Morning Musume announces 48th single

It was just announced that Morning Musume will be releasing their 48th single. As of right now the single is untitled, but will be released on December 21st. This marks the first Morning Musume single without Ai-chan, and the first single to feature the 10th gen.

I don’t really understand why this single is so far away. The 10th gen are getting announced on September 26th. That’s almost 3 months of th 10th gen doing nothing, and almost 3 and a half months since their last single. The 9th gen released a single 2 months later. But I guess they are giving the rest of Momusu a bit of a break after a concert tour, and a new album. And it also means the 10th gen will make their concert debut at the H!P Winter concert.
I’m so excited right now. Everything about this single will be new. A new leader, new members, and hopefully a new sound/era. I can’t wait to see the line distribution. Morning Musume members usually always get at least onw solo line on their debut single. Only 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gens didn’t. Hopefully this means, we’ll see fair line distribution from now on. But I actually doubt it. It will most like just be Riho, Reina, and Risa from now on. I really doubt the new members will be so great another Shabondama happens.
On a more  random note, since this song is being released 4 days before Christmas, there’s a good chance that this will have a Christmas/winter theme. Which I’m all for. I love pretty much all of H!P’s Christmas/winter songs. Except for Shiroi Tokyo, I just can’t get into that song. XD

A final look at Momusu’s 10th gen finalists

This week’s episode of HelloPro! Time aired the final 10th gen training camp segment. And there are some unexpected changes to the finalists. It seems Tashima Meru and Miyagi Ayumi have withdrawn from the auditions, for an undisclosed reason.

I can’t say that I’m really upset about that since neither of them were really a standout to me. They were hardly shown on the last episode of HelloPro! Time. And to anyone wondering why I didn’t right a post about the second episode of the training camp, the answer is I didn’t feel the need to. The first and the third episodes are the ones that really matter anyway. The first episode I got to meet the girls and the third episode I got to see how much they improved. I thought about making a post for the second episode, I honestly had nothing to say about it.
Moving back on subject, I am really impressed with the auditions. The level of talent in this audition is extremely high. It seems that Tsunku is taking his search for the next Ai-chan very seriously. Which is why the audition song for the 10th gen audition is Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobidatsu Kara. They really needed to see which could take over some of Ai-chan’s lines immediately. Which is cool, we got the personality over voice last gen. I hope this gen really does focus on singing. We all know Momusu needs it. Also, I am happy that the audition song is actually a Morning Musume song. Not like 9th gen’s C-ute song, and 6th gens Melon Kinenbi song. Beyond that I don’t know, I never watched past auditions. I found them boring because I knew who won. I got half way through Koha’s before I went, “Ok, ok. Koharu wins. Obviously she hits the high note in Furusato.” And then I turned it off. XD

Kudou Haruka, age 11

I think I’m like the only Momusu fan who isn’t enthralled with Haruka. Mostly becuase their are other Eggs who deserve to be there more. *cough*MiyamotoKarin*cough*
As an Egg she is a strong dancer. However, during the big group number she completely blended into the crowd. Which is never a good thing. The only reason I noticed her at all is because I went back and rewatched the group dance to comment on her skill. Not only does she not stand out during the dance number, she doesn’t stand out in general. They did these big makeovers, I guess, and she looks 100% exactly the same as before. I don’t know she just seems stale to me. Even her singing is a tad overrated. When I heard her sing in the first day of the training camp it sounded like she was a bit sick. But after hearing her hear, I think that’s just the way her voice sounds. I guess that the “husky” element to her voice everyone keeps talking about. And if that’s true, I absolutely hate it. She sounds loads better on the lines were it’s not noticeable. As for her being added to Morning Musume, she’s not my favorite. Rather she’s floating somewhere in the middle. But I’d say add her anyway. Her voice could be great if she could just work on her control. I don’t think it will ever get to an Ai-chan level, but she could definitely pick up the slack in some songs.

Iikubo Haruna, age 16

First off, let me just say wow. Haruna gets prettier and prettier every time I see her. Especially after hair and makeup. She’s quite a looker and an obvious standout. But sadly, that’s all that Haruna has going for her. She was the worst dancer out of the bunch. Her moves weren’t as sharp as all the other girl’s were. And their were ever some spots where I noticed she wasn’t smiling. Which is a big no-no for idols. She seems to be a bit more confident in her singing now. This is the loudest I’ve ever heard her sing. But it falls flat. Her singing is mediocre at best. All of that mixed with her age, she’s just a girl I could do without in the 10th gen. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but she’s too old. And there’s nothing amazing about her talent or personality wise.

Satou Masaki, age 12

Masaki is one of the 3 girls Natsu-sensei singled out for being the worst dancers. And Masaki had the misfortune of being in the absolute center of the dance. Which makes no sense if you ask me. She you could really notice if she made a mistake. And she did. She was off beat a few times, but suprisingly she was better at dancing then I was expected. She could actually keep up this time. She came a long way from being the girl that stopped dancing completely the day before, to actually being an ok dancer the next day. Not only that but Masaki also completely stopped singing the first day as well. But what a difference a day makes again! She finally sings full force and she actually has some pipes on her. With some work she could be molded into a singer at Reina’s level. I’ve been drawn to Masaki since the first time I saw her. I though she was cute and refreshing. But the new hairstyle they gave her does absolutely nothing for her. I think Masaki has a good chance of getting added because she has improved probably the most out of any of the girls. And Tsunku, and UFA, love seeing that. It shows that she’ll work even more to get even better. So, I’d welcome her into Momusu with open arms.

Ogami Hinako, age 13

When I first saw Hinako I was kinda indifferent towards her. But then I saw her dance during the first day of training camp, and I became interested in her. Her jazz dance background really helped her because she was one of the best dancers there. It was really hard to focus on Hinako’s dancing during the group number because she was shoved all the way in the back. But she seemed to be keeping up the pace. I don’t know if her moves were 100% sharp, but they weren’t so terrible that it was noticeable. Hinako’s another girl who’s voice has the potential to be great. Right now it’s just ok, it even sounds like she might be holding back a bit. All she needs is to really go all out. As for her getting into Morning Musume, I don’t care either way. If she gets in, good for her. If she doesn’t, I won’t be heartbroken.

Miwa Satsuki, age 11

Satsuki was pretty much the only girl I want far, far, away from Morning Musume. However, my opinion of her has completely changed. I first noticed her after hair and makeup, and she was absolutely adorable. And then I saw her dance, and she improved so much! She’s average at dancing right now. As opposed to the day before when she was terrible. However, her singing has not improved one bit. But she was absolutely energetic while singing. She was pretty much the only girl to do arm movements while singing. Just like Zukki was the only on last year. I don’t know there’s just this awkward charm I like about her. And she seems to be a Zukki 2.0. And we all know how much I adore Zukki. So, I would totally approve of Satsuki in Morning Musume.

Ishida Ayumi, age 14

I was instantly drawn to Ayumi because she was the best dancer during the first day of training. I even started to think she looked cute rather than creepy. During the group number her dance skill shined. As she was yet again the best dancer there. Not only that but she looked so happy throughout the entire dance. Her singing is still pretty disappointing to me. There’s nothing really special about it. But she looks really happy and energetic while recording it. And for that reason I would love to see her in Momusu.

Tanaka Fuka, age 12

Fuka has been one of my favorites since day one. There’s just something about this girl I love. She’s just so cute and infectious. During the dance number my eyes were drawn to her the most. Her dancing was so sharp and fluid, it was just incredile. She might even rival Ayumi for the best dancer. I don’t even mind that this girl isn’t the best singer. She could become great over time. Just look at how better Risa has gotten over the years. She also has a slightly deep tone in her voice, which we don’t hear much in Morning Musume. I don’t even care, no matter what I want Fuka in. She’s amazing! I will weep if she gets over looked!

Murakami Sara, age 13

Sara, Sara, Sara! Sara is my absolute favorite 10th gen auditioner. I just love everything about her. She is so different than anything we have in Momusu right now. But, poor Sara’s dancing needs a lot of work. She was one of the worst dancers there. She was off rhythm a few times. And she could have been a lot more polished. It also looked like she was trying to hard to smile. To such a degree that it came off as fake sometimes. Where Sara really shines is during her singing. But she seemed a bit off her game during the recording. Which is sad, because the day before she was incredible. I seriously hope that doesn’t hurt her chances of joining. She’s another girl I will seriously weep for if she doesn’t get in.

All in all, this is an extremely good batch of girls. I will honestly be happy with whatever the outcome is. I’m also hoping for 4 or more girls, just because the talent is at such a high level. I’ve always wanted about 4 girls for the 10th gen. Even when fans were saying that Tsunku doesn’t want Momusu larger than 10 girls, as if it was a fact written in stone. I’ve always held onto at least 4 girls. And when Tsunku said it was a possibility to add all of them I was extremely excited. I want Morning Musume to be 15 members again. It was a lot more fun back then. I don’t necessarily want the bulk of the members to be from one gen. But I’ll take what I can get.

I was really hoping for a better PV

A few weeks ago Morning Musume released the PV for Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo from their upcoming double A-side single. I know a few weeks in blog years seems like an eternity, but bear with with I’m still playing blog catch up here. Also, since then a 10 minute version of this PV was uploaded onto Morning Musume’s official youtube channel. But I’m only reviewing the 5 minute PV. A 10 minute PV review would take forever to write and be obnoxiously long. Which is why I didn’t make a new review for the 18 minute PV for AKB48’s Flying Get.

When I first saw the PV preview I was excited for how interesting it looked. But after I watched the whole PV I ended up being more dissapointed then excited. The PV is nothing but a dance shot and close-ups like their PVs always are. I actually do like the background they are dancing on. It’s so elaborate and weird, that it’s awesome. Yes, it is a big cheap looking, bother me. The girls looks flawless, and the outfits are gorgeous. But I’m still bored. If they only thing the PV has going for it is that the background has different fun elemets to it, there’s a problem. The PV is lazy. I can’t really explain it better than that. It’s like they thought because the background is interesting they didn’t need to really bother beyond that. It’s the same exact thing they did with Berryz Koubou’s Ryuusei Boy. Just shoved them in space and call it a day. Matsuura Aya’s Good Bye Natsuo PV had a space theme, with equally awful CG, and still managed to have other elements to it. It’s actually the perfect example of how you can take an incredibly low budget and still make a fun PV.

This scene is adorable. But kind of unnecessary. I wish they found a more intersting way conect the PV to the Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai PV. I would have loved to see them contect the PVs like SNSD conected the Run Devil Run PV to the Oh! one.

Adorable sleeping Aika. I’m so sad that she’s hardly in this PV.

Zukki is so lovely. Her cuteness will surpass Sayumi’s in no time.

Am I the only one who’s just not interested in seeing their feet at all? And I forgot to mention that of course Reina is wearing leopard print.

Quick open the magic door! Unless this is an homage to the Twillight Zone, (I doubt Japan even knows what that is. XD) I honestly think it’s a bit lame. But I bet C.S. Lewis would have gotten a kick out of it.

Ai-chan looks stunning in this outfit.

I’m not gonna lie, cheap or not, I completely love the space background.

I always though Sayumi got stuck with the ugliest outfit. But if that weird necklace looking fabric wasn’t there, her outfit would be the best.

Hot. Ai-chan looking all sultry.

Riho looks super cute her. She always looks the best with her hair up.

Wow, Risa’s make up is very striking. Too bad her hairstyle makes her look washed up.

I hate the outfit they make Zukki wear just because she’s a little thicker than the other girls. I think she’ll forever be put in the outfits Risako and Massa wear.

Risa completely demands your attention here.

Hooray for the first apperance of Aika! Besides the beginning of course.

This reminds me of the Renai Revolution 21 dance.

Aika always look pretty in curls. It’s my favorite hairstyle on her.

Sayumi looks gorgeous.

Creepy extreme close-up.

I don’t get Aika haters. How does no one else see she’s as cute as a button?

Is that really Eripon? When did she get that pretty?

I fear that is is what post Ai-chan Morning Musume is going to look like.

This is literally the first time I noticed Mizuki in the entire PV. XD

Sometimes I wish Sayumi wasn’t so adorable. It makes it harder for me to not like her. (But she’s still my least favorite current Momusu member.)

Risa looks so awkward here that it’s adorable.

I can’t get over how incredible Erina looks.

I’m so bored by Reina. She does her hair the same exact way everytime! It does suit her, but come on change it up everyonce in a while.

Zukki’s bright smile can liven up any PV.

That’s the same move from Kimagure Princess!

This gives a whole new meaning to reach for the stars.

Meet Morning Musume’s 10th gen finalists

On a recent episode of HelloPro! Time they revealed the finalists for Morning Musume’s 10th generation. It was revealed that their are 10 finalists, which is double the amount of the 9th gen auditions. I wonder if this means the 10th gen will be larger than expected.

The 10th gen finalists are as follows:

Kudou Haruka, age 11

Apparently Haruka has been a member of H!P Eggs for a year and a half. Which is honestly news to me, since I don’t follow the Eggs at all. Her Egg training has paid off a great deal because I think her voice is good. It’s not perfect or anywhere the level of the 5 Momusu senpais, but there’s some potential there. Her voice voice is cute and strong, and it could develope into something like Kamei Eri’s voice. I also think Haruka is cute as a button. She looks slightly awkward, as most kids her age do, but for the most part she’s cute. I think she would fir nicely in Morning Musume.

 Iikubo Haruna age 16

I think hands down Haruna is one of the prettiest 10th gen finalist. However, I don’t really want her in the 10th gen. Quite honestly, I think she’s too old. A lot of Momusu fans seem to want older 10th gen members to bridge the gap between the 9th gen and Aika. Or I guess the gap between the 9th gen and Risa. But I have never agreed with that. I don’t want idols to be older just to bridge the gap. That would make their time as an idol extremely short. (That’s usually how it’s been for all the older Musumes. Their time in Momusu, was short. Obviously most of them went  on to become soloists.) And pretty much since the 5th gen the idols have all been young, and were never added to bridge any gap. With the exception of Miki, JunJun, and to a lesser extent LinLin. I think 14 is pretty much the cut off. Since Sayumi, Reina, and Aika were 14 when they joined.
As for Haruna’s singing ability, it is extremely difficult to hear her voice. What I can hear of her singing is that it seems like she lacks energy. Her singing is very low and soft, which is one of the reasons I can’t hear her singing clearly. And if she’s singing that low it’s most likely because she lacks confidence. I think one awkward KY girl in the group is enough for now.

Satou Masaki age 12.

Masaki seems to have the same problem that Haruna has. Her singing was extremely low. And she seemed incredibly nervous. But what I did hear of her voice I liked. It was completely adorable. Maybe even too cute for Morning Musume, I kind of wish she was in the S/mileage auditions instead. But if it worked for Aibon, Nono, and Rika. I guess it could work for her. Because she seems to have a good tone to her voice. I’m sure when she’s singing at 100% without any nerves, her voice is probably fairly powerful.
Also, I think Masaki is one of the prettiest finalist. Especially when her hair is down. I think that would probably make her a popular member off the bat.

Tashima Meru age 11.

Meru reminds me a tiny bit of Zukki. In the sense that Zukki couldn’t sing, but made up for it in her energy. Meru seems to do the same thing. Her voice is pretty terrible and screechy, but she has a smile on her face the whole way through. But I don’t know how much I believe her smile, it seems a little fake to me. You could tell that Zukki was always 100% genuine in her audition. She was overflowing with excitment and energy. It was like her enthusiasm couldn’t be contained. And that’s what drew me to her. Meru does looked excited to be there, but not half as much as Zukki was. That’s pretty much all I have to say about her. She’s cute but her smile seems fake. I don’t want an idol that has a fake smile already. I want it to be years before you can tell her smile isn’t real anymore. Or I want her to be an idol who’s smile never seemed fake. Like LinLin’s.

Oogami Hinako age 13.

There’s not really much I can say about Hinako, since they decided to show footage of her dancing rather than singing. She did look to be very energetic and happy while she was dancing to Seishun Collection. I don’t know if I would have been, considering how boring the song is. But her little dance solo after that was completely weird. I think the announcer was saying it was a jazz dance. But whatever it was, it was odd. And she had this blank stare while doing it. I don’t really think this girl is too easy on the eyes either. She’s a little odd looking.

Miyagi Ayumi, age 11.

I like this girl. There’s something infectious about her. We, unexpectedly, got to see a preview of both her dancing and singing auditions. She was very confident in her dancing and was at a fairly high level. As to be expected since she has 6 years of dance experience. And I think it’s funny that the 2 girls next to her were so horrible at dancing it looked like they weren’t even trying.
Her singing was also pretty good. Her voice was unique. It was deeper than the average idol voice. It really makes her stand out.
I also think Ayumi is really pretty. She looks very mature for her age. It’s hard to believe she’s 11, she could easily pass for 14.
I also think this girl is the Riho of this audition. She seems to be the total package so far.

Miwa Satsuki, age 11.

Oh my god, I do not want this girl anywhere near Morning Musume. She is an awful singer. Not even awful in the idol sort of way where you could forgive her because she’s so cute. Awful in the traditional sense of singing. And it completely irks me that she’s singing a C-ute song. Momusu have like 200 songs or more, you honestly couldn’t find one that fit your range? Yeah, I know that Eripon sang a Lilpri song during her audition, but Erina owned that song.

Ishida Ayumi, age 14.

Honestly, my first reaction to this girl was that she looks creepy. But then I saw her dance, and I was blown away and wanted her in Momusu. But then I heard her sing, and I took that back. She completely butchered Naichau Kamo. She wasn’t even singing it in tune a little bit. And the girls Japanese but it sounds like she can’t even pronounce kamo properly. Her kamo literally sounds like she’s trying to say camel.

Tanaka Fuuka, age 12.

This girl, I don’t even know why, but I love this girl. My initial reaction was that she looks like an alien. Because she does. But her dancing is at an extremely high level. But her singing isn’t. She’s actually pretty bad at singing. But I lover her voice. It is absolutely adorable. It has that odd idol pitch, that idol singers have when their voice is terrible but you still end up liking it because of how cute the voice is. It’s the idol voice that I actually love. Listen to Watanabe Mayu a bit, you’ll see what I mean if you don’t already. And this girl is so odd looking that she’s cute. I want this girl in Momusu! I don’t even fully understand why, but I just do.

Murakami Sara, age 13.

I like Sara’s overal image. For starters I think she is extremely pretty. She looks like a mix between Miyazaki Aoi and Ogawa Makoto. Which is never a bad thing. Her clothing and hairstlye seem to be a bot more on the edgier side. I also absolutely adore her voice. It is deep and completely unique. There’s never been a voice like hers in Morning Musume before. It reminds me of what Melon Kinenbi’s voices were like. And I suddenly want to hear her sing This is Unmei, like right now. Her voice is at a surprisingly high level. All she really needs to do is polish her extended notes. Her voice seems to waver a bit at them. But this girl is so unique, that they need to scoop her up ASAP. I would literally be heartbroken if she’s gets passed up. She’s my favorite so far.


Overall I think there’s a lot of talent in the 10th gen finalists. So much so that I’m sure other idol groups will probably scoop up the girls who don’t get picked. And they will forever be added to the failures of Tsunku box.
I am also extremely angry that Miyamoto Karin isn’t there. People have said not to worry that Mizuki wasn’t in the finals and made it to be the 9th gen. But I honestly think Mizuki was a fluke. It seems that Mizuki was not supposed to be added and was kicked out before the final round. But Tsunku, or whoever is really in control, thought things over more and decided Morning Musume did need her. And she was added. It was obviously not planned, hence why Mizuki herself was so shocked to be added. I honestly don’t know if that will happen with Karin. Especially since Egg member Kudou Haruka is one of the finalists. That and the fact that Karin’s talent isn’t something you would need to think over. Her skill is so obvious, and in your face, you would be a complete idiot not to see it. And I honestly don’t think Tsunku is an idiot. I honestly think that if Karin doesn’t join Morning Musume, it’s not becasue Tsunku doesn’t think she’s good enough, it means he thinks she too good. That he has something bigger and better planned for her. What, or when, that is, is anyone’s guess. It’s the same thing he did with Kikkawa Yuu. Fans like to whine that she should have joined the 8th gen, or should have gone solo years ago. But I agree with that to an extent. After seeing Kikka’s singing ability now, I wish she did debut years ago. But honestly I don’t really think she was at that level years ago. Yes, she was a good singer years ago, but not as good a singer as she is now. Look at how much better she is now compared to when she was in Milky Way.
However, I don’t think Karin needs to wait. She’s at an extremely high level of both singing and dancing. I honestly don’t see how she could get any better than she already is.

Mobekimasu to release first single

It was announced recently that Mobekimasu will be releasing their first single. (I don’t really count a song you could only purchase at concerts a single.) For any relatively new fans, Mobekimasu is what the current members of Hello!Project are called. They took the first character of each groups name, to form an anagram. Their debut single is entitled Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku and will be released on November 16th. I also read that Morning Musume 10th gen and the H!P Eggs will also take part in this single, but as of right now there’s no way to confirm that.

I don’t know what to say about this other than I am absolutely ecstatic. Since I started to listen to H!P in 2007, I wasn’t around for any of the summer shuffles. And because of that I’ve always hoped that they would do something like that again. So, I am thrilled that H!P is finally rehashing the H!P All Stars idea. Though I actually wish they would have releashed a final H!P All Stars single right before the Elder Club graduation. That would have been huge, and would have featured nearly every H!P member of all time, at the time. But I don’t dwell on the past. (Unless it’s about Koharu) I am completely looking forward to this single. The PV, the song, live performances, just everything about it. It does feel a little empty and small compaired to H!P All Stars, but that honestly doesn’t bother me. Having Mobekimasu is a brilliant idea for both fans and from a marketing point of view. This single will probably get decent air play and radio play because it features H!P as a whole. And will also probably sell well because of all of the fans combined. Just a perfect move for post Ai-chan UFA. I also love that we finally get to see all the H!P girls together doing an official single, rather than just at concerts. I think H!P is one of the only idol agencies that could include all of their idols together without the fans hating it. (Possibly the 48 groups could do it as as well, but I honestly don’t know that much about their generanl fanbase) Could you imagine the backlash of a JE agency single? Most JE fans don’t get along, and hate fans of other groups. They constantly cause petty fights. Mostly on the Arashi and KAT-TUN sides. XD

Despite this single not being released until November we already have a sneak peek of both the song and PV from PON via the PV shooting. However, it is an extremely short clip where you can barely even hear the song.
I’m not really too impressed with what I see so far. I absolutely love the main latex outfits for this single, but I actually hate the dresses. Am I the only one who thinks they look strikingly similar to the outfits they wore in the H!P 2010 Summer Fankora concert?

Just make them full dresses and change the color scheme around, and they are more or less the same dresses. The PV so far also looks like it’s pretty cheap. The dance shot and group close-ups are filmed in the same room. Why isn’t the PV budget bigger? I mean it features all of the members, you’d figure because of that they would have a fairly large budget.

As for the song you can only hear a small chunk of it, but it sounds pretty H!P generic so far. The chorus actually reminds me of Aa, Yo ga Akeru from the way it’s sung. But I’m actually more interested in line distribution. So far we can only hear Reina and Risako singing. If the line distribution isn’t somewhat fair it will completely ruin this single for me. Yes, H!P All Stars didn’t really have fair line distribution, but H!P All Stars was twice the size Mobekimasu is.

You can, of course, purchase this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type B]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type C]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type D]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type E]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Limited Edition / Type F]

Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku [Regular Edition]

Morning Musume’s 47th single’s PV previews

This weeks episode of HelloPro Time showed the PV previews for Morning Musume’s double A-side 47th single, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai.

When I first saw the covers for this single a couple days ago I just assumed that the Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo was going to have a mature theme and the Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai PV was going to have a fun and silly theme. Well, I have never been happier to be wrong about something before.
Both PVs have this silly, fun, carefree, and upbeat theme that Morning Musume’s PVs used to have. This single sounds a lot like the songs Morning Musume used to release and now the PV looks like the fun H!P PVs of the past. I am seriously getting flashbacks of Boogie Train 2003, Pittari Shitai Xmas, and Goodbye Natsuo.
Both PVs are far better than I could have imagined. And I think is finally solid proof that Morning Musume is really entering a new era. They are going back to happy, upbeat, cutesy, silly, and fun idol music. Which is something I have patiently waiting for since Resonant Blue came out.

I cannot wait for the full PVs to come out now!

Eri and Sayumi solo previews

Morning Musume’s 9th studio album, Platinum 9 Disco, is being released in a few weeks. And previews of the songs have been released recently. First it was Eri’s solo song and now we get a preview of Sayumi’s. So here’s my quick reviews of the song.

Kamei Eri-Kataomoi no Owari ni

I think Eri sounds really sweet in this. And vocally she sounds amazing. But as of now this song isn’t really doing anything for me. It’s really nothing special. And kind of sounds like everything else. Maybe when the HQ comes out I’ll change my mind.

Michishige Sayumi-It’s You

The music has a more rockish feel and is very out of place for Sayumi. And yet somehow this song really fits her. I think the music is great though, but parts of it reminds me of the music they used to play in the old Street Fighter video games. Sayumi doesn’t sound that great vocally on this one, but she does sound really cute. It also sounds like she’s trying to sound sexy. But I’m Sayumi biased, so I love the song.

Momusu to perform at Anime Expo!

OMG! It seriously feels like I’m dreaming! Morning Musume is going to perform at Anime Expo. This is their first performance within the continental US ever! And Anime Expo will be from July 2-5. Here’s AX’s officials page.

Now this news is HUGE! I mean this could mean Morning Musume wants to pursue the US. And the exposure from the country’s biggest anime convention could get their foot in the door! Who knows what else they have in store for the future. Maybe an American Morning Musume audition? Now that sounds less like wishful thinking and more like a possibility. They have 2 members from China. Why not some from the US too?

I still can’t even fathom how or why this is happening. Even now this seems like it’s not true, and tomorrow someone will say it was all a joke. I can’t believe after years of wishing they’d come to the US, besides Hawaii, it’s finally happening! I can’t wait for this!

But this news is bitter sweet for me. I won’t be able to make it there. I live all the way across the country. Which makes me ridiculously sad. California got Jrock Revolution, the debut of S.K.I.N., and now Morning Musume. But I’ll try not to hold anymore resentment towards California. This is still amazing news after all. And I’m super excited for this wether I’m there or not.

Here’s to Momusu having a future in the US. And maybe even a tour here someday.

Yorosen Ending?!

Yet another H!P show is ending. Of course this time it’s none other than Yorosen. Yorosen’s last episode will be sometime in the spring. It seems everything in H!P is ending and Yorosen is no exception. The producer for SSM posted it on his blog. Apparently SSM produced all of H!P shows. So of course there’s a rumor that the C-ute Hitler incident made Up-Front end the contract, but I don’t necessarily believe that. Since it wasn’t that big of a deal. There’s another rumor that they already hired another production crew. Which if is true, is awesome. Maybe this new production crew will give us a great show and not another Yorosen.

All I can really say about this is not again! Ok, so Yorosen wasn’t that great of a show it was even border line boring. But I liked watching it and was keeping up with the episodes. Yorosen made me realize that Chisato isn’t that bad. But she’s still my least favorite in C-ute.

But all I want right now is the announcement of another H!P show. Maybe even each groups own solo show, but that’s unlikely. We probably won’t know about the next show for a few more months. I really hope their is a next show. And not with a stupid theme like teaching.

Morning Musume 9th album announced

It’s finally announced officially! Morning Musume’s 9th album Platinum 9 Disc will be released March 18th. I thought the album was being called Platinum 9 Disco. But I’m not really impressed with the album title, even if it was disco. Though the majority of Momusu albums have stupid titles. Sexy 8 Beat and Rainbow 7 are the only ones I actually think are cool.

Most of the songs on the album aren’t necessarily new. A good chunk of the songs are either singles or were preformed at their Fall concert Resonant Live. But I’m still excited to hear what the 4 new songs sound like. And since I haven’t finished watching Resonant Live, which I’m working on to review later on, I’m excited to hear how the songs from Resonant Live sound. And to see how good the studio version is. And Ame no Furanai is on the album, which I’m happy about. I absolutely love the song.

What’s really exciting about this album is Aika, Sayumi, and Eri get solo songs! And shockingly there’s none for Ai or Reina. It’s about time there’s some Aika love in Momusu. I absolutely loved her duet, Haru Beautiful Everyday, with Eri from the Sexy 8 Beat album. So, I’m really excited for this. And an Eri solo song is really overdo. Her voice is just incredible. And Sayumi, I’m really excited for her solo too. She’s one of my fave members, and her Furusato performance was great. I think she can handle her solo song now. So she might not really get lines in actual singles, but Tsunku still listened and gave her a solo song.

Here’s the track list for the album.

1. Ame no Furanai

2. Songs
3. Resonant Blue
4. Take off is Now!
5. Mikan
6. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kiduka nu Donkan na Hito
7. Guru Guru Jump
8. Jounetsu no Kiss o Hitotsu
9. It’s You
10. Onna ni Sachi Are
11. Kataomoi no Owari ni
12. Kanashimi Twilight
13. Naichau Kamo

Morning Musume Fall tour preivew

Morning Musume’s DVD for their Fall 2008 tour will be released soon, I’m not exactly sure on the date. So Dohhhup posted a video for their performance of Sono Bamen de Bibicha Ikenai jan. I’m pretty excited that, they picked this song to show because this is one of my favorite Morning Musume B-sides. It’s in my Morning Musume B-side top 5.

The first thing I notice about the performance is it seems like the group parts might be lip synced. The JA~N parts, and the group verses as a whole sound way to similar to the original recording. But the solo parts are actually sung live. I’m ok with them lip syncing, they have to get a break from singing some where. I might as well be group parts instead of an entire song.

Another thing I noticed singing wise is some of the member seems out of breath. Aika, JunJun, and even one of Risa’s lines are forced out for the most part. My only problem with that is, I think this is the first or second song of the concert. They’re usually not that out of breath that early on in the concert.

And of course I hate the outfits! I really hate the color yellow. And color aside, they’re not even nice dresses. Koharu’s and Aika’s dresses are pretty, but that’s obviously just a fluke. But I do love their glittery silver boots. They match the outfit nicely.

Overall I think the performance is really fun. The choreography is very simple and cute. And everyone looks great as usual. I can’t wait until the DVD is out.

It’s raining Momusu!

Morning Musume’s new single, Naichau Kamo, will be released on February 18. And so the PV came out today. It’s finally out! It came out much quicker then I thought it would though.

I’ve been a big fan of this song as soon as it came out. I think it’s amazing.
I’m really impressed with Eri’s parts. She sounds fabulous, I would have liked to see her get a bigger part though. Line distribution is almost fair but not quite. Of course the spotlight goes to Ai and Reina, exactly like it has been for the last two singles. Eri, Risa, and Sayumi get two solo lines. And that’s it! Not a peep from Koharu or 8th gen. Except for chorus parts.

And it’s sad because Aika and Jun Jun have lower voices, which is perfect for this song. Since it’s relatively low, with only a handful of high parts. And what I can barely make out of Lin Lin’s voice sounds really nice. And I honestly can’t tell when Koharu is singing. Besides the kamo parts, I just can’t tell. And Sayumi’s solos sound nice. Considering how her voice can sound, she got the perfect lines so she wouldn’t over do them. But in the chorus it sounds a little pushed.

But lately it seems like Momusu has been hail marying it. Throwing Ai and Reina up front and hoping it sells well. And that really makes me frustrated. Why even have the other members if you’re not going to use them? I mean we haven’t heard from Lin Lin and Jun Jun in a single since they debuted! And that’s really sad. How are they supposed to progress into better singers if they aren’t given the opportunity to show what they can do?

Anyway, if I continue on that subject this whole post will turn in a rant. As for the PV, I really like it. It feels more like a PV, and it’s a lot better than anything they’ve had recently. You have the dance scenes, then close up scenes, and the rain scenes. I really like the dancing scene backgrounds. Everything is put in the perfect place to complement the theme of the video. Even the floor. The marble floor gives a nice reflection of the dance will having that dark, gloomy feel.

I think the rain scenes were a nice touch also. It certainty got the point across. Personally I think a rain version would be cool, but also kind of cliche. And having nothing but rain would get tiring really fast. It’s really nice to see everyone crying in the video. But Ai’s defiantly looks the saddest and is the most natural. Reina’s crying scenes in a way are sadder but they seem fake. She over did it too much. But some of them don’t even look like they are trying. Sayumi and Lin Lin look like they are just bothered by the rain, rather than being upset.

I absolutely love the dance outfits for this. It adds a subtle sexy feel to the PV. And Momusu in fishnets is pretty epic on it’s own. The skirts are a little reminiscent of Buono’s but they are cute none the less. Aside from the outfits being perfect, everyone’s hair is incredible. Everyone’s hair has a different styling and almost everyone’s is gorgeous. Aika’s is looking very Momoko-ish. She had very similar hair in the Honto no Jibun PV.

Another surprise from this video is how much Jun Jun stands out. Even though she contributes very little singing wise, my eyes were drawn to her in the dance scenes. The way they styled her hair is just incredible on her. She looks very gorgeous in the video. Good for her. But Lin Lin really fades to the back. I only noticed her twice in the whole video. And those were her close up shots.

As always here’s the video. Enjoy.

Momusu cellphone preview

Morning Musume’s PV became available for cell phone download yesterday. So you know what that means, grainy cell phone quality preview of the PV! Bad quality or not you get 1:40 preview. That’s 1/3 of the PV! I really love the video and the song. I’m feeling a hit for Momusu. At least in the top 5. It would be amazing if this went to number one!

The PV isn’t that bad of quality if you watch it smaller. And evidently those outfits that have HQ pictures are their second outfits for the PV. Which is awesome because Pepper Keibu only had one.

A taste of Momusu’s new PV

GakiKame were on a show recently promoting Morning Musume’s new single Nai Chau Kamo. You literally get to see 5 seconds of the video. But in that short time you get a lovely close up of Risa. And you get to see how amazing Koharu’s, Aika’s, and Sayumi’s hair look. Risa’s hair is looking very Princess like. And apparently the outfits from the Winter Concert are the official PV outfits. I really love them. They’re very rockerish.

And there is finally high quality pictures of, I’m guessing the cover outfits. At first glance Koharu blows me away. She looks super pretty. And Aika’s outfit is still looking very Aibon like. I defiantly approve of that. As far as Eri goes her outfit is a miss. There’s just too much going on. With her wicked witch stripped hood and her sparkling elbow length gloves. It’s just awful. I’m impressed with JunJun’s outfit, it’s very chic. This outfit looks like something a fashionista in New York would wear. Yeah I said fashionista. XD Sayumi’s clothes are really great too. She turns her rocker jacket into something sweet when she pairs it with her necklace and hat. Those are the outfits that really jump out to me everyone else’s kind of just blend in.

And that’s it for my style portion. >_<

Momusu 38th single!

Morning Musume’s 38th single, Nai Chau Kamo, is being released on February 18th. And thanks to Reina’s radio show we have the full preview to the song.

The first thing I notice about this song is omg Sayu gets solo lines! And it’s not saying some random phrase like Pepper Keibu Yo or Shabondama. Which I’m pretty excited about. It’s about time, and she actually sounds really good in them. But I must say I’m absolutely in love with Risa’s solo lines! I also having a little trouble telling who’s singing what. I think Eri got a two line solo but it sounds like the first line could be Ai-chan. And maybe I’m hearing things but it sounds like JunJun got a solo line. Either she did or she just really over powered whoever was singing the same line as her.
But I think this music is just a little on the bland side. It just feels like it needs to be a little louder and a little faster. I do like the song, it has a more mature feel. Which is nice to hear. I like how Momusu has been increasingly more mature lately, with their songs. This song is also a nice change from their last single. For the fact that it was a bit too Reina centered for my taste. It’s nice to hear everyone else sing or at least be noticed. I also can’t wait to read a translation of this song, I have a feeling the lyrics are probably going to be good.

Here’s a blurry picture of what might be their outfits for either their PV or CD covers. And the blurriness of the pic makes Aika look like Aibon! And what’s with Eri’s weird hood. I really wish there was a high quality version of this pic.

Ice Cream Revoluton 21

As most of you, if not all of you, have heard Icecreamusume’s debut song was played on a Taiwan radio station on December 22. It’s a Chinese cover of Morning Musume’s hit single Renai Revolution 21. It’s going to be part of their mini album, Ice Creamusume – 1st Best. Which will be released January 16. The track list will be:

1. Lian Ai Deng Chang

2. Zao An Ka Fei (Morning Coffee)
3. Zai Mei You Yu Shui Zi Run De Zing Qui Shang Shi Wu Fa Fu Chu Ai De Ba? (Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou?)
4. Lian Ai Ge Ming 21 (Renai Revolution 21)
5. Go Girl ~Lian Ai Sheng Li~ (Go Girl~ Koi no Victory~)
6. Debut! ~Lian Ai De Zhuan Jiao Hui You Hao Yun Jiang Lin~ (Japanese version)
7. Zao An Ka Fei (Morning Coffee) (Japanese version)
I needed to get the main info in this post. XD


I actually found out about this song today, while browsing H!O. I don’t really pay much attention to Icecreamusume because I’m honestly more interested in Jpop than Cpop. Though in the past months I started to listen to a little bit of Chinese music.

At first listen to this song I didn’t really like it. And not so much because of the language it’s it. Mostly because to me this song sounds kind of awkward in Chinese. And Chinese singers tend to have higher pitched voices, which I’m not really used to. But once I got passed the initial pitch differences, the song is actually pretty good. It’s better than I expected it to be. It’s obviously not as good as the original, nothing can be. But I think all in all, for what it is, it’s good. And one thing I noticed right off the bat was that Icecreamusume is 100 times better at pronouncing the English words. It’s almost funny really. Now that they seemed to give this song justice I’m excited to hear how the other Momusu covers will sound.

Iida Kaori’s son passes away

Former first gen member of Morning Musume, Iida Kaori’s son has passed away at just 6 months old. Though the information was released yesterday, he died on July 27, 2008 due to renal failure.

This is a truly tough time in Iida’s life. She is a very strong woman to be able to have this information revealed to the masses. My deepest condolences go out to her. I do hope she tries to have another child again because I am sure she would make a great mom. She said she is going to remain positive for her son and is going to return working. I wish her the best in life.
On you can read translated blog entries of Yaguchi Mari, Nakazawa Yuko, and others for their statments on such a tragic event.

Repeat of Resonant?

Pepper Keibu is out! At least the PV is anyway. Actually really quickly. I’m not sure how long it takes for PV’s to come after song previews are out. Because I have this weird habit of not listening to the preview because I think it will ruin the surprise when the PV comes out. Anyway, weird habits aside for now. I have been listening to this song like crazy. I honestly didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. The effects are really cool. And the vocal pairings of the song are brilliant. After watching the video I noticed Reina is the only one who got a solo line, I thought Sayumi did as well. I guess I was wrong. I’d like to see Risa or Eri in the front instead of Reina. But Reina has a great voice and she defiantly earned that spot.

As far as the PV goes I’m calling a repeat of Resonant Blue. And just because the dance routine and member screen is more fair. And they have a few more snappy camera angles doesn’t make it better than the Resonant Blue’s disappointment. It’s still a dance shot and not what I wanted to see. But more versions will probably be out for this just like Resonant. But here’s my big question on that. If they really do have other versions why not just make that the official PV? That doesn’t really make sense to me. Aside from it being a dance version I like the video. It is very discoy. Glittery backdrops and all.

I would have changed a few things about this though. For starters, I would definably an actually PV. None of this massive editing to make you forget you’re only watching a dance shot. I would also change the music and melody of the song. I love this cover to death don’t get me wrong. But I would love to see it sound more like Morning Musume. More of their take on the song rather than sticking to the original so closely.

But I really think we have a hit on our hands. Hopefully this song will get them to number one on oricon. And perhaps take them out of this slump they are in. They are too good to go downhill any further.

Cover you in pepper

It was announced that Morning Musume’s 37th single will be a cover of the Pink Lady’s hit Pepper Keibu. The song is said to be more danceable then the original. The song will have a disco beat since the original was released in 1976. It was also Pink Lady’s first single. Another H!P Pink Lady cover makes me miss W even more. I wonder what a Nono and Aibon version would sound like.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand when I first heard Ai and Risa’s version of it, for the drama Hit Maker: Yu Aku Monogatari, I thought it sounded really good. It was a pretty good version of it. I never imagined it as a Morning Musume single though. On the other hand this means no new Momusu songs for a while. Not only are they doing a cover single they are also doing and entire Yu Aku tribute album entitled Cover You.

I really wish they weren’t doing a tribute album. I was really looking forward to new material by them. Which means we’ll have to wait 5 or 6 more months for their next single. People have said this is a good thing, a cover song will bring in other fans who wouldn’t normally listen to Morning Musume. But is that entirely true? I wonder how many new fans W drew in for their covers of Southpaw and Koi no Vacance.

I am actually really impressed by the song. The song sounds exactly like the original song, except Pink Lady has deeper voices than Morning Musume. This time Reina has the lead vocals instead of Ai. Ai even doesn’t get a solo line in this song at all. Which means they are sifting the spotlight away from Ai so Reina can be the next leader. And Sayumi finally gets a solo line. Which hasn’t happened for 5 singles! I love her Pepper Keibu yon at the end of the song. It seems like someone at UFA listened to her plea at Music Fighter. I am just glad you can actually hear everyone in this single instead of just Ai, Reina, Koharu. With Eri and Risa for support.

The covers for this single were released also. There will be 3 different versions of it. Version A, Version B, and a regular version. I really like the covers. They look very chic. Their hair and outfits are amazing. But Aika’s hair looks really weird like that. They should have styled it differently. And I don’t like that Eri and Lin Lin kind of look like twins. So does Jun Jun and Reina. Of course I mean just by the hairstyle.

So here’s the preview for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet.

The end of an era?

Haromoni@ will be ending after a September episode. There are split reactions to this news. Some fans are sad and will miss the show dearly but other are happy, feeling hello morning was a better show and maybe now Momusu will get a better show. But what if they don’t? It’s not always good to assume that they will be given a new show simply because of who they are. It’s a big possibility that they just won’t get a new one. Poor ratings point in that direction.

Which leads me to believe that the kids are doing better than Morning Musume. Berikyuu seems to be doing better than Haramoni@. Granted berikyuu is much shorter and Haraomoni@ was on TV Tokyo. Even so, the kids continue to get more popular. And the Berryz Kamen vs Cutie Rangers concert was really good. They also seem to be given better songs lately. I think Namida no Iro is the best C-ute single yet.

Which leads me to another conclusion. Is this the end of Morning Musume? There has been speculation for a while if Momusu would be coming to an end. Could declining single sales and the end of their weekly show finally put them over the edge? I like to believe that won’t happen.

As for my take on all of this. I’m not really that upset about it ending. I never really watched Haromoni@ or Hello Morning because I can’t speak Japanese. I’d watch random clips or episodes that had subs. Perhaps if I could speak Japanese it would be a different story. And I highly doubt the ending of their show will determine their fate. If no one watched the show anyway it was only bringing them down and they need to make way for a newer and better show.

So as for now we have to put the animal ears back on the shelf, unroll the sushi, and put the curtain down on Gaki-Kame theater. And hope for a better show with higher ratings for them.

Ganbatte Lin Lin!

A few days ago I got the chance to watch Morning Musume’s Spring 2008 concert Single Daizenshuu. I had to wait until it was put on a veoh as I don’t have the means to buy a legal copy. XD I was surprised when Onna Ni Sachi Are was preformed. Lin Lin sounded a lot better. I was a little skeptical at first when Jun Jun and Lin Lin joined the group not so much because they were Chinese and Momusu might be compromising themselves just to branch out farther into Asia. Mostly because they didn’t really sound up to par in Morning Musume. Jun Jun was always ok but Lin Lin in my opinion was terrible. When I first heard Onna Ni Sachi Are I had to rewind to her one solo line cause I didn’t believe that’s what her voice really sounded like. And let’s be honest Jun Jun kind of out sang Lin Lin in song Suki Na Senpai preformed at the 2007 fall concert Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb. And sorry to all Lin Lin fans I may have just ofended that was my honest opinion, but I have nothing else but good things to say about her now. You can really tell in Hyokkori Hyoutan-Jima how much she really has improved. And, it’s hard to tell just how long she has been noticeably better. Since she had 0 solo lines in Mikan and the “ranchi mo michi mo” line (from RB’s b-side) isn’t really good for judging singing ability.
She also didn’t even sing in Resonant Blue. Because I don’t count fu, wow, and ah as singing since they are usually lip synced during lives. Or maybe that’s just Koharu? O_O Anyway, Lin Lin has shown huge improvements which shows what can happen with a little time to grow. Just look at Risa. 😀 Though it can be argued “some members” never improved, but that’s another topic all together.

Since I really love doing reviews I have to review the spring concert. I’ll start off by saying in the opening act my eyes were glued to Mittsi, and not in a good way. I noticed throughout the song she didn’t smile once and it looked like she didn’t even want to be there. But her expression changed entirely as soon as the next song played and she actually had a chance to sing. You can tell from Aika and Sayumi that the members, not just the fans, are angry about the unfair line distribution in Resonant Blue. I also didn’t like that Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari was stuck into a medley. That was the song I was most excited for when I heard they were doing an every single concert. I really wanted to hear 8th gen verses instead of another Ai-chan one. I was very impressed with the solos though, especially Sayumi’s, she really has come a long way. The holded mother note was amazing! Ai’s Do It! Now was my second favorite. Even though I would have like to seen a trio do it or at least Risa also, it was still good. She kinda looked like a pimp with the hat and jacket combo. Haha. I think Ai Araba It’s Allright is one of my favorite performances from this because it’s one of my favorite MM single and everyone had a solo line in it. And it sounded almost as good as the original. I must admit I am starting to get sick of Love Machine as it is sung frequently in H!P concerts. But it was a good version so I can’t complain. It was better than the one preformed at Sexy 8 Beat. Aruiteru was unexpectedly good as well. The harmonies were just amazing. Everyone really blends well together. This concert was a lot better than I expected it to be. It was better than Sexy 8 Beat and Rainbow Seven. But that’s just my opinion of course. I think it would also be cool to see an every b-side concert, but that’s very unlikely. It’s more of something I would just like to see.