NYC-Yume Tamago short version

With NYC’s upcoming single Yume Tamago’s release date just days away, 7 days to be exact, the short version of the PV has been released. I think it’s absolutely pointless to release a PV preview, short version, and then full version. I just don’t get the reason behind it at all. I suppose it would boost the sales a bit, but I think the full PV would boost them more. I remember Johnny’s used to release short version of all their singles, I haven’t seen them doing that lately. Or maybe than have, and just no one’s uploading them to youtube. XD

I really didn’t want to watch the short version of this PV either because it ruins not only the PV but also my review of the PV. But I posted this for fans who want to watch the short version. And I actually have not watched the short, and don’t intend to.
I’m sorry but I’m not going to comment on the short version of the PV, because I am saving that for my overall PV review post. Which is most likely going to be when the full PV gets released tomorrow or the next day.

So anyone who wants to watch the short version here it is. And sorry that my opinion about it won’t be for a few days. :/

Kikkawa You-Kikkake wa YOU PV preview

A PV preview for H!P’s newest soloist Kikkawa You’s debut single, Kikkake wa YOU, has been released. The PV is 2 minutes long so it’s really more of a short version than a PV preview. But whatever. I really didn’t want to watch the PV because this long of a preview spoils the whole PV. But this is the first time us fans are the song (beyond the chorus), so I just had to watch it. XD

As a person who strongly hates the color yellow, I have to say I absolutely hate the color scheme for this PV. But beyond that I do enjoy what I see of the PV. Some aspects of the PV have this retro feel to it. Since this is only Kikka’s debut single the PV isn’t the most exciting thing too what. There’s only about 2 different scenes in the whole PV. But that’s to be expected. There are still figuring out what to do with Kikka and how to make her different from ManoEri.
There is another thing I love about this PV. I can’t be the only one who noticed this, but the whole time watching this PV I felt like I was watching and Matsuura Aya PV! Kikka does have an extremely similar style voice as Ayaya and her songs do have the same vibe as hers. I mean, this PV looks identical to something Aya released a few years back. You is even doing some of the hand moves Aya does when she songs! This has got to be what H!P is going for. In a way it kind of feels like the happy upbeat Aya never left. Even though the PV is very Aya like, Kikka still manages to do it in her own style, and with a type of song that I don’t thing Ayaya would sing.

I do really like the song. Even though it’s a little too slow for my taste, the song is still super upbeat and positive. And I like the unique sounds that they are giving You. Of course, the chorus is my favorite part of the song. Mostly because it’s the only time the music and PV picks up in anyway.

And of course you can buy the always lovely Kikkawa You’s debut single at CDJapan by clicking below.

Kikkawa You – Kikkake wa YOU! [Limited Edtion / Type A / Jacket A]

Kikkawa You – Kikkake wa YOU! [Limited Edition / Type B / Jacket B]

Kikkawa YOU! – Kikkake wa YOU! [Limited Edition / Type C / Jacket C]

Kikkawa You – Kikkake wa YOU! [Regular Edition / Jacket D]

C-ute-Midnight Temptaion preview

Another full song radio rip for C-ute’s upcoming album Chou Wonderful! 6, was released recently. This time it was the song Midnight Temptation. I know this preview has been floating around for few days now, so sorry for just getting to it now.

I have to say out of all the songs we’ve heard from this album so far this is hands down my absolute favorite one! This should have been used as the opening song, forget Chou Wonderful. The music of this song is incredibly. It’s following the feel of Kiss Me Aishiteru. The music is very intense and danceable. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this song in concert. And since this is a group song the line distribution is completely fair. Also, what I can understand of the song sounds good. Of course that’s only like 1/3 of it. But so far it sounds good. XD