Morning Musume’s Nanchatte Renai cover preview

With over a month until Momusu’s 40th single Nanchatte Renai’s release date, we already have a taste of what the new single will be like. In the form of small picture of the cover.

I’m really liking what I see so far. The girls are looking cute and happy, instead of somber. Which makes me think that we’re getting a break from their last two slow singles. And I’m definitely looking forward to. But you can’t really judge the song style too much on the covers. Shouganai Yume Oibito’s cover are vibrant and happy, yet the song is slow.
Morning Musume is also dressed pretty hot. They’re wearing amazing black dresses that look like a mix between Osaka Koi no Uta mixed and Shining Itoshiki Anata.

I expect a lot from this single. Even though Shouganai Yume Oibito was massively popular, I found it boring. I want this new single to have a pizzazz the last 3 singles were lacking. I’m also hoping to see LinLin up front in this single.
Since LinLin is part of the new Mini Moni group and has a solo song on Chanpuru 1~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~, I think it’s finally going to be time for her to be featured more in Morning Musume. Maybe she’ll actually get a solo line in the new single. She’s already proved that she’s an amazing singer. She’s also already proved she has a lot of personality. LinLin is going to be getting a lot more popularity from Mini Moni, so why not promote her more now. Besides they are going to need some one to take Reina’s place when Ai and Risa graduate, and Reina becomes the new leader. They haven’t really been shoving anyone else up front lately. Sayumi doesn’t have the vocal ability, and Eri will already be up front either because she’s the new sub leader or because of seniority.

I kind of went off on a future of Momusu tangent there. So I’ll stop before I get into the rest of the members.

Morning Musume 40th single

Morning Musume’s new single is being released on August 5th. The single is currently untitled and will be Morning Musume’s 40th single to date.

Wow, another Morning Musume single already. It really seems like Momusu has been a single releasing machine this year. They’ve been releasing a new single every 3 months. They released Naichau Kamo in February, Shouganai Yume Obibito in May, and now this new single August. At this rate Momusu’s 41st single should be released in November. How awesome would that be?

This news is very exciting. To have another single so quickly, makes me beyond happy. I just hope they break from the slow single theme they’ve had this year. I want to hear something happy, fun, and upbeat. Like Mikan was or at least like Onna ni Sachi Are. And please make it a better song than Shouganai Yume Oibito.

Mnet and H!P audition episode 1!

Mnet and H!P’s joint audition premiered a few days ago. And I’m not even 100% sure what the name is. I’ve heard it called Tokyo Girls, Dream Girls, and DaeDong Kyung Youths.
But anyway, I bring you my review of the first episode. I can’t understand Korean or Japanese at all, so bear with me. XD

I knew I was going to like this audition when

I saw cute girls in Lolita dresses.

Korean wotas didn’t miss a chance to see Momusu.

They looked really cute even though they are wrapped
up in blankets.

An Ai fangirl gets too close. Someone literally is pushing
her away.

Morning Musume looking cute in their Shouganai Yume
Oibito outfits.

That guy from 2PM looks way too thrilled to be talking
to Momusu.

I have no idea what they are saying, but they all seem to laugh
when LinLin metion Yakiniku.

2PM flustered by Risa’s Korean. At least I think. XD

Cute Korean fans doing the Tell Me dance.

Those fans have an Ai & Koharu and Reina blanket! Now
that’s dedication.

Risa getting the crowd going by saying something in Korean.

Doing a group Nobody dance.

Even 2PM knows the moves!

Some girl dancing to Resonant Blue. She kinda looks like Reina. o_O

All the finalists.

Orange sweater girl can kinda sing. Her voice is just a little rough
and unpolished.

This girl was amazing!

Aww poor girl stumbles over her words. She has a nice voice though,
except for when she tries to hit high notes. XD

This girl is weird looking, but she can sing. Hairspray ftw!
And her English is really good.

I love this girl! And she sings Nobody.

This girl is terrible. I wonder why they are laughing at her.

One of the only girls that dance and isn’t terrible.

Suddenly it’s day and no one’s gone. Huh? XD

I’m not even going to pretend I know what’s going on.
But I’m guessing it’s acting class or something.

2PM leaves for no apparent reason.

And then are mysteriously back.

I wish I knew why the girls look so sad. XD

And it’s over already. XD

Next week they sing C-ute’s Sakura Chirari!

And there’s also lots of crying next week.

The only thing I can say about this audition is, lucky Koreans who can understand this. I’m not going to do what I did last year with the Taiwan auditions. Stop watching them half way through because I can’t understand Chinese. I can’t understand Japanese either, but at least I would kinda know what they were saying and doing.
As for the girls themselves, I’m not really impressed by them. Only 2 or 3 girls can actually sing. I wouldn’t be too upset if this was like Lucky 7 all over again. But that’s highly unlikely to happen.

After School does Morning Musume

Korean girl group After School covers Morning Musume’s Love Machine, to be the theme song for the Mnet and Hello!Project’s joint audition show Great Tokyo Girls. The song will also be After School’s new digital single. And instead of being called Love Machine its title is Dream Girl.
It was said After School was picked to do the song because many girls preformed After School’s songs for the audition. And also because they modeled their graduating and adding new members after Momusu’s original concept.

I find the reasons for them being chosen a little weird. Watching the audition commercials I mostly saw girls singing SNSD’s Gee rather than anything by After School. And After School was modeled after The Pussycat Dolls rather than Morning Musume. Aside from adding new member Uee to the group recently, they don’t really share any characteristics of Morning Musume.
After School is supposed to have a sexy and sultry theme to them, rather than H!P’s cute and happy theme. If they were going to choose any Korean girl group shouldn’t it have been SNSD? They are the closest thing Korea has to Morning Musume. Both song wise and large member wise.

With all the aside, I actually really love the song. The music has been updating a lot and has a nice techno vibe to it. And even though the lyrics have nothing to do with the original, I think it’s a pretty good cover. All the girls sound really great singing it. I even think After School’s signature rap in this sound sounds pretty cool.

So here’s your video. Decide for yourself if they did Momusu justice.

Koharu’s Miracle Revolution

According to AnimeNewsNetwork Kirarin Revolution is getting it’s own manga spin off called, Miracle Revolution. This one-shot manga will recount Koharu’s real-life rise to stardom.

This is pretty excited news for Koha fans. Maybe this one-shot manga will spawn into a one-shot anime or drama. With Kirarin Revolution being so successful and popular it does seem possible. So maybe Koahru’s next anime role and single are closer than we think.
Aside from the anime possibilities, this is awesome new in general. I’d love to be able to read or see what this manga is like. This will also keep Koharu’s rising popularity up.

Morning Musume arrives in Korea

Morning Musume member Risa, Ai, LinLin, and Reina arrived in Korea today for the taping of DaeDong Kyung Youths, or better know as the Korean Hello!Project/Mnet auditions. The taping of the audition start on April, 27th and the show itself airs sometime in mid-May. ChanSung and JunHo of 2PM are going to be MC’s for the Korean auditions. The 2PM members are going to meet with the 4 Morning Musume member on April 27th.

Risa, Ai, Reina, and LinLin look really great at the airport, as expected. But they also look really fashionable. Risa is rocking a Coach back and Reina is rocking a Louis Vuitton bag. Ai’s bag is also designer, but I’m not sure which one. LinLin doesn’t have a bag, but she makes it up with her adorable top.

Morning Musume – Shouganai Yume Oibito preview

A preview for Morning Musume’s upcoming, 39th single, Shouganai Yume Oibito, was released today.

It looks like the new song is a ballad. Which I’m not really that thrilled about. It seems Morning Musume is doing slow songs lately since their last single, Naichau Kamo, was slow as well. Maybe Tsunku is aiming for another song like Aruiteru. Since that was Morning Musume’s last number one single. It’s the only logical reason that Momusu has had two slow songs in a row.

I’m also really upset by the line distribution. This will be the 4th single in a row where they acted like 7th and 8th gen don’t exist. You have to really listen closely to hear the other members. And even than I can only hear Aika and JunJun because they took the higher melody on a couple lines. I’m glad they finally gave attention to Sayumi, but not if that means 7th and 8th gen has to suffer.

I’m also not really impressed by the song either. It wasn’t love at first listen. It’s just not catchy and I don’t even like the overall music. I think this is the first time I’m actually disappointed by a Morning Musume song. I’m not so sure if I can grow to like this.

So here’s the short preview of the song from Reina’s radio show. A LQ video of the PV was floating around youtube yesterday, but I didn’t get so see it in time. Youtube has been taking the LQ videos down every chance they get.

Kamei Eri stars in a new anime

Morning Musume member Kamei Eri will take on her first voice acting role as a character from the new TV Tokyo anime Jewelpet. Eri will play the main character in the anime. Jewelpet will take over the time slot of fellow Momusu member Tanaka Reina’s anime Onegai My Melody Kirara. For more info on the anime itself, check out Anime News Network.

This is great news for Eri fans or fans of sanrio, but this new doesn’t really even phase me. I’m probably not even going to watch this show. Mostly because I can’t speak Japanese.
I also kind of wish Koharu got to voice this anime instead. Since Kirain Revolution ended I really want to see Koharu voice another anime. Eri also sounds a little unnatural with her voice acting, but I’m sure over time she’ll get better.

Here’s a preview clip of the anime Jewelpet. Even though Jewelpet already aired I can’t find the actual episode.