K-Ft and company release new PV

A few days ago the full PV for Kis-My-Ft2’s 2nd  single, We Never Give Up, was released.

After watching the PV preview of for this song I was pretty munc convinced I was going to hate this PV. But after watching the full version I’m surprised by how much I actually like it. The PV is set that Kisumai are literally snowed in some random frozen tundra. And a majority of the PV follows that. They are several scenes where they showcase the snow covering the inside of their, for lack of better words, house. And also random scenes with them dancing and running in the snow. Which is a great way to get frostbite. I actually really like the snow scenes because the lighting is absolutely gorgeous. It’s this very dimly light snow lighting effect. And it gives the PV this very faded, depressing, sort of defeated feel to it. Which works perfectly for the theme of this song.
But don’t fret if your not one for grey lighting, because the magical blowing triangle in the middle of the room can, at will, turn baren wasteland into a tropical paradise. Which is a little stupid, but they had to come up with some reason to switch lighting and I guess this is they best they came up with. I’m not really complaining though because the lighting during those scenes is really beautiful as well. I absolutely love when natural lighting is used for PVs. And while this doesn’t look like it’s legitimately natural lighting it does give the appearance of it, with just being slightly sharper. Switching from such dim lighting to such bright lighting adds a very beautiful contrast to the PV.

There is one aspect of this PV I find hilarious, and would probably care more about it if I was a bigger Kisumai fan. And that aspect is: I have never seen members so obviously pushed in a Johnny’s PV in my entire life. In this PV the absolutely the only members you actually see are Taisuke, Yuta, and Hiromitsu. And not even the usual fan complain that their member isn’t show as much as the most popular member. No, I mean the other 4 members are shoved in the background the entire PV and don’t even get close-up shots. They are completely treated as backup dancers. The main 3 have 2 different outfits with a bunch of accessories. Bow ties, regular ties, gloves, vests, and amazing jackets. While the back 4 wear the same button up shirts the entire PV. The only time you can see them up close is if it’s during a group shot or all 4 of them at once. And I have to say it’s a little ridiculous. I’m trying to think of ever Johnny’s PV that I’ve ever seen to see if something like this has happened before, and I honestly can’t think of one. There is always a member, or members, who will get slightly more screen time then the rest because of popularity. But that’s it slightly more screen time, not all the screen time. In Hey! Say! JUMP’s Hitomi no Screen only Ryosuke got solo lines. However, the other 9 members were still featured a lot in the PV.

Kisumai are trapped in the snow.

And it that wasn’t clear enough perhaps this will help.

Hiro keeps trying to make these “sexy” faces, but it doesn’t really work when you look like a troll. Nice outfit though.

I like this oufit too. And am I the only who noticed that for some reason Yuta looks constantly angry.

Behold, the magical weather changing triangle.

Gorgeous set.

But for some reason it still reminds me of Arashi’s To Be Free set. And they aren’t even that similar.

I like this dance, there are a lot of very sharp and precise moves.

I’m starting to really get used to this hair on Taisuke.


That’s funny, I though Kisumai only had 3 members.


Yeah, he’s seriously trying way too hard.

Horrible move.

Hiro kinda looks like he’s having a seizure here.

Is the reason Hiro is so popular because of how weird he is? I’m starting to like him for that very reason. XD

Stupid face.

Compared to Hiro is seems like no one else is really trying on their close-ups.

This looks like a Russ-K ad.

Just completely shoved to the back. They aren’t even hiding the fact.

Cute dance move.

This is the Winter Time.

I still prefer Summer Time though.


This is probably the most ridiculous move I’ve ever seen in an idol dance.

It was so close to not having them in roller skates.

Nice fake flowers.

But it reminds me of Arashi’s One Love PV.