Arihara Kanna takes indefinite leave from C-ute

Breaking news from H!P came out recently, involving C-ute member Arihara Kanna. It seems that recently Kanna has been having difficulty performing on stage due to hallux valgus or bunion deformity. And will need treatment and surgery over the next month or so. H!P is expecting Kanna to be absent from work activities from February 28th-April 11th. They are expecting her to miss the promotion of C-ute’s nex single, Bye Bye Bye, and C-ute’s spring tour. It’s looking like there’s going to be a 6 nin C-ute for a while.

Now I can honestly say I’m a huge Kanna fan. Kanna is my favorite member of C-ute and one of my favorite current H!P members. And this is very shocking news to me. Maybe even more shocking then her boyfriend scandal a few months back.

A main reason this shocks me is several people have mentioned that C-ute’s PV filming might not be done yet, or even started. Now, it’s bad enough having a Kannaless concert but a Kannaless PV would just be terrible. Another reason it shock me is, indefinite leave could be interpreted differently. I mean, indefinite leave automatically makes me think she’s not coming back. Uchi and Kusano took an indefinite leave from NEWS! But I doubt it’s that serious.

All I can do now is wish a quick and fast recovery to Kanna. Bunion deformity is very painful. Best of luck to her.