Repeat of Resonant?

Pepper Keibu is out! At least the PV is anyway. Actually really quickly. I’m not sure how long it takes for PV’s to come after song previews are out. Because I have this weird habit of not listening to the preview because I think it will ruin the surprise when the PV comes out. Anyway, weird habits aside for now. I have been listening to this song like crazy. I honestly didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. The effects are really cool. And the vocal pairings of the song are brilliant. After watching the video I noticed Reina is the only one who got a solo line, I thought Sayumi did as well. I guess I was wrong. I’d like to see Risa or Eri in the front instead of Reina. But Reina has a great voice and she defiantly earned that spot.

As far as the PV goes I’m calling a repeat of Resonant Blue. And just because the dance routine and member screen is more fair. And they have a few more snappy camera angles doesn’t make it better than the Resonant Blue’s disappointment. It’s still a dance shot and not what I wanted to see. But more versions will probably be out for this just like Resonant. But here’s my big question on that. If they really do have other versions why not just make that the official PV? That doesn’t really make sense to me. Aside from it being a dance version I like the video. It is very discoy. Glittery backdrops and all.

I would have changed a few things about this though. For starters, I would definably an actually PV. None of this massive editing to make you forget you’re only watching a dance shot. I would also change the music and melody of the song. I love this cover to death don’t get me wrong. But I would love to see it sound more like Morning Musume. More of their take on the song rather than sticking to the original so closely.

But I really think we have a hit on our hands. Hopefully this song will get them to number one on oricon. And perhaps take them out of this slump they are in. They are too good to go downhill any further.

Otanjobi omedetou!

I couldn’t really contain my excitement when I found out NEWS’s new PV was out. The song is obnoxiously catchy. (obnoxious in a good way of course) The members sound so adorable when singing the words happy birthday.

The song as a whole is really good. I love the beat. And I love how it like rap singing. I think Ryo’s solo in the beginning was really good. But Shige’s solo lines blew me away. That’s exaggeration just a little, but I was really impressed. He has improved so much. I used to think of him as the worst singer in NEWS. But now he sounds less terrible and pretty good. I think it’s because Shige’s voice is more suited for certain songs. He shines in Change The World and Sayaendou but lacks vocally ability for songs like Weeeek or Bambina. That’s just my opinion of course.

The PV to me is kind of lackluster. They have had much better videos. I guess after Summer Time’s video I was just expecting more. I find it kind of stupid/annoying that just because birthday=presents everything they hold, and practically everything in the video is a box. I mean is that really necessary. But their are pluses to the video. I love the dance for the song in the middle of the video. I also love when Ryo throws the boxes in the air. Another good part of the video is I think I have finally gotten used to Shige as a blonde, he looks cute with it in the video. But I will miss Tegoshi as a blonde. And it will take a while to get used to Ryo’s and Yamapi’s hair. Hopefully they will change next PV.

Cover you in pepper

It was announced that Morning Musume’s 37th single will be a cover of the Pink Lady’s hit Pepper Keibu. The song is said to be more danceable then the original. The song will have a disco beat since the original was released in 1976. It was also Pink Lady’s first single. Another H!P Pink Lady cover makes me miss W even more. I wonder what a Nono and Aibon version would sound like.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand when I first heard Ai and Risa’s version of it, for the drama Hit Maker: Yu Aku Monogatari, I thought it sounded really good. It was a pretty good version of it. I never imagined it as a Morning Musume single though. On the other hand this means no new Momusu songs for a while. Not only are they doing a cover single they are also doing and entire Yu Aku tribute album entitled Cover You.

I really wish they weren’t doing a tribute album. I was really looking forward to new material by them. Which means we’ll have to wait 5 or 6 more months for their next single. People have said this is a good thing, a cover song will bring in other fans who wouldn’t normally listen to Morning Musume. But is that entirely true? I wonder how many new fans W drew in for their covers of Southpaw and Koi no Vacance.

I am actually really impressed by the song. The song sounds exactly like the original song, except Pink Lady has deeper voices than Morning Musume. This time Reina has the lead vocals instead of Ai. Ai even doesn’t get a solo line in this song at all. Which means they are sifting the spotlight away from Ai so Reina can be the next leader. And Sayumi finally gets a solo line. Which hasn’t happened for 5 singles! I love her Pepper Keibu yon at the end of the song. It seems like someone at UFA listened to her plea at Music Fighter. I am just glad you can actually hear everyone in this single instead of just Ai, Reina, Koharu. With Eri and Risa for support.

The covers for this single were released also. There will be 3 different versions of it. Version A, Version B, and a regular version. I really like the covers. They look very chic. Their hair and outfits are amazing. But Aika’s hair looks really weird like that. They should have styled it differently. And I don’t like that Eri and Lin Lin kind of look like twins. So does Jun Jun and Reina. Of course I mean just by the hairstyle.

So here’s the preview for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet.

To you in glass

Diru’s new single Glass Skin is being released September 10th (tomorrow) I though An Cafe was bad with their 6 month gap in between singles, but Dir en grey was worse. With an 8 month gap since their last single Dozing Green. Eight months, why did it take so long. You’s think with all that time they would have something more impressive. I’m a big Diru fan and have nothing but love for them, but lately their music just hasn’t been as good. I’ve been listening to Dir en grey for over four years and can honestly say I like their old stuff better.

Not indie stuff old, but like 5 years or so. I like the Vulgar era. I think Withering to Death was their last album that sounded like old Diru. Withering to Death is amazing. I can sit and listen to that over and over. But after that was released it was just different. I got Marrow of a Bone around the time it came out and have yet to listen to it all the way through. I just wasn’t that into it. They sounded to much like an American band, and maybe that’s what they were trying to do. But their US fan base isn’t really that large. They said their new album is going back to their roots more. Hopefully they stuck to that.

Glass Skin is good I like it, but it’s not my favorite song by them. You can really hear Kyo’s voice and it sounds good. But I want to hear a scream or him singing above what seems to be a whisper. Something to remind me I’m actually listening to Dir en grey and not some random other band. Kodou is a slower song, but even that picks up and Kyo screams. The music is heavier too. I think if Glass Skin had that kind of feel I would like it more. I guess they thought this song worked more as a ballad or maybe they want this to be their new direction.

The video is plain. It’s a smokey/foggy white. And I don’t understand what’s up with them not being seen in their videos. I don’t count seeing half of Kyo in Glass Skin and dark lighting in Dozing Green as them being in the video. Do they think they are getting to old or something? Cause Kyo still looks hot for 32.

End of summer dive

An Cafe’s new single Summer Dive will be released on September 10th. Finally it’s been 6 months since their last release. I am really excited that An Cafe has a new song. They are one of my favorite Jrock bands and one of the few Jrock bands that I listen to just about every song by them. An Cafe has helped me be more focused on Oshare Kei. When all I ever used to listen to was Visual Kei. Granted it took me like 2 years after listening to An Cafe to be more focused on Oshare. But enough of the side note, on to my review.

The song as a whole I was a little caught off guard. His voice sounds even more Miku like, if that’s even possible. I’m sure an An Cafe fan knows what I mean. But someone listening to them for the first time might have the same impression of them that I had when I listened to the song for the first time. “Woah that sounds kinda terrible and slightly annoying.” Please note that, that was only at hearing it for the first time. But Miku does have a unique and distinct voice. And people might get turned off by songs like Super Rabbit or god forbid Duck no Magical Adventure is the first song they ever hear. In any case, I really like this song. It feels like something An Cafe would do, it feels believeable to me. It’s very upbeat and friendly, the main reason I’m a fan. With a name like Summer Dive they probably wanted it be a song of the summer. But the video being released at the end of August makes it more like Fall Dive. I wonder if this single got pushed back. It did take 6 months so probably.

The video looks a little cheap to me considering their last three singles had fairly high budgets, or so it seems. The video focuses mostly around the volcalist Miku, like most music videos. I’d like to see more bassist love. But Kanon looks adorable around 3 minutes in so I’m happy. I am not entirely sure why they are floating in the air trying to catch, what looks like, a heart shaped peach.
Anyway, what stands out with each member to me.
Takuya- is sporting yet another dye job. This time it’s a shade in the middle of the last to shades he had. I hope he stays with his hair, it’s cute.
Miku- has amazing boots.
Kanon- always has the best outfits next to Miku
Yuuki- His clothes are always a bit much
Teruki- He doesn’t really stand out he looks pretty much the same

Post Bou era of An Cafe is a little too commerical for the most part. In the earlier days of An Cafe it seemed like they were trying to lead towards VK or maybe be a mixture of VK and OK. But it changed to just Oshare really fast. It seems like Kanon is the only one who is still Visual, when you look at his clothes compaired to everyone elses. Style aside, post Bou era is different musicaly too. Kakusei Heroism, the first Bou-less single, was very anime like. No wonder it was the opening song for the anime Darker Than Black. And their songs since have been more commercial and anime like. Perhaps they are trying to break away from their indie lable Loop Ash to get signed to a major one. It’s certainly a possibility.

Which makes me think, is that the real reason Bou left? He said he couldn’t lie to himself or his fans anymore. Does he mean he pretened to want to go more commercial with the band when secretly he didn’t. There’s only one thing wrong with the senario. No one knows if these songs were written before or after Bou left. The two new members might have helped with the commerical feel. Takuya is only 18! And I never understood, at first, why Yuuki was in the band. Not until I saw videos with him in it did I even realize they used keyboards. XD

But I should stop before I write an entire page full. So until my next post, stay Nyappy!

Gatas a dud

Ongaku Gatas’s third single is being released September 10th. So of course the video for come together was released. Listening to the song I must admit I am less then impressed. The song is very boring and forgetful. I had to re listen to the song just to write my review cause I forgot what it sounded like. Nothing stands out. It sounds like every other Jpop song. There is one plus for the song, Kon Kon got three solo lines. Which isn’t really a lot but it’s certainly more than she got in Yattarouze. Perhaps if I knew what they were saying I’d like it more, but I kinda doubt that. I think Come Together should have been the B side because I like Aisaretai Aisaretai 100 times more. Even though it has a werid disco esque beat. I think it’s catchy. But that’s not really enough to make me a Gatas fan, maybe if they had more songs like Yattarouze. But H!P song doesn’t always have to be happy, loud, and in your face to be a good song. But songs like that are the ones I like best. This is completely my opinion though. The quality of their songs and the videos makes me think they might have the lowest budget out of all the H!P groups. Which is kind of sad.
The video is following the song in the same plain sense. There is nothing spectacular about it. Their outfits are nice and Rika does look very pretty. But it looks more like it would be backstage footage from a concert than a video. The dance is pretty boring also. I feel weird not having anything positive to say about the video, but the song is kind of a disappointment to me. In the same respect there are probably more people out there that love the song then hate it.

But I never really liked the Gatas, so maybe I’m biased. But I do like Yattarouze, Narihajimeta Koi no Bell, and Kiss Shiyou by them. But I really only listen to Gatas once in a blue moon. The only reason I listen to their songs is for Konno Asami. When Gatas first single came out I didn’t listen to their first single because I heard it was Yoshizawa Hitomi’s new group. And I never really was a big fan of her. I kind of dislike her. I don’t feel bad for saying that with all the hate there is against “other” H!P members.

Happy Bath Day to you!

NEWS will be releasing a new single entitled Happy Birthday on October 1st. It will be used in the promotion of Kose’s bath products. The photo advertisement was apparently shot months ago. I wonder how long this was planned? Anyway, in the commercial there is a minute preview of their next single. It’s more of a sweet ballad and completely different from their last single Summer Time. What I can hear of the song sounds good, so I am excited to see the video.

Now let’s look at it through the fangirl side of me. When I watch the commercial the first thing that comes to mind is what happened to their hair. I hate when Yamapi’s hair is styled like that. He’s had that hair before and I personally don’t like it. Also Shige is now a blonde. He looked much better as a brunette. They didn’t really do much to Ryo’s hair, it just looks like they cut it a little. But they styled it so it has this annoying flip thing on the side. I’m glad they didn’t change Ryo’s hair much. He just got over his ugly hair phase. XD As for the rest of NEWS their hair is pretty much the same. Except Keii’s hair is styled slightly different.

The end of an era?

Haromoni@ will be ending after a September episode. There are split reactions to this news. Some fans are sad and will miss the show dearly but other are happy, feeling hello morning was a better show and maybe now Momusu will get a better show. But what if they don’t? It’s not always good to assume that they will be given a new show simply because of who they are. It’s a big possibility that they just won’t get a new one. Poor ratings point in that direction.

Which leads me to believe that the kids are doing better than Morning Musume. Berikyuu seems to be doing better than Haramoni@. Granted berikyuu is much shorter and Haraomoni@ was on TV Tokyo. Even so, the kids continue to get more popular. And the Berryz Kamen vs Cutie Rangers concert was really good. They also seem to be given better songs lately. I think Namida no Iro is the best C-ute single yet.

Which leads me to another conclusion. Is this the end of Morning Musume? There has been speculation for a while if Momusu would be coming to an end. Could declining single sales and the end of their weekly show finally put them over the edge? I like to believe that won’t happen.

As for my take on all of this. I’m not really that upset about it ending. I never really watched Haromoni@ or Hello Morning because I can’t speak Japanese. I’d watch random clips or episodes that had subs. Perhaps if I could speak Japanese it would be a different story. And I highly doubt the ending of their show will determine their fate. If no one watched the show anyway it was only bringing them down and they need to make way for a newer and better show.

So as for now we have to put the animal ears back on the shelf, unroll the sushi, and put the curtain down on Gaki-Kame theater. And hope for a better show with higher ratings for them.

In Rainbows

So Alice Nine’s new single Rainbows was released like a week ago. And I must say it’s my favorite A9 release since White Prayer. Hiroto and Saga are amazing in this. The song is really catchy and the chorus is almost unexpected. When I first listened to it I was a little shocked by the chorus. But in a good way of course. The song is very danceable and still has the Alice Nine rock style to it. And Shou’s voice has improved so much. Compared to songs like yami ni chiru sakura, there really is no comparison. The lyrics are really pretty. Their lyrics always seem to be meaningful and descriptive. (Descriptive’s not really the world I’m looking for) And I love the little lalaheeeeelaiai towards the end of the song.

The video itself isn’t much. Pretty much the band and some transition effects. But Shou looks gorgeous in it so I can’t really complain. (fangirlness) Plus he has shutter sunglasses. He pulls them off better than Kanye. His outfit is pretty amazing in general. And you’d think random treadmills would be out of place in a rock video, but they’re actually pretty awesome. And Nao having to play a marching band drum on it makes me laugh. Alice Nine has become less VK over the years. Even more so with this song. But they never really were that VK to begin with. But regardless of music style A9 is a great band.

This song makes me even more excited for the PCS 10th Anniversary Concert then I was already. Cause Miyavi+Alice Nine+The Gazette+SuG=WIN!!

Leave Kanna alone!

You’re lucky she’d even show up for you! >_<
This is probably old news for some, but I get too lazy to post things as soon as I find out about them. Kanna was snubbed at a recent C-ute handshake. When it was time to shake hands with Kanna, fans just walked right past her, causing her to cry. If this story is true I feel really bad for Kanna. I wish fans would support there idol no matter what. I bet they don’t feel good about making a 15 year old cry. I hope things like this don’t continue to happen to her.
In happier Kanna news, pictures from Kanna’s magazine shoot made their way on the internet. I must say Kanna looks really cute/pretty/mature in the pictures. I think her shorter hairstyle really suits her. The pics in the yellow dress are my favorites. Yellow looks really nice on her she should wear it more often.

Buono! – Gachinko de Ikou

Buono!’s new PV was finally released, in what seemed like forever to come out. From the moment I heard the preview of this song I was in love with it. I think the effects of this song are cool, like the “sou” parts. It sounds like all of their other songs for the most part, but hey that’s what sells for them. I hope they get to release another album cause the album songs were so different from the singles.

The outfits are a big step up from the Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! because Miyabi had the best outfits and the other ones were borderline ugly. So it’s nice to see super cute clothes all around, though Momoko’s is defiantly my favorite. On the topic of Momoko, looking at that picture Momo looks bigger compared to the other girls. In the same way with W. When Aibon stood next to Tsuji (especially noticeable in the Robo Kiss video) she looked bigger. Not fat by all means. But I think Aibon was chubbier back then and perhaps Momo is just built differently. But I don’t really know if she always looked like that cause I usually don’t pay attention to thing like that. Anyway, Miyabi is sporting a snazzy new dye job in this PV. It looks amazing. She should have changed it years ago. Though it would probably look weird on her when she was younger.

As far as the video goes, it’s probably my favorite video from them. Because it’s just so fun, but tough luck on them not winning better prizes. 😛 I thought the dance was really cute. Buono! always has pretty simple dances but in the same respect they are probably some of the best, in my opinion. The Edo no Temari Uta II dance just didn’t cut it for me. And I’m not quite sure why you have to wear a suit to play jenga. I think when H!P members wear suits, for the most part, it looks awkward. Unless Risa is wearing it then it just looks awesome.

Ganbatte Lin Lin!

A few days ago I got the chance to watch Morning Musume’s Spring 2008 concert Single Daizenshuu. I had to wait until it was put on a veoh as I don’t have the means to buy a legal copy. XD I was surprised when Onna Ni Sachi Are was preformed. Lin Lin sounded a lot better. I was a little skeptical at first when Jun Jun and Lin Lin joined the group not so much because they were Chinese and Momusu might be compromising themselves just to branch out farther into Asia. Mostly because they didn’t really sound up to par in Morning Musume. Jun Jun was always ok but Lin Lin in my opinion was terrible. When I first heard Onna Ni Sachi Are I had to rewind to her one solo line cause I didn’t believe that’s what her voice really sounded like. And let’s be honest Jun Jun kind of out sang Lin Lin in song Suki Na Senpai preformed at the 2007 fall concert Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb. And sorry to all Lin Lin fans I may have just ofended that was my honest opinion, but I have nothing else but good things to say about her now. You can really tell in Hyokkori Hyoutan-Jima how much she really has improved. And, it’s hard to tell just how long she has been noticeably better. Since she had 0 solo lines in Mikan and the “ranchi mo michi mo” line (from RB’s b-side) isn’t really good for judging singing ability.
She also didn’t even sing in Resonant Blue. Because I don’t count fu, wow, and ah as singing since they are usually lip synced during lives. Or maybe that’s just Koharu? O_O Anyway, Lin Lin has shown huge improvements which shows what can happen with a little time to grow. Just look at Risa. 😀 Though it can be argued “some members” never improved, but that’s another topic all together.

Since I really love doing reviews I have to review the spring concert. I’ll start off by saying in the opening act my eyes were glued to Mittsi, and not in a good way. I noticed throughout the song she didn’t smile once and it looked like she didn’t even want to be there. But her expression changed entirely as soon as the next song played and she actually had a chance to sing. You can tell from Aika and Sayumi that the members, not just the fans, are angry about the unfair line distribution in Resonant Blue. I also didn’t like that Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari was stuck into a medley. That was the song I was most excited for when I heard they were doing an every single concert. I really wanted to hear 8th gen verses instead of another Ai-chan one. I was very impressed with the solos though, especially Sayumi’s, she really has come a long way. The holded mother note was amazing! Ai’s Do It! Now was my second favorite. Even though I would have like to seen a trio do it or at least Risa also, it was still good. She kinda looked like a pimp with the hat and jacket combo. Haha. I think Ai Araba It’s Allright is one of my favorite performances from this because it’s one of my favorite MM single and everyone had a solo line in it. And it sounded almost as good as the original. I must admit I am starting to get sick of Love Machine as it is sung frequently in H!P concerts. But it was a good version so I can’t complain. It was better than the one preformed at Sexy 8 Beat. Aruiteru was unexpectedly good as well. The harmonies were just amazing. Everyone really blends well together. This concert was a lot better than I expected it to be. It was better than Sexy 8 Beat and Rainbow Seven. But that’s just my opinion of course. I think it would also be cool to see an every b-side concert, but that’s very unlikely. It’s more of something I would just like to see.

Kanna Scandal?!

Another scandal has popped up in Hello!Project. This time it’s C-ute member Arihara Kanna. She was spotted with Johnny’s Jr member Hashimoto Ryosuke. They were seeing the movie “Hana Yori Dango: Final.” Now that the brief summary of the scandal is taking care of here are my reactions to it.
Kanna has been my favorite member of C-ute for a while now, and I was shocked when I saw the picture last night. I don’t want this to affect her status in C-ute, because honestly if she got kicked out of the group I would no longer listen to them. And this scandal couldn’t have come at worse time. Right in the middle of them promoting their new single! Some people have said relax there’s no word from UFA yet and Miyabi’s scandal was swept under the rug. But Kanna and Miyabi are very different. Miyabi is the lead singer in two different groups, and Kanna barely gets enough lines to get noticed in the group she’s in. They couldn’t afford to lose Miyabi. But can they afford to lose Kanna? She’s not the lead singer or even the most popular member of C-ute. She doesn’t even have a photobook. Well the majority of C-ute don’t have photobooks, but still. Kanna has started to get noticed more recently. But is that really enough?
It could also be debated that the nature of the pictures are more “just friends” than an actual relationship. I disagree with that. In the one picture she’s leaning on his shoulder, that doesn’t look like “just friends” to me. But for now I will remain skeptical and optimistic until there is some official announcement. If there is any. I am anxious/nervous/shocked at the whole situation. The Miyabi scandal didn’t bother me that much, since I’m not a huge Berryz fan (I like Buono! a lot more) and I also knew she would never get kicked out. H!P has already kicked out my favorite member, Ai Kago, I really hope this doesn’t make two. D: This why I hate scandals, especially when they affect I member I like, it’s a waiting game. And most likely we’ll be waiting for nothing at all!
It all comes down to the stupid boyfriend rule. Which I can’t even understand. Well I understand, but in my opinion it’s pointless. Yes I know wota’s are a HUGE part of the sales and a scandal like this can really affect that. But there’s supporting your idol and obsession. But I understand it in some form, because I’m shocked and worried for her. But it’s not like I would stop supporting her in the future, when she remains in C-ute. In my opinion the boyfriend rule should be removed. I mean in real life wota’s don’t stop and say I can’t have girlfriend I’d be cheating on Kanna! (some might I don’t know, extreme wota’s kinda creep me out XD ) So they shouldn’t expect their idol to do the same. She’s only 15 years old, she needs to be a normal girl. Ok, so she’s an idol so it can’t exactly be normal, but she should still be allowed to do what every other person is allowed to do. Instead of being ostracized because she just happens to be a member of C-ute. If she was a random girl sitting on a bench with her boyfriend you wouldn’t give her a second glance. I know for some people it’s hard to see her as a “random girl” since she’s not. But there really isn’t any legit reason why they can’t. I strayed from the topic a bit, but I really wanted to get that off my chest. Wota’s are a huge reason I don’t tell a lot of people I’m as big a H!P fan as I am.
Anyway, it seems all we can do now is wait and continue to support Kanna. And hope this will all blow over. Which it probably will.

New story, new single

I’ve been a fan of Puffy AmiYumi a lot longer than any other Jpop/Jrock that I listen to now. They were my first slice of Japanese music and the reason I was drawn in so much. There was a time when I knew everything about them and listened to them for hours. As I started to listen to more Japanese music I kinda drifted away from Puffy and focused on the new bands. So I’m glad lately I’ve been following them a lot again. Maybe not as closely as I do with Hello!Project but close enough. Anyway, that’s just a side note.
Puffy’s latest single My Story, will be released on August 6th. It’s their 27 single, which is almost too hard to believe. The song is sung completely in Japanese, taking a break from their last two single that were in English. Since Honeycrepper was released Puffy has had a more laid back feel to them. And this song is sticking to that. It draws you in from the very first note. It could almost be a ballad if it wasn’t for the unique Puffy music thrown in. The beginning has a sweet melody and then almost without warning it throws you in the rock edge of the song. Puffy really has stepped up to the plate lately. Since Splurge was released they got this new kinda modern, laid back, upbeat, sound. And they’ve released some of their best songs to date. Also, in the last past years they have looked better than they ever had. So whatever they’re doing they need to keep it up!
So of course a few days ago the video popped up on the internet. The video had a low budget I’m guessing. Since there really isn’t anything there, just them. And most of the video is a sepia/black and white mixture, with a bit of color thrown in. It’s not one of their most impressive PVs. But if you look at it from another perspective. The PV seems kinda raw. No distractions. Nothing to keep your eyes off them. Nothing to keep you from really listening to the song. If you look at it that way it almost seems fitting. But I don’t really mind much. As long as the song is good I won’t care if they were dancing in potato sacks. Well maybe just a little.

3 new singles

So I was kinda MIA from blogging right after I made this, mostly because I forgot all about it. XD In any case, I am back now. So the point of this post is to talk about the 3 newest singles from Hello!Project. Papancake, Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, and Edo no Temari Uta II.

Papancake: So I want to start off by saying that I am a huge Koharu Kusumi fan, and a lot of people seem to dislike her but I have nothing bad to say about her.
The song itself is very cute, upbeat, and catchy like all of her solo songs. Her voice is almost too overly sweet like she’s forcing it to sound that way. In some of her other songs the cuteness sounded almost effortless. But the “hai” in the song is really adorable. When I listen Jpop I feel the cuter the better. So I give the song a 7/10.
Now the PV really shows how young of a demographic she has though. With the random tricycles and teddy bears scattered around in the background. I almost feel too old to be listening to it. And maybe I am. The PV aslo has way too much yellow for my taste, but other than that it’s cute. Koharu’s dress is cute and she looks really pretty. The kaleidoscope parts were really cool and fit nicely in the PV. So I’ll give the PV a 8/10

Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance: The first thing I notice about monkey dance is the line distribution is fair. In Berryz songs the line distribution was always semi-fair, with it still revolving around Momoko, Miyabi, and Risako. The song is another upbeat and easy to dance to song. I found that it is also very addicting. It was a surprisingly good transition from Dschinghis Khan.
The PV is a bit of a problem for me though. I can’t really get past the monkey outfits. But it’s defiantly a first for H!P. The other outfits they wear are really cute though. And there’s a lot of detail in the PV. With the transitional bananas and two different outfits. There hasn’t been much of double outfits lately in H!P, so it’s nice to see they had a higher budget for this PV.

Edo no Temari Uta II: This song had more noticeable line distribution than Berryz song. I think it’s the fairest C-ute song to date. You usually have to listen to the B Side to actually hear the other girls sing. The song has a pretty harmony and the lyrics of the song flow nicely. The song is the shortest of the 3 only being 2:40 long. It leaves you wanting more.
I absolutely love the outfits for this song. I don’t really like the hats they picked for Airi and Kanna. They almost look like bowls. They just seem out of place. The set of the video is very cool. Kind of like a modern version of those old Japanese paintings.

With three great songs from Hello!Project let’s hope the next three singles will be as good! 😀


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