ABC-Z to debut next year!

A press conference was held during ABC-Z’s stage show, ABC Star Theater, that announced that ABC-Z will finally be making their debut. A.B.C.-Z announced that they will be releasind a DVD next year, making it the first time a Johnny’s group has debuted this way.

Congratulations to ABC-Z. I wish I could say I was surprised but it’s been pretty obvious for a while that ABC-Z would be the next group to go. I don’t know much about ABC-Z since I don’t follow Juniors, but I have seen them perform a few times on Shounen Club. They are a pretty solid group and all the member’s seem to be very strong singers. And I’ve started to really like Kawai Fumito after seeing his impressions a few times on Junior Colosseum. I also think it pretty much safe to say that this will be the last older group to debut, since there aren’t really any older groups left. And I doubt the Question? is ever going to debut. Which is sad because I love Igo Akun.
I’m going to handle this debut the same way I did with Kisumai. See what their eventual debut single is like, and see if they are worth following. But I can already tell that I’m probably going to like them more than Kisumai. Just their overall sound is a lot closer to the type of idol music that I like. There are elements in ABCZ that remind me of Arashi.