MomoClo to release 7th single

It was announced that Momoiro Clover Z will be releasing their 7th single. The single is entitled Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku Dainana Gakushou ‘Mugen no Ai’ and will be released on March 7th. The song featured on this single will be used as the opening and ending themes for the anime Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku.

Well, it seems like when MomoClo named this single they were trying to beat Momusu’s record for unnecessarily long song title. Joking aside, I am incredibly excited for this single. 2011 was a great year for Momoiro Clover Z. They released some of the best idol ingles, and one of the best idol albums of the year. It seems like lately MomoClo has really been stepping up to the plate and delivering everytime. So, I’ve come to expect great things from them. With the unnecessarily long title and the fact that this is being used for an anime, I think we can pretty much guess that this song is going to be interesting.


Have yourself a very idol Christmas

With it being extremely close to Christmas I want to announce my yearly Christmas hiatus on this blog. I use the word hiatus lightly since I’ll probably be back to blogging December 26th. You know I can’t stay away from blogging for long.
But I mostly want to take this time to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas. Or actually Happy Holidays instead. Since today is the second day of Hanukkah and tomorrow is Winter Solstice. So, happy Hanukkah and Happy early Winter Solstice. And Happy early Kwanzaa. And everything in beytween.

And in the spirt of the Holidays, it calls for a pic spam of epic proportions.

Also, here are some Christmas or winter themed idol songs.

SWF file 

Best Album Songs of 2011

Now, I am bringing you my conclusion to my 2011 ranking, countdown extravaganza: Best Album songs of 2011.

This was the hardest list to write, there have been so many good album songs released this year. This list alone to be roughly 3 hours just to rank. I relistened to every album released in 2011 and wrote down every song that I liked. At that point I was at 26, and I then had to relisten to each song and painstakingly narrow it down even further. While some songs were more obvious then others, it was overall a pretty difficult task.

I actually wanted to add a part 4 this year: Best PVs of 2011. But these posts took way longer than I anticipated already, so I was completely uninspired to write it. But there’s always next year I suppose.

10. Renai Circus

AKB48’s first original album was pretty dismal at best. Renai Circus is pretty much one of the only decent songs on the entire album. But even this song isn’t all that spectacular, which is why it’s so low. I think the best way to desribe this song is adorable, but I’d expect nothing less from Team B. The music is pretty upbeat and silly, I do wish they incorporated more of a circus element into though. My absolute favorite part of the song is the chorus that’s when the song really picks up and is super cute. I also really love all the background speaking in noises throughout the song, it just adds the unseriousness of the song. The lyrics are also pretty cute. For the most part it’s just describing what a circus is, but I still think love and a circus is a cute comparison. Though I do think the trapeze parts describe love better. The song is just fun, and silly the type of song that I like.

9. Santa Maria

Yamapi’s solo album is another album I wasn’t really all that impressed with. His voice just does not fit with club music. So, I can just imagine how bad his solo career is going to be. But that’s off topic. But when I listened to this album this song just immediately stuck out to me. It’s probably one of the most meaningful songs on the entire album. It’s basically Yamapi losing, or about to lose, his girlfriend, and then begging Santa Maria to bring her back because he can’t bare to be without her. I think the song is incredibly sad and heartbreaking. And I’ll admit the reason I do like this song so much is because the lyrics remind me of Last Kiss by J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers. But the lyrics still are good. The club music does kind of ruin the song a bit. It’s basically like saying, “I’m so sad that I feel like dying, but you know I could still dance.”

8. Icchoume Rock

I really love this song, I think it’s definitely the best song from the album. But that’s not really saying much as I consider 7 Berryz Times to be one of their weakest albums. But Icchoume Rock is really fun, and upbeat. It’s got a subtle rock beat and is extremely easy to dance to. The super positive message of the song is another reason why I like it. It’s basically a song about being and happy, and to just jumpi into things instead of waiting. I like idol songs like that, songs that just instantly cheer you up.

7. Tooku Made

Arashi’s Beautiful World album had a very a dance/electronic theme to it, I thought it just completely worked for them. As, a whole the entire album was great so it was super difficult to pick which songs were the best. But I picked Tooku Made because it has the unique Arashi sound. It’s slow paced, but at the same time it’s still upbeat. And the n the chrous hits and it’s just incredibly catchy and amazing. The song is pretty simple, but it’s simplicity is another reason I like it. It’s light, fresh, and really pretty. And since this is Arashi we get the pretty typical love lyrics. It’s about any mundane moment being significantly better because you’re with the person you love. It’s just really adorable.

6. Kakenukete Blue

I absolutely love YuiKaori because they encompass everything I love about idol music. Upbeat music and sugary sweet voices. And this song doesn’t disappoint. The music has heavy anime sounding music which is pretty much a standard with YuiKaori. The song is pretty upbeat for the whole song, but of course it really picks up during the chorus. Where you really get the full effect of their adorable voices and how well that they blend together. I just enjoy every second of this song. It is so fun and cute that I don’t even mind that I have no idea what the song is about.

5. Ok Yeah

Here comes Morning Musume delivering a hard-hitting, heart pumping dance song. This song is just perfect in every way. It is insanely upbeat and incredible to dance to. The music is amazing, and I love all the voice and sound effects. Like all the woos straight out of eurobeat. (Or Uchouten Love.) And I love when Reina’s, Risa’s, and Sayumi’s high hotes are distorted and extened with the robot effect. I think it completely works with the song. And I love the intense music break where it’s just nothing but electronic trance music for like 30 seconds. The song is about enjoying your youth and going all out chasing your dreams and life. While I am not really in my youth (Technically I am since I’m only 19, but I’m not in my high school youth, which is what they most likely mean.) But the lyrics are still good if you disregard all the youth and young girl aspects. The song then just means being confident and not living without regrets.

4. Mada minu sekai e

This song is just incredible. Which is why they made a PV for it. The music has this futuristic, electronic sound to it. And it’s not too much. It’s like the perfect balance of intense music and soft parts. I absolutely love the autotune they put on Sho’s rap parts, it’s added at the perfect part of the song and it’s done perfectly. The entire song is catchy from start to finish. I have not been able to get this song out of my head for months. They lyrics are pretty encouraging too. Basically telling you to keep going no matter how usure you are of the future.

3. Suki da na kimi ga

This song, I have been absolutely in love with this song since I first heard the radio rip. It’s just perfect. You Mainly hear Sayumi’s voice and instead of ruining it she actually enhances it. Which is a complete rarity for her. This song just completely compliments Sayumi’s and Mizuki’s voices. And Sayumi and Mizuki blend together so seamlessly it almost sounds like one voice. People have complained that you can only hear Sayumi, but that completely isn’t true. Really listen and you can hear Mizuki. She’s just taking the lower parts and is harmonizing, like what Aibon used to do in W. Songs like Juushichi no Natsu you mainly hear Nono.Off topic, I know. This song is just amazing! It’s cuteness overload. It is soft, airy, and pretty, while still have upbeat and interesting elements to the song. The lyrics are also equally cute. It’s about liking someone no matter what their falts are and still thinking they are cute. And wanting to be with them no matter what.

2. Iza, Susume! Steady go!

Iza, Susume! Steady go! has always been one of my favorite songs off of C-ute’s 6th album. But I didn’t realize just how much I loved this song until I saw them perform it live. And it is incedible! This song is nonstop energy from start to finish. The music is heavy and intesnse and the singing matches. Airi sounds just amazing in this song, you can really hear the emotion in her lines. This song is so positive, and upbeat, and fun, and just everything about it is amazing. Everyone’s singing is just so powerful. This song is just so engaging on every level from start to finish. I can’t get tired of this song or get it out of my head. The lyrics are great too. About going full force no matter what. And to always be positive and dream endlessly.

1. Wani to Shampoo

And MomoClo manages to come out on top! After I heard Battle and Romance for the first there was no doubt in my mind that Wani to Shampoo was one of the best idol songs. When I first heard it I wasn’t even thiking about my 2011 top 10 posts, I just thought it was one of the best idol songs I’d heard in a while. Momoiro Clover Z really is the most energetic idols out there. This song hits you with a powerful punch of energy as soon as the chorus hits. And you can’t help but being as over the top as the song itself is. I just can’t properly put into words how much I love this song. The intensity of the song, the energy, the singing, how danceable it is, it’s just an amazing song. If anyone ever asked me why I liked idol music this is the song I’d have them listen to. I don’t even care that this song is about forgetting to do you summer homework. It just shows that idol music is supposed to be fun, and not serious. Especially from an idol group that wears panda makeup and wears power rangers costumes in their PVs. Whenever I’m in a bad mood or just want and instant shot of energy, I play this song.


Honorable mentions:

1. Berryz Koubou – Onna No Pride
2. C-ute Chou Wonderful
3. C-ute Midnight Temptation
4. Morning Musume – Silver no udedokei
5. Morning Musume – Kaiketsu positive A
6. Arashi – Morning Light
7. Arashi – Negai
8. Arashi – Always
9. Arashi – Shake It
10. Arashi – Doko ni Demo Aru Uta
11. Momoiro Clover Z – MomoClo no Nippon Manzai!
12. YuiKaori – Magic Starter
13. YuiKaori – Puppy Love
14. YuiKaori – Crystal no Chikai
15. AKB48 – High School Days
16. Yamashita Tomohisa – Kuchizuke de Adios
17. no3b – Cloudy Sky

Worst Singles of 2011

Continuing on with my 2011 countdown extravaganza I bring you part 2: Worst singles of 2011.

Unlikes last year, this actually wasn’t the hardest list to make. I already had a general idea of which songs I didn’t like as much. Mostly because I’ve been making a mental note of it all year because I knew I’d be doing this countdown. I would also like to stress that I don’t hate any of these songs. They are just not as good as some of the other idols songs releases this year, and therefore make the bottom half of songs. Of course I still do occasionally listen to them when I am in the mood, it’s just a rare occassion.

10. Momoiro Sparkling

When this song first came out I did like it. But over the months I’ve been liking it less and less. It is definitely the weakest single C-ute released this year. Overall the song is pretty bland. There aren’t any extreme high notes, there’s not a catchy chorus, and the music is just a bit too generic. And I’m afraid that the lyrics aren’t really any better. I think the nonsensical words thrown in are what makes the lyrics the most annoying for me. The song is basically about going boldly into love during the summer. Which is pretty much a summer love song standard, but there’s nothing really special about the lyrics. No heartbreaking moments or absolutely adorable moments that make you think it’s a great song. For the most part is sounds like ever other summer themed idol song.

9. My Home

Since the first time I’ve heard this song I’ve never really been a fan of it. At first it was because of how soft the song is. As I’ve said before I’m not a big fan of ballads or slow songs. The song stays pretty soft the entire song, even during the chorus it hardly picks up. And I honestly find it boring, it doesn’t really hold my interest. And once I read the translation it pretty much sealed my indifference of the song. I think the lyrics are equally boring. They basically talk about what a year of average family life is about. I mean, I guess the song is telling me to appreciate the small things in life. And that something as simple as a family is important, so I should treasure it. That’s all well and good, but I don’t have a family. (Of my own, I mean. Obviously everyone has a family.) So, the lyrics aren’t all that meaningful to me. Ask me if I like the song in about 10 years, then I’ll probably be singing a different tune.

8. Ai no Dangan

This was also a song that I liked at first. I actually liked this song, a whole lot. The music is intense and it’s sung very well. On some level I do like this song. But what ruins the song completely for me are the lyrics. As soon as I found out what the  lyrics were actually about it knocked the song down a few pegs. I just think the lyrics are pretty terrible. The song is about wanting to make some one love you by shooting them with your love bullet. But being upset beause they always dodge it. The song seems a bit pathetic to me. To me it sounds like they are about trying to get someone who’s not into you to reciprocate your feelings. I mean the lyrics talk about wanting to thrown yourself at them and even though you’ve been together a lot they’re not getting the message. I don’t know, songs about being desperate aren’t really my thing.

7. Yume Tamago

I do think this song is incredibly cute and pretty much the type of songs that NYC always release. I also think the singing is pretty good. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s still good. Well, at least Ryosuke and Yuma sound good. Chinen is in their ruinging the song with his terrible voice per usual. At the same time I think this song is also incredibly immature. There’s a fine line between childish songs and soungs for children, this song obviously crosses that line. The song is about reaching your dream which is childish, but still not really. However, the lyrics explain how to reach your dream in such a childish manner. Like it will grow in your heart, and to pick and choose your colorful dream. I can’t say it’s a song I would proudly proclaim my love for.

6. Min Min Min

I’ve always thought Min Min Min was a pretty werid song. I honestly don’t get it at all. The verses are sung in SDN48’s “sexy” voices like all their past A-sides have. But then the chorus comes on and it’s trying to be all cutesy. There’s a total disconnect there. It honestly sounds like 2 completely different songs were shoved together. And I also have no idea what the noise that cicadas make has to do with anything. Is it because cicadas are heat bugs? And SDN48 calling out Min is basically saying that SDN48 are hot or made hot when someone they like is near? It has to be something stupid like that. I also don’t like the song because the lyrics are as pathetic and desperate as Ai no Dangan. But this song is even worse. It is actually about clinging onto someone after they’ve left you. The whole song is basically not taking no for an answer after you’ve been dumped. Am I the only one who sees how clinging on is just embarrassing yourself?

5. Cry

I am just so disappointed with DiVA as a whole. They take some of the best singers in AKB48 and then they never give them a decent single. I guess management thinks that giving them simple songs will make people focus on their singing ability, but it honestly has the opposite effect. And I just think their talent is being wasted on mediocre songs. This song is obviously sung incredibly well. But there’s nothing really special about this song. The same exact beat is booming through the entire song, and as a whole it’s not really enough to keep my attention. The lyrics also come off a little whiny to me. As they are about literally crying over lost love. Which is an extremely sad moment. But I don’t really think the lyrics were touching enough.

4. Kaze wa Fuiteiru

This song, I don’t really know what more I can say about it. I pretty much ripped it to shreads in my blog already. And with good reason, this song is just so horribly bland and lackluster. It’s somber, and it’s sad, and I just don’t care for it. They put hardly any effort into it. Like I said before, it seems lately AKB48 has been riding their fame wave to sell singles instead of actually making great songs. They’ve gotten so big and popular that now any mediocre song they throw out will sell a million copies just becasue their fanbase is so large. Which is the type of fame Arashi is resting on. And it honestly makes both artist’s music suffer. Both groups release 1 or 2 really good singles a year, and then the rest are mediocre at best. I also don’t find the lyrics to be all that great. Since it was a song for the tsunami they really tried to make it meaningful, but I don’t think it’s quite there. It’s about picking yourself up after a disaster, but the lyrics feel empty to me.

3. Sakura no Ki ni Narou

I’m going to voice an unpopular opinion here and say I do not like this song at all, not one bit. For some strange reason, that I absolutely cannot fathom, everyone seems to really love this song. First, off I think the song is far too soft. I don’t like ballads. Not in English and certainly not in Japanese. They are just boring, and they lose my attention quite easily. The song is only a ballad to get out the deep emotion of the song, of course. But the way it’s sung has nothing to do with my dislike of the song, No, much like every other song on this list it’s all about the lyrics. It’s a sad song about graduating, taking a step further, but the eternal cherry blossom tree with always been there so you can recapture your school days. Which is perfectly fine, if the lyrics weren’t strikingly similar to the song they released last year Sakura no Shiori. Read the translation to these songs back to back and tell me they aren’t 80% the same exact song! That is just lazy writting on Aki-P’s part. All graduation songs do not have to sound the same or be completely sad. I mean look at 10nen Zakura, I love that song because of how upbeat it is and how it’s such a positive reflection of graduation. Just like Last Forever by Buono and Cherry Saku Yuuki by An Cafe are.

2. My Days For You

Oh, ManoEri why did you have to release this sad excuse for a single when I was finally starting to really get used to and like your songs? There isn’t one good aspect to this song. The music is very soft and bland and ManoEri’s voice sounds horrid. During the chorus her voice sounds so strained and squeeky because she’s hitting notes and singing in a tone that doesn’t work for her voice. She should stick to cute sounds, her voice is bearable in those. This song, however, is so forgettable that I honestly forgot it even existed until I watched H!P’s summer concerts. And of course the lyrics match the song. This is yet another song that is begging someone to love you. Granted this is done is a slightly cute way that you almost feel sorry for her. I still don’t like the overall meaning.

1. No Cry No More

And the worst song of the year goes to AAA. Just like it was obvious which songs I would pick for the best single of 2011, this was also a no brainer. But honestly, I’m not really sure why I dislike this song so much. But I just do. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Misako sings most of the song, per usual, and her voice is especially ear piercing in this song. Misako is fine in moderation, but for the most part I can’t stand her voice. And it really rubs me the wrong way in this song, and just ruins the song completely. The lyrics are a little meaningful, telling you not to cry and to face everything head on. But be that as it may, I just do not like this song.

Best Singles of 2011

Since I had so much fun doing my best and worst of 2010 extravaganza posts, I knew it was something I wanted to make a yearly event on my blog. So, here I am doing it again! In this post I’ll be ranking my personal favorite 10 singles of 2011. This list was a lot harder than last year. I started following more idol groups which added to the number of singles I had to pick through. I counted and there are about 81 singles from idols that I follow. Which is an insane amount of music to go through, so these rankings took me a few days to do.

So, without further ado I bring you part 1 of my 2011 ranking extravaganza.

10. Kakkowarui I love you!

Believe it or not, number 10 is the hardest song to pick. Mainly because it’s the absolute last song I can pick, and I have to really think about what last song I want to add. Originally number 10 was going to be Not Yet’s Naminori Kakigoori, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Kakkowarui I love you. And from that it became obvious that I had to pick it. I absolutely love this song. From the hard rock and electronic beat that it has to the way it’s sung. I think everyone in French Kiss are amazing singers, and everyone has a very similar tone to their voice so they blend together amazingly well. I love how soft every 2nd line of the verse sounds. But the real reason I picked this song is because of the chorus. The song is pretty slow for the most part, but when that chorus hits it takes the song to whole new level. The chorus is is just incredible and extremely catchy. Just the way it’s sung it’s very entrancing. And of course the cute lyrics also add to my love of the song. I just love that it’s about stumbling though an accidental love. It’s really cute. But also sad at the same time, because it’s also about not being able to say I love you because you feel like it’s too late.

9. Ganbatte Seishun

To me SUPER GiRLS has always been the Frankenstein monster of idol groups. Collectively, and shameless, copying elements of other idol groups to heighten their own popularity. While, that might annoy people I say, “do what you gotta do.” And that reason is pretty much why I’m so drawn to SUPER GiRLS. They make the typical, or generic to some, idol songs which are my favorite. And Ganbatte Seishun is 100% an idol song right down to it’s core. This song is upbeat and happy, with encouraging lyrics that tell you to always do your best. And that’s pretty much all there is to the song, but that’s honestly all it needs. Ganbatte Seisun is one of those mood maker songs that instantly cheer you up. And that’s all you can really ask from music.

8. Maji Desu ka Ska!

Since I first heard this song I wasn’t shy about praising it or professing my absolute love for the song. And that hasn’t changed one bit. I’ve listened to this song constantly throughout the year and have not grown tired of it once. A song like this is just Morning Musume at it’s best to me. It’s upbeat, happy, energetic, and just over the top fun. The song has an infectious ska beat and even more infectious chorus. Each line might not correlate to the next, and the song might not actually have an overall meaning, but that doesn’t stop me from loving every second of it. From start to finish you just can’t help but want to dance and sing along to it. And not every song has that effect. 

7. Valentine Kiss

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 is one of my favorite idol groups out there because they make nothing but adorable songs. And that’s exactly why Vanlentine Kiss landed a spot on my list. This song was definitely one of the, if not the, cutest idol songs released this year. Even though this song is a cover I think Warota really made it their own. And I honestly think it surpasses the original. If only on the cuteness factor alone. But who doesn’t love a song about trying to get someone’s attention to have a kiss on Valentine’s Day? Especially if it’s sung by the always adorable Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.

SWF file 

6. Heroine ni Narou ka!

I never really realized just how much I love this song until I started making this list. But looking back at the year this has been one of those songs that I couldn’t get enough of. And the reason I love this song so much is because it’s powerful. Just everything about it is powerful. The electronic/dance dance music is very strong, as well as the singing being extremely powerful. There’s a lot of intensity in the way it’s sung, it’s honestly one of Berryz’s best vocal performances. Especially Miaybi’s whoa towards the end of the song, that was just incredible. I was also really inpressed with Yurina’s harmonizing and Risako’s high note. As well as loving Massa’s echoed mirai. The lyrics are also pretty powerful. They have these empowering undertones to them. To just step on out the street and just be super confident because tonight you can do it. And because, hey, everyone notices you tonight.

5. Vivi Natsu

Ever since I first discovered Passpo they’ve been impressing me with their unique sound. And because of that they becoming one of my favorite idol groups out there. I think Vivi Natsu really encompasses what makes Passpo so great. The music is a great combination of a great guitar riff and still that sweet idol music sound. And it also features awesome rapping parts by Naomi, Shiori, and Anna. Though honestly Noami’s raps are hands down the best. And it also has that really beautiful part where Mio Mio sings softly and sounds absolutely amazing.

4. T.W.L.

I’m a little sad that T.W.L. is the only Johnny’s song to make the list this year. It was actually a pretty good year of JE, there were just other songs that were better. T.W.L. is one of those songs that I didn’t expect to like as much as I do. When I first heard it I was kinda indifferent towards it, and thought it was just ok. This song is really fun and extremely catchy. It captures the crazyness and over the topness of Kanjani8 without going to overboard. And can I just say that I absolutely love Subaru’s solo at the end with the microphone effect. That is definitely the highlight of the song. The lyrics however are honestly all over the place, so it’s hard to really get the message. I mean, I’m not even sure what T.W.L. even means. What I take away from the song is that it’s about facing your future no matter how unsure it might be. And to just honestly cope with life. If things are hard say they are, instead of just pretending to be happy.

3. Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei~

When I was picking my top singles of 2011 it was a complete no brainer to add Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei~ to my list. MomoClo is one of the most energetic idols out there, and this is probably the most energetic songs they have every released. I absolutely love this song. It’s just nonstop energy and excitment from start to finish. It’s one of those songs that is fun to listen to. It’s a song that isn’t trying to be serious, it’s just trying to make you happy. I also really love the lryrics to this song. I love how they are about each member’s personality. And then the rest of the song really matches their weekend heroines theme. And the lyrics go into say how MomoClo won’t lose and will protect fans. And will sing with all their hearts and might to cheer up fans. I think that’s really sweet. And it really seems like MomoClo really means what they are singing.

2. Uchouten Love

It’s a bit bittersweet to pick the last song featuring the original line up of S/mileage. But hey, at least they went out with a bang. And it really was a bang indeed. This song is absolutely incredible in every single way. From start to finish this song is a nonstop party. The heavy eurobeat music doesn’t let up for even a second throughout the song. Ever during the soft solos towards the end of the song. You can hear the beat growing in the background, waiting to make it’s blaring return. And I love the song for it. The song is incredibly fun and so loud that it almost demands you dance along. And S/mileage’s sugary sweet voices really work with this type of techno music. It’s one of those combinations that sounds terrible on paper, but then you actually hear it and you’re blown away. The lyrics are the typical idol fare of falling in love and being excited every second because of that. The overly cute lyrics we’ve come to expect from S/mileage.

1. Banzai Venus

It was completely obvious to me which song was number one, it was so obvious it was the first song I wrote down. When it comes to 2011 I cannot think of one song that surpasses Banzai Venus. SKE48 is really starting to surpass AKB48 for me. Mostly because of their constant upbeat releases lately. The song is actually pretty slow for most of the song, but once the chorus starts that’s it. You just get this punch of pure energy that you can’t help but be drawn into the song. It’s so mesmerizing and addicting that just the power from the song’s small chorus beat every other song this year. No other song this year gets me as pumped or happy as Banzai Venus does. The only real drawback to this is that some of this song;s lyrics are so random that they are laughable. A cart full of toliet paper, and an old lady being delayed in line. What does that have to do with anything? Lucky the rest of the lyrics are much better. And it’s a pretty cute song about to have the courage to go for it and confess your feelings.


Honorable mentions: (Because yet again, I had way too many favorites.)

1. Morning Musume – Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai
2. C-ute – Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko
3. Mano Erina – Seishun no Serenade
2. S/mileage – Please Miniskirt Postwoman!
4. Arashi – Meikyuu Love Song
5. KAT-TUN – Ultimate Wheels
6. Tegomass – Aoi Bench
7. Hey! Say! JUMP – Over
8. AKB48 – Flying Get
9. Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 – Hetappi Wink
10. Not Yet – Naminori Kakigoori
11. SKE48 – Oki Doki
12. NMB48 – Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
13. YuiKaori – Shooting Smile
14. AAA – Daiji na Koto
15. SUPER GiRLS – Joshiryoku Paradise
16. Yamashita Tomohisa – Hadakanbo

Passpo loses it’s first member

It was recently announced that Passpo member Sakuma Kaho will be graduating from the group after the December 30th performance at Zepp Tokyo. Kaho is graduating the group because of a back injury she sustained this past summer that makes it difficult for her to dance.

I am incredibly sad that Mushu is graduating. Passpo has steadily become one of my favrite idol groups and I honestly didn’t expect anyone to leave already. Especially since they’ve just gone major. It’s also really sad because Kaho is one of my favorite members. It is hard to find that much information on Passpo in English but Kaho is one of the first girls that caught my eye. I was always drawn to her because of her unique look and because of that I think she’s one of the prettiest members. Hopefully Mushu can continue in the entertainment industry as a model, that seems to be one of her passions. It’s really bittersweet to see her go. I don’t want her to leave, but at the same time if she’s injured I just want her to be well. And she doesn’t want to be a struggling member going on in a half-assed rate. At least she got to release 2 albums, a slew of singles, and co-star in a movie. And I am happy that I got to watch her in Passpo’s live stream at Japan Expo. It wasn’t actually seeing her live, but it’s as close as I’ll ever get.

Passpo’s new PV=love

The full PV for Passpo’s 3rd major single, Kiss=Suki, was recently released.

Watching this PV it immediately has that unique Passpo feel to it. It’s another PV that really showcases their flight attendant theme. And after their Shoujo Hikou PV I wasn’t sure how Passpo was going to use that theme again without it being boring and something we’ve seen already. But Passpo manages to pull it off. And we’re left with a PV that is both interesting to watch and absolutely adorable. Unlike the Shoujo Hikou PV this PV is set 100% in the airport terminal. The PV features the girls doing pretty mundane tasks like selling plane tickets and wandering around the airport. But Passpo injects their charm into it and makes it a lot less boring than it sounds.
And for  a song that’s called Kiss=Suki that don’t dissapoint fans in that aspect. The PV shows the girls playfully kissing each other and also features the girls kissing the camera ala the Chu Shiyoze PV. I do admit when I heard there was kissing in this PV I was expecting more than there was. There’s about as much as there was in the Heavy Rotation PV or any Morning Musume concert where Sayumi wants extra attention.

But since I’m always way too hard are PVs there are 2 things that I wasn’t really thrilled about in the PV. They are very small complaints though. The first being the setting of the dance shot. It seriously irks me that they are dancing almost in the exact spot as they were in the Shoujo Hikou PV. An airport is a big place they could have done it anywhere else. My second complaint is that the main focus of this PV is on Makoto. It’s expected since I’m pretty sure she’s the most popular member. However, I still would have prefered the focus to go on Mio, Shiori, or Kaho. But I am a bit biased towards them.

And here comes nothing but Makoto.

Pretty much the top 2 in Passpo.

Natsumi just looks so cute here.

I don’t think this move could get any more simple, but for some reason I love it.

I love the refelection in their close-ups.

Too much sun, I can’t see Mio’s cute face.

Wow, Ai looks great here.

Passpo’s dances always look the same.

And this dance is set in a nearly identical setting as the Shoujo Hikou PV.

Adorable. And I love Mio’s hair.

Lol. I don’t get why there’s a stirring move in this dance.

Love this leg move.

This is turning into a Mio spam but I don’t care. Tell me this face isn’t cuter than puppies.

Riding the escalator is a little boring but Makoto looks cute while doing it.

Adorable Naomi.

I adore Mushu, but I have a feeling that a lot of people don’t like her because she’s not as “pretty” as the other members.

Shiori looks so lively, but that hair does nothing for her.


I love that they are holding their fingers up to their eyes because they said I miss you.

Ai looking all cute.

Lol at Mio’s overreaction.

Wink! I don’t know why, but I love capping winks in my reviews. XD

Their embrace looks so fake.

Sako and Natsumi kiss.

But Mio’s reaction is the best part.




ChocoLe-Milk to Chocolate preview

Avex’s new idol group ChocoLe released a preview of their upcoming debut single, Milk to Chocolate. Their debut single will be released on December 28th, and will be used as the ending theme to the anime SKET DANCE.

I really love the sound of the song so far. It’s typical idol fare, but it is catchy and cute.  The girls aren’t exactly the best singers though. Their first solos in the beginning of the song are really rough. However, one of the girls sing that sings at the end of the preview, her voice is absolutely adorable.
I also really love ChocoLe’s look and theme. They could do a lot with sweets and desserts. Which is completely adorable. Their outfits emind me of the outfits S/mileage wore in the Asu wa Date na no ni Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai PV. And the girls themselves are really cute. Especially Kurumi. She has these adorable chubby cheeks. And looking at their website Ramu has this really cool vibe.
I gotta say I’m really liking what I see and hear. Avex has been really good lately. I don’t get why people don’t pay more attention to idol groups signed to Avex. They are really great. AAA, SUPER GiRLS, Fairies, and now ChocoLe, all have completely different sounds and looks. They have potential, the new groups of course, to really be a force in the idol world. Technically Tackey & Tsubasa and Kisumai should count too since they are signed to Avex, but obviously they belong to Johnny’s. Avex actually only made AAA and SUPER GiRLS. But that’s not really important.

All work and no plays makes for a dull PV

A few days ago the full PV for Momoiro Clover Z’s upcoming single, Roudou Sanka, was released. Which is pretty surprising since there haven’t been any radio rips or PV previews released.

I haven’t been shy in expressing my utter love and interest in Momoiro Clover Z. But I am going to say something about them I never thought would be possible. I am completely underwhelmed and disappointed by their new PV. This song is a work labor support song, and I think they took the theme of the song a little to literal. But Momoclo always does that. Make a song about being weekend heroines, wear power range-esque costumes in the PV. Make a song called future bowl, actually bowl in the PV. However, it completely worked in those occasions, because they took the theme and went completely over the top with it. Is bowling even remotely interesting? Aboslutely not. But Momoclo managed to inject fun into it anyway. And that’s really what this PV is lacking. The PV just follows the girls on a normal work day. Doing mundane tasks like working in an office, working on a construction site, riding the train, and going out to drink after work. The only actual fun element in this PV is the outfit they wear. But beyond that, there’s nothing else. This PV is really missing the spark and flare from past PVs. I’ve never seen Momoclo be anything but fill force. And to see them at only about 50% is sad.

Super serious, dramatic entrances do no work for MomoClo.

I love how their guitars have a clover and in their group colors.

The ties on their head is adorable.

Lol at Momoka stretching beforehand.

I hate when idol dances aren’t in unison. You now where 1 girl starts dancing, and when she’s finished the next girl begins, and it just continues on. Even though the dance is supposed to look like that, it just makes it completely awkward looking. I don’t know who thinks having each girl doing a different moces actually looks good.

Beyond that, the dance is still pretty awkward.

Answering the phone, how exciting. I don’t know how Kanako can contain herself.

Also, it kinda reminds me of Berryz Koubou’s Madayade PV.

I haven’t really had a chance to remtion this before, but I don’t like Shiori with short hair. I wish their album beat B’z now. XD

Ayaka is adorable.

It’s hard to make constrution work even mildly interesting.

Momoka is perfection. *O*

I love when they used heart shaped lighting for idol PVs.

Waiting for the bus, now that’s dynamic. I do realize that I’m supposed to relate to this PV. However, I don’t have a job, so it’s pretty much lost on me.


Momoka looks super adorable with braids.

Yakitori, looks good. At least, I think that’s chicken could be beef. XD


I’m always sad when I eat.

Um.. what?

WTF are thye drinking?

Momoka dance? We’ll let’s see it!

I’ve been lied to! XD


Aww Momoka.

Umbrella golf?


Cute pink megaphones.

It’s very Otsuka Ai-esque.

So, Momoka is afriad of turtles? But they should both realzie it’s not easy being green. XD


The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 2

Day 2’s question is “The Idol you hate or dislike?”

This is another extremely easy question for me. I have pretty big opinions on idols in general, so of course there are going to be idols I like more then others. But if you can believe it there are hardly any I actually don’t like. Usually there’s always a  quality I can appreciate in each idol, even if they aren’t my favorites. There are only 2 idols I can think of that I actually, I’ll say dislike, as I usually get flak for saying hate. And ironically they are from Morning Musume and NEWS again. What can I say? They are my top 2 idol groups, of course my strongest opinions are going to be about them.

Michishige Sayumi:

For any long time readers of my blog this won’t really be a huge surprise, as I’ve voiced my dislike for Sayumi several times. (And each time the Sayumi wota army has sent me hateful almost bashing comments.) But what might actually be suprising for people to find out is, I was a Sayumi when I first found out about Morning Musume. And I mean a huge fan. There are 2 types of idols I like. Idols with big personalities, and then the underdog. When I first got into Morning Musume I went out of my way to hear Sayumi and Kon Kon sing. People said they were the worst singers, and I honestly wanted to support idols that were pushing through and trying their hardest. I find that extremely admirable, inspiring, and endearing. I was drawn to Sayumi’s cute looks and cute personality, on the surface at least. But the more I got into Sayumi the more I started to realize I couldn’t stand her. Sayumi honestly has a personality that other girls despise. Which is why she always lands on the list of women’s most hated female celebrities. I cannot take her narcissistic, better than everyone else, personality. She literally said she doesn’t feel she has to listen to women who aren’t as cute as her. I’m sure that makes her a favorite among female staff. I literally wanted to slap her when I heard that. Sayumi does have a nicer side to her personality, I do admit. She has a great love for the group, she has shown that she is incredibly sweet, and she has also been down right hilarious at times. But her infamous narcissistic personality is what we usually see. And I honestly don’t want to see it even for a minute. She did magic on Haromoni@, but she tried so hard to be cute that she ruined an other wise enjoyable segment. A lot of people have also said I should see past her main personality, that it’s just an act. But then you can argue any idol personality is an act as we don’t know them personally. And I find it hard to believe that people think Sayumi isn’t truly even a smidge narcissistic. If you act a certain way for so many years, it starts to become second nature to you.

Tegoshi Yuya:

After that big spiel about Sayumi my dislike for Tegoshi should come as no surrpise. If anyone is familiar with Tegoshi they’ll know the similarities between Tegoshi and Sayumi are astonishing. They are both extremely full of themselves and they were both extremely unsure of themselves when they first joined. They even share the same group color! Tegoshi has always been the Sayumi of JE in my opinion. The only real difference is Tegoshi has the talent to back it up. He is, and has always been, the best singer in NEWS. And not even by a small margin, he completely blows everyone out of the water. But that doesn’t really give him the right to act the way he does, but it seems like that’s what fueled his arrogance. Tegoshi completely has a prince like personality. He’s conceited and kinda takes advantage of the other members at times. He has also taken small digs at Shige for being better looking and more popular. After Tegoshi first joined he secretly took extra vocal lessons, to not lose to the other members and to be noticed more. He said it was because he  was thrown into NEWS and people didn’t know who he was. Which is true since he was only a Junior for 8 months before joining NEWS. However, I completely take that as another example of Tegoshi not being able to handle not being in the spotlight. He’s also said he doesn’t care if he’s someone’s least favorite member. Yet he went out of his way to ensure he has maxium fans. It just annoys me so much. Teoshi is also dubbed the ero prince because of how perverted he has come off as on TV shows. Which has nothing to do with why I dislike him. It’s just a Tegoshi fact that I find extremely hilarious, as I can’t imagine anyone being legitimately attracted to him. To me Tegoshi does not have one ounce of appeal, looks or personality wise. Whatever random blonde chick he ends up with can have him.

The 30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 1

So, lately I’ve been reading Serenyty’s, from Happy Disco, and Mina’s, from Wota (in training), posts about the 30 day idol challenge. And I’ve enjoyed their posts so much that I wanted to join in the fun and do my own 30 day idol challenge. But it wasn’t until I read Chiima’s, from Okay! Musume Time!, posts that she suggested I do my own challenge. So, I’m going to finally break down and do it. Which shouldn’t be too hard for me since I usually blog everyday anyway. But I do tend to get lazy at times, so I can’t 100% guarantee that I will do this challenge everyday. But I am going to try to.

The original 30 day idol challlenge was nothing but questions about Hello!Project. I am a gigantic H!P fan don’t get me wrong, but I also like a bunch of other idol groups and wanted to blog about them too. So, in every question I changed the word H!P to idol. And when that didn’t work I used most of what Serenyty changed the questions too. Since we seem to follow mostly the same idol groups.

So, let’s move on to today’s question.

Day 1: Who’s your favorite Idol?

This question was so incredibly easy for me. Since becoming an idol fan there have been 2 idols that have stood out as my favorites.

Kusumi Koharu:

Oh, my beloved Koha. I don’t really know what to say about her, I just love absolutely everything about her! She’s breath takingly gorgeous and absolutely adorable! And she’s just one of those idols that are a joy to watch. She was constantly making me laugh, and my eyes were always drawn to her. Koharu just has an outgoing, hyperactive, and explosive personality. She was just  an overall fun person. She could inject fun and entertainment into just about anything she did. Whether it was losing at a game, or simply waiting for a bus. I even love Koharu’s singing voice. That’s right, I LOVE it. I love overly cute idols and overly cute idol voices. So, honestly the cuter Koha’s voice the better. My favorite Koha solo songs are Kon Nichi Pa and Love da yo Darling, so enough said there. Which is an extremely unpopular opinion among H!P fans. But I don’t even care. No one is going to bring down my Koharu love, and no one ever has! See, before every H!P fan directed their hate to Aika a lot, maybe even the majority, of hate was thrown out at my poor Koha. Just because she couldn’t sing. Which is ridiculous if you ask me. And maybe I’m a bit biased, but I honestly cannot find one fault about Koharu. She is just the perfect idol in my eyes. And we definitely lost a great Momusu member when she left. To this day I still think there’s something fishy going on behind her graduation. And all the insults wrapped in comments from other member’s during their graduation messages to her made me sick. XD

Nishikido Ryo:

Ryo-chan is probably my favorite member in all of JE. And not just because he’s one of the best looking members in JE, which he completely is. Ryo just has a personality I find completely appealing. A lot of people tend to hate Ryo-chan because of how mean he is. But when you’re known as being a poison tounge, what do you really expect? When I first started to like NEWS people told me I shouldn’t be a fan of Ryo because of how much of a jerk his is and how he treated Ueda. But I didn’t really care. And after I watched NEWS’s fashion check where Ryo said how he hated Ueda at the end, at that moment I was sold and knew he would be my favorite member. I think Ryo is absolutely hilarious. I love that he’s blunt, honest, snarky, and not afraid to say whatever is on his mind. And I think his overall evil and “I’m too cool for JE” personality is also hilarious. Making Shige shove like 10 takoyaki (I can’t remember exactly what food it was.) in his mouth, or refusing to do some lame dance with Kanjnai8 on some TV show becase he was to cool to. And if people hate him for this, so be it. But these are all the reasons I love him. He is always entertaining. And beyond the character he puts on for TV, he is a really sweet guy. He just doesn’t show it too often. But get him in a room with Leah Dizon, It’ll come out.

Momoiro Clover Z to release new single

It was announced recently that Momoiro Clover Z will be releasing a new single. The single is entitled Roudou Sanka and will be released on November 23rd. This was announced a week ago, but it completely slipped my mind.

With each single Momoiro Clover Z get higher and higher on my list of favorite idol groups. Which means I am of course extremely excited for them to being releasing another single. It does look like a very fun song about having a job. The title translates to Labor Force Support Song. And I will try my best to forget that that’s exactly what NEWS’s Weeeek was about. MomoClo is wearing suits in their promo pic, so I can even see it having a similar PV.

The stigma of being a fan

So, I wrote this blog post mid April, right after I got my JE calendars and expected to make this post shortly after. However, everything always gets pushed back. But regardless of when I made this post, I really wanted to make it to get all this frustration off my chest. It’s just basically what I go through and feel on a day to day basis, just from being an idol fan. I also hope that in some small way people will relate to this post.
But anyway, disclaimer over and on to the real post.

I’m sure everyone out there who is a fan of idol music has faced some sort of judgment or mocking for liking idols. Especially the fans that live outside of Asia. Since wota are usually around 30 years old, I’m sure lots of people would question why someone that age listens to teenage girls singing about love. Or question if liking idol music is as innocent as it seems. But since I’m not a 30 year old man, and never will be, I of course can’t say for sure every fan has experienced or will experience this. But one can assume this is how people would react if they have no idea what idols are.
However, if a male fan were to like an idol group like AKB48 or SDN48 I’m sure people would react differently. Since both groups take a lot of revealing and sexy photos, people would understand the appeal more and accept it more. Even if they didn’t accept it they would at least understand it better.

And because of that male idol fans have it much easier than us female fans. I never really realized just how hard it is for a female fan until recently. I found out because as I started to get idol merchandise, and my family became more aware of idols as a whole, they have voiced their opinions on it several times. And I found myself not only being slightly ashamed and embarrassed, but also pretty angry. There seems to be a real stigma for being a fan of idol music. And that stigma is even greater for female fans.

As a female fan I think there’s a stigma right off the bat for being a female idol fan because apparently by default if I’m listening to a female singer I have to have the hots for them, or I wouldn’t listen to them. Which is absolutely ridiculous because no one would assume that if I was listening to an American female group. I think that logic stems from 2 reasons. The first being, I’m choosing to listen to that type of music. I would have a lot less grief if I choose to listen to regular legit Jpop. And the second reason being the type of music they make and the way they present themselves. Since female idols are mostly marketed to male fans everything they do reflects that. The PVs, the photo shoots, the photobooks, and to some extent the lyrics. And when you choose to like something like that, there’s some automatic judgment in that. Even when I say I like the music because I’m a girl and they are girls. They are singing about things girls relate to, therefore I like it. It doesn’t really make much of a difference or change anything.
And because of that I usually downplay my love for female idols around my family. I usually only mention liking male idols because that’s easier to accept. So, then I also don’t ask for, or buy, much female idol merchandise. I can’t imagine the backlash if I asked for a photobook. Obviously I’m ok enough in my own sexuality to say such and such looks adorable. Or such and such looks sexy in that outfit, without physically being attracted to that person. However, most people do not feel that way. I feel a little ostracized because of it.

And since I’m a girl you’d think liking male idols would be easier, but it’s just as bad. It might actually be worse. And that stems, of course, mostly from the way male idols look. In America, and most countries outside of Asia, the aesthetics are completely different. What the West sees as flamboyant, girly, or in a sense “gay”, Asia finds normal and the most appealing. And when you show someone photos of male idols, and they don’t understand the aesthetics of Asia, they are obviously going to judge it, and you, based on what they’ve been taught to be “normal.” So, I obviously hear a lot of, “OMG, how is that not a woman?” But whatever, I think Asian guys are attractive, even if people find them to be quote unquote girly. But that’s mostly because I like a lot of pretty boy American celebrities. And some American celebrities who are actually gay. (What can I say, I’m weird I guess.) But I like a wide range of different appearances. From Chace Crawford to Jay Baruchel to Lil Wayne. However, none of that seems to matter. And I am still judged for liking Asian guys who are too girly for American standards. I’m sure most of it comes from the logic that, “If she likes guys that look like girls, she must be into girls.” Which is obviously not the case. And therefore is the dilemma.

Another stigma is the fact that they are idols. And since the West doesn’t have idols, they are compared to the closest thing we have to idols, boy bands and girl groups. Even though that’s what idols basically are, they are also completely different. And the whole idol thing in Japan is way beyond boy bands and girl groups. Idols often become widely popular and accepted groups. Because the whole culture of Japan is different. Back in the 90’s boy bands and girl groups were for tweens and teenage girls. And any self respecting person who didn’t fit into those 2 categories would never dare listen to them without facing massive amounts of mocking. So, of course with that mind set, and it being the general consensus, a person unaware of what idols are all about is going to completely make fun of and look down on it. Which is why I don’t tell anyone I like idols. My friends don’t really know I listen to idols, they don’t even know I have this blog. And it’s all because of ignorance and close mindedness.

I also get the stigma because of ages. Both their ages and my own. My age because by American logic is, I’m starting to be too old to listen to idols. My family thinks me liking idols is something 12 year olds do and I should basically stop. Do they care about the average age of wotas? Or that the biggest JE supporters are women in their teens and 40’s? Of course not! If they knew that, would they even care? Of course not! Because they’ve been feed their whole life what is normal and what is not. And to go beyond that is both outrageous and ridiculous. I’m probably going to listen to idols for as long as I like the music. Which is probably years or even decades. And who’s to say I can’t? No one, really. Yet, that stigma will always be there.
And of course when I say their ages I mean the idols who are young, or young to American standards. Right now I’m 19 and most idols are my age or very close to my age, so it’s hardly a big deal. But for some reason my family still thinks it is. Since half of Hey! Say! JUMP are younger then me, my sister thinks it’s stupid and immature to listen to them. She doesn’t care that 5 JUMP members are older than me or that 4 members are just one year younger than me.
Yet, she listens to the Jonas Brother and thinks it’s fine. They are absolutely the closest America can get to idols, music and looks wise. Yes, my sister is 23 and likes the Jonas Brothers. Do you see the hypocrisy and irony in that? Whenever she gets grief for liking them her logic is: “since I’m the same age as the oldest member it’s not weird.” But me, who is nearly the same age as all of HSJ, am immature. That’s just horrible logic. And it’s based on nothing more than ignorance. I’m really not looking forward to seeing what will happen when I start to become a little older than my favorite idols.

Obviously, I shouldn’t let general ignorance bother me or effect my love for idol music. And I pretty much don’t let it. But hearing things like this constantly will take its toll on anyone. Especially someone like me. I like to think of myself as extremely sensitive and I hate being made fun of. Besides that, I am also very defensive and slightly opinionated. So it’s pretty obvious why things like this upset me so easily. I just really wish people weren’t so close minded all the time because it’s absolutely frustrating. And it makes me feel like this stigma of being an idol fan will never go away.

High standards or fan biases: Are Morning Musume PVs really that bad?

As I’m sure most idol fans or just Hello!Project fans already know, a short PV preview was released for Morning Musume’s upcoming new single Maji Desu ka Ska. This is the second PV preview we’ve gotten and the second time the fan’s reactions have been split. Of course the reactions are split for all PVs. Opinions differ, personal preferences are taken into consideration, and quite honestly you can’t please everyone. Despite, how hard you try some fans will always be disappointed by a PV due to their own high expectations. But, when I saw the PV previews for Maji Desu ka Ska I was impressed. I was honestly impressed. The song is upbeat, the dance is simple but high energy and cute, the outfits are vibrant, vivid, and cute. But I still found that a lot of Morning Musume fans still thought the PV was terrible. Because it follows the same formula that Morning Musume PVs have followed lately.

But then I started to think, why do fans hate this formula so much? Do they not realize this is how Morning Musume has always made their PVs? If they haven’t, were they following the same group as I was? Morning Musume is my absolute favorite idol group. I follow them the closest, and I critic them the closest. When I dislike something they are doing I strongly voice my opinion about it. But it seems fans are negatively voicing their opinions just to voice their opinion. If you go back and watch all of Morning Musume’s PVs they all follow the same formula. Close-up shot, dance shot, and then random scenes of the girls when no one is singing, which is usually a mixture of close-ups or full body shots.

Morning Musume has hardly ever made a PV with an actual story line, or something else going on besides this formula. I can literally only name a handful of Morning Musume PVs that aren’t like this. And those PV are: Aruiteru, The Peace, Namida Tomaranai Houkago, Roman My Dear Boy, I Wish, Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima, Do It! Now, Mr. Moonligh ~Ai no Big Band~, and Koko ni Iruzee.

You could also argue that Egao Yes Nude, Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~, Naichau Kamo, Souda! We’re Alive, and Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan count as well. But I don’t count rolling in a bed, saying suki up-close, crying up close, jumping in heigh, or breaking fake glass as a story line.

I’m sure a lot of people reading this find that hard to believe. Since a lot of fans are waiting for them to make interesting PVs again. But all of their PVs have been the same. Even if you’re consciously unaware of that fact. But make no mistake, Morning Musume follows that formula and so do most idol groups. And when I say you might not be consciously aware of this, I mean because directors have tricks to make a seemingly boring/low budget PV look more exciting or entertaining.

Now, that might be them having their close-ups in a more exciting setting then the rest of the PV.

Showing more shots of the setting/having them look like they are doing something. That eludes to a storyline without actually establishing one.

Have more than one shot of the dance. Seeing the same dance in different outfits adds the illusion that you’re seeing something new, even though you’re not.

Have them do something more interesting during their close-ups. Just because they are spinning and not standing doesn’t make it less of just another close-up.

Have them wear more than one outfit, having another outfit makes the PV more dynamic. It also makes it look like it has a high budget and fans will often over look the lack of a storyline if there is more than one outfit.

Now, all of this might have been visually appealing and exciting but that doesn’t make it a storyline. A storyline has dialogue that lets you know what’s going on in it. Or it silently follows a storyline. Like falling in love, going to the beach, committing suicide, or just about anything really. Something that actually tells you a story while you watch it. Apparently Morning Musume fans want of all of Momusu’s PVs to be Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. But aside from AKB48, most idols aren’t making PVs like this. Name the last idol PV you actually saw that had a storyline. I mean like the ones you see in American music videos. I honestly can’t think of any. Within or outside of H!P.

Then if the storyline isn’t a problem, what is? If you take the storyline out of a PV you’re left only with the other pieces. Which are the dance shots and close-ups. Which are the PVs that JE and some 48 groups and subgroups are making, as well as lesser know idol groups. But I hardly ever see any of those fans complain. And I have to wonder if it’s because the fans like that formula, or is it that these groups are so popular and on top of their genres (male and female idols separately of course) that they have nothing to complain about? I’m going to go with the second one.

Here are some idol PVs that are the same caliber as Morning Musume’s PVs.

KAT-TUN-Ultimate Wheels

Hey! Say! JUMP-Arigatou Sekai no Doko ni itemo



Canary Club-Daisukki

Not Yet-Shuumatsu Not Yet

AKB48-Chance no Junban

And of course there are plenty more. But these are just the ones I could think of on the top of my head because they are recent.

But despite all this, it always seems like Morning Musume are judged more harshly. That Morning Musume is the only group making bad PVs. I don’t understand the bias between fans. And I don’t understand how harshly PVs are judged. I understand that sometimes a PV is so awful you have to complain. But every single Momusu PV gets judged harshly. No matter how much better it is than a previous PV or how similar other idol PVs are. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I might like H!P and JE the most but when their PVs suck I’m the first one to say it. And when their PVs don’t suck I’m there praising it. These are idol PVs, and to expect them to be a masterpiece is ridiculous.

It seems like fans are also judging Momusu too harshy is because they have been around for a long time and are dwindling a bit. And hating on them is the cool thing to do in the idol fandom. But what about Arashi? They hardly ever release interesting PVs or ones that break the standard formula. But they have been around nearly as long as Momusu and sell significantly higher than them. And yet rabid Arashi fangirls hardly complain about anything they do.

I don’t know, this is basically just a rant. And I’m sure I’ll get a lot of comments telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Or that they are an unbiased fan, so that in some way means all fans are unbiased. I think I might actually be one of the few truly unbiased fans out there. And I know that sounds extremely arrogant, but sometimes it does feel that way. I just really wanted to get all of this off of my chest. So, what does everyone think? Thoughts, opinions, disagreements. I’d love to hear other fan’s inputs.

Billboard Japan Music Awards nominees

The nominees for the Billboard Music Japan awards were announced. And of course idol groups were no strangers to the list. In total 11 idol groups were selected (Well actually more. But I only count the groups I actually care about. XD) Of course a majority of them are Johnny’s. But the 11 are as follows: Arashi, AKB48, NYC, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, SMAP, Team Dragon from AKB48, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Yamashita Tomohisa, and LANDS.

But don’t hold your breath for the results anytime soon. The awards don’t even take place until February 6, 2011.

Idol World Cup 2010~!

CDevil‘s Idol World Cup 2010 has officially begun. So I thought it would be the perfect time to announce my team. If you’re not sure what the Idol World Cup is you can read more about it at his blog here.

So here’s my team 5nin Idol Revolution! (picture made by

Team anthem: Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku you na Mirai de Are

Captain: Watanabe Mayu
Striker:Kojima Haruna
Goalkeeper: Mitsui Aika

4th player: Tsugunaga Momoko
5thplayer: LinLin

The countries were also announced and my teams are the Ivory Coast and Serbia. Which is great and all, but I have no idea if my teams suck or not. The only thing I actually know about soccer is the following: Brazil is really great at soccer, England goes nuts over it, and the United States could care less about it.

I probably don’t have a chance in hell to actually win this, but at least it makes the World Cup more interesting than it normally is. I entered far to late too actually get a good country, but somehow I still managed to get Watanabe Mayu as my captain! And that’s pretty much all that matters to me.

So wish mw luck everyone. Or I should say wish the Ivory Coast and Serbia good luck. And I guess all I can say now is srećno and bonne chance!

Why must there be so many idol groups?

Just when I thought I was out of the woods when I started to tip the iceberg of AKB48 knowledge, it seems there’s a plethora of more epic female idol groups to sink my teeth into. Which is really startling news. Of course there’s other female idol groups out their besides Hello!Project acts, AKB48 acts, and Perfume.(by the way Perfume is totally an idol group even if they don’t really call themselves that.) But when you’re like me who’s completely obsessed with Hello!Project, it’s hard to find time to fangirl any other group. I mean it took me 2 years of listening to H!P to discover Johnny’s Entertainment, and 3 years to finally admit I actually loved AKB48. I really have been wearing Hello!Project covered glasses for the past 4 years. Well all of that is about to change! And why is that, you’re wondering? It’s pretty obvious, because there are so many amazing idol groups out there I didn’t even know existed! And I definitely have to broaden my idol horizons.

Reason 1: Ogawa Mana

I first encountered Mana about 6 months back on an idol blog. And it was literally love at first sight. Mana is incredibly adorable. I’m going to make a bold statement and say, she is one of the cutest idols out of all the female idol groups. That’s right Ogawa Mana is up there with the top cutest female idols (in my opinion of course) Tsugunaga Momoko, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda, Suzuki Airi, Watanabe Mayu, Kuramochi Asuka. Even though I first saw her roughly 6 months ago I literally just started to listen to her solo songs. And I gotta say I like what I hear. Not only is Mana absolutely adorable she has a great voice. It’s like the perfect blend of cute and strong.
In retrospect I feel like such an idiot for not following NGP from the beginning. I mean, I was so amped for Canary Club when they first came out, because Tsunku made H!P and that was amazing so of course this had to be amazing too, right? Well not so much, at least not to me anyway. I wasn’t really impressed with Sweet and Toughness at all when I first heard it, so I completely stopped following them and NGP. Their songs still aren’t really my favorite Jpop songs, but I do really love Seishun Banzai. And I’ll obviously start following them more since Mana is part of them. Though I do like MM Gakuen Gasshoubu about 100 times more. Their songs are instantly catchy.

Reason 2: Momoiro Clover

Of course Momoiro clover was going to be apart of this list. Idol fans and bloggers have been buzzing about them for a couple months. So naturally I gave them a listen, just to see what all the hype was about. And this is one of the few times when you can in fact believe the hype. I totally love Momoiro Clover’s traditional Japanese clothing look. I think it sets them apart from the other female idol groups. Though their outs are half school girl half traditional Japanese, to keep the average wota happy/interested, I still think it’s pretty fun and unique. I think they’re songs are pretty cute and catchy. Their standard cutesy idol group music, but still good. Though Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo is easily their best song. And it should be considering it’s their major debut song. Momoiro Clover is probably going to become popular soon. Mostly because of their young ages and overall wota appeal. I mean the Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo is pretty much geared solely to wota. They display pretty much ever wota fantasy: the school girl, the maid, glasses chick, nurse, tied up chick, and police officer/holding handcuffs in anyway. But stuff like this doesn’t really bother me anymore, most idol groups are geared to wota. Though I do notice the blatant wota appeal in PVs and outfits I usually just ignore it. Oh and score that Momoiro Clover only has 3 singles. It’s good that I can get into them pretty early in their career. Lolz that sounds semi dirty. XD Also chick with the dimples has an adorable voice.

Reason 3: Idoling!!!

I’ve known about Idoling!!! for a while now but never got into them for the stupidest reason. And what reason was that? I though just because they had ABKIdoling!!! that they were a subgroup of AKB48. And because at the time I didn’t like AKB48, I decided to never listen to them. I’m so stupid sometimes. ._. I really do like the feel of most Idoling!!! songs. Especially S.OW. and Chu Shitouze. And Puyo Puyo Idoling!!! is just pure win. And most of the girls being really adorable doesn’t hurt either. And one of the girl’s looks a lot like Ice Creamusume’s Rei Rei!

Reason 4: YuiKaori

This group is causing a lot of controversy because of the racy photoshoots they’ve been doing. Which by the way I think is completely pointless. It’s not like this is a new concept for Japan. Someone alert the presses older Japanese mean love to see underage girls in sexy, racy photoshoots. Oh no! I’ve even been hearing that they might also have an overly obsessive fetish with school girls. It’s no big deal really. Honestly, you either love the pictures, or you do what I do, look at them and shrug. Because there’s not much more you can do about it besides that.
Anyway, I think YuiKaori is instant win. They might become my favorite duo since W. (No one will ever surpass W for me. NO ONE) They’re are both incredibly adorable, though Kaori, in my opinion, is a lot cuter. And Yui’s voice is probably the squeakiest cutest voice ever. Even if it is borderline annoying, I love it. Overly cute idol voices are always my favorite. And I really love the song. It’s got great music and is uber catchy.

Ai’s Super Cargo

So Ai Kago’s first photobook after being fired from H!P was released recently. After I saw the previews for the photobook I was shocked but I remained optimistic because it’s Ai Kago. And I really wanted to believe she wasn’t changing. But it a way she really is.

She seemed to do this photobook, not to have a slutty image but to futher defy H!P. Even though she was fired and they don’t care about her any more. This photobook is really saying I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. And I’m not the cutesy Aibon image you created me as. translated the entire interview from the photobook, and it really made me think more about Aibon and my love for Aibon. I always supported Aibon, through her scandals, through her firing, through her comeback, and beyond. But I always selfishly held onto a hope of the Aibon, that I loved coming back. And a sort of resentment for her leaving to begin with.

This interview really showed that she left H!P for the right reasons. She felt more like a puppet than a human. She wasn’t even allowed to love. She was hurting for a long time but still holding onto her dream of acting. Through the whole interview she sounded very mature and was able to take openly about hard times in her life.

I love that through the whole time she would never be defeated. Even when her career seemed to be over she bounced right back. She even tried to make it in a foreign country. I think this interview is very inspiring and makes me look at Aibon with a whole new light.

I know now that Aibon will never be back, she died when Aibon left H!P. And I’m actually ok with that. Aibon has been able to move past that part in her life. She can be her own person now and act however she wants. Like the mature woman she now is. This experience has changed Aibon a lot, but truly for the better. She has more control over her own life and her own career.

I think that all Aibon or former Aibon fans should read the article. It gives closure for everything that happened and essentially an explanation. She really has turned out to be someone great.

As for the whole pictures in the book. Yes they are a little much and even some of them in bad taste. But I honestly don’t care about that. She needed to do them for herself and to tell everyone she doesn’t care what they think of her anymore.