In Rainbows

So Alice Nine’s new single Rainbows was released like a week ago. And I must say it’s my favorite A9 release since White Prayer. Hiroto and Saga are amazing in this. The song is really catchy and the chorus is almost unexpected. When I first listened to it I was a little shocked by the chorus. But in a good way of course. The song is very danceable and still has the Alice Nine rock style to it. And Shou’s voice has improved so much. Compared to songs like yami ni chiru sakura, there really is no comparison. The lyrics are really pretty. Their lyrics always seem to be meaningful and descriptive. (Descriptive’s not really the world I’m looking for) And I love the little lalaheeeeelaiai towards the end of the song.

The video itself isn’t much. Pretty much the band and some transition effects. But Shou looks gorgeous in it so I can’t really complain. (fangirlness) Plus he has shutter sunglasses. He pulls them off better than Kanye. His outfit is pretty amazing in general. And you’d think random treadmills would be out of place in a rock video, but they’re actually pretty awesome. And Nao having to play a marching band drum on it makes me laugh. Alice Nine has become less VK over the years. Even more so with this song. But they never really were that VK to begin with. But regardless of music style A9 is a great band.

This song makes me even more excited for the PCS 10th Anniversary Concert then I was already. Cause Miyavi+Alice Nine+The Gazette+SuG=WIN!!