Momusu announces first single with the 10th Gen

It was announced a while ago that Morning Musume was releasing their 48th single. But I held off on posting it because when I first heard about it, it wasn’t officially confirmed yet. And then by the time it was it just slipped by mind. So, sorry for this post being extremely overdue. But anyway, this single it titled Pyoko Pyoko Ultra and will be released on January 15th.

When I first heard about this single I was obviously excited since it’s the first single to feature the 10th Gen. But when I heard the titled I was ecstatic. I have no idea what pyoko mean, or if it’s even a real word, but I do know that it sounds like the single is going to be upbeat and playful. And hopefully, this means we are finally entering their youthful and energetic era. Momusu has been stringing me along in this aspect. Maji desu ka Ska, Yamette yo Sinbad, Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai, and a few album songs were upbeat and fun, but all of their other songs have been the same mature sounding songs we’re all used to. Which I just want to be over already. But since the young members now outweigh the old, this most likely means we will see a more playful and childish Momusu. And if we still don’t, well, I don’t know what I’m going to do then.

Jin announces new Japanese single

Former KAT-TUN member, and currently artist trying to break into the US, Akanishi Jin announced he will be releasing a new single in Japan. The single is titled Seasons and will be released on December 28th.

I am actually really surprised that Jin is releasing another Japanese single so quickly. And it honestly doesn’t make sense to me. Test Drive was just released on November 8th, shouldn’t he be in the US trying to promote his single? He should be whoring himself to US radio stations and MTV. He should be trying to get the word out about himself and trying to create a buzz. Since right now no one in the US knows he exists. It seems a little premature for him to release something in Japan again. And it just shows that Johnny’s doesn’t really have faith that he’ll succeed, or he just doesn’t know how to manage his artists. That or JE still has the main control over his career. Which is probably exactly what’s going on. I know JE wants to suck as much money as possible from his Japanese fans while they still can, but honestly, it’s only going to hurt Jin in the long run.

The reason why Jin is still so unknown in the US is because his record label isn’t promoting him at all. And going to Japan for a month or more isn’t going to help his US career one bit. And during his fan event for the single the Japanese fans are going to get a preview of his upcoming US album. His Japanese fans are going to get a preview of his US album. I had to repeat the sentense just so you could take that information in twice. So, you’ll see that it still makes zero sense the second time you hear it. I’m sorry, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought his US album was going to be sold and marketed to the US and not Japan. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to do this kind of album preview for US fans? And I don’t know, maybe invite some media and try to get featured on MTV, E, Access Hollywood, or something. Why doesn’t he hang out with his “new friend” Justin Beiber so TMZ can run the picture and say, “who’s the random Asian guy hanging out with the Beibs?” Seriously, that would help his career ten fold. And 100% more than a Japanese single would. I know that Johnny’s doesn’t want to reglect the Japanese fanbase too much, since that’s what Jin has to fall back on, but he seriously needs to. And the Japanese fans need to suck it up. I’m sure they would rather have Jin become an international celebrity to tote around to the world as being a Japanese person the world loves, than to have him fail in the US to release one more single in Japan. Seriously, whoever is managing his career isn’t doing a good enough job. I though they knew what they were doing when they had him collab with Jason Derulo. But they didn’t use that at all. Why didn’t they have Jason go on the radio or TV and promote the single? I’m sure they could have paid him to, just like they paid him be featured in his US debut single. And then they have him meet up with, and possibly, collab with Justin Beiber. Which is just sad, because Jin is too old to. It’s fine when Usher does it because he discovered him, or signed him, or something along those lines. Then they also have him meet Sean Kingston who is completely irrelevant. His last hit was 2 years ago! Which was actually a really catchy song, but that’s besides the point.

I wish I could just have 5 minutes with either Jin or whoever is in charge of his career, because they aren’t doing enough. There have been tons of US artists who’s debut single was a giantic hit. Warner needs to work on getting better artists to collab with. Jin already said he likes Young Money, so setup a collab with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne has been in something like 80 or 100 collaborations. And he will seriously collab with anyone. I mean anyone, he just collabed with Joe Jonas. No seriously he did, click here if you care. Now, if he will be featured in a Jonas Brother’s solo song, he’d be featured in a Jin song. And a Jin and Lil Wayne collaboration would probably be the hottest thing ever.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. But things like this get me so frustrated. I’ve seen tons of Asian artists fail in the US for no other reason but poor management.

SDN48 to release a 4th single

It was announced recently that SDN48 will be releasing their 4th single. The single is currently untitled and will be released on December 28th. This is also most likely SDN48’s final single, since their disbandment is on April 1st.

Now, when SND48’s disbandment was announced I didn’t blog about it at all. Because honestly, I don’t really care all that much. Mostly because I’m hardly a huge SDN48 fan. The only SND48 songs I really like are GAGAGA and Awajishima no Tamanegi. It is a little sad that they are disbanding before they really had a chance to succeed.
And to tell you the truth I wasn’t really expecting SDN48 to release another single. I understand they probably want to give the fans a proper goodbye while still squeezing as much money from them as possible. But at the same time, I also feel like why bother? They are obviously disbanding them because they are doing as well as they expected. So, why even bother giving them a final single. Obviously the agency has zero faith in them. If I was in SDN48 I would feel so hurt that they are not only disbanding my group, but also squeezing one more single out of us.

But the main reason I don’t see the point in this new single, is because I don’t actually believe that SDN48 is disbanding at all. I mean, we all know that Aki-P loves to mess with the fans. And them disbanding on April Fool’s Day just seems too perfect to me. It seems like this 4th single is just testing how much the fans will support SDN48. Basically saying if you want SDN48 to continue on, you should support them as if every single was their final one. Or something along those lines. I just refuse to believe their disbandment is legit. If is is legit, it just doesn’t make sense.