young. Well, actually Shori and So aren’t really. In the normal Johnny’s standard they are, but in the Hey! Say! JUMP standard they aren’t. Only Marius is. 11 years old, seriously? I’m pretty sure this makes him the youngest Johnny’s to debut. But on the other hand I’m actually really excited for him, because he is also the first foreign Johnny’s member to debut. So, good for him. I still would prefer if it was Anderson Casey though. XD

Right off the bat, I was completely uninterested in this group because of their young age and their looks. But the funny thing is, if this was a female idol group I wouldn’t care how young they were. I mean, this is the age female idols debut. It’s not really the age JE groups debut though. And even if it was, I’d still want older more attractive guys to debut. This is why I am a far better female idol fan than male idol fan. Since I’m not attracted to girls I then have to find something other than looks to be a fan of them. Which is why I only like  female idols with big personalities. With male idol groups it’s pretty much the opposite. I find idols that are attractive and then from there I find out who has the best personality and they become my favorite. Which is exactly what I did with Nishikido Ryo. I pretty much lucked out that he was hot and had a good personality. Which is why I don’t think I’ll ever really be a big Kis-My-Ft2 or Kanjani8 fan.
And because of how shallow I am as a fan my dream Johnny’s group would probably be made up of Hashimoto Ryosuke, Anderson Casey, Tanaka Juri, and Taiga Kyomoto. And it’s these reason that I kind of hope this is just another one shot volleyball support group.

I wish I could honestly say I’ll wait until I hear their debut song before I judge them. But who am I kidding? I’m judging them already.

Fairies-Song For You song and PV preview

Recently a PV preview was released for Fairies’s second song off their double A-side debut single, More Kiss/Song For You. The PV preview is a minute long, and is the first time us fans gets to hear the song and see the PV. Well, actually live performances of Song For You are on youtube. But I didn’t watch them.

This song is a lot different from what we heard from More Kiss. More Kiss had more of a hip hop feel, and Song For You has more of a rock feel. I do like that they are trying to release songs in different genres, but the song isn’t really that great. When I think of rock inspiried idol music I think of Buono and Passpo. And this song can’t really hold a candle to them. The music is pretty boring, and for the most part sounds exactly the same through the song. Which I absolutely can’t stand. Their are a few times were the music get interesting, like in the very beginning or right when the chorus hits. But for the most part it’s pretty blad.
As for the singing, it’s also not as good as More Kiss was. The bridge and chorus actually sounds awkward. It sounds like the girls are trying to sing out of their range or something. But the verse sounds pretty good. The group parts are pretty much flawless. And we also get to hear Sora and Rikako sing for the first time. They are both good singers. They have this really nice deep tone in their voices. But Rikako is the better of the two.

The PV is pretty much just a dance shot and close-up. It’s pretty similar to the More Kiss PV. They are even styled nearly the same way they were for the More Kiss PV. The only plus about the PV is where the dance shots were filmed. It’s a pretty big setting with a mansion feel to it but it’s not a house. I actually have no idea where they shot this. All I know is the room is very beautiful and elegant.

Fairies leave me wanting more

A couple of weeks ago the debut PV for Fairies’s debut double A-side single, More Kiss/Song, was released. Which I didn’t even realize was a double A-side until about a week ago.

The PV is fairly simple, it follows the standard idol PV formula of dance shots and close-ups. And since this group is focusing on their dancing and singing abilities, the PV revolves heavily around dances. I’d say a good 3/4 of the PV is just dancing. Which is a tad boring, but I can forgive them because it is their first PV. I can aldo forgive them because they dancing is really good. All that dance experience has payed off because they at an extremely high level. They do still try to add elements that make the PV interesting to watch. The girls are wearing 4 different outfits and they show a small “behind the scenes” of filming. I say behind the scenes in quotes because obviously those scenes are stagged and aren’t actual behind the scenes shots. But they’re still interesting nonetheless. The PV also seems to focus on Momoka. Who is the clear center of Fairies since she is the only one who gets solo lines the entire song. It makes me a bit sad. I would have loved to hear and see the other girls more. But Momoka is definitely the cutest member, so I’m not as upset about it as I should be.

These van scenes in the beginning seem to fake to me.

Obviously this isn’t fake, it just seems staged. It just feels like they said “hurry lets film some random things for the beginning of the PV. I’ll go film the set, and you guys quickly go ride in the van again.”

I love their shoes.

From his angle Miria looks a bit like Zukki.

Their dancing is so sharp and seamless. I am completely impressed by it.

Momoka is definitely a stand out.

Their moves are a lot more interesting than other idol groups.

See what I mean.


Miki is probably the second cutest.

Sometimes Momoka reminds me so much or Arihara Kanna.

Miria is really pretty.


I don’t think I’m ever going to get tired of them showing Momoka so much.


So lovely. I feel like this is turning into one pic Momoka pic spam. But they seriosuly hardly ever show the other girls.

I’m also getting a soft spot for Miria.

That’s how I survied there’s no other reason! Lol. The English is correct, but it still doesn’t make sense.

That wink!

Mobekimasu to release first single

It was announced recently that Mobekimasu will be releasing their first single. (I don’t really count a song you could only purchase at concerts a single.) For any relatively new fans, Mobekimasu is what the current members of Hello!Project are called. They took the first character of each groups name, to form an anagram. Their debut single is entitled Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku and will be released on November 16th. I also read that Morning Musume 10th gen and the H!P Eggs will also take part in this single, but as of right now there’s no way to confirm that.

I don’t know what to say about this other than I am absolutely ecstatic. Since I started to listen to H!P in 2007, I wasn’t around for any of the summer shuffles. And because of that I’ve always hoped that they would do something like that again. So, I am thrilled that H!P is finally rehashing the H!P All Stars idea. Though I actually wish they would have releashed a final H!P All Stars single right before the Elder Club graduation. That would have been huge, and would have featured nearly every H!P member of all time, at the time. But I don’t dwell on the past. (Unless it’s about Koharu) I am completely looking forward to this single. The PV, the song, live performances, just everything about it. It does feel a little empty and small compaired to H!P All Stars, but that honestly doesn’t bother me. Having Mobekimasu is a brilliant idea for both fans and from a marketing point of view. This single will probably get decent air play and radio play because it features H!P as a whole. And will also probably sell well because of all of the fans combined. Just a perfect move for post Ai-chan UFA. I also love that we finally get to see all the H!P girls together doing an official single, rather than just at concerts. I think H!P is one of the only idol agencies that could include all of their idols together without the fans hating it. (Possibly the 48 groups could do it as as well, but I honestly don’t know that much about their generanl fanbase) Could you imagine the backlash of a JE agency single? Most JE fans don’t get along, and hate fans of other groups. They constantly cause petty fights. Mostly on the Arashi and KAT-TUN sides. XD

Despite this single not being released until November we already have a sneak peek of both the song and PV from PON via the PV shooting. However, it is an extremely short clip where you can barely even hear the song.
I’m not really too impressed with what I see so far. I absolutely love the main latex outfits for this single, but I actually hate the dresses. Am I the only one who thinks they look strikingly similar to the outfits they wore in the H!P 2010 Summer Fankora concert?

Just make them full dresses and change the color scheme around, and they are more or less the same dresses. The PV so far also looks like it’s pretty cheap. The dance shot and group close-ups are filmed in the same room. Why isn’t the PV budget bigger? I mean it features all of the members, you’d figure because of that they would have a fairly large budget.

As for the song you can only hear a small chunk of it, but it sounds pretty H!P generic so far. The chorus actually reminds me of Aa, Yo ga Akeru from the way it’s sung. But I’m actually more interested in line distribution. So far we can only hear Reina and Risako singing. If the line distribution isn’t somewhat fair it will completely ruin this single for me. Yes, H!P All Stars didn’t really have fair line distribution, but H!P All Stars was twice the size Mobekimasu is.

You can, of course, purchase this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type B]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type C]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type D]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type E]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type F]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Regular Edition]

Fairies-More Kiss PV preview

Avex’s official youtube channel has uploaded a PV preview for newly formed idol group Fairies’s debut single, More Kiss.

Since I first heard the preview of More Kiss I’ve had high hopes, and even higher expectations, for this group. And I am honestly a little dissapointed by the PV so far. I know that they being marketed as an idol group with a high level of skill in dancing and singing. I will never get how that’s not the same theme that DiVA has, because it is. But I was expecting more from this PV than just dancing. In the short minute PV preview it shows Fairies dancing in 2 different places in 2 different outfits, and a very short close-up of one of the members. (Who is absolutely adorable by the way, I think she might be my favorite already.) Now that is usually pretty standard for idol groups, but like I said, I had high expectations for this group. And I really wanted something more from this PV, to grab me in completely But I suppose I shouldn’t be too critical of this PV since it was their first PV. SUPER GiRLS didn’t make a PV worth watching until their 4th PV. But SUPER GiRLS debut PV was adorable, and despite being cheap it was interesting to watch. But I think that stems from the image Fairies is trying to portray. It seems like they are trying to be a group that is at such a high level of singing and dancing you can’t believe they are idols. Which makes me think that Fairies will always release more mature idol sounds. Which is fine by me. It’s nice to have some varitey in idol groups.