Happy belated holidays!

So, I’m back from my short holiday break I took from my blog. Which I pretty much forgot to mention I was taking. So a few of my posts have been pushed back, like my Koharu Kusumi 3rd album review I wrote on December 21st. Also my Christmas songs were pretty much a bust, since I only managed to get two done. But I suppose I’ll save the rest of the Christmas songs for next year. Sorry. XD

Anyway, Merry Chrsitmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah! And everything in between. Better late then never. Also if anyone is interested about my personal Christmas I posted an album on my facebook. Here’s the link.


And to make this post a little bit more Jpop related, a NEWS forum I am on had a duet singing contest. Which I unfortunately didn’t win. The song we sang was Ai Ai Gasa by Tegomass. So here’s the song if anyone wants to hear.

I sang Tegoshi’s parts, or if you’re not familiar with Tegomass I’m the one who sings second.

So of course LOTS of things H!P related have happened since my last post. So you know what that mean, post spam! You know you love my massive update spams. :]