Muten Musume-Appare Kaiten Zushi short PVs

The Kura Sushi official website posted original PVs for Muten Musume’s Appare Kaiten Zushi single. The PVs are extremely short, one is 19 seconds version and the other is 39 seconds version.
I think it’s pretty apparent that we most likely will not getting a full PV from this song. When the release date came and went it was apparent. It seems like these “PVs” were made merely as a small promotion for their chain alone, and absolutely nothing to do with the single itself.

The videos themselves are extremely simple. All it does is show Morning Musume’s anime versions flying around sushi. Which is completely not what I was expecting at all. I am a little sad that this is the extent of the PV for this song. But fans should be happy we got anything at all.

PV 1:

PV 2:

Morning Musume no Lovely Game

The PV for Morning Musume’s 44th single, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game, has finally been released in high quality! It’s been floating around the internet for nearly a week in low quality. But I refused to even watch the PV, let alone do a review of it, until it was in high quality. Do you know how extremely difficult that was?

I am just super impressed with this single. To me it hardly has any flaws. The A-side is amazing, the B-side Aisaresugiru Koto wa nai no yo is so strong it could have been an A-side, and the PV is amazing. This single is the best single Morning Musume has released in a while. I could definitely see this song making it to number one on the Oricon charts. However, that will be the hardest feat ever. Apparently, November 17th must be official idol day because there is 4 different idol groups releasing their single on that day. Morning Musume, SKE48, KAT-TUN, and AAA. It’s pretty obvious Morning Musume isn’t going to top the charts.

That aside, I still think the PV is great. The only real fault of the PV are the horrendous dancing outfits they wear, but I just pretend they don’t exist. The girls look absolutely gorgeous in the princess dresses. And I am completely thrilled to see Morning Musume to finally release a PV that is more than just dance scenes and close ups. But all of this is of course bitter sweet. It’s still incredibly difficult to know that this is Eri, JunJun, and LinLins’ last single/PV.

I hate how simple this dance floor is. Call me crazy, but do you know what irks me the most about these dresses? Everyone is wearing their group color, except Ai-chan and LinLin. It just throws everything off!

Worst dance move ever!

Ok, this dance is just filled with horrible moves.

OMFG! It’s the Safety Dance!

The Safety Dance!

Ai-chan is so beautiful! The falling petal scenes are my favorite.

I was blown away by Reina. She’s hardly my favorite member, but she looks the absolute best.

Ai is so pretty, I could probably make an entire post just about her.

And you can act real rude and totally removed. And I can act like an imbecile. XD

 This PV is the only time I actually love Risa’ short hair.
 My god Reina looks incredible!
 Of course Ai-chan does too.
 This hair does nothing for my beloved Mittsi.
 Sayumi looking as adorable as ever.
 This is the best LinLin has ever looked.
 Risa’s dress is hideous!
 WTF kind of dance move is this?
 Or this for that manner.
 Gosh, everyone just looks gorgeous in this PV.
 LinLin, just wow.

Aika has the worst dress.

It looks like they are walking through inflated trash bags, but at least it’s a different scene/background.


LinLin is so cute.


Eri looks amazing. But I really hate her dress. XD

Morning Musume-Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game PV and radio previews

With a little over 2 weeks until the release of Morning Musume’s 44th single, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game, they have finally released both the PV preview and radio rip. And overall I am extremely happy about this single.

Since we’ve already talked about the song when the concert rip came out I’m going to talk about the PV first.
When I first saw the outfits from the PV. (The one at the top of this post) I thought I was going to absolutely hate the PV, because honestly I hate the dresses. They look like they were taken out of some fairytale, and the bubble skirt is no flattering at all. It’s puffy and makes their hips look wider. Just like the shirts from W’s Ai no Imi wo Oshiete Yo PV.
But the PV redeems itself when they show the close ups of the girls in their elaborate ball gowns. All of the girls look absolutely incredibly gorgeous. I was blown away by that alone.
The only real fault of the video is the dance. It’s way too simple and a little awkward looking. But that’s usually how Momusu dances go. Sometimes they’re really great and sometimes they really suck.
I’ll be waiting until the full PV to make anymore comments about it.

Now for the song. I said when the concert rip came out how impressed and in love with the song I am. And that hasn’t changed one bit. The music is beautiful. And completely elaborate, and definitely tells a distinct story, basically through the music alone. I mean if they were a band, and their whole album was like this, people would probably call it a rock opera. I am so entranced with the song I actually don’t mind that the whole song is sung with Ai and Reina lead and Risa and Eri minor, just like all their other songs have been. Their voices sounds so smooth and perfect in this song, I actually welcome it.
And what makes me the love the song even more is the lyrics. I don’t even know why. The lyrics are just about a man’s and women’s roles in relationships. And still a little undertone of sadness. But for some reason I just really love the lyrics. The whole single makes me think of extravagance. I love everything about this song. And once you couple it with the super incredible song like Aisaresugiru koto wa nai no yo, it makes for one of the best Morning Musume singles in a long time. Now this is a proper send off for Eri, JunJun, and LinLin. I mean I absolutely loved Kimagure Princess and Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun was a good song, but it just didn’t fit as a graduation single for Koha.

I also want to briefly mention AKB48. I know that this single will never sell half as much as Beginner, and honestly I don’t care about that. Beginner is an absolutely great song, and it’s extremely meaningful. However, honestly Beginner is at about the same par as this single. 100% on the same par. Yet it sold something like 660,000 copies. But in my opinion it didn’t really deserve to. AKB48 has turned out to be Arashi. Arashi’s songs sell like 600,000 copies even when they don’t deserve it because all of Japan has fallen in love with them. Their singles sell so well because of legions of fangirls/boys. It’s hardly about the music. AKB48 is doing the same thing. Their last 3 songs have sold so much because of blatant fanservice and strategically placed controversy, and in Beginner see through shirts. And nothing more.
So AKB48 fans enjoy the love and being fans of the top female idol group in Japan, for now of course. AKB48 is only popular cause they are shiny and new. If you recall Morning Musume was on top for like 6 years. But like everything, they were eventually out down. And it’s just a matter of time before AKB48 is. So all of these AKB48 and H!P fandom wars are meaningless. I guess wota don’t realize that for female idol groups/agencies to really be on top they don’t have to beat Morning Musume or even AKB48, they have to defeat Johnny’s. And AKB48 getting the top song of 2010 is nothing. Nothing! JE has been around for 50 (40?) years, that trumps H!P’s 13 years and the AKB48’s 5. JE is basically an empire. So these whole AKB48 VS H!P debates/wars are completely pointless and hilarious.

Mitsui Aika to make her acting debut

Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika will be making her acting debut starring in a straight to DVD horror movie, called Real Kakurenbo Final, set to be released on January 7, 2011. This is definitely exciting news for Aika fans, such as myself. Maybe this means my beloved Mittsi is finally gaining some real popularity, because they could have easily given this role to Sayumi or Reina. Straight to DVD release or not, she’s in a movie before more popular and established members. I take this whole situation as being extremely positive for Aika’s career. And maybe this means in 2011 she’ll finally get that illusive photobook she, and many fans, have been waiting for.However, Mitsui Aika or not I will most likely not watch the movie. I don’t know, I guess I’m a bad H!P fan but I haven’t really cared about any of H!P’s acting jobs. I could care less about Ai-chan’s random crime drama. (Q.E.D.) Or Yaguchi Mari’s and Meada Yuuka’s mermaid movie. (Hoshisuna no Shima no Chiisana Tenshi ~Mermaid Smile~) I didn’t care about Niigaki Risa’s and Nakajima Saki’s movie who’s trailer I didn’t even watch. ( Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 3D ) Or even Yajima Maimi’s and Fukuda Kanon’s horror movie. (Fuyu no Kaidan/Winter Ghost Story) Well actually I do care about Winter Ghost Story because Kanon’s in it, but it’s not like I’ve watched it yet. Well let’s not also forget JunJun’s web drama (Dreaming Places Makes Us Dream) and ManoEri’s web drama and movie (Mano Spy/Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro Kaiki) that I also haven’t cared about. XD

The lot of the dramas/movies either look really boring or are starring members I don’t really care about. I guess I’m just the kind of person who doesn’t watch something just because of who’s in it. Granted I have done that with JE dramas and movies before. But only because they are were remotely interesting. I’ll never watch Code Blue or something stupid like that. I even do that sometimes with American movies. (I sat through both horribly immature Camp Rock movies just for the Jonas Brothers XD) But I mostly watch them because I have something pretty to stare at for a couple of hours. H!P members are pretty yet not in the same sense. I think this whole paragraph might be a contradiction. XD

While I am on the subject of H!P acting, I think it’s completely awesome that H!P members have started acting. I’ve wanted them to act for the longest time since JE groups/artists always act. And what will boost your popularity/your groups popularity more then a highly successful drama? Aside from an amazing single, close to nothing.

Morning Musume-Onna to Otoko Lullaby Game concert rip

A concert rip for Morning Musume’s 44th single, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game has come out. And the song is in pretty low quality. Of course not low enough not to listen to. But I will leave all actual opinions about the song until the radio rip comes out. I’m just posting this for anyone who wants to hear it. What I will say about it is it sounds pretty awesome. It actually sounds like a way toned down version of Versailles’s Ascended Master. A type of song Momusu has never released before.

Eggs that I could see in the 9th gen of Momusu

Like most Hello!Project fans currently, I have been thinking a lot about Morning Musume’s 9th generation auditions. Taking in all the wonder, anticipation, and utter excitement for my first Morning Musume audition since becoming a fan. What will the girls look like? What will they sound like? Will foreigners get in? Will Jang Dayun become a member? (She could have totally been studying Japanese this whole time! And that’s why she was hidden away.) And since the second phase of auditions is fast approaching I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hello!Project Eggs that may have auditioned. Since we will never know which Eggs actually auditioned, all 20 could have auditioned or only 2. Just thinking of that has made me wonder which Eggs I could actually see becoming part of Morning Musume. My dream for the 9th gen auditions would be for Tsunku to accept 5 new girls. Every generation, except 3 and 7, has accepted at least 3 members. With the maxim being 4. And since Morning Musume will be at its smallest since it was formed I’d like to see Tsunku go all out and take 5 girls. And I’d honestly like half of them to be Eggs. Why? It’s simple, Eggs are trainees. And they simply do what they are, they train. Since they’ve been training for years already it’s an extremely easy transition to join Morning Musume.

So here are the Egg members I think actually stand a shot at becoming full fledge Momusu members. All but one of the members I have selected have made their CD debut as Egg members. And the one that didn’t was a backup dancer in one of ManoEri’s PV. Now some people reading this might have a problem with that. But the simple fact is their previous work will play a main factor in them being picked for Morning Musume. Not only does this exposure effect their popularity among wota, it shows that Tsunku/H!P has already seen something special about them. Which is a huge factor in all of this.
I’ve also included the ages of each girl so you can decide for yourself if you feel she’s too young or too old to join the group.

1. Fukumura Mizuki, age 13 turning 14 in October

AKA Maeda Yuuka’s replacement in Shugo Chara Egg. Now I have to honestly say after S/mileage was formed and they got new Shugo Chara Egg members I didn’t bother listening to any of the new Shugo Chara songs. I have never actually heard any of them until I started making this post. But after I heard Mizuki’s voice I was simply blown away. Her voice is actually strong, not Takahashi Ai strong, but it’s strong. Right now she’s at about an Aika level, but with more time to grow she could be at a Risa level. She has a nice tone in her voice. And she would blend exceptionally well with any member she could possibly be paired with, since her voice is very light and almost elegant sounding.

2. Saho Akari, age 15

AKA the girl who was shafted from S/milege. Or more commonly known as a Shugo Chara Egg member. I never paid much attention to Akari while she was in Shugo Chara Egg. I was too focused on the awesomeness of Yuuka and Kanon. Not only that but she was put in a group with voices that where extremely cutesy sounding, and Akari’s was much deeper in comparison. So she was easily overlooked in my opinion. But after Yume to Genjitsu I became an instant Akari fangirl. Her voice sounds absolutely incredible. And surprisingly really adorable sounding. It has that perfect mix of cuteness and power. The likes of Kamei Eri, Kago Ai, Suzuki Airi, and other possess. And I didn’t think it was possible but in the live performance of Yume to Genjitsu Akari actually sounds better than Airi. Besides her obvious vocal ability Akari is completely stunning.

3. Sekine Azusa, age 14

AKA the girl who was a backup dancer in the Onegai Dakara PV. I have never in my life heard of this girl before I started looking up the Egg members. And I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to find out about her. This girl has some serious pipes on her! No, really she does. During this duet with Kikkawa Yuu she was able to hold her own against her. Her voice is wonderfully unique, and something I’d love to see in Momusu. She can even hold out her notes beautifully. I am seriously upset that this is like the only performance of her I can find.

4. Miyamoto Karin, age 11 turning 12 in December

AKA the Shin Moni member. I don’t immediately think there’s anything great about Karin. Nor do I think her voice is all that great or special. But I do think she’s one of those idols who will get better with some years to grow. Karin also seems to be a pretty popular Egg. So at most I see her being added for her cute factor, and nothing really beyond that. And to anyone reading this who has any problem with her young age, may I remind you Koharu was only 12 years old when she joined. And look how amazing that turned out to be!

5. Kitahara Sayaka, age 16 turning 17 in November


AKA the girl from Milky Way. Sayaka, Sayaka, Sayaka. I don’t think there’s anything I can say about Sayaka. Well nothing other than SAYAKA CANNOT SING. Dear god, her voice makes my ears bleed! To all Koharu haters out there, have you by chance heard Sayaka sing? Her voice is screechy, squeaky, and she can’t sing in tune. She’s just overall very unpleasant to listen to. But the sad part is she has a good chance of actually joining Morning Musume. Because since she was put in Milky Way she has become very popular. Therefore wota would be mega happy to see her in Momusu, and would boots the sales. Horrendous voice aside I personally think she’s too old to be put in Morning Musume. I know it’s 10-17, and she’s 16, but that honestly seems to old to me. But she will also be 17 very soon. Mitsui Aika is 17 and she’s already been in Morning Musume for 4 years. I know Sayaka could be in Morning Musume for like 8 years still but I don’t know, I just feel the members should be no older than 15.

Top 10 Morning Musume singles

A few months back I made a post of my top ten least favorite Morning Musume singles, to illustrate people shouldn’t be so hard on Morning Musume’s recent bland singles. So for the fun of it I’ve decided to post about my top ten favorite singles. And much like my last post these songs are in no particular order, they are simply in the order I remembered them in.

10. Koi no Dance Site

There was a time where I wouldn’t even listen to Morning Musume’s singles before Love Machine. I thought they were just too old sounding. And I really regret that now cause pre Love Machine singles are really amazing! I’m not even sure why I love this song so much. All the uh has and ai yais in the song would make me too embarrassed to tell anyone that I actually like the song. But I can’t not love it, it’s beyond catchy. Even though the lyrics don’t always make 100% sense I love the song. Especially the chorus. I’m incapable of listening to the chorus without singing along.

9. Love Machine

AKA the single that put Momusu on the map. Over one million people liked it enough to buy it, and so do I! The song has incredibly catchy and easy to dance to music. As well as Morning Musume’s pretty much standard lyrics of being in love. It’s also got a splash of patriotism in the lyrics, which is probably a big factor why Japan liked it so much. Of course I love the chorus of the song, but my actual favorite part of the song is the bridge. Especially the shuushoku kibou da wa wow wow wow line. That’s when the song really hits it’s peak for me.

8. Shabondama

Hands done this is probably my favorite Morning Musume single, and one of my all time favorite Morning Musume songs. I just love how powerful the song is. Powerful lyrics, powerful music, and it’s even sung powerfully. It’s just the ultimate I don’t need you anymore song. The message is if you don’t want me than fine, I’ll find someone better. Since I’m a girl I really relate to the lyrics. Especially the of all the girl’s in the world what could my ranking possibly be part and the how many girls receive certification that they’re wonderful women part. I also love the whole love is just a soap bubble analogy, where love is over in an instant.

7. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari

This is Morning Musume’s longest single to date clocking in at almost 6:30 minutes. I love how happy and fun loving the whole theme of the song is. I also love that it introduces all the girls and gives a brief peak at their personality. This is the kind of song I miss from Morning Musume overly cheerful and focuses on all the members. It’s probably the most fun single Momusu has ever released.

6. Renai Revolution 21

For the longest time I used to hate this song. Until one day I though, “I guess I’ll just give it another listen.” And of course I ended up absolutely loving it. I think it’s the disco music and awful PV outfits that turned me off for so long. XD The lyrics are far from being genius. Actually they are often pointless. “It’s all good with a paper cup.” “It’s all good on a bicycle.” XD But I think once it gets to the chorus the lyrics get a little meaningful. But what I love about the song is it’s silly, and it’s fun. It doesn’t try to be serious. It’s also one of my favorite songs to watch at concerts. Also Rika’s hoi is adorable!

5. Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~

This is the very first Morning Musume song I ever heard. And that alone will always hold some significance and sentimental value. I also love the song because it is over the top happy, energetic, and upbeat. It’s the kind of song that is impossible to be sad while listening to. The song is pretty much idol standard. Falling in love and what not. But the lyrics aren’t a main factor of why I love the song. Just the shear energetic nature of the song makes it incredible and extremely fun to listen to.

4. Kanashimi Twillight

Kanashimi Twillight is another song I like because I can relate to the girlish feelings in the song. Just when you think you can finally trust a guy he gives you reasons not to. I mean what girl hasn’t been in that situation? Crying over a guy that leads them on. Other than the lyrics the music and dance is extremely powerful.

3. I Wish

Another song I love for the lyrics. But instead of being empowering or relatable, I find them to be very meaningful. Despite days that are sad or lonely, life is wonderful and you should be happy. And tough times will always get better. I also like that the song starts out very somber and then just jumps right into being very happy. I think the song is definitely uplifting.

2. Daite Hold On Me!

I love this song because I relate to it a lot. It’s not just about unrequited love, it’s about one sided love. And it’s basically about “You love me right? Why don’t you love me? I don’t want to end this. Please just hold me because I love you.” Having been in one sided love several times I really relate to it. You also have to love the beautiful harmony in the song.

1. Koko ni Iruzee!

I like this song because it is really silly. It’s also probably the most childish single Morning Musume has ever released. So of course I like it for that fun aspect. I also like it because it’s another song about enjoying life to it’s fullest. And I really love the “Song overcomes contry border. It advances to just about anywhere,” line.

Morning Musume’s preforms on Hey! Hey! Hey’s Idol SP

Morning Musume members and Morning Musume OG members performed on Hey! Hey! Hey!’s Idol special. They performed a 3 songs medley that included the songs Renai Revolution 21, Koi no Dance Site, and Love Machine.

Firs off, let me start by saying am I the only one who wants them to preform something else? I know since the OG are there they sing all the old songs, but I would actually prefer them to sing their newer songs. Or at least both old and new songs. It would be a nice change. I’d even settle for once. I just want to see how Nakazawa Yuko would sound singing Kimagure Princess. XD
Also can anyone tell me why there are missing OG members? I don’t know if you guys noticed but their are 4 OG members missing from this performance. Those members are Fujimoto Miki, Ogawa Makoto, Konno Asami, and Kusumi Koharu. They’re missing for absolutely no reason at all! That just completely irks me. Besides I miss my beloved KonKon and Koha!

I though the overall performance was enjoyable to watch. But it honestly wasn’t much different than all the other Morning Musume current and OG joint performances. Besides costumes and solo lines, you can barely distinguish between them. It also seems like Iida Kaori might have been sick. She didn’t rock her solo in Koi no Dance Site.

I also decided to make screencaps of this for fun. XD

Who is this random fat chick they keep focusing on like I’m supposed to know who she is. XD It’s pretty awesome that she dances along though. An obvious fan.

Pretty LinLin is pretty.

Stupid Sayumi always looking cute. XD

OMFG! I love Haruna Ai. XD

No one does Sexy Beam better than Mari.

I’ll never understand how they change clothes so quickly. It was just a jacket and it was still like half a second!

Yasuda’s ja na is just a tad too aggressive. XD

It’s amazing how good Yuko looks for her age.

Lolz at how overly excited she is. Who am I kidding, I’d act the same way. XD

Nono! I completely forgot that she wasn’t there either. Well she is pregnant. XD

I could not resist focusing on MatsuJun throughout the whole performance. Half because Jun is hot and half because his almost arrogant lack of interest.

WTF is MatsuJun doing? One could mistake his look for awe. But if you asked me he looks frightened. Maybe because of the number of girls, their obnoxious outfits, or maybe he’s just thinking how much better Arashi is. XD

Look how he’s smugly looking away!

Ok, he looks semi interested now.

Jun’s blank stare. O_O

The final reaction is a lie!

I wonder what Jun is saying to Morning Musume? All I can understand is Love Machine and Utaban. XD I think he also said Mari’s Sexy Beam made him happy. Lol.

Also you should hurry up and watch the clip if you want to see it. No doubt it will be deleted from youtube soon.

Morning Musume’s vauge new song Aisaresugiru Koto wa nai no yo

During the first stop in Morning Musume’s fall concert tour they preformed a new song entitled Aisaresugiru Koto wa nai no yo. Though what this new song is going to be used for is still up in the air, it’s obvious that it will be on their 44th single. We’ll just have to wait and see weather it’s the A-side or B-side.

That being said let me just say how much I absolutely love this song. The song sounds like it starts off with Aika. That alone is awesome enough. And I love everything about the song! The music is absolutely incredible. When the chorus kicks in I could die. The music of the song is already very powerful, but even more so in the chorus. I really hope that this turns out to be the A-side. Morning Musume has been wasting all their best and most powerful songs on B-sides and albums songs. The line distribution is also good. I hardly have any complaints over it. Every single girl gets a solo line. Though if they just did that will every single LinLin and JunJun wouldn’t be leaving the first place. I mean listen to the intensity in LinLin’s solo lines! Do you think Sayumi could ever come close to sounding like that? No way! Listen to her solo lines in this song. They’re basically mashing all of her previous solos together. Her solo starts with her robot voice from Ookii Hitomi, then her overly suggestive Ah from SONGS, and finally her whisper speak from Nanchatte Renai. All of which mask the fact that SHE STILL CAN’T SING!

This song is directly ripped from a concert, so the quality isn’t the best.

Afternoon Musume Georgia coffee CM

Several OG Morning Musume members have formed a new unit called Afternoon Musume to promote Georgia coffee drinks. The units consists of Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Fujimoto Miki, and Ogawa Makoto. In the commercials they sing an original song entiled Gohoubi no Afternoon Coffee. AKA an enka version of Morning Coffee. It is still unconfirmed if this will be released as a single.

I gotta say this CM and song aren’t exactly my cup of coffee tea. I absolutely hate the overly Japanese theme of it. Mainly because I don’t find enka music to be all that appealing. However I find the geisha outfits to be adorable. I also am incredibly sad that KonKon isn’t a part of this at all. But I’m super excited for OG being pimped again. Even though I’m not an OG fan at all. It’s nice to know every once in a blue moon UFA lets them do something other than gather dust.

Muten Musume’s Appare Kaiten Zushi preview

Do you know what I absolutely hate? Irony. And do you know why that is so? I hate irony because I am it’s latest victim. Pretty much right after I came back from my much needed hiatus I got hit with an upper respiratory infection. Which left me bed ridden for 2 weeks straight. And I can’t tell you it was not fun at all. I thought I’d just let my readers know where I’ve disappeared to again. I gotta say this has just not been my month. There has got to me some one out there who doesn’t want me to blog with a voodoo of me disrupting my life. ._.
Just like before, be prepared for some old news. Anyway, now that that is out of the way onto the purpose of this post.

This post is all about Muten Musume. (You can’t imagine how many times I almost accidentally wrote mutant instead of mutan XD) Which is prehistoric news now, but cut me some slack please. XD Morning Musume have formed a new unit called Muten Musume to promote a sushi chain in the Kansai region of Japan. Except not really because it’s the current line up with a different name and new nicknames for the girls. Which are basically their names doubled. AiAi, RisaRisa, ReiRie, etc.
And I honestly think the whole concept is completely stupid. Why go through all the trouble of making a new Momusu unit if every single current Morning Musume member is taking part in it? Why can’t they just release it under Morning Musume? It’s seems like a lot of effort for nothing.

Muten Musume’s first, and most likely only, single Appare Kaiten Zushi is being released October 27th. And since it’s September of course the radio rip is out.
Now I may not agree with, or even understand the point in forming this unit but I absolutely adore the song. It literally sounds like Momusu’s Pepper Keibu, Berryz’s Warera! Berryz Kamen, and Buono’s My Boy rolled up into one and Appare Kaiten Zushi got all the good pieces.
This is the kind of sill, fun, energetic, completely unserious song I’ve been wanting Morning Musume to release again since Resonant Blue! The song is about sushi and I still like it more than Seishun Collection. And my god LinLin and JunJun actually have solo lines! Though it’s sad to see they were only thrown a bone because they’re graduating soon.
All I can really say about this song is I want a PV right now!

10 year olds in Momusu is exactly what they need

Why does everyone in the blogging community and H!P fandom think the Morning Musume 9th gen auditions are making a mistake by looking for 10-17 year olds? A lot of people are saying adult members will look ridiculous around members that are preteens-teens. Newsflash! That’s what Morning Musume has always done. When a member gets too old, and starts making the group less youthful, or a member is pretty much a senor citizen compared to other members, she leaves. Plan and simple. Morning Musume is a fresh and youthful idol group. They are NOT a mature or adult themed group. They tried that already. How soon you all forget about V-U-DEN.
If this is your logic, you must also think Nakazawa Yuko, Abe Natsumi, Iida Kari, Yasuda Kei, and Yaguchi Mari should have never left the group. They should have graduated all the young members and just left the old. Then they should have auditioned for new ones to fit around gen 1-2’s age range. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? Do you realize how that would have destroyed the group? People must not because they are boasting the same ridiculous logic. It seriously makes no sense. Morning Musume is flopping lifelessly around and Tsunku is trying to give them much needed oxygen. The reason Tsunku is looking for 10-17 year olds shows that he still has a a few brain cells. It shows that Tsunku is far smarter then you think he is, and he is always right on target. And I’m going to tell you why.

The first reason he opened up the auditions for ages 10-17 is because of the eggs. Hello!Project has a lot of eggs, who are just gathering dust and are having their talent pretty much wasted. But more importantly H!P has a lot of young eggs. H!P right now has 26 eggs. And out of the 26 eggs 20 are eligible to audition for the 9th generation. That is a substantial amount of Eggs. It’s almost like he planned this right from the beginning. Because you should also note that he didn’t say Eggs could audition for the 9th gen until a few days after the 9th gen announcement. And I mean this factor of the auditions is so perfect and so brilliant, you’d have to be a fool to not see how Tsunku is a genius.
Now let’s say for a minute it really was 100% LinLin, JunJun, and Eri’s idea to leave Morning Musume. Let’s also say they all came to him roughly at the same time to leave. And since they really wanted to leave, Tsunku has no choice but to let them leave. So now Tsunku is panicking because he lost 4 members in 9 months, leaving Morning Musume at a very bad place. He realizes he needs some fresh talent and quickly! Since Morning Musume will be reduced to 5 members Tsunku realizes the new members will HAVE to be prepared to step up and lead singles practically as soon as they join. Much like the 6th gen did. They didn’t have to since Morning Musume was huge back then, but they still did none the less. This was said just to give you an example.
Now that being said, Tsunku realizes the odds of finding a random girl with an exceptional voice is pretty slim. And also realizes true talent has to sometimes be nurtured for a few years. Like Risa, KonKon, and Nono. So naturally the only conclusion Tsunku came to was to add Egg members. They’ve had years (some, not all) to polish their singing and dancing, and some of them are at an amazing skill level. You might think Tsunku has been neglecting the Eggs, but he hasn’t really. He’s picked the girls only when he felt they were really ready for it. He’s added Eggs to both permanent and temporary groups. Such as Arihara Kanna, LinLin, Ongaku Gatas, V-U-DEN, Mano Erina, Milky Way, Shugo Chara Eggs, and even made the complete Egg group S/mileage.

The second reason he’s asking for members so young is simple, he’s looking for longevity. Ai and Risa have been in Morning Musume for 9 years. Maybe he’s looking for new members to be in for a similar amount of time, if not longer. A 10 year old could conceivably be a member of Morning Musume for 14 years. We all know the longer a member is in the group the more popular she is/becomes. Mostly for the sake of familiarity. And watching an idol grow up makes you feel a lot closer to her. Berryz Koubou is such a popular group because they’ve been around for 6 or 7 years without a change in members. Making all the members decently popular.
And we all also know far too well that female idols have a specific time limit. And when their time runs out they literally spoil. And just like eating milk and bread a few days after the expiration date is perfectly fine, anything more than a few days is pushing it. Hence why the Elder Club graduated in the first place. Let’s be honest here, after they started to get really old they lost a lot of their appeal. They started releasing singles less frequently and fell into obscurity. (Matsuura Aya just remains a mystery. But it’s most likely because of her mature and boring later half of singles.) Hello!Project saw how they were dragging the company down and cut the ties. Well that’s exactly what 5th and 6th gen will do to Morning Musume if they stay for much longer. They will completely drag down and destroy the group.
Remember how Yuko said she felt old when the 4th gen joined? And that she couldn’t put up with 12 year olds running around, and that’s what made her ultimately graduate? Well that’s where Ai-chan is now, or will be soon. Because let’s not forget Yuko handed over the reins to Ai. It’s only fitting that they will share similar fates.

It also seems like a lot of fans are crying because they realize that longtime members, and favorites, time is running out. And fast! They are coming to the sobering conclusion that Ai-chan can’t stay in Morning Musume forever. Ai is one of my least favorite members, and even I want her to stay forever because of her amazing voice. But everyone has to realize she just can’t. And I understand that makes people upset, and also momentarily think irrationally.

So there you have it Tsunku is truly a evil genius, wizard, and magician. The way he can see into the future is amazing. They way he can see an awkward girl, or so-so singer, and can see the potential for greatness. The way he can predict what will be best for Momusu in the long run. There’s no doubt in my mind that Tsunku is most likely a master chess player. Everyone is one step ahead predicting what Morning Musume will look like 3 months from now, but Tsunku is 3 steps ahead already envisioning what Morning Musume will look like a year from now. Completely incredible if you ask me.

9th generation auditions announced

You know when they say, “careful what you wish for,” I completely understand what they mean.
Well it finally happened 9th generation auditions have officially been announced. But at what price. I lost 3 of my favorite Morning Musume members for this to happen. Koharu, Eri, and LinLin. But that’s what happens with a swinging door idol group. You recycle old members, and new ones come. It’s just an inevitability being in this fandom. One day your favorite is going to leave. Having said that, it doesn’t really ease the pain or make it easier to take.

But that’s not what this post is about. I already whined enough in my previous post. This post is all about the upcoming 9th generation Morning Musume auditions! Tsunku has announced that Morning Musume will be auditioning for the 9th gen. You can view the official website here or read about it in his blog here. The girls participating in the audition must be ages 10-17.

Even though I am extremely sad that 3 members are leaving I am still super excited to finally get some new Monring Musume members. This will be my first Morning Musume audition since becoming a fan. I can’t wait for it to happen and wait with baited breathe for the new members to be picked.

I am a little disappointed with about the age though. 10-17 seems really young. Even if Morning Musume did have international auditions it sucks that I’m too old for it now. TOT But what also is pretty cool everything I said I wanted to happen with 9th gen seems to be happening. Ok I said the 9th gen auditions would be announced in February and it’s August, but that’s still pretty close. I also said that Morning Musume also needs some young girls thrown into the mix, about 12 years old. And what do you know. This generation is accepting the youngest girls any generation has ever accepted. Then I also said Ai-chan will most likely pull a Yossie. Be around just long enough to train the new member(s) before graduating herself. I hope that actually happens. Ai-chan has been a member long enough. And so has Risa for that matter.

The world seems to stop as Morning Musume loses 3 members

Tsunku has announced at today’s H!P Summer Concert that 3 members will be graduating from Morning Musume. Those members will be: 6th generation member Kamei Eri, and 8th generation members LinLin and JunJun. Eri will be graduation because she has been a long time sufferer of the skin disease atopic dermatitis. There is also no official plans for her activities after graduating from Morning Musume. LinLin and JunJun are graduating because they have honed their skills as singers, and are now grown up women. After graduating from Morning Musume LinLin and JunJun will be going back to China to focus on a career there. You can read Tsunku’s full statement in Japanese and English here on Morning Musume’s myspace blog.

I am in such a state of shock now that I can barely speak. It has literally taken me 15 minutes to start to write this. I am so speechless now. This news is so unexpected I’m at a loss for words. But let’s just start from the beginning. When I first read 3 members were graduating I thought I was getting my dream. Ai, Risa, and Sayumi are finally going to graduate. But when I clicked on who was leaving I was flabbergasted. I read Eri and I was like “Oh no! That’s horrible,” but I could honestly take that. I mean she’s 6th gen I could see it happening. But then when I read LinLin and JunJun I had to do a double take. I mean really, LinLin and JunJun? They are 8th gen for god’s sake!

And right now that’s where I am. I am officially over being on the verge of tears and I am in full on rant mode!
First off, and pardon my French, but are you fucking kidding me? The 8th generation is graduating but the 5th is safe for a another year or so! Ai and Risa have been in Morning Musume for 9 years. Nine years! Let them go already! Enough is enough! I know Ai-chan is the current vocal powerhouse of Momusu, but that’s not my problem. If Tsunku would just spread the lines more he wouldn’t be in this crippling co-dependency with Ai! He has made it so Morning Musume will fall apart without her, so she escapes another graduation! Well guess what, he’s also now running the risk of Morning Musume falling apart with Ai-chan in it.
And why is that? Well I will tell you. Only 5 members of Morning Musume can actually sing. And those are Ai, Risa, Reina, Eri, and LinLin. Aika is a good singer too, but I’m talking about good enough to lead songs. And now 2 of those girls are leaving. Leaving Momusu basically an empty shell, for the time being of course. But I highly doubt any of the new 9th gen will be so spectacular that they lead their debut single. Let’s be realistic here, we’re most likely not going to have another Shabondama situation. Not only that, but who is going to take over Eri’s lines during concerts? They made here such a big part of the singles!
And according to seniority Sayumi will most likely be taking over Eri’s lines! Well I hope people remind me to bring my ear plugs every time I watch a Morning Musume concert from now on. Because Sayumi is garbage, absolute garbage. Don’t feed me the, “well Sayumi has improved greatly,” either because the girl can not sing. She can’t. She’s narcissistic and whiny. Bottom line, the only reason she is still a member of Morning Musume is because she’s cute, looks good in a bikini, and the wota have a hard on for her. And it’s just completely sad. And I know she’s an idol, and idols aren’t the best singers. But if you don’t want to lose her profit have her go solo, put her in a group. Anything! But just get her out of Morning Musume.
She is taking up LinLin’s spot! Listen to LinLin sing and tell me she wasn’t robbed! You listen to LinLin’s solo in Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku you na Mirai de Are from the Platinum 9 Disco concert and tell me that LinLin didn’t deserve to be the sub-leader of Morning Musume one day. Just try to because you can’t! Listen to her Chinese version of Watarasebashi on Bijou Houdan and tell me it wasn’t so beautiful it didn’t almost bring you to tears!

I just can not fathom what Tsunku was possibly thinking! This has got to be one of the worst decisions Tsunku has ever made. I understand the line up hasn’t been changed in years, but to graduate 4 members in less than a year, is just too much! Especially 3 of my favorite members of Morning Musume! So until the 9th gen joins Morning Musume will be 3 members I hate, and 2 that I love. Not really the best odds there. And there’s no way I will ever instantly love a 9th generation member. It took me 2 years to realize I love LinLin. Aika was just a fluke.

This is just too much bad news for me to possibly bare. I mean, I don’t really follow Chinese music. So you might as well say I will never hear from LinLin again. And who’s to say she will even have a career? Ice Creamusume have been MIA for like 2 years now. I can’t even express how I am feeling in words. It’s a mix between sadness and anger.

My first H!P product ever!

I’ve been meaning to write this post about getting my copy of Morning Musume’s 10 My Me for a while now, but I’ve been to lazy too upload the pictures until now. So this post is a little delayed. But that’s ok better late then never.

So this year my birthday I finally got my first Hello!Project CD/merchandise/anything H!P related ever! (Which isn’t entirely true because I won a few photocards from H!O a few years ago, but that doesn’t really count.) This must be pretty astonishing for some. I’ve been a H!P fangirl for 4 years and had this blog for 2, but I’m just getting my first H!P CD now. But regardless of how much time has passed I am super jazzed that I got this CD in the first place. So naturally I had some pictures to commemorate this historic event.

The package. I blurred my address for obvious reasons. I was going to just keep my name, except it wasn’t even addressed to me. XD

The CD! Which I of course opened. Eventually though, I do want to start collecting H!P stuff and never open them. But this was from Japan Files so there really wasn’t much point to not open it.

The photocard, which I really lucked out on. A group card is one of the best you can get. Sure I would have loved an Aika card or a LinLin card, but I would have hated a Sayumi or Reina card.

The CD opened. Not really sure what to say about this, but I felt the need to take a picture of it like this. XD

What I think is almost better than getting the CD itself is my seeing my family’s reaction to it. I try to keep my family as in the dark about my H!P and JE fandoms as possible. The only time I ever mention a group is when I want my mom to buy me a CD of them. First off my mom thinks Morning Musume is way beyond lame. She thinks it’s stupid for me to like a group that dresses alike, walks alike, and talks alike. And has even said to me “don’t you know girlgroups and boybands aren’t popular anymore?” And my only response to that was maybe in this country. Another hilarious thing is having my mom try to pronounce anything Japanese. She’s called Gyoza Goya, Arioka Daiki Daihiki, and to my mom Morning Musume is Morning Museum. She argued with me that it’s not Musume but Museum. Saying I bought the CD I know what it is, it’s spelled the same way as Museum. I had to actually spell it for her to believe me. And still while I was spelling it she was spelling Museum under me as if I was actually going to say seum instead of sume.
But my sisters reactions are probably way better. As soon as I got the CD she had to immediately see it, so she could mock me. Her reactions were, “oh I thought the were going to be dudes.” Then she asked me if I was in love with them. But you gotta love that logic. I can’t like female singers unless I’m a lesbian. And finally they’re all ugly expect for Ai-chan and LinLin. She obviously didn’t say their names. She just say that one and that one. Which I think is interesting. Ai-chan is an obvious pick for being one of the prettiest, but LinLin isn’t really. I mean she’s pretty but I didn’t really think she’d stand out much to a non fan. Other than saying they were ugly my sister also laughed at me when I say Morning Musume usually sings about girlish feelings of love. Which they do.

Can Morning Musume’s diminishing popularity be helped?

Morning Musume desperately needs to do something spectacular soon, or it might actually be the end for them. Now I know a lot of people don’t think Morning Musume could ever actually end since they’ve been the flagship of H!P for years. And that much is true. And also their recent songs have been gaining some popularity. Singles Naichau Kamo-Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai have been in the top 5. Which is good on the surface. But if you look at the actual sales of the singles, it’s not good. Each singles has averaged about 50k. And a vast majority of their sales are in the first week. After that the singles only sell about 1,000-a couple hundred copies a week. Artists like Hey! Say! JUMP and AKB48 are tripling their sales in the first week alone. And those groups are only about 4-5 years old. Arashi, who’s been together just as long as Morning Musume, is blowing them out of the water. Their singles sell 10 times better. Even Perfume outsells Morning Musume. It’s only by 20k, but they still outsell them.

That pretty much shows that they only people buying Morning Musume are people who are already fans. Mixed in with a few new buyers because of the minimal popularity of the song. One could also argue that Johnny’s has been around since the 60s and therefore has more money to pimp its artists. Which is true in a sense, but not completely true. Nanchatte Renai was Morning Musume’s 40th single, and to commemorate the event they stepped up promos about 10 times as much as usual. Morning Musume was everywhere selling this single. On the radio, and double the shows they are normally on. And what did all this trouble get them? A mere 20k increase in sales. And also a number 2 weekly ranking spot, but the next week they were 12. And then 46. Akb48’s first single sold roughly the same amount of copies as Morning Musume’s 42nd single. You’d think an established artist that’s been together over a decade would sell better than a new artist. That their popularity would be 4 times the size of a new idol group. But that’s because Morning Musume doesn’t have popularity anymore.

Say this sudden spark in interest in Morning Musume disappears again. And they stop making semi popular singles. Say their next 3-4 singles are equivalent to Mikan. Or let’s say they even sell a little worse. Do you think that would be good for their already diminishing popularity? No, of course not. If that happens, they they will dwindle even farther into obscurity. Is there really anyway for Morning Musume to gain more popularity, and even get a fraction of their glory days back? I think there might be a way.

Let’s look at the last time Morning Musume was popular. The last Morning Musume singles to reach 90-100k were Shabondama, Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~, Ai Araba It’s Alright, and Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari. And the highest selling of those were Shabondama with 151,00 copies, Go Girl ~Koi no Victory with 145,000 copies, and Ai Araba It’s Alright selling 108,000 copies.
Which leads me to the first way Morning Musume can gain a little more popularity. Their last highest selling singles were super happy and upbeat. Proving that Morning Musume fans, and non fans alike, prefer their idols to sing super positive songs rather then the current no one loves me singles. Shabondama was so popular because it was empowering, upbeat, raw, and honest. It wasn’t saying the wimpy why don’t you love me anymore, it was saying if you don’t want me that’s fine, I’ll find someone better who’s not like you. And therefore more empowering and more popular. It seems a lot of non fans can relate more to it’s ok to cry and push through it. Rather than I’m going to cry about it now because you don’t understand how hard it is for me.

Another way to gain popularity is to add more members. I know I seem kinda whiny to keep saying how much I want new members, but I think it’s finally time to add more. We’ve grieved Koharu enough. I mean Aika was added to Momusu on Yossie’s last single. Which is cool you lose one, you gain one. And also Morning Musume should have way more members by now.
In the first 6 years of Morning Musume’s career they had gen 1-6. But in the next 7 years they only added 2 more gens, and only 4 new members. Which I don’t really think is the best move for them. Morning Musume should be on gen 12 by now. They would have been on gen 9 if Tsunku just took a girl or two from the first 7th gen auditions. It seems everyone is as tired with the current line up as I am. Which is another reason the last 100k singles were so popular. They all happened during Morning Musume’s peak amount of members. It makes sense the more members you have the more people will listen to you. You could not like 9 members, but when there’s 14-15 you’re bound to like at least one girl. This also correlates with Morning Musume’s sales dropping as members left. It’s about time to add new members now. If not, pretty soon we’re going to be grieving Morning Musume as a whole. Koharu left and Morning Musume went on about there day. “Like ok Morning Musume is Berryz Koubou and C-ute now. We just never change our line up. Three years with the same line up isn’t boring or anything.” Morning Musume REALLY needs new members to spice up their songs and popularity. If die hard Morning Musume fans, like myself, are getting sick of the Morning Musume’s bland songs, imagine how non Momusu fans are feeling.

Their style of songs seems to be a big problem too. Anymore they’re all essentially the same. It seems their best songs are being wasted on albums and B-sides. Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb Girl, and Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan are about 100 times better then their A-sides. And would probably outsell their A-sides, because of the sheer fun and energetic factor. And then I hear incredible album songs like SONGS, Guru Guru JUMP, Ame no Furanai Hoshi dewa Aisenai Darou, Moonligh Night ~Tsuki yo no ban da yo~, Genki Pika Pika, and Namidacchi. All of which could easily be powerful A-sides. They are either really fun or really meaningful. I think a lot of people would respond well to them. But they were basically wasted. Because let’s be honest if you don’t like Morning Musume’s singles you’re not even going to listen to their album, let alone buy it.

Another reason for them not being as popular is because Morning Musume is basically geared towards wota and that’s it. If you’re a girl you’re not exactly encouraged to listen to them. You even feel a little weird for liking them at times. I know there are times I do. But I like Morning Musume for their lyrics, both happy and empowering for girls. Johnny’s is so popular because they are specifically geared toward teenage girls. So it becomes ok for all gendered teenagers to like it, and even people of all ages. Johnny’s highest supporters are teenage girls, and 40 year old women. And we all know too well of Japan as a whole being absolutely in love with Arashi despite them being idols. Even AKB48 with it being completely and blatantly geared to wota surprisingly has quite a bit of teenage supporters. If Morning Musume could step away from wota a bit, they’d be more popular. But right now basically the only people supporting them is wota. And there inlays a big problem.

And Morning Musume’s last problem for being less popular then earlier days is the way they showcase the girls themselves. For a while now it’s been all about Ai, Risa, Eri, Reina, and sometimes Sayumi. So those are the only members who get to sing and the only ones who get air times. Seventh-eighth gen hardly ever got to sing at all. Koharu would get thrown a few lines here and there because she was already really popular from Kirarin Revolution, but as for 8th gen they got and continue to get nothing. Aika, LinLin, and JunJun haven’t risen above the bottom 3 popular members since their debut. Mostly because they aren’t given the opportunity to shine. Tsunku is just shoving their vocal powerhouses in your face hoping to sell more singles. But what he doesn’t realize is yes, that’s a quick fix for now, but in the long run it’s actually hurting Morning Musume. The more dependent they are on Ai, Risa, Eri, and Reina, and they more they shove them to be the only popular members the more co-dependant they become. And the more it hurts Morning Musume when they leave. If you think it was bad when Nacchi, Yossie, or Aibon and Nono left, imagine, with Morning Musume the way it is now, how bad it’s going to be when Ai-chan leaves. It’s a significant blow that right now Morning Musume can’t take. And if they keep doing the same things as always, might never be able to take.

Morning Musume-Seishun Collection preview

Morning Musume’s 43rd single, Seishun Collection, is being released June 9th. And of course a preview has been floating around the internet for about a week now.

First off, I am super disappointed with this song. I’m beyond not liking it. I dislike it so much I would prefer for it to never be released. I haven’t been this disappointed in a single since Shouganai Yume Oibito. And I tried to give this song the benefit of doubt. I listened to it about 4-5 times in a row to find something good about it. And I just can’t.

So, why do I dislike this song so much? It’s pretty obvious. The song is boring and I mean extremely boring. The music is so bland it’s almost excruciating to listen to. It honestly sounds like an ending song for a drama that you wouldn’t really pay attention to. I’m just blown away by the fact that Morning Musume keeps releasing basically the same song over and over. What happened to Morning Musume changing its style from single to single? They’ve been consistently lack luster for the past 6 singles or so. Because Kimagure Princess was a complete fluke.

And this song is the 3rd song in the row were only Ai, Risa, Reina, and Eri got solo lines. And I’m sick of it. I’m absolutely sick of it! Line distribution has never been this unfair in the history of Morning Musume. Well actually from Love Machine and on, it was a little unfair in the beginning. But still it is just incredible that Morning Musume keeps making unfair songs like this and shows no sign of slowing down or stopping. And I’m just tired of hearing the same people sing over and over. Yeah they’re the best singers of the current line up, tell me something I didn’t know. Pretty soon it’s going to be Furusato all over again.

And they could do something to make it more interesting. Not one of the girls has a solo line in Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~, and that’s one of my all time favorite Morning Musume singles. For the simple fact that it’s upbeat and it’s fun. Which is what idol music is basically all about.

Top 10 least favorite Morning Musume singles

Pretty much since Resonant Blue came out there’s been a lot of whiny Morning Musume fans out there. Saying that Morning Musume has become Emo Musume, or Sad Musume. Most of them have been saying Momusu is horrible now and they lost the spark they had in the past. But that statement is only half true. This era of Morning Musume has it’s share of misses as well as gems. Just like any other Morning Musume era. Saying that Morning Musume is horrible now, or they don’t like Morning Musume anymore, in my opinion is just ridiculous. Morning Musume has been togther for 12 years, and in that time they’ve released somewhere around 150 songs. Now that’s an incredible amount of songs. And in all honestly out of about 150 songs how many songs do you actually like? I doubt there is one Morning Musume fan who likes every single song. Because it seems pretty impossible. Morning Musume’s style is always changing. There’s bound to be one style you dislike and one style you favor over the others. Now let’s cut that number down to 42, for each of Morning Musume’s single’s A sides. Now ask yourself the same question. Out of 42 A sides how many songs do you actually like? I’m sure there’s very few fans out there that answered 42. And those of you who did are apparently bigger Morning Musume fans than me, because out of 42 singles I don’t love every single song. However, even though I don’t love every single song there’s not one Morning Musume single I absolutely hate. I might dislike songs or like some songs more than others but I don’t hate any. And eventually I’m in the mood to listen to the songs I don’t care for too much. Though it’s usually once in a blue moon.

So on to the main point of my post. I’m going to post my top ten least favorite Morning Musume singles. I guess to show that Morning Musume wasn’t always absolutely incredible. And they have made mistakes before Resonant Blue. Because saying they haven’t is just silly.
Also keep in mind these are in no particular order. They’re basically in the order I remembered them in. XD

10. Pepper Keibu

This song is ok, but I bet it was a lot better in the 70s. I’m not really into remakes. Especially if it sounds exactly like the original. The only H!P remake I actually really love is W’s Koi no Vacance. And that’s because they changed it up a lot. I’m not really a fan of disco music so having a single with heavy disco music is a bit of a miss for me. But I must admit I do love the chorus of the song, but not the verse so much. And I also hate that Reina is the only person to get a solo line. And since I really dislike Reina that pretty much ruins the song for me too.

9. Aruiteru

I must be the only person who dislikes this song considering it shot to number 1 on the Oricon charts. But I don’t really care what everyone thinks of the song I don’t really like it too much. And it’s not like the lyrics are bad or anything. As a matter of fact, they’re actually kind of cute. I’m just not a fan of slow paced songs. And I find the nanana parts annoying. They’re kind of a cop out for not being able to think of another line of chorus.

8. The Manpower!

The Manpower has been floating around the top of my least favorite Morning Musume singles for a couple of years now. This song just annoys me to no end! The lyrics as a whole are pretty dumb. I’m not sure why anyone would like a song that’s basically about being a human. The homo sapiens line makes me laugh every time for some reason. And I especially hate the manpower parts. They repeat it too many times. It’s just annoying and redundant.

7. Osaka Koi no Uta

I’m not even a hundred percent sure why I dislike this song. There’s just something about it that irks me. I’ve been avoiding this song like the plague. Since becoming an H!P fangirl I’ve probably listened to this song a grand total of 5 times. And it has nothing to do with it being in Osaka dialect, because it’s not like I can tell the difference anyway. Osaka Koi no Uta is just way too whiny. And because of the way they’re singing it. They’re just singing really whiny, like they’re gonna cry any minute. I know since the song is about lost love it’s supposed to be like that. But it just find it annoying.

6. Souda! We’re Alive

This is another song that’s been at the top of my least favorite songs for a while. Everything about the song annoys me! The music, they way they sing it, and the annoying background vocals. You know the ha he ho parts. XD And they also must say boom boom boom pump it up and yeah yeah pump it up like 70 times! There’s no need for that! And aside from that the whole song is pretty pointless. The lyrics are basically we’re alive and everyone else is alive too. Yay, let’s be happy we’re alive. I mean there’s not really much beyond that. It’s pretty dumb and meaningless if you ask me.

5. The Peace

I’m not sure why The Peace is pretty much a Momusu fan favorite. Practically every Momusu fan is in love with The Peace. And I can’t fathom why. I can’t stand how redundant the song is. The chant in the beginning is repeated through the song entirely too much. And the lyrics are kind of all over the place. They don’t really connect to one another. It’s about English school, going out to eat, and ordering pizza. It’s just so random. It also never wants to end. It has like 4 false endings before it actually ends.

4. Nanchatte Renai

Nanchatte Renai is somewhere in the middle for me. It’s not completely terrible, but I don’t like it enough for it to be above the bottom ten. The lyrics are just a little bit too sad. I mean at one point the lyrics kind of imply that Ai-chan is going to cry while eating a hamburger. I do absolutely love the rap parts though. However, Sayumi getting a solo verse kind of ruins everything.

3. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

Even though I like the overall message of the song some of the lyrics are a little stupid. Which brings down the whole song. I’m not sure what everyone looking at my transparent shirt has to do with anything. And of course unfair line distribution makes me like this song even less. I tend to prefer songs where I can hear all the girl’s singing. Not just the best singers over and over again.

2. Memory Seishun no Hikari

This song is here because I don’t really care for old school Morning Musume that much. I start really caring Love Machine and beyond. Though I do love Summer Night Town, Furusato, and Daite Hold On Me. But I started liking them recently. I don’t know I just find this song to be really boring. There’s just nothing about it that stands out. And the random guy rapping in the background is a little weird. And I also hate that it became Reina’s unofficial song. I also hate I could only find her version subtitled. XD I think everyone is well aware how I feel about Reina.

1. Manatsu no Kousen

I think I really dislike this song because of how old sounding the music is. I know the song is a decade old but the music makes it sound other than that. I don’t know I guess it’s hard to explain. I’m also not that big of a Nacchi fan and all of the old school Momusu songs revolve around her. They basically have to sing the harmony around her, and I hate that. So I guess that adds to why I dislike it. The chorus of the song is really cute, but the verse is a little flat.

Momusu almost works it in Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

The PV for Morning Musume’s 42nd single, Onna ga medatte naze ikenai, was released a few days ago. And like any other Momusu PV I was really jazzed to see how it would turn out. But of course I was uber disappointed by the overall mediocrity of it.

Obviously the first thing to jump out about the PV is their outfits, which I’ve never been a fan of. When the concert pictures with them wearing those dresses I hoped they wouldn’t be used in the actual video. But I obviously prayed in vain. They’re a little too poofy and elaborate to wear for a video. Much like the outfits from Onna ni Sachi are. I always though “bolder” outfits like these should only be worn at concerts.
Maybe I don’t like the video because the whole theme is very superficial. Let’s do our hair and makeup cause we’re so pretty. Also check out my fierce runway walk. I’m sure Reina and Sayumi loved filming this. It fits them perfectly. But aside from all the self centered scenes it’s basically the wash rinse repeat PV that H!P always makes. Because who needs to be creative when you can make the same video five thousand times? The dance scene are one step above Resonant Blue’s dance scene. Instead of a completely black room with no light, they are on a small black stage with concert lights. If they were gonna go for a concert looking dance theme why didn’t they go the Chokkan 2 Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo route and use actual concert footage? It would have made the video a little less somber and a little more energetic and fun.
But the girls do look exceptionally pretty in the PV. But of course they do, because anymore that’s basically their job. The girls who aren’t Reina, Ai, Eri, or Risa never get to sing anyway. (Sayumi gets to sing once in a blue moon. But I don’t count her Ahs solo lines in this song as singing parts) Their job is to sit there and look pretty.

I though this was Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

not Kuchibiru kara Romantica?

What’s up with everyone’s I’m better than you looks?

I don’t get it.

I thought this was Onna ga medatte naze ikenai

not Dakishimete Dakishimete?

So this is where they film Japan’s next top model.

Reina’s looks so smug here. I wish I could punch her.

At least LinLin looks pretty.

If it sings like a new member and acts like a new member

UFA & BS-TBS held a press conference to announce auditions. But not the auditions every Morning Musume fan has been holding their breathe for, for over 2 years. Nope, it’s not the Morning Musume 9th generation audition announcement at all. Instead they announced they will be holding auditions in 5 cities to find an actress to stage in Morning Musume’s stage play in June.

Well an acting audition, that has nothing to do with a new Morning Musume member at all. Expect that that’s exactly what it could mean. Morning Musume is looking for an actress for a stage play, which means she won’t only have to be able to act she’ll probably have to sing as well. Well let’s say this winning girl ends up being a good singer. And let’s say this winning girl interacts well with Morning Musume. Then Tsunku could put together that “Hey, this girl will fit together nicely with Morning Musume!” I tend to overanalyze things but this seems in the realm of possibility. I mean Tsunku does seem to make spontaneous decisions. Like when he added LinLin and JunJun and when he formed Coconuts Musume. People should pay close attention to this audition. We might just be seeing the next Morning Musume member in this stage play. You never can tell with Tsunku.

Momusu’s Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai preview

Fresh from finally getting my new headset and in turn having sound, I bring you my review of Morning Musume’s 42nd single, Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai. It will be released on February 10th. It marks their first single of the new year as well as their first single without Koharu. And I still can’t believe she’s really gone. :/

What immediately jumps out about this single is the music. Which is obviously the first thing any first time listener would automatically notice. The music is good, I’m not overly in love with in but it’s not absolutely terrible. It kind of has an old school feel to it. And it sounds almost like they blended Ryuusei Boy and Kimagure Princess and ended up with this. Which basically means it has Kimagure Princess’s energetic feel, but it is also mostly dominated by Ryuusei’s disco-esque feel and more toned down vocals. The sporadic Spanish sounded guitars also remind me of Iroppoi Jirettai in an odd way.

The line distribution is as disappointing as ever. Even though they are a member short they’re following their current line distribution were only senior members get lines. Which would explain why Sayumi keeps getting solo lines when she doesn’t entirely deserve them.

At some parts of the songs if you listen closely enough it almost sounded like the other members are singing. But I might just be hearing Ai and Reina shoving past the other members.

But seriously there are those times where you can hear a chunk of Aika here a piece of JunJun there. But that’s no where near enough. I honestly can’t hear LinLin in this song at all! If someone was to tell me she didn’t participate in the single, I’d probably believe them. And it’s really sad. Tsunku needs to realize Ai isn’t going to be there forever and throw the other girls a bone.

Momusu finally makes an interesting dance shot

Some one out there in H!P must have been listening to me, because Morning Musume released a green dance version for Kimagure Princess. And I gotta say, I’m completely in love with it. The members switching/mashed up dance sequences were probably my favorite part of the entire Kimagure Princess PV. I’m so impressed by this edit that if they decided to pull a Resonant Blue, and just released this as the official version I’d be happy.

It really does take very little to impress me. But come on, can anyone really argue that this isn’t the most creative dance shot Morning Musume has ever had? I hardly ever watch H!P dance shot versions because much like the regular Kimagure Princess dance shot version, they’re boring. There’s never much reason to watch dance shots anyway. Unless you want to seriously learn the dance, or the dance is spectacular. And since neither is true in my case, Kimagure’s green dance version is probably the first H!P dance shot I’ve watched from beginning to end. There’s finally something going on to keep my attention on a dance shot for more than minute and a half.

It might seem pointless to go on this much about a dance shot, but tell me this isn’t full of win.

What does Morning Musume’s future look like?

It seems like every Morning Musume member is the same. No matter when it is, everyone wants to know who the next member to graduate is going to be. With graduations being completely random, and 1/9 odds that your favorite will leave is too risky for most fans. It seems like every fan has underline feelings of fear and hope that their idol isn’t next.
Because just like Ice Ages, we’re somewhere in between graduations. We’re just in the short calm period before another one happens. And even though Koharu is graduating in December you’d think I’d stop worrying about graduation for now. But, the truth is I’m more curious about who’s going to leave next and what’s next for Momusu more than ever.
With Koharu leaving, and shaking up the current line up for the first time in 2 years, that gives Morning Musume new options. And of course by new options I mean new members. A lot of people have been buzzing lately about new members joining, because it has to happen sooner or later, and now is the perfect time. Koharu is graduating in December, so I’m hoping Tsunku announces the 9th gen auditions by the end of February the latest. Then we could have new members in the begining of April the earliest. But whenever the auditions actually happen, the biggest question to me is what kind of members would we actually be getting.

Lately Morning Musume has been having more mature and adult songs. With Koharu leaving, and the exception of Aika, Morning Musume will be filled with girls from the ages of 18-23. Which is the perfect age range to sing current Morning Musume. Morning Musume is also getting its popularity back singing these kinds of songs. Which makes me think Tsunku will opt to get older members, 17-18 years old, to keep the popularity alive.

But what I’m actually hoping will happen is, Morning Musume will add a couple of younger members. Nothing will change the pace of current Momusu like adding 13-15 year olds. The same thing happened when the 4th and 5th gen joined. Little by little they went from more mature sounding songs to cuter sounding songs. It also caused Yuko to leave the group.

But with new members also means new members leaving. Which brings me to the actual point of this post, who I think will graduate after Koharu. And if you go by past graduations in correlation to members being added, the next member to leave could be sooner than you think. Yuko left 3 singles after the 4th gen joined, Nacchi left 3 singles after the 6th gen joined, Mako and KonKon left 3 singles after the 7th gen joined, and Yossie left after one single with Aika.

Now at first I thought I knew for a fact was going to leave. I thought she would leave even before Koharu, but I was wrong. And the more I think about it there are 3 members I think could be the next to go. You can never be 100% these things, but these 3 seem to have legit reasons to leave.

Michishige Sayumi:

I know Sayumi is a popular member and that she sells well, but lets be honest the girl can’t sing. She has improved greatly since she first joined, but how her voice sounds now is as good as it’s ever going to be. And frankly it’s not good enough to be a big part of the group. And right now she’s just floating awkwardly. Her personality is even pushing the limit. How long can she be the cutesy, childish, slightly ditzy one, who is endearingly full of herself? She’s 20 years old already, it just seems silly now. In all honesty she’s gone as far as she can within the group. Sure, she got a solo song, but that’s only because everyone who wasn’t a main singer got one. (LinLin got hers on the Chanpuru, but I’m not sure why JunJun got nothing.)

Takahashi Ai:

I know it’s almost blasphemy to even mention Ai-chan actually leaving, but it’s time for her to go. She’s been in Morning Musume for 8 years. In those 8 years she’s had plenty of time to shine and plenty of time in the spotlight. I think it’s finally time for everyone else to get attention. I mean, she basically sings half of every single. She’ll probably stay to train the new members, but beyond that I see her leaving immediately, like Yossie did. And for people who think Momusu can’t afford to lose her vocals, they can and eventually they’ll have to. Beside Morning Musume has a vocal powerhouse in the making, her name is LinLin.

Niigaki Risa:

It seems kind of odd to add Risa here, but only because she has the least legit reason to leave. But be that as it may, I can still see it happening. So why is it I think Risa will leave? It’s simple, Reina. They’ve been pushing Reina up front ahead of Risa for a while, basically preparing her to be the next leader. But she can’t exactly do that if the current sub leader is Risa. If Risa leaves Reina will be all that closer to becoming the next leader. And yes they could make Risa the leader and Reina the sub leader, sort of like they did with Miki and Ai, in hopes of having some aces in the group. On the other hand, Risa has also been there for 8 years. And in all honesty if they were going to hold onto any 5th gen member as long as possible it would be Ai, not Risa. But even if she doesn’t leave next, whenever she leaves it won’t be a shocker.

Sorry to everyone reading for the extremely long post. But as you can tell I put way too much though into Morning Musume. And if none of this actually happens, I’m sorry but I’m no Mayan Calendar.

Morning Musume’s Tsumaranai Princess

As most of you already know by now Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess PV was released. So, my PV review of this is late. But not really by that much, it’s more fashionably late. XD

Anyway, if I haven’t made it clear before I absolutely adore this song. It’s cute, it’s danceable, and it sounds like they had another drink helium to see who gets to be the new character on Kirarin Revolution contest. The squeaky auto tuned vocals, made me expect an equally amazing PV. But it seems everything I feared from the 10 second preview was true.

I wish Morning Musume would stop with the close up and dance format. I like a PV that actually has something going on. H!P really needs to wake up. They must think this format is working. That’s the only explanation for the repeats.

And most of all the song is called Kimagure Princess and it’s filmed in a castle. But, they didn’t even utilize the setting they were in! V-U-DEN’s Kacchoii Ze Japan PV was filmed in a castle, the song had nothing to do with princesses, but V-U-DEN actually made a decent PV. Let’s look at where Kimagure Princess went wrong.

Kacchoii Ze Japan had a castle setting.

Kimagure Princess had a castle setting.

Kacchoii Ze Japan filmed scenes off of a balcony.

Kimagure Princess has a fence. Well that’s much better,

Kaccohii Ze Japan used the giant castle doors.

Kimagure Princess has a black floral wall. How awesome
would it have been to end Kimagure Princess by
walking out of the doors or something?

Kachoii Ze Japan even had a better dance floor!

Kimagure Princess’s is lame in comparison.

But don’t get me wrong there were still a few aspects of the PV I liked. There weren’t that many but, there were still a few good parts.

I love the wannabe Balalaika Russian dance.

Is there anyone out there that didn’t appreciate the random
butt grab?

There’s a lot of mixed feelings on the fire scenes.
But I personally think they’re epic. They’re the most
unique part of the video.

Sayumi always has been great at beckoning gestures.

I also think the dance changing scenes are pretty cooling
looking too.

God, I’m gonna miss Koharu!

However the real star of this PV is LinLin.





Morning Musume can’t catch a break

CDTV releases a short preview of Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess PV. It’s only about 10 seconds, but it’s still disappointing.

I was expecting a lot from this video. The song is arranged by Dance*Man, it’s cute and squeaky instead of soft and sorrowful. And yet none of that could help it get a good PV. I guess it was just doomed from the beginning.

Slap some black dresses on them and it’s Nancahtte Renai. Everything about this makes it look like Nanchatte Renai part 2. The similar dance room. Almost identical close up shots. But instead of plain concrete walls they switched it up with some floral patterned ones. They’re filming it in a building that looks like a castle, you’d think they would play off that more since it fits with the song. But apparently not. I guess all of H!P’s good directors work exclusively for Buono.

I know it’s only 10 seconds of the PV, but I kind of doubt they’re keeping all the really spectacular PV scenes hidden until the video is realesed.

Goodbye would never be enough Koharu

Morning Musume’s 7th generation member Koharu Kusumi will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello!Project. Her graduation concert will be held on December 6th. You can read Tsunku’s comment here or Koha’s comment here. She will also be graduation to pursue a modeling career.

Someone please tell me I’m in some sort of H!P related nightmare. That I’ll wake up and all the groups will be back to 7 nin and 9 nin. Sadly that’s never going to happen. One of my favorite, if not my favorite, member of Hello!Project is leaving. Koharu is the reason I even like Morning Musume or H!P. If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t be a H!P fangirl at all.

If I was crying when Kanna left, I’m bawling now. When I first heard this news I thought it was some rumor of joke by a Koharu hater. But after I saw the official announcement it sunk in. But even now I can’t really fathom her leaving. Morning Musume is going to be so empty now. Everyone else seems boring compared to her. You got Reina who’s arrogant, Sayumi who’s narcissistic, Ai and Mittsi who are boring most of the time. At least LinLin has that weird and fun personality.

And I can’t be the only one who didn’t expect this to happen. And not because graduations are always unexpected, but because she shouldn’t be the member leaving. I’ve thought for a while about who should leave, and I came to the conclusion that it should be Sayumi. She’s been there a while and contributes nothing vocally to the group. So she was the perfect choice. I never thought in a million years it would be Koha. Especially since she’s really popular, and she’s releasing her new photobook Sugar Doll.

But on to happier thoughts. I loved Koharu for her hyperactive and always entertaining personality. Out of all of the girls she seemed to have the most fun with everything, and never really took things too seriously. She always showed her own personality no matter what.

Over the years the years there has been a lot of Koharu hate out there, mostly because she’s not the best singer in the entire world. I think Koharu got a lot more hate then she deserved. I actually really love her singing voice, her Morning Musume voice and her “Kirarin Revolution voice.” Which by the way, I never thought there was a difference. She might have lip synched, but she did work to get better.

It is very bittersweet for Koharu to leave. But it’s even worse to stop supporting her just because she’s leaving. I hope she does great as a model. Maybe she’ll become famous over here. Hopefully she’ll open her own blog at least. Who knows. But no matter what happens Koharu will always be Miracle-chan to me.

This is the first video I ever watched about Koharu Kusumi. I watched this clip before I even knew she was in Morning Musume. I just wanted to know everything about her. I was happy that the first thing I knew about her was she liked dried apricots.

A cute clip with Koharu’s limited English.

I love this performance of Odore Morning Curry. Koha sings her solo line weird.

And in honor of Koharu here are some Koharu songs I covered. I suck at singing so you’re being warned.


Sansan GOGO:

Morning Musume’s Kimagure Princess preview

The preview for Morning Musume’s 41st single, Kimagure Princess was released. And I’m really surprised by how much I like it. It’s completely different from Nanchatte Renai. They should have had Dance*Man make music for them again a lot sooner than this. I was really getting tired of all their sad and slow paced songs lately. Let’s hope they continue to release upbeat songs like this.

I especially like the beginning of the songs. It sounds really energetic. I’m not really sure who is singing that part though. I know it’s definitely Eri. But I’m not sure of the rest. It might be Sayumi thrown in there. I’ll have to wait for the PV to find out though.
As much as I like the song the line distribution is the same as usual. Only Ai, Risa, Reina, and Eri get solo lines. But I am happy that Eri gets to sing a lot in this song. Her voice sounds really great in it. Nanchatte Renai had decent line distribution so I was hoping for something better in this song. If they combined Nanchatte Renai’s line distribution and Kimagure Princess’s music the song would be instant win for me.

H!P 2010 calendars

The cover’s for H!P’s 2012 calendars have been released. And let’s just say not all calendars are created equally.

Morning Musume’s calendar.

I know Morning Musume has been styled this way 1,000 times, but I love the cover. Everyone one just looks gorgeous. Especially Koharu, she has the best hairstyle hands down. My eyes were immediately drawn to her because she’s the only one doing an interesting pose. Everyone else looks kind of flat pose wise. I also think Aika looks amazing with that hair. They should always style her hair like that. Half of the time her hair is just straight or ugly. I would have liked to see them do something with LinLin’s hair, it just looks boring. I loved her curly hair from Naichau Kamo. In my opinion it should be curled. But, I think Sayumi looks great with just her straight hair. She’s one of the few people who look better with it down.
And for a random observation, why are Sayumi’s shoes different? Ai, Reina, and Koharu are all wearing the same shoes, but Sayumi is wearing a differen and uglier shoe. I thought Aika was the one who supposed to wear different shoes.

Berryz Koubou’s calendar.

I have to admit I am a fan of the tux/bartender outfits. I don’t usually like when H!P members where suits, with an exception to Buono and Risa. But overall I think they look really cute. And surprisingly my eyes were drawn to Risako, Chinami, and Yurina. Well I was drawn to Yurina for obvious reasons. Chinami is the only one smiling on the cover who actually looks believable. Everyone else’s looks forced. Especially Miyabi’s, it kind of looks like she’s in pain. As for Risako, I’m not exactly sure why I keep looking at her. She looks about the same as she always does.
I think the background for this is a little simple looking. It looks like something I could makes on photoshop. Which is saying a lot with my limited skills. Simple or not, it does look cute. It brings a nice splash of color to it. Without the rainbows I think everyone would have ended up looking washed out.

C-ute’s calendar.

It’s C-ute’s bus tour 2010! ._. I can’t be the only one out there who think these outfits look similar to C-ute’s bus tour outfits. I know this one is stripped and the other one was houndstooth, but the color scheme makes them look very similar.
There’s not really much going on that I like. This calendar looks bare. Losing 2 members doesn’t really sink in until you see a picture like this. The calendar and group looks empty now. I miss Kanna’s cuteness to make it look more lively. Well Airi looks cute, that’s about the only thing this calendar has going for it. The only thing C-ute has.

ManoEri’s calendar.

It’s yet another picture of Erina in a school girl uniform. Yeah I understand she’s kind of cute, and she looks cuter in her school girl outfit. But should that really be the only thing she ever wears? This cover looks exactly like the cover of her first major single. I’m not going to even pretend I know the name of it. XD
I’m pretty sure it’s the same exact outfit. Boring! Next! I wish there was a next.

Nancahtte Renai PV preview

Morning Musume released a review of the PV for their new single, Nanchatte Renai, yesterday.
I got to say I’m slightly disappointed. It’s exactly the same format they’re used for their last 4 PVs or so. It’s heavily dance centered with a few close up shots.

The set also reminds me a lot of the Roman My Dear Boy PV.

But other than that, in the 30 odd seconds of the preview nothing really stands out.
I’m getting a little bored of Morning Musume’s continuously slow paced songs and seemingly identical PVs. I wonder how long this wash, rinse, repeat cycle will last for.

Morning Musume-Nanchatte Renai preview

The preview for Morning Musume’s 40th single, Nanchatte Renai, is out. Which I am completely thrilled about! I was so ready for Momusu to be out of this slow pace single theme they’ve been having.

Even though the song is still slow paced, it’s actually a lot better than Shouganai Yume Oibito. The musical is amazing, it took the good parts from Naichau Kamo and Shogania Yume Oibito and combined them. They even through in some old school Musume and rap just like in Do it! Now. I loved that Koharu got a solo line. She’s been ignored for the past 2 singles. But so have the 8th gen, and their ignored again. Which is pretty sad. I’m tired of the overdose of Reina and Ai. It’s getting a little old.

But overall I’m really happy for this song. Let’s hope the PV doesn’t disappoint.