Aya’s chocolately treat

Aya Matsuura’s 21st single, Chocolate Damashi, is being released on Feburary 11th. And it’s meant to be a Valentine’s Day present to her fans. Which kind of makes me laugh because it’s like indirectly only meant for male fans because in Japan only guys receive gifts on Valentine’s Day. Women receive gifts a month later on White Day. But I don’t Aya even thought of it that way. This single will also be her last single as a part of H!P.

I’m not really a fan of Aya’s more mature music, I only really liked her first few singles. But this song seems genuinely sweet and fun. And the music sounds like something Puffy would be doing, but just a dash more pop. Aya’s voice and image are so mature it’s really hard to believe she’s in her early twenties. Her voice sounds really sweet in this song but that’s not really enough to make me love this song. I think this song is mediocre at best. Even vocally Ayaya has sounded better. But I do love the playfulness of it but I prefer her older stuff. It was more cutesy and more over the top.

The first thing that really pops out about this video is her outfit. I mean it’s practically clashing. A pink and with striped dress with blue polka dotted stockings. Tsk tsk didn’t anyone teach Aya not mix patterns. Her shoes, as fabulous as they are, they just don’t match. Well they almost do but it looks awkward. And what’s up with her mini Lolita hat? If you’re not wearing a puffy lolita dress, those hats are just never nice to wear. Even though her outfit is practically a fashion disaster. I really like it. It’s put together so oddly enough that it just works.

I don’t think this video could get any cheaper. She’s covered wall to wall with boxes of chocolate. There’s a random bed, lamp, and table but that’s it. She doesn’t do much more than just sit there. This song is a little fast paced couldn’t she dance a little? Or do something? There’s also not even close ups of her face. The closest it gets is her torso. Which fits more for this type of song, but still I’d like to see a little something special. I mean, it’s her last official under H!P shouldn’t she have gone out with a bang? This single should have made them regret the Elder Club graduations not prove it was a smart idea.