Kis-My-Ft2-Everybody Go radio rip

The radio rip for Kis-My-Ft2’s debut single, Everybody Go, has just been released.

Now, I didn’t really plan on making an entire blog post about the Everbody Go radio rip when it was released. Mostly because I already posted their Shounen Club performance of this song about a month ago. But I was listening to the radio rip and I noticed how the music sounds different. Which I wasn’t really expecting. The music sounds about 80% the same, but it seems like they added a lot for effects to the music to pump it up a bit. There’s also this weird sort of twinkling bells in the very beginning of the song. Which is so out of place it makes me laugh. XD
And I am nowhere near familiar with Kisumai’s voices but it sounds like more people are singing in the radio rip compared to the Shounen Club performance. During the Shounen Cub performance only Taisuke and Hiromitsu had solos. But in the radio rip it sounds like there are 4 or 5 different people singing in this song.

Even though the music is slightly different I still absolutely love the song. It’s the type of song that could make some one like me, who never paid attention to them before, possibly become a fan.

DiVA-Cry preview

Avex’s official youtube channel has posted a commercial for DiVA’s upcoming 2nd single Cry. The commercial is about 30 seconds long and is the first time the fans get to hear the song.

I really had high hopes for DiVA to become my favorite AKB48 sub-group. They are the best singers in AKB48, and after watching the little bit of AKB48 shows I’ve watched I’m starting to really like Sayaka. I wasn’t really impressed with Tsuki no Uragawa all that much. Lyric wise the song is beautiful. Singing and music wise, it was pretty lack luster. The music was too soft and the singing was too bland. They didn’t use their full singing potential. However, in this song that’s not the case. During the chorus we get to hear some fairly high and  powerful notes sung beautifully. I mean, the notes are held seamlessly. And we get to hear each member have a solo line. At least I think, I’m like 80% sure the last solo in the commercial was Ayaka.
Even though I am really excited that we finally have some high notes in a DiVA song, I’m not really impressed so much with the song itself. The song is basically the same as Tuski no Uragawa. Except that the music it’s a fraction higher. I know that slow songs and ballads show off a singer’s vocal ability. But does that really mean that all the songs they release have to be slow? Not really. They could have a regular idol type of song but then hit some really high notes along the way or during the chorus. The songs also seem to be this tempo because DiVA is going with a more mature and adult image. Which is why I don’t really like mature idol groups that much. They’re boring. Mature and idol groups should never really be used in the same sentence. At least in my opinion. But there I go jumping to conclusions. This is only the chorus of this song, no one knows what the verse sound like yet. But I’m willing to bet it’s nearly the same as the chorus.

Now on to the PV. Wow, for being an AKB48 subgroup they release some pretty cheap PVs. At least the set for Tsuki no Uragawa was pretty, despite also being a cheap PV. But are they serious with the Cry set? They are dancing in front of a plastic tree! And the insanely bright setting of the dance space doesn’t fit with the tempo or theme of the song at all. The close-up shots don’t really get anymore cutting edge either. They are just standing in front of falling water. Which makes sense because the song is called Cry. But it’s been done before. Give us something new and exciting.
However, the PV isn’t all bad. The girls look absolutely gorgeous. I love the military inspired outfits. The lighting makes them look practically flawless. And I love that the close-ups have their hair styled simple.

2nd interview of S/mileage’s auditions to be streamed live!

It was announced that the second intreview for S/mileage’s 2nd generation will be streamed live on Nico Nico Douga. The stream will start at 1 PM JST. Click here for the Nico Nico Douga stream page.

The Nico Nico Douga page says the following about the stream:

2000 girls participated the selection
50 girls passed the first interview.
They will stream all the process of the second interview .
It will be from the interviewer angle  – the second interview will consist of: introduction, singing, forehead and dental check, dancing, etc.
Also some notice:
Respect their privacy.
No S/mileage girls will appear.
They may change the background music.

I think it is incredibly exciting that they are going to stream the audtion process live. I mean, it’s the 2nd best thing to being there. This is the closest us fans have ever gotten to the audition. Usually we have to wait  to see clips, or the entire show, weeks after it happened. But seeing it while it happens, and being able to pick your favorite girl while it’s happening, is is an incredible hands on experience for the fans. It’s things like this that make me excited to be a fan.

2nd peek at the S/mileage auditions

S/mileage’s official youtube channel has uploaded another video of the 2nd generation audition process. Which gives us fans a nice peak at the types of girls who auditioned. And this is more of a peak than we got of Morning Musume’s 9th generation. With them showing us so many girls during the S/mileage audition, we might have actually seen a girl who will become a finalist or new member. Which is an exciting thought. And only time will tell if that happens.

And another zooming shot, like last time, to show the majority of auditioners.

I think the girl on the left is cute, she looks energetic. The girl on the right looks super nervous.

I wasn’t really blown away by this girl at first glance. But I do think she has potential as an idol. I an odd way she reminds me of Ogawa Makoto.

Woah, the girl looking toward the camera looks like Nakajima Saki and Tokunaga Chinamis’ love child. XD

During the pan of the crowd in the beginning this was the girl I was focused on! She looks a bit like Miyazawa Sae.

This girl is hardly a looker, but she seems lively.

Did anyone else immediately flash to Fukuda Asuka? XD

Meh. XD

I love that this girl said how much she loves S/mileage. Makes me like her even more. XD She is pretty. And she looks a tiny, tiny bit like Maeda Atsuko.

Yuke yuke monkey face. That’s hilarious. But probably too harsh of a comment for some.

This girl looks kind of angry. I’m not sure how well a yankee would fit in S/mileage.

She’s kind of cute.

All I see is teeth. XD

I wish we could see her face. She looks like she might be cute. Her hair is cute, so maybe she is?  XD

Because it’s Buono!

Buono’s official Youtube channel has just uploaded the PV for Buono’s upcoming 12th single, Natsu Dakara.

The PV isn’t all that different than the PV preview we saw a week ago.  There’s only like a handful of new scenes. And after seeing the PV preview I was expecting a whole lot more than what we had already seen. For most of the PV it’s just the girls standing in front of a door or sitting on a couch. With a few random activites thrown in so the PV doesn’t seem as simple as it is. But like I said before I am actually ok with such a simple PV. After thei last single had 2 expensive PVs with a lot going on, it’s actual a nice change to have this PV be a bit more simple. It actually fits really nicely with the tempo of the song. I love how the whole PV is nothing but a giant beauty shot because my girls look simply gorgeous. The only thing I am not really that happy with is how Airi centered the song and PV is. Since Buono only has 3 members they have always been extremely fair song and PV wise. But it seems since Buono switched to Zetima they’ve been throwing Airi a couple more lines than the other girls. Which I’m not really into.

Nice wedges. XD

They look super pretty in natural lighting.

They might be doing nothing but shoving Airi in your face, but with good reason. She looks really pretty and cute here.

The dresses are beautiful too. Very simple and elegant.

Miyabi is the real standout of this PV though. She’s look gorgeous.

Airi looks beyond adorable in this hat.

I think Momo’s a little overexcited. She’s making way too intense a face for saying the word sunshine.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. She’s only looking a way, and she looks incredible.

Momoko looks really cute here.

And she’s back to looking creepy. This is why I love Momo. XD

Miyabi looks great here. She looks super friendly and approachable. And I love how her dress is 70’s inspired.

Airi’s pouty face is so cute.


I don’t get why they keep waving.

Miya’s innocent face is so adorable.

I love how Airi is making more of a sultry face.

But lolz that Momoko is just giving a blank stare.

Airi is always watching. Airi kind of looks scary here. XD


Airi is such a cutie.

Momoko is so cute and lovely.

There are so many scenes in these PV where the girls look amazing. Like, look how cute Miyabi looks.

Miyabi’s too into this.

Himitsu da yo~

The bubbles make me think of C-ute’s Momoiro Sparkling PV and Guardians4’s Party Time PV.


I just had a serious flashback to Buono’s Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! PV.

SDN48-Min.Min.Min. preview

A commercial for Min Min Daho energy drink featuring SDN48 has started airing. In the commercial we get to hear a short preview of SDN48’s 3rd single Min.Min.Min. And I mean a short preview. The commerical is only 18 seconds longs, so we pretty much only get to hear the very beginning of the chorus.

The song sounds completely different than their last 2 singles. GAGAGA and Ai Juseyo both had fairly heavy dance beats. This song is just completely toned down, and not really what I was expecting at all. I know SDN48 has a few slow B-sides, so it’s not really that new for them to make a song this slow. But this song so far doesn’t really fit with their theme. The song sounds too cute for SDN48’s sexy/adult image.  I don’t know, I’m just a little thrown off by the song. I mean, it doesn’t sound that bad so far. But it just doesn’t fit them.

SDN48 to release 3rd single

It was just announced that SDN48 will be releasing their 3rd single. The song is entitled Min.Min.Min. and will be released on August 17th.

I have a pretty love hate relationship with SDN48. It’s mostly hate though because I’m not into their overall theme. The only only really comes in because I absolutely loved GAGAGA. However, I wasn’t really impressed with Ai Juseyo. I do like Ai Juseyo more now than when it first came out, I’m still not all that enamored with it. Hopefully, SDN48 will mkae me incredibly happy and will release another song like GAGAGA. It seems to be a similar single already because both GAGAGA and Min.Min.Min. aren’t actual words. Now hire the same Korean composer from GAGAGA, and I’ll be happy.

Of course you can buy this single from CDJapan by clicking the links below.

SDN48 – Min.Min.Min.[CD+DVD / Type A]

SDN48 – Min.Min.Min.[CD+DVD / Type B]

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7-Hetappi Wink preview

The radio rip for Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s 8th single, Hetappi Wink, has been released. Can I just say that I was under the impression that the 8th single was just going to be Watarirouka Hashiritai. Boy, do I feel stupid now. XD

After hearing the song I am actually a little underwhelmed by the song. As of right now, the song doesn’t really have that wow factor. Pretty much all of Watarirouka Hashiritai’s songs have been effortlessly cute. But with this song it’s missing the immediate cute factor you get with songs like Gyu or Valentine Kiss. The song is pretty heavy and upbeat, which would usually be a big plus for me. But for some reason the music just reminds me of Shugo Chara Eggs songs. Not even because the music is similar, because it’s not. There’s just something similar about it that I can’t quite put my finger on.
I am also completely unimpressed with the singing. I know Watarirouka Hashiritai isn’t exactly known for having the best voices, but at some parts of the song the singing sounds a lot more strained than usual. And right after the chorus they repeat the word wink like 8 times, which comes off more as annoying than cute. Just the way they are saying wink sounds like they are trying to hard for it to sound cute instead of letting it naturally happen.

I’m a little sad by how lackluster the song is. Watarirouka Hashiritai is my favorite AKB48 sub-group. And I was expecting a lot more from this song. Hopefully, the song will eventually grow on me. But for now it’s not one of my favorites.

AKB48 to hold 2nd Janken Tournament

It was just announced that AKB48 will be golding their 2nd Janken Tounament. The Tournament will take place at the Budokan on September 20th. All AKB48 members and Research Students, as well as 5 SKE48 members and 5 NMB48 members, will take part in the Tournament. There will also be a  preliminary round to determine which SKE48 and NMB48 members will be in the Janken Tournament.

Maybe it’s because I don’t follow AKB48 as close as other fans, or as close as I’d like to, but I actually wasn’t expecting this at all. Not to say that I wasn’t expecting another Janken Tournament, because I was. But I wasn’t really expected them to do one so soon. I mean, they just finished the Senbatsu Election. I guess I shouldn’t really be that surprised, because last year the Senbatsu Election results, and the announcement for the Janken Tournament, all happened at pretty much the exact same time as this years. Both Senbatsu Elections ended on June 9th. The only real differnces are, the Janken Tournament was announced last year on June 11th, and took place on September 21st. Which means, I guess both are going to be a yearly events.

I am actually really excited for another Janken tournament. I didn’t really pay that close attention to the first Janken Tournament. Mostly because I had pretty much just started to follow AKB48. But that’s only half of why I’m excited. The real reason I’m excited is because while the Senbatsu is nothing but a popularity contest the Janken is completely random. And therefore it evens the playing field and absolutely everyone has a chance. It was nice to have  relatively unknown, or less popular members, featured in the A-side. And I’m not sure if most people know this about me, but I absolutely love rooting for the underdog. It’s one of the reasons why I love Mitsui Aika so much. (That and the fact that she’s incredibly sweet and gets mountains of hate for no reason.)

I would absolutely love for the results to be so far from what anyone is expecting. I want to be thrown a curveball and have the center be a pretty obscure member. It would be ideal for a Team 4 member or NMB48 member to win and become center. Mostly because both are fairly new (obviosly Team 4 is newer) and haven’t really done that much so far. All NBM48 has done is release a single. Yamamoto Sayaka was in Everyday Kachuusha and is part of the Under Girls for Flying Get. But besides Sayaka, the other girls are pretty obscure. 

All I really ask from this Janken, is that the 24th single turns out better than last year’s Janken single. Chance no Junban was a pretty terrible song and PV. AKB48 can do a lot better than that.