Yamapi is One in a Million

Yampi’s PV for his 3rd solo single, One in a Million, is released. Yamapi fans rejoice! Or complain it should be a NEWS single, it’s really up to you. Upcoming NEWS concerts don’t make me less NEWS deprived. Though a new Kanjani8 single, and new Yamapi single allows me to see something new from my favorites NEWS members.

Onto the review. I’m going to keep the formula for PV reviews the same from now on. That I make the review as I’m watching the PV. That way all my comments are my immediate honest reactions.

The first scene I can already tell the PV is going to be wicked Americanized kinda like MOLA.(Song wise on PV wise) So I’m either going to hate it or think it’s hilarious. XD

I love how every name on the list, other than Yamapi’s, is an American name. As if he’d ever get into an American club.

OMG I’m on the list! I don’t know if you can read that, but inside the pink box it says Amy Burg. My name! Sure my last name isn’t Burg, but that’s just because it’s the alias I use when I go meet Yamapi. XP

It’s serious now, Yamapi’s arrived.

WTF? A foreign chick again.

Am I the only one who think random guy out of focus in the background might be hot? XD

Come right this way, Prince will escort you in now. He totally looks like a Japanese version of Prince. I’m sure his Little Red Corvette is parked right out front. 😀 I crack myself up. XD

Now the party don’t get started till I walk in.

Foreign chick numero dos.

I love how she gives Pi the evil eye. Like, “nobody walks away from me and lives to see the day.” XD

This spiral background will probably hurt my eyes after a while.

DJ Yamapi laying it down.

Yamapi does not look good here. He also doesn’t sound good with autotuning.

MIND FUCK! This effect is so simple to do, yet I’m amazed by it every time I see it. XD

This background is just awesome!

For a second it looked like Prince was gonna kiss Yamapi.

Hot face!

Dude, this guy look like Eddy Gordo! If Eddy Gordo were real. XD

Oh WTF, now all of a sudden Prince is a pimp.

Eh, his “who is that” face isn’t really that hot.

Oh gross. His one in a million is list checker chick. Yamapi could do better than hair. That blonde haired girl from the beginning of the PV was way prettier.

Aww she only has eyes for Prince.

Or he’s her drug hook up.

Yamapi says “soon my pretty you will be mine.”

Guess it’s time to awkwardly follow her.

I wish I could get that close to Yamapi.

Or that close. *O*

Just kiss already! But they won’t, because fangirls would HATE it.

That’s it?! I feel ripped off.

Oh WTF, it was just a dream!

Or not?

Kanjani8’s not so Wonderful World

The PV for Kanjani8’s newish single Wonderful World has been released recently. That’s right Wonderful World can’t be called their new single anymore since they’re releasing yet another new single entitled LIFE ~Me no Mae no Mukou e~ on August 25th. Which is being used as theme to Okura Tadayoshi’s drama. So I guess NEWS just gets totally screwed for a second year in a row. But whatever.

Since one of my lovely readers asked me personally to review this PV I had to. Which I most likely would have done anyway because Kanajani8 PVs are so random. But it wasn’t really a simple task to review this PV.
And let me just say I officially hate Johnny. After JE cried and said they don’t want any of their videos shared on streaming sites, you can’t find them on streaming sites at all! Well you can but in horrible quality. And since I like to have pictures of the PV, I had to download it. I absolutely hate downloading anything, since it takes entirely too long. I wasted 35 minutes on a video I deleted right after watching. But enough ranting and on to the actual PV review.

Tough break. You might want to take it to a legit mechanic though.

I didn’t think it was possible, You actually looks semi attractive.

Of course Ryo is looking as good as ever.

Everyone gather around the Mystery Machine! But seriously, why are they wearing psychedelic
print they use in Scooby Doo merchindise?

And yet this is not attractive at all.

Good to know that Shingo hasn’t fixed his teeth or face yet.

Just when Tadayoshi was looking consistently good throughout the PV he does this. But I gotta say the colorful background scenes are my favorite part.

Now I remember why I don’t follow Kanjani8 that closely.

WTF. Does he really have to keep constantly making supid faces?

Quick everyone pretend like you’ve never seen a girl before.

Of course they had to make her foreign. At least that gives Ryo something to do after the filming wraps up.


If these are your “I want you” faces we’ve got some serious problems.

Cheap effect!

Look how cute Ryo looks here. And how he looks like he’s too cool to be in Kanjani8.

This is probably the gayest part of the PV. ._.

Even Ryo isn’t immune from stupid faces.

Though he makes up for it with this face.

And completely ruins it with this face! But I love the brand new day font. XD

I’m really surprised this is the first stupid face Ryuhei makes.

Adorable! And lol at You in the background.

Good old Ryuhei I knew he had another stupid face in him.

I don’t exactly get who making out with her van will get in into her pants. But what do I know?

Tadayoshi sees you where ever you are. This is much more I’m gonna stalk you then I’m in love with you.


Invisible girlfriend.

Subaru actually looks kinda cute in this PV. I think I need my eyes checked. XD

Anytime Ryo plays guitar it’s hot.

Except here.

Ryo bias.

I can haz kiss now?

Or an overwhelming amount of presents.

Gross, I’d take Shingo over him. Though I don’t know. It would be horrible either way. XD


Aww looks how sad Ryo looks.

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KAT-TUN trades pain for war

KAT-TUN released a new album called No More Pain, and unexpectedly released a PV for the title track. They obviously made a new album so they’d have new songs to sing at their tour in Asia. But they most likely made a PV for it so Jin fans aren’t too upset that he’s absent from yet another KAT-TUN album. Which seems like the only reason because it’s pretty rare to release a PV to promote an album. Johnny’s artists, and Japanese artists in general, don’t seem to do it too often. Though I kind of wish Hey! Say! JUMP was doing the same thing. It’s their first album, they need all the promotion they can get.

Since I’m too lazy, I’m going to just make comments on the PV as I watch it. Instead of what I usually do. Which is give my opinion of the PV and then posting my favorite screen caps. It’s much easier on me this way, and is probably more interesting for the reader. But yes, on to the PV.

The PV itself is a little weird. The war centered PV has thousands of Nazi-esque soldiers marching behind the KAT-TUN members who appear to be Captains.

They also wear weird army helmets that collapse in on themselves. Which is very reminiscent to Star Gate if you ask me.

Come to think of in the beginning they focus on them being near(and later on top of) what is obviously a Mayan pyramid. Which is also strange, it’s not even 2012.

What’s up with the butterfly on Ueda’s cheek? It’s stuff like this that make me not want to admit I think he’s hot. ._.

I love Kame and all but the dude’s wearing too much makeup. It makes him look massively girly. And this is coming from someone who loves VK guys. From someone who thinks the hottest Kame has ever looked is in the Lips PV. But it’s just too much for me, I’m not into it.

I gotta say, I absolutely love the dark tones of the video. It’s like Rescue 2.0. Which is fitting because Going was Signal 2.0.

Glad to see Koki back to his black hair, and back to looking incredibly sexy.

And yet from this angle Kame looks hot. ._.

Ueda’s looking girlier than ever in this video.

Had to post this for lolz. I randomly paused it and Kame looks like a zombie! XD

I absolutely LOVE the dance. The first time I watched the PV I had to of rewound the dance sequence at least 6 times.

Yet a majority of the time I was focusing on Kame’s arms. XD

And of course Koki.

You also gotta love the “oh no” dance move
biased. :] I love all the air time Koki gets both in the song and pv.
By the way, this is an amazing effect.
Girl! :/
Lolz at Kame’s spirit fingers.
Koki looks so adorable!

Attack of the water droplet soldiers!

Kame’s is way too intense. It looks like he’s transforming into a werewolf.

Wow, I just noticed I took zero screencaps of Maru. Eh, C’est la vie.

Moshimo, kono sekai kara Tegomass ga nakunattara

Tegomass had a new single and PV out called, Moshimo, kono sekai kara OO ga nakunattara. And if you’re a hardcore Tegomass/JE fan you already knew that. But if you read my blog regularly you know I’m far to lazy to make PV reviews the second the PV comes out. And honestly I didn’t know the PV came out until 2 days ago. If I wasn’t looking a NEWS news I would have been none the wiser. And most likely about a month from now would say “What ever happened to that Tegomass song?” Exactly like I did with Perfume, but I am eventually going to do a PV review of Natural ni Koishite .

Anyway, I’m getting way off track here. So, I’m going to talk about the song for a little. Since I hardly ever remember to post song previews. This song just isn’t one of my favorites. I mean the lyrics are cute, but it just lacks the immediate catchyness and upbeat music of their past singles. It’s on the bottom with Tanabata Matsuri, but it’s still above Tanabata Matsuri. Mostly because I don’t like country sounding music in the US, why would I possibly like it in Japan? I think most of you know by now I don’t really like slow sounding songs or ballads. People can argue that I have no musical taste, and that most ballads have great lyrics. And point taken, but I just really dislike them. I must have a slow attention span or something.

Now on to my PV review, because I usually take any chance I can poke fun at Tegoshi. He’s easily the best singer in NEWS, and one of the best in JE. But I just don’t really like him that much. XD

Again with the phone? Isn’t it a little too early to suffer from another breakup?

It really makes me sad that all I can read is no and ka. One of these days I’m going to actually learn Japanese. Though it probably only says hello, I miss you. Or something very similar.

Massu Downer brooding in the back of the bus alone. He must still be hung up over Sakura Girl.


Apathetic businessman doesn’t care about your feelings. I love the face he makes though. Like “I don’t care, I don’t even know what JE is.” lolz.

Eh, I’d probably do the same thing.

Looming waitress, who looks like she could play a ghost in the Grudge, also doesn’t care about your feelings.

But Teogshi matches things up with way too strong of a reaction. A normal reactions would be, “WTH? I’m not paying for this now.”

And magically it’s in color now. For no apparent reason other than it’s the start of the chorus. And WTF? Tegoshi is wearing rosary beads again! I’m beginning to think he thinks they’re just another random necklace/accessory.

And he’s still got that hair that I hate. By the way, nice face. XD

Let’s creepily watch everyone who is happier than I am.

How come Massu always has scenes featuring kids? In PVs and concerts he’s always awkwardly touching the extras or Juniors. It’s really weird.

Why doesn’t anyone love me?

Oh everything is emo again. Must be another verse.

Even Massu Downer doesn’t get what’s going on.

Tegoshi sits from his table and watches you with longing eyes. How is that not creepy?

Yeah having the whole world disappear will have that confused effect on you.

Massu Downer managed to clear out an entire bus.

Let’s take a second to laugh at Tegoshi’s shirt. It either says he loves Tom, or he loves his time of the month. Either way, that’s a woman’s shirt. Which is extremely hilarious.

That’s the gayest face ever. ._.

Hmmm. No, Massu’s face still wins.

So let me get this straight, if you’re not with the person you love every second of the day the world might as well not exist? Codependencye FTW!

And of course Tegoshi and Massu are the people they can’t live without. I’m sure that wasn’t intentional fanservice on JE’s part.

This is why Tegoshi should never smile.

And this is why either of them should never smile. Even little girl in the background notices.

NEWS’s love flutters away in Sakura Girl

NEWS’s Sakura Girl PV was released a few days ago. (See I knew not to make a post about the PV preview. I could just tell that the PV was gonna be released shortly after. Which is weird because it took KAT-TUN’s and HSJ’s PVs a week to come out after the PV previews.) Anyway, after the initially fangirl glee of finally having another NEWS PV, I sat down and watched it.

The video is pretty much 95% what I was expecting it to be. Only 95% because I would have died if wanted the PV to have a school setting. But of course it wasn’t, which made me a little sad. Ok I guess NEWS members are a little too old to be dressing up in school uniforms. But if they’re too old they shouldn’t have mentioned being in a classroom in the lyrics. Yeah, besides that it’s pretty much exactly as I imagined. The song is soft so the video is on the boring side with virtually nothing interesting going on. Some sad and kind of angsty walking scenes. And since it’s called Sakura Girl a few cherry blossom shots here and there. But I do like all the NEWS members break up scenes. Mostly because that’s the only thing actually happening in the video.

And I gotta say I absolutely hate how the majority of the PV looks. I’m not into the faded and blurry look it has. I keep waiting for someone to rip of the blurriness and tell me to get Claritin clear. I guess it’s supposed to symbolize that after you break up with someone you’re so dazed it’s like you’re in a fog and nothing makes sense. I’m not even sure it’s that’s the reason behind it, that’s just my best guess to explain the awkward fog.

Tegoshi breaks up through a letter. Which is a little old fashion if you ask me.

A letter I can’t even read is useless to me.

But I’m pretty sure this is what it says ;]

At least his tear is believable.

Not like Yamapi’s “I’m not even trying” tear.

Unavoidable cherry blossom scene no one cares about.

Tough break on the over the phone break up. I guess he was dating Joe Jonas.

That’s it Yamapi look as expressionless as possible. I almost saw some emotion there.

Apparently only Massu got the memo that, this is a break up song and you should look sad.

Everyone else just looks blank

Can someone tell me why Tegoshi is wearing a rosary necklace? He’s filming a PV not meeting the pope.

Leave it to Ryo to smile at something sad.

Keii’s recycled breakup. Though technically it’s a note not a letter. Bah!

But he has the most normal reaction.

Ryo being slapped is hilarious.

Mostly because of this.

Massu gets the most pathetic breakup, a text. You can text message breakup, after 2 years.

Massu’s catatonic/shocked face makes me laugh though.

Shige’s breakup is a little boring.

But apparently they were getting married. XD

Now that I’ve done my overall reaction to the PV, it’s shallow reaction time! ;]

By the way I HATE Ryo’s hair. It’s a mix of his sexy Cherish hair and his ugly Happy Birthday hair. And the end result is hideous!

Yamapi’s hair is ugly. It’s too flat and boring. It almost makes me miss his wet dog hair. Almost.

Excuse me while I die of laughter.

Oh WTF? I just recently started to dig Shige’s Shalala Tambourine hair. :/

NEWS should really learn by Massu’s example. He finds a style that looks good on him and he sticks with it. Since he’s been with NEWS he changed his hair twice. And once was for a drama.

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda VS Otakebi Boy WAO

I haven’t done a Berryz Koubou PV review in an extremely long time, which I’m sorry about. But I usually only do PV reviews for PVs that I’m really excited about or really disappointed about. Usually Berryz videos fall some where in the middle. A lot also has to do with liking the song. I usually am not impressed with Berryz songs the first time I hear them. It’s not until I hear them randomly weeks later and realize how amazing they really are. Except Ryuusei Boy. I started out liking it and not it annoys me. XD
But anyway, since this is their 3rd double a-side, I’m going to finally do a double review. (Which I planned to do with their last 2 singles, but just never got around to doing.) So I’m going to compare ever aspect of each PV to see which one is the better PV.

I’m gonna start off by saying this two songs are about as opposite as they can get, so both PVs reflect that. So feel free to take my review with a grain of salt.

Comparison 1: Outfits

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda:

The outfits for this PV are simply gorgeous. Every single outfit is adorable and accessorized perfectly. Even though Maasa’s and Saki’s outfits are the ugliest, I would still probably wear them. The outfits are very pretty and casual.

Otakebi Boy WAO:

Believe it or not I think this outfits are utter win. For the most part I hate camouflage patterned clothes. But absolutely I love pink camo. (Go figure. XD) I also love the racer gloves, I think they make the outfit. I these outfits give them the tough aspect they were going for while still looking adorable.

Verdict: Even though I love both outfits Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda wins. Mostly because they can be worn outside of hunting.

Comparison 2: Dance

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda:

This song is too slow to have a difficult or memorable dance. So the dance is pretty boring. It just falls flat. The moves are just to simple for my taste. It looks like it would take a normal fan a half hour to learn. I prefer idol dances like Mikan and C/C, that look like they would take a couple of hours to learn.

Otakebi Boy WAO:

This dance is pretty boring also, for the same reason. The dance it just too simple. It feels like H!P choreographers aren’t trying anymore. Though there are a few parts of the dance that were cool to look out. Just not too many.

Verdict: Even though both dances are pretty lame Otakebi Boy WAO wins. The song is a lot faster than Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda, so the dance is a lot faster at parts. It’s also a lot more energetic and cuter. And for some reason I dig the O WAO, WAO dance parts. XD

Comparison 3: The girls

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda:

The girls look amazing as they always do. Especially Momoko, Yurina, and Maasa. They are hands down the prettiest in this video. Maasa completely takes me by surprise. I usually never notice her, but in this video it’s hard not to. She looks beyond amazing.

Otakebi Boy WAO:

Even though this is the tough themed video the girls still look great. Especially Yurina, Chinami, and Saki. I actually think Chinami and Saki look better in this video.

Verdict: There is no winner for this. I mean my favorites look good in both video. After that it really comes down to individual girls rather than as a whole. Otakebi Boy WAO would win for Miyabi, Chinami, Saki, and Risako. But Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda would win for Momoko, Yurina, and Maasa.

Comparison 4: Overall concept

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda has a cute and playful theme. So there are several cute scenes throughout the video.

Cute scene 1

Cute scene 2

Cute Scene 3

Cute scene 4

Cute scene 5

Cute scene 6

Otakebi Boy WAO has a tougher and cooler concept than Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda. So instead there are more cool scenes. Which usually involve lightning, since it’s used for the Inazuma 11 ending.

Cool scene 1

Cool scene 2

Cool scene 3

Verdict: Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda wins. Not only is it much cuter there’s a lot more going on in the video. Otakebi Boy WAO has nothing going on except dancing and lightning.

Comparison 5: Unoriginality comparison

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda:

The looking at pictures scene reminds me way too much of aMa no Jaku.

aMa no Jaku

Otakebi Boy WAO:

Having a mic reminds me too much of Tan Tan Taan

Tan Tan Taan.

Verdict: There is none. PV makers should be more original.

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda PV

Otabeki Boy WAO PV

S/mileage’s doki doki and waku waku new PV

S/mileage’s PV fro their 4th indie single, Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii, was released today. And it is hands down the best PV H!P has made in a long time. Even though the video was filmed in front of a green screen, and mostly likely cost very little to made. That doesn’t stop it from being really creative and extremely adorable. I think every element of this video works. The overly energetic and in your face cuteness about it are what I miss from old H!P videos. S/mileage is pretty much becoming the modern W, because if W was still around they’d be making video and songs like S/mileage is. I think that’s a big reason I love S/mileage so much.

At first glance because of the white around them you can tell this video was made by the same person that made 321′ Breakin’ Out.

Which explains why the video is so well made. I thought 321 Breakin Out was an amazing video. One of my favorites Momusu has done.

I love that the video is layered. It’s a great way to keep the close up, dance shot, story format. But changing it up to make it completely unique.

It’s also a great way to give the girls maximum screen time.

I also love how absolutely gorgeous Kanon looks. She should always keep her hair curly. She’s never looked prettier.

The dance is a little too simple for my taste. But it is really cute, so it works.

I think the purikura frame scenes are really cute too. They’re a lot more fun then the regular close up scenes.

My favorite Kanon scene from the whole video.

The board in the back reminds me too much of Buono.

Gachink de Ikou PV.

This reminds me too much of Puffy AmiYumi.

Hataraku Otoko PV.

I don’t think Kanon could get any cuter.

Is it just me or does Saki look weird in this? Her chin looks pretty big. XD

Yuuka looking as adorable as ever. She looks the cutest with her hair half up and half down like this.

I barely noticed Ayaka in this. She doesn’t stand out at all.

Yuuka steals her scene completely.

But Kanon steals the whole video.

Doki doki!


Hey! Say! JUMP’s Hitomi no Katana

The PV for Hey! Say! JUMP’S 5th single, Hitomi no Screen was released a few days ago. And all I can say it’s about time. It’s been 4 weeks since the first PV preview was released. Which seems a little unnecessary. But when you’ve been waiting a year and a half, what’s another 4 weeks?

Hitomi no Screen is following the same theme of every HSJ PV, where the video has absolutely nothing to do with the song. But this PV doesn’t even really make much sense. Hey! Say! JUMP is sword fighting a masked man for an undisclosed reason. Even though it leaves much more to be desired, it does give the PV some good scenes. The fighting scenes in general are pretty hot. What’s better than a roughed up and dirty HSJ? When it comes to this PV nothing really. Especially since the close up shots are just boring white button down shirts. But at least they’re not wearing the outfits they usually perform Hitomi no Screen in.

The outfits that make them look like professional figure skaters rather than idols. Wearing them would have ruined the video completely.
I was actually surprised by how equal the camera time was. Even though Ryosuke dominates the song he doesn’t dominate the PV. He gets exactly the same amount of camera time as everyone else. Which is awesome. I love Ryosuke and all, but he’s gets way too much attention. It’s nice to see everyone else for a change. Though the screen time is great I’m a little sad that this video doesn’t have any dancing. I guess since their last 2 PVs were so focused on dancing they wanted to do something different this time around. But still, I miss it. Granted the dancing is boarder line silly, because right now it has just enough Johnny’s cheese. I’m just used to seeing HSJ dancing in every video.
Another thing that disappoints me is there’s a lot of bad hair going on in this video.

I’m not liking Ryosuke’s hair in the close up at all.

But during the fight scenes I love his hair. For some reason the weird ponytail hairstyle they gave him doesn’t work face on.

Inoo’s hair in the close up is equally gross. Which is sad because I love Inoo.

But again it looks fine in the fight scenes. I don’t know what’s going on. They must keep filming from bad angles.

I’m not a fan of Chinen at all, but his hair is seriously ugly.

He’s still looking ugly as ever, but his hair is making it worse.

For the most part everyone else looks great. Especially Keito. Which is really surprising. Keito usually looks too much like an Alien for my taste.

But in this video he looks really sexy.

And of course Yuto is looking really great.

However, I’m not a fan of the necklace he has to wear.

Makes him look pretty gay. :/

And Takaki’s pretty much looking as womanly as ever.

Another thing I love about this video is the amount of stupid faces everyone makes. Because they have to make intense “I’m fighting someone” faces

Hikaru usually makes similar faces regardless. So this isn’t much of a change.

This is exactly a flattering picture of Yabu.

That’s better. ;]

That’s not really menacing at all.

Daiki definitely wins for most loltastic fighting pose face. XD

Chinen fails.

But Ryosuke wins.

Well almost.


KAT-TUN only loves themselves

The PV’s full version to KAT-TUN’s new single, Love yourself – Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki, has been released. After the short version has been floating around for a week.

I gotta say I’m really disappointed by the PV. There’s pretty much nothing going on in it. Which I’m surprised by. Usually KAT-TUN’s videos have a higher budget. I know they had to split the budget for two PVs, but they did the same thing for One Drop and Rescue. And they still had a higher budget. For pretty much the whole video KAT-TUN members are gathered around a mysterious heart shaped rock that sprouted out from the middle of the road. And it makes no sense at all. I know the song is called Love Yourself, but is it really necessary to have a giant heart? I mean One Drop was about crying, and not one tear was shed.
And for some reason each KAT-TUN member has a different colored aura when they walk passed the heart. Which also makes no sense. Perhaps its their group colors. Does KAT-TUN even have group colors? I know NEWS does, but I have no idea about KAT-TUN.
The worst parts of this entire PV are Jin’s parts. I love Jin, don’t get me wrong, but he just ruins everything completely. Ever chance he gets he does his wanna be gangster poses, which are hilarious on their own. But his “It’s love, your love” parts with his gigantic flashing arcoss the screen, are pretty much stupid. But I mostly hate them because you can see Jin close up and see how scruffy he looks. Who told Jin a ponytail and aviator sunglasses is a good look for him? Because it’s not, I really wish he would stop dressing like that. And worse then that it looks like he’s not shaving anymore. Jin with a mustache would be the ugliest thing ever.
The video isn’t all bad. Koki manages to make it watch able with his overall hotness. It’s just sad that Koki decided to get rid of his black hair for some brown mess.

Too bad Haiti didn’t get such a loving earthquake.

Kame looks ok. He’d look better if his long hair didn’t make him look so womanly. I love his jacket though.

I know Ueda is girly, but do they have to dress him in women’s clothes? My sister wears those sweater jackets.

Koki still manages to look good. Taguchi however, not so much.

Jin’s so cool, he’s the only one who doesn’t have to wear red

I love Maru’s pants. XD

Jin really needs to shave.

Am I the only who notices Jin has to do something with his tongue or mouth in every video?




a lot.

I don’t even like Taguchi and I have to admit this was kinda cute

It’s disappointing how Jin has never looked uglier

I don’t get it. I’ve never been so sad that I rubbed my face.

Kame-sama, Kami-sama. Close enough.

SCANDAL’s Sentimental Moment

Pop/rock band SCANDAL released their 5th major single, Shunkan Sentimental, on February 3rd. It’s being used as the new ending theme for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
This video has been floating around for a while now, but I just found out about it recently. I really need to follow SCANDAL a lot closer than I have been. I almost missed this single completely.

I think the song is absolutely amazing. It song sounds a lot heavier than the songs they usually made. They’re songs are usually upbeat rock. Even Shoujo S, which is heavier, is more anime sounding than rock. So this so is a nice change from that. This song does have some anime elements to it but they’re not so predominate in the song. The bass and guitar completely overshadow it, which is nice. The beat as a whole is pretty standard for a rock song. But that’s fine, the simple beat works well with the song. And Haruna’s voice makes this song great. She has to be one of my favorite vocalist in Jpop as a whole. I am a little sad that the rest of the girls have to share one solo line. I love Tomomi’s voice, so I’d like to hear her a little bit more.

The PV is pretty simple. There’s really nothing else going on except them playing in a dimly light warehouse. But it reminds me a little to much of Morning Musume’s Nanchatte Renai and Girugamesh’s Owari to Mirai PV. I actually think all 3 videos were filmed in the same place, so that’s probably why.

SCANDAL’s Shunkan Sentimental

Girugamesh’s Owari to Mirai

Morning Musume’s Nanchatte Renai

There also a few scene where they are inverted for some reason. It’s pretty cool looking, but still seems a little unnecessary. But the flame parts add a nice touch to it. Even though it reminds me of Nami Tamaki’s Brightdown PV. (I really need to stop comparing this video to other videos.) I also like their solo scenes in front of the white wall, because that’s the closest SCANDAL will get to actually dancing.

Haruna looks gorgeous

However Mami is wearing so much makeup she looks like a ghost

I don’t know why they don’t have official dances. There moves are about as good as Guardians 4.
The disappearing into fire scene is probably my favorite part.

Momusu almost works it in Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

The PV for Morning Musume’s 42nd single, Onna ga medatte naze ikenai, was released a few days ago. And like any other Momusu PV I was really jazzed to see how it would turn out. But of course I was uber disappointed by the overall mediocrity of it.

Obviously the first thing to jump out about the PV is their outfits, which I’ve never been a fan of. When the concert pictures with them wearing those dresses I hoped they wouldn’t be used in the actual video. But I obviously prayed in vain. They’re a little too poofy and elaborate to wear for a video. Much like the outfits from Onna ni Sachi are. I always though “bolder” outfits like these should only be worn at concerts.
Maybe I don’t like the video because the whole theme is very superficial. Let’s do our hair and makeup cause we’re so pretty. Also check out my fierce runway walk. I’m sure Reina and Sayumi loved filming this. It fits them perfectly. But aside from all the self centered scenes it’s basically the wash rinse repeat PV that H!P always makes. Because who needs to be creative when you can make the same video five thousand times? The dance scene are one step above Resonant Blue’s dance scene. Instead of a completely black room with no light, they are on a small black stage with concert lights. If they were gonna go for a concert looking dance theme why didn’t they go the Chokkan 2 Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo route and use actual concert footage? It would have made the video a little less somber and a little more energetic and fun.
But the girls do look exceptionally pretty in the PV. But of course they do, because anymore that’s basically their job. The girls who aren’t Reina, Ai, Eri, or Risa never get to sing anyway. (Sayumi gets to sing once in a blue moon. But I don’t count her Ahs solo lines in this song as singing parts) Their job is to sit there and look pretty.

I though this was Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

not Kuchibiru kara Romantica?

What’s up with everyone’s I’m better than you looks?

I don’t get it.

I thought this was Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

not Dakishimete Dakishimete?

So this is where they film Japan’s next top model.

Reina’s looks so smug here. I wish I could punch her.

At least LinLin looks pretty.

What’s Going On with Guardians 4

Guardians 4’s PV was just released recently. And we have it rather quickly, only about a week after the preview came out.

Guardians 4’s Going on PV is a little lack luster for my taste. The only enjoyable or cute elements to the video are the close up scenes. Which is really disappointing. The entire video is basically them dancing in the living room. Which is extremely boring. Berryz’s Watashi no mirai no danna-sama was mostly dancing but they still managed to make it interesting. And the animals were a big distraction. And not only because it was a stupid concept, but also because they virtually did nothing but sit there. If you’re going to add them to a video at least have them do something. Have the lion direct them. Show them the correct way to dance or show them to have more energy in the close up. Something like that would have made the video adorable. But instead the video is very basic and boring. But I’ve learned to expect that from Guardians 4 PVs.

Apparently the animals really were directing the video.

However there were no outburst by the animals.

It suddenly all makes sense why Guardians 4 is so great. It gets the production of both H!P and Lion PR.

I love how they incorporated SCE’s unlock dance move.

Lame dance moves ruin everything.

Well hello there gorgeous Yurina.

Yurina’s obvious towering height is hilarious.

But Risako”s cuteness is gladly accepted.

However Saki’s isn’t.


DENIED! It’s really sad how Yurina physically moved away from Aika.

It’s ok I still love Mittsi.

This video is missing something. Better add more pineapple.

Yamapi is Loveless in New York

I really love Yamapi. He easily has one of the best voices in NEWS. But does that mean he should get a solo single and concert instead of NEWS? Not so much. However, that doesn’t stop me from loving his song Loveless. Now for the most part I’m not really into ballad type songs. But all of Yamapi’s solo songs seem to have the same format. Sad lyrics and soft music mixed with just enough upbeat music that it’s not completely boring. Well Gomen ne Juliet was like that anyway.
The overall way he is singing is great. It’s soft, sweet, and fits it perfectly. But as great as it sounds, I really wish there was at least one high note thrown in there. Heck Tegoshi’s Ai Nante is full of them. And we all know Yamapi can hit them. I don’t know without it, it seems like it’s missing something. The lyrics are pretty good. Johnny’s always does have great heartbreaking lyrics. The lyrics are also a lot better and more mature then any song he’d sing within NEWS. But since I’m paranoid, this makes me think Yamapi is getting ready to leave NEWS. I mean whenever Yamapi releasing a single outside of NEWS it’s for a drama. But he doesn’t have a drama to plug.

The PV is ok. It’s not bad, but not great. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a song entitled Loveless. Lots of sulking and feeling heartbroken. He always flashes a Crybaby single tear in the begining. And despite his hideous hair he does manage to look cute at times. Just not the scenes were he’s wearing a beanie hat. He just looks ridiculously ugly. Designer or not it’s ugly. I really hate that this PV was filmed in NYC. I was so close to Yamapi and didn’t even know.

At least his tear looks real.

Nice outfit, too bad your hair ruins it.

You can barely even notice it here.

This hat makes him look like a tool. :/


Nothing is hotter than you’re hair looking like a wet dog.

Morning Musume’s Tsumaranai Princess

As most of you already know by now Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess PV was released. So, my PV review of this is late. But not really by that much, it’s more fashionably late. XD

Anyway, if I haven’t made it clear before I absolutely adore this song. It’s cute, it’s danceable, and it sounds like they had another drink helium to see who gets to be the new character on Kirarin Revolution contest. The squeaky auto tuned vocals, made me expect an equally amazing PV. But it seems everything I feared from the 10 second preview was true.

I wish Morning Musume would stop with the close up and dance format. I like a PV that actually has something going on. H!P really needs to wake up. They must think this format is working. That’s the only explanation for the repeats.

And most of all the song is called Kimagure Princess and it’s filmed in a castle. But, they didn’t even utilize the setting they were in! V-U-DEN’s Kacchoii Ze Japan PV was filmed in a castle, the song had nothing to do with princesses, but V-U-DEN actually made a decent PV. Let’s look at where Kimagure Princess went wrong.

Kacchoii Ze Japan had a castle setting.

Kimagure Princess had a castle setting.

Kacchoii Ze Japan filmed scenes off of a balcony.

Kimagure Princess has a fence. Well that’s much better,

Kaccohii Ze Japan used the giant castle doors.

Kimagure Princess has a black floral wall. How awesome
would it have been to end Kimagure Princess by
walking out of the doors or something?

Kachoii Ze Japan even had a better dance floor!

Kimagure Princess’s is lame in comparison.

But don’t get me wrong there were still a few aspects of the PV I liked. There weren’t that many but, there were still a few good parts.

I love the wannabe Balalaika Russian dance.

Is there anyone out there that didn’t appreciate the random
butt grab?

There’s a lot of mixed feelings on the fire scenes.
But I personally think they’re epic. They’re the most
unique part of the video.

Sayumi always has been great at beckoning gestures.

I also think the dance changing scenes are pretty cooling
looking too.

God, I’m gonna miss Koharu!

However the real star of this PV is LinLin.