The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 6

I decided that I needed a nice change of pace for my blog. I’ve been playing a game of catch up on my blog recently. And whenever I have to play catch up I become unmotivated pretty quickly, because then it almost feels like I’m being forced to blog. And it really takes all the fun and enjoyment out of blogging. PV reviews are probably my favorite posts to make, but feeling obligated to do a mad rush of 10 or so in a matter of days is really a drag. However, the push is from no one but myself. I actually feel like I’ll lose readers or people will become disappointed/bored if I don’t review all the PVs, since I’ve made them the main selling point of my blog.

This post has take a rather unpleasant turn, so enough of the talk and onto the main focus of this blog. And that’s continuing the The 30 Day Idol Challenge. Now, I’m constantly playing catch up on my blog and focusing on idol news, that I have completely overlooked this challenge completely. The last post I made about this was back in October. I’m a little bummed about that myself.

Let’s get on with today’s question which is: “Your favorite sub-group?”

Now, there are, and have been, tons of idol sub-groups out there. I mean, I could have picked anything. But over the nearly 4 years of blogging and over 5 years of being an idol fan the answer to this question was extremely obvious. And keeping up with past answers you know I couldn’t pick just one group.


Of course Buono is one of my absolute favorite sub-groups. I’ve been a dedicated fan of Buono ever since they first formed. And I think anyone that reads my blog can tell I’m a big Buono fan since I named my blog after one of their songs. Buono is one of those groups that keep getting better. Virtually whatever type of music they have they manage to pull it off. From super cutesy, to rock, to ska, to soft ballads, even auto tuned. Buono is just absolutely perfect! And everyone’s singing in Buono is top notch. I mean, watch some of their concerts. A lot of the time they sound almost identical to the CD. Which is super impressive. And the girl’s voices blend together perfectly. I seriously can never get enough of Buono. Their songs are constantly stuck in my head, and I’m constantly singing them. And their B-sides and album songs are just as catchy as their A-sides, which doesn’t always happen with idol groups.

Watarirouka Hashiritai/7:

Now, I haven’t been a Warota fan for nearly as long as I have been a Buono fan, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less. Watarirouka Hashiritai is just another perfect idol group in my eyes. They have the insanely cutesy idol voices that I absolutely adore, and they are making the exact kind of idol music that is my favorite. Upbeat, happy, cute, and sweet enough to make you lose your teeth. Watarirouka Hashiritai might only have one album, but they make up for it by usually having anywhere from 2-5 B-sides to keep you interested. They might have a few songs that I’m not a fan of, but collectively their songs are amazing and they put me in such a happy mood. And it doesn’t matter if they gain, lose, and then gain members the music never gets effected and they keep coming out with even better songs.

The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 5

Are guys ready for yet another exciting and riveting instalment of the 30 day idol challenge? I sure hope you are, because that’s what you’re going to get.

Today’s question is: “Your Favorite Group?”

I’ve been saying what my top 2 idol groups a lot lately in this blog, and even during the 30 day idol challenge. So, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone.

Morning Musume:

Words cannot properly describe just how much I love Morning Musume. I have never followed any band, group, or artist as closely as I follow Momusu. I practically listen to their music religiously. Since I became a fan 4 years ago I have not gone 1 day without listening to at least one song by them. I absolutely love Morning Musume’s music. As a group that is constantly changing, their music is never the same. And they hardly have 2 songs that really truly sound the same. And no matter what I am feeling that day there’s always a song that expresses it perfectly. They pretty much have a song about everything. If I want to listen to songs about curry, Sukiyaki, pocky, or sushi. They have them. If I want to listen to random songs about pink rainbows, nature being good, or Sindbad. Of course they have those as well. There’s just this infecious and addictive quality to Morning Musume’s music. You cannot help but immediately love it and spontaneously become happy. It is physically impossible to feel sad when you’re listening to Morning Musume. Even if that song is Never Forget. I usally just say how beautiful it is when I listen to it.
And if the music wasn’t enough you add the girls into this equation, and being a Morning Musume fan just seems obvious. I absolutely love love love the girls. They are just incredibly charming and entertaning. I feel a close attachment to them, in a weird way they feel like family. Whenever I see past members I get really nostalgic. Even if I wasn’t a fan when they were members, I just get this feeling of the good old days when they were a member. I love all the members, each one has something about them I like. Even if they aren’t my favorites. The members who aren’t my favorite have never failed to make me laugh or smile. Or feel attached to them in some way. I think Nacchi is completely overrated, but watching her cringe and make sad faces during the Bakajo test made me want to hug her. Sayumi is one of my least favorite members of all time, but watching her cry about JunJun on one of her image DVDs almost made me cry.
Morning Musume to me is what idols are. I don’t care if they are selling 5,000 copies and are forced to sing in parks. I will always be a fan of theirs, for as long as they are together. And even beyond that. I seriously can’t imagine when they break up. I will be absolutely devastated. A world without Momusu in it will shine a little less.


Ah, NEWS. My absolute favorite Johnny’s group and my introduction to all things male idol related. NEWS is of course a group I love because of their music. I think they honestly make the best music in all of JE. I haven’t heard an A-side, B-side, or album song I have absolutely hated. Yes, they are songs I’m not into that much like Sakura Girl or Stardust. But you can bet that when I’m in the mood for it I blast those songs. There are even songs I hated but now I absolutely love. I used to pretty much hate Gan Gan Ganbatte. When I first heard it in a concert I thought, “What in the world is this excuse for a song.” But when I rewatched the concert I thought the song was extremely catchy. The exact same thing happened with Beach Angel. I absolutely hated the random beach theme, but now it’s one of my favorite songs. And when I first heard Alibi, I got about 40 seconds in before I skipped the song. But once I actually listened to it I discovered how amazing it really is. The whole reason I’m into NEWS in the first place is because when I heard their songs they immediately reminded me of Morning Musume. NEWS is the upbeat, positive, and happy group within JE. Pretty much all of their songs are upbeat, positive, and happy. Which is exactly why I love NEWS so much. Even their songs that are about being lonely or sad still have unexpectedly cute lyrics. NEWS is just a perfect idol group in my eyes. Always extremely happy and super positive. They are Johnny’s to me. And going through their recent drama of losing 2 members devastated me. Absolutely devastated me. The perfect Johnny’s group in my eyes was being destroyed and I couldn’t bare it, I still can’t. But NEWS is still around, so of course I’m going to full-heartedly supprt them. No matter how painful it is at first. It’s just going to be weird having people ask me who my favorite NEWS member is. And I honestly don’t know how to answer, because I’m not 100% sure who it would be. Ryo was my favorite. I focused 100% on him, made sure I remembered everything about him. And as silly as it sounds being a Ryo fan, to me, said a lot about me and pretty much defined me as a NEWS fan. I suppose now Shige or Kei-chan is my favorite. They were always tied for second place anyway. I’m getting a little off topic now.
I also love everything about each member. I think they are entertaining. Despite people saying how boring they are. I am always entertained by NEWS. They always made me laugh and always made me smile. Tegoshi doing his horrible impressions and skits. Massu being his overly cute glutinous self. Ryo being the loveable jerk. Kei-chan being the airhead. Shige being easily controlled and easy target for jabs, and making it funny instead of serious. Yamapi not really saying much but still remaining incredibly sweet. Concert documentaries are still my absolute favorite thing to watch. They are always hilarious, and you really got to see how close NEWS is as a group. I must admit the Live Live Live documentary, their last concert as NEWS, wasn’t really that good. And I remember being absolutely disappointed that it didn’t have the fun flare of past concert documentaries. Perhaps I should have seen the withdraws coming then?

The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 4

I haven’t done the idol challenge in a few days and the reason for that is there wasn’t really anything idol releated stuff to blog about. So, I didn’t want my blog to become a spame of the 30 day idol challenge. But since there were other things to blog about today, onto the challenge.

Day 4’s question is “Which idol would be your boyfriend?”

Since I said that Ryo-chan is my favorite JE idol, this questions seems kind of obvious right? Well, actually it’s not at all. Even though I do love Ryo I don’t think he would make a good boyfriend. Ryo is a little domineering, and sightly cold. He would probably treat girls the same way. Several members of JE have said the only time he is kind is in front of girls he likes. I’m not so sure that’s true. I find it hard to believe that someone who “allegedly” kicks girls out of cabs because they won’t sleep with him, knows how to treat women.
So, with Ryo-chan out of the question I had to think of someone who would actually make a good boyfriend. And within JE that’s harder than it sounds, but at the same time it became obvious.

Nakajima Yuto:

Yuto has never come off as anything but sincere and genuine. He seems truly kind-hearted. I have never seen him act like a jerk, or arrogant, or overly confident at all ever. Which is how a good chunk of Johnny’s act. He also has this carefree, sort of child like, vibe to him. Which makes it seem like he’d be a good boyfriend. Like he’d legimately care. He also seems to have a lot of love for Hey! Say! JUMP and it seems like he has a close-knit relationship with most of them. Which is another important quality. Yuto is also very dorky and quirky. He’s never never cared about basically make a fool of himself. Like when he did Tanoshingo’s dance on Heyx3. And because of that fun and easy going personality Yuto has, it would be a nice simple relationship. I can’t imagine there being drama or even fighting really.

The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 3

Wow, I never thought I’d be keeping up with this daily. I suppose that’s mostly because idol news has been pretty slow these last few days. Well, slow about the type of things I blog about anyway.

But more importantly, on to today’s question. Which is: “Which idol would be your girlfriend?”

This question was a little bit difficult for me. Since I’m not into girls, it’s hard to imagine what type of girls I’d be into if I was. So, I just picked an idol I’d enjoy being around the most.

Tokunaga Chinami:

When it comes to an idol I’d enjoy being around no one fits as perfectly as Chinami. She’s the type of person I’d have a blast with everyday no matter what we were doing. Chinami just has the super positive and energetic personality that is extremely infectious. She reminds me a bit of myself, which is why I think we’d really hit it off. Like Chinami, I am always really upbeat and constantly making jokes. I am also hardly ever sad. So, the few times that either one of us was sad I think we’d be able to feed off of each other’s positive personalities. It just seems like there would never be a dull moment with Chinami. She also seems incredibly laid back and down to Earth. There are other idols who seem like it would be a chore to be with them. But with Chinami it would just feel very light, fun, and natural.

The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 2

Day 2’s question is “The Idol you hate or dislike?”

This is another extremely easy question for me. I have pretty big opinions on idols in general, so of course there are going to be idols I like more then others. But if you can believe it there are hardly any I actually don’t like. Usually there’s always a  quality I can appreciate in each idol, even if they aren’t my favorites. There are only 2 idols I can think of that I actually, I’ll say dislike, as I usually get flak for saying hate. And ironically they are from Morning Musume and NEWS again. What can I say? They are my top 2 idol groups, of course my strongest opinions are going to be about them.

Michishige Sayumi:

For any long time readers of my blog this won’t really be a huge surprise, as I’ve voiced my dislike for Sayumi several times. (And each time the Sayumi wota army has sent me hateful almost bashing comments.) But what might actually be suprising for people to find out is, I was a Sayumi when I first found out about Morning Musume. And I mean a huge fan. There are 2 types of idols I like. Idols with big personalities, and then the underdog. When I first got into Morning Musume I went out of my way to hear Sayumi and Kon Kon sing. People said they were the worst singers, and I honestly wanted to support idols that were pushing through and trying their hardest. I find that extremely admirable, inspiring, and endearing. I was drawn to Sayumi’s cute looks and cute personality, on the surface at least. But the more I got into Sayumi the more I started to realize I couldn’t stand her. Sayumi honestly has a personality that other girls despise. Which is why she always lands on the list of women’s most hated female celebrities. I cannot take her narcissistic, better than everyone else, personality. She literally said she doesn’t feel she has to listen to women who aren’t as cute as her. I’m sure that makes her a favorite among female staff. I literally wanted to slap her when I heard that. Sayumi does have a nicer side to her personality, I do admit. She has a great love for the group, she has shown that she is incredibly sweet, and she has also been down right hilarious at times. But her infamous narcissistic personality is what we usually see. And I honestly don’t want to see it even for a minute. She did magic on Haromoni@, but she tried so hard to be cute that she ruined an other wise enjoyable segment. A lot of people have also said I should see past her main personality, that it’s just an act. But then you can argue any idol personality is an act as we don’t know them personally. And I find it hard to believe that people think Sayumi isn’t truly even a smidge narcissistic. If you act a certain way for so many years, it starts to become second nature to you.

Tegoshi Yuya:

After that big spiel about Sayumi my dislike for Tegoshi should come as no surrpise. If anyone is familiar with Tegoshi they’ll know the similarities between Tegoshi and Sayumi are astonishing. They are both extremely full of themselves and they were both extremely unsure of themselves when they first joined. They even share the same group color! Tegoshi has always been the Sayumi of JE in my opinion. The only real difference is Tegoshi has the talent to back it up. He is, and has always been, the best singer in NEWS. And not even by a small margin, he completely blows everyone out of the water. But that doesn’t really give him the right to act the way he does, but it seems like that’s what fueled his arrogance. Tegoshi completely has a prince like personality. He’s conceited and kinda takes advantage of the other members at times. He has also taken small digs at Shige for being better looking and more popular. After Tegoshi first joined he secretly took extra vocal lessons, to not lose to the other members and to be noticed more. He said it was because he  was thrown into NEWS and people didn’t know who he was. Which is true since he was only a Junior for 8 months before joining NEWS. However, I completely take that as another example of Tegoshi not being able to handle not being in the spotlight. He’s also said he doesn’t care if he’s someone’s least favorite member. Yet he went out of his way to ensure he has maxium fans. It just annoys me so much. Teoshi is also dubbed the ero prince because of how perverted he has come off as on TV shows. Which has nothing to do with why I dislike him. It’s just a Tegoshi fact that I find extremely hilarious, as I can’t imagine anyone being legitimately attracted to him. To me Tegoshi does not have one ounce of appeal, looks or personality wise. Whatever random blonde chick he ends up with can have him.

The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 1

So, lately I’ve been reading Serenyty’s, from Happy Disco, and Mina’s, from Wota (in training), posts about the 30 day idol challenge. And I’ve enjoyed their posts so much that I wanted to join in the fun and do my own 30 day idol challenge. But it wasn’t until I read Chiima’s, from Okay! Musume Time!, posts that she suggested I do my own challenge. So, I’m going to finally break down and do it. Which shouldn’t be too hard for me since I usually blog everyday anyway. But I do tend to get lazy at times, so I can’t 100% guarantee that I will do this challenge everyday. But I am going to try to.

The original 30 day idol challlenge was nothing but questions about Hello!Project. I am a gigantic H!P fan don’t get me wrong, but I also like a bunch of other idol groups and wanted to blog about them too. So, in every question I changed the word H!P to idol. And when that didn’t work I used most of what Serenyty changed the questions too. Since we seem to follow mostly the same idol groups.

So, let’s move on to today’s question.

Day 1: Who’s your favorite Idol?

This question was so incredibly easy for me. Since becoming an idol fan there have been 2 idols that have stood out as my favorites.

Kusumi Koharu:

Oh, my beloved Koha. I don’t really know what to say about her, I just love absolutely everything about her! She’s breath takingly gorgeous and absolutely adorable! And she’s just one of those idols that are a joy to watch. She was constantly making me laugh, and my eyes were always drawn to her. Koharu just has an outgoing, hyperactive, and explosive personality. She was just  an overall fun person. She could inject fun and entertainment into just about anything she did. Whether it was losing at a game, or simply waiting for a bus. I even love Koharu’s singing voice. That’s right, I LOVE it. I love overly cute idols and overly cute idol voices. So, honestly the cuter Koha’s voice the better. My favorite Koha solo songs are Kon Nichi Pa and Love da yo Darling, so enough said there. Which is an extremely unpopular opinion among H!P fans. But I don’t even care. No one is going to bring down my Koharu love, and no one ever has! See, before every H!P fan directed their hate to Aika a lot, maybe even the majority, of hate was thrown out at my poor Koha. Just because she couldn’t sing. Which is ridiculous if you ask me. And maybe I’m a bit biased, but I honestly cannot find one fault about Koharu. She is just the perfect idol in my eyes. And we definitely lost a great Momusu member when she left. To this day I still think there’s something fishy going on behind her graduation. And all the insults wrapped in comments from other member’s during their graduation messages to her made me sick. XD

Nishikido Ryo:

Ryo-chan is probably my favorite member in all of JE. And not just because he’s one of the best looking members in JE, which he completely is. Ryo just has a personality I find completely appealing. A lot of people tend to hate Ryo-chan because of how mean he is. But when you’re known as being a poison tounge, what do you really expect? When I first started to like NEWS people told me I shouldn’t be a fan of Ryo because of how much of a jerk his is and how he treated Ueda. But I didn’t really care. And after I watched NEWS’s fashion check where Ryo said how he hated Ueda at the end, at that moment I was sold and knew he would be my favorite member. I think Ryo is absolutely hilarious. I love that he’s blunt, honest, snarky, and not afraid to say whatever is on his mind. And I think his overall evil and “I’m too cool for JE” personality is also hilarious. Making Shige shove like 10 takoyaki (I can’t remember exactly what food it was.) in his mouth, or refusing to do some lame dance with Kanjnai8 on some TV show becase he was to cool to. And if people hate him for this, so be it. But these are all the reasons I love him. He is always entertaining. And beyond the character he puts on for TV, he is a really sweet guy. He just doesn’t show it too often. But get him in a room with Leah Dizon, It’ll come out.