Morning Musume – Shouganai Yume Oibito preview

A preview for Morning Musume’s upcoming, 39th single, Shouganai Yume Oibito, was released today.

It looks like the new song is a ballad. Which I’m not really that thrilled about. It seems Morning Musume is doing slow songs lately since their last single, Naichau Kamo, was slow as well. Maybe Tsunku is aiming for another song like Aruiteru. Since that was Morning Musume’s last number one single. It’s the only logical reason that Momusu has had two slow songs in a row.

I’m also really upset by the line distribution. This will be the 4th single in a row where they acted like 7th and 8th gen don’t exist. You have to really listen closely to hear the other members. And even than I can only hear Aika and JunJun because they took the higher melody on a couple lines. I’m glad they finally gave attention to Sayumi, but not if that means 7th and 8th gen has to suffer.

I’m also not really impressed by the song either. It wasn’t love at first listen. It’s just not catchy and I don’t even like the overall music. I think this is the first time I’m actually disappointed by a Morning Musume song. I’m not so sure if I can grow to like this.

So here’s the short preview of the song from Reina’s radio show. A LQ video of the PV was floating around youtube yesterday, but I didn’t get so see it in time. Youtube has been taking the LQ videos down every chance they get.

Hangry & Angry – Sadistic Dance preview

To commemorate their first performance in the US, Hangry & Angry are releasing a brand new single entitled Sadistic Dance. This single is however just a digital single. Japanfiles has released a preview of the song.

At first listen I didn’t really think I’d like this song because the music and singing started off really soft. And it’s completely different than their last single, Kiss Me Kill Me. But the music picks up really quickly. I love the overall sound of the music, it’s sweet and still rock like. And the guitar solo towards the end of the song is juts awesome. Singing wise, it’s really great. Yossie and Rika blend great together. And they sound really cute while they are saying Sadistic Dance. The song ends up being really great, but it’s not a song I’d have to have. It’s really catchy though.

Arashi – Crazy Moon preview

Arashi’s new single, Crazy Moon, will be released on May 27th. So with over a month until the release the preview has already come out. Now I’m not really an Arashi fan at all, but I thought I should post Arashi news anyway. Especially since I completely forgot to write about Believe.

From what I hear of the single, I’m not really impressed. It’s sounds a lot like Arashi’s previous singles. And the music is really bland and boring. Believe was much better than this song. At least Believe was a little faster paced and had better music. I just find this song really boring. I listened to it 3 times I can’t even really remember more than the chorus and overall beat.

Berryz Koubou-Seishun Bus Guide preview

Berryz Koubou’s 20th single, Sishun Bus Guide, is being released June 3rd. With a little less than 2 months to the release, the song preview has already been released. Well only a 1:30 preview.

When I heard the title of the song was Seishun Bus Guide, I automatically thought of Mini Moni Bus Guide. So I was expecting a really upbeat and energetic song. Like Berryz singles used to be like. For me I think the song falls a little flat. They went for another mature song like their last single. But Dakishimete Dakishimete is 50 times better than this song. And the line distribution seems to be back to normal. An overdose of Miyabi, Risako, and Momo. Maybe when the full version and PV are out I’ll like it more. But for now the song is a little bland to me.

Buono- My Boy preview

Shugo Chara’s theme changing also brings us a preview of Buono’s 7th single, My Boy.

I absolutely love this song! The music is just awesome. It’s got the rocker music we’re used to hearing in Buono songs. But this time it’s a little heavier than usual, and I love it for that. The chorus is really catchy and addictive. I end up liking this song 50 times more than the Guardians4 songs. Maybe it’s Buono bias or just the fact that this song rocks. This is one of their best songs to date. Easily better than Rotta Rotta.

Guardians4 preview

New H!P unit Guradians4’s debut single, Omakase! Guardian, is being released on May 27th. A preview of the song is available courtesy of Shugo Chara’s opening.

I’m really happy too see the line distribution is identical to Shugo Chara Eggs’. And as expected Yurina sounds amazing! And Saki doesn’t completely annoy me in this song like I thought she would. All and all the think the song sounds ok. It’s not horrible but it didn’t blow me away either. For now it’s just resting on good. Maybe the song will grow on me but for now it’s just ok to me. Everyone sounds great in it though. Especially Yurina and Risako. I can’t wait for the PV now. Maybe it will make me like the song a little more.

NEWS Koi no ABO previews

NEWS’s new song Koi no ABO is being released within the month, so of course we have the full song preview.

I am really surprised by how much I love the song. When I first heard it in the RUSS-K commercial it didn’t really blow me away. I was also a little turned off by the dramatic change from their previous singles. But after hearing the full song I’m blown away! The music is just so danceable and catchy. I think it’s a pretty funny coincidence that JE is having a dance type song right after H!P just had Bye Bye Bye and Dakishimete Dakishimete.
I think the Koi no ABO chant in the beginning and end of the song is really out of place. But that’s the only complaint I have about the song. I think Keii completely rocked this song! He just fit so perfectly with this song. I mean he sounds better than Yamapi in it! And that’s a hard thing to accomplish. This song has such heavy background music that you really need a deeper voice to make it sound really great. Also Tegoshi sounds incredible. He took his high vocal range to his full advantage in this song. And his voice also sounds absolutely sweet. Maybe even heart melting. This song is just so catchy it was definitely worth the 6 month wait.

In even more exciting NEWS news. Not only do we have the song preview we also have the PV preview.

The first thing I notice about the PV is the unfortunate dance moves. It’s like disco moves mixed with terrible dancing. I understand that’s what they were going for but that doesn’t mean it was a good idea. Another thing I notice is most members are sporting different hair. Some good and some hideous. Yamapi, seriously what’s up with his hair? It looks exactly like his Happy Birthday hair! He should have changed it by now. Shige, I see he’s back to his black hair again. Which is how it should be, his blonde hair was ugly and did nothing for him. Tegoshi, I love how his hair is flipped like that. Sadly it makes him look very pretty and extra womanly. Ryo, finally his hair is back to normal! I couldn’t stand that weird flip from the Happy Birthday PV. Even in Musekinin Hero his hair didn’t look 100% great, but now it does. Massu, is hair is slowly but surely growing back. And Keii, there’s nothing really different about his. I’m really excited that in this video they are dancing in suits because nothing looks hotter on a guy than a suit. This makes me automatically think of the Weeeek PV. But this time they are all wearing matching suits. Another thing about this PV that jumps out to me is Shige, and not in a good way. He keeps making weird faces through out the whole preview. What’s up with that?

C-ute- Bye Bye Bye PV preview

My past few posts have been very JE centered but here’s some H!P news to break the theme. H!P released a short 15 second PV clip of C-ute’s latest single, Bye Bye Bye, available by cell phone download.

I kind of feel cheated out of a preview since we only get to see shadows of the girls. Which is a little frustrating if you ask me.
So far the PV looks pretty cool. It’s a little 80’s looking, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The flashing Bye’s in the background are a little gimmicky, that’s really my only complaint about the short preview.

It’s anyone’s guess when the PV will actually be out, but we can most likely expect it sometime this week. This little clip isn’t really going to hold you over until then, but it will have to.

One Room Disco PV preview

Perfume released a short preview for their new song One Room Disco. The preview is roughly only 40 seconds. But you can still get a feel for the PV. I really like how they keep changing rooms. And they seem to be wearing the same outfits from the CD covers. Which I’m not too happy about. I would have love to have seen different outfits, because they ones they’re wearing are gross.

Perfume- One Room Disco preview

Perfume’s new single, One Room Disco, was previewed on their radio show Perfume Locks. This song will be released on March 25th and is perfume’s first single of 2009.

I like the overall music for the song and I think the song is really cute. And everyone one looks super pretty in the cover pics. But I think I will definitely enjoy this song more when the PV comes out. Because for now it sounds like every other Perfume Synthpop song.